Su Yuan did not know what to say, lowered his head, “I’m sorry.”
  ”You do not say you’re sorry.”Fu raw cold again smoked paper towels, carefully wipe help Su Yuan mouth stained with ketchup, voice still soft:” I understand your thoughts, but I just think, to violence with violence, to let the enemy truly experience to pain.”
  Fu raw cold movements are gentle, the eyes are soft, can Su Yuan Fu needy felt very strange, as if she had never seriously understand the real Fu is poor and, until now, she vaguely glimpse at Fu is poor and gentle appearance the dark side.
  ”This is my true thoughts, scare you yet?”
  Su Yuan Zhang mouth, and finally shook his head.
  Anyway, Fu raw cold never hurt her.
  After returning to the hotel, go to Su Yuan took a shower, Fu raw cold sitting quietly on the couch, Gujiu An Su Yuan period to hit two telephone calls, Fu needy are ruthlessly hung up, and deleted call records.His heart was some apprehension, he has been exhibited in front of Su Yuan are gentle bright side, Su Yuan is suddenly knew what he Huozhi Hui do not know Su Yuan will not be disappointed for him.
  Su Yuan washing, etc.