Xu Xianglin said sorry, avoid him, ready to let him go.
  The man was standing there did not move, looking blankly at him, lips slightly hook the hook.
  Xu Xianglin feel his smile was very strange, like a provocation, but also like contempt, to see people very uncomfortable, pressing his heart discomfort, frowning leave.
  He watched him run away, slip out between sleeve short dagger sharp-edged thinning, fine white fingers playing with the tools and try dagger, cool white forest edge and swayed his nearest approach to look exceptionally branching off.
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Chapter 117
  Xin micro long to think of it the next day, she forgot the birthday gift to Xu Xianglin.
  Address called to ask him, he trotted down.
  As he spoke not a gift, but the gift was elated apart, which is linked to a custom silver men’s watches.
  ”This brand is very expensive, you spend money to do this?”He looked at her embarrassing.
  Xin long micro to speak, one after another out of office