Ye white sneer, “Oh?It is better we gamble it.”
  ”bet?What bet?”
  ”You bet 20 percent stake.”Mo Yu heart of the company, there are so disgusting shareholders, leaf white nature is not easily help her clear mind about.
  Mo Yu frowned heart, it is impossible to repair this gambling regulations Cao promised that when she and her father is to match Cao Xiu, only these initial shares of the Group of twenty percent given to him, so many years Cao repair as a shareholder, although that did not force out, but did not withdraw a penny.
  To put it plainly, the 20 per cent of the shares on here, is to create opportunities and a heart Yu Mo contact with it.
  According to Cao Xiu’s character, it would not take a gamble on the stock.
  However, Jean Monnet heart Yu surprise, Cao Xiu just hesitated a few seconds later, immediately sneered.
  ”Gambling shares?Well, I like it, but what means you bet with me?”
  Mo Yu heart suddenly shocked, this Cao Xiu actually really dared to bet, as long as he lost twenty percent of shares