By the time most extravagant thing, and perhaps a few minutes alone with family.
  Certainly compared to a few of them still suffer, they can at least go home every day, perhaps a star for a long time are unable to return home.
  Time flies, we sit together to chat a while days they have got back to the house ready for a break.
  Then look trance Bi Ying, Chen diving twice called her to let her help him tomorrow morning to Daniel with words, she did not take it personally.
  Chen diving think she’s something wrong, they can not tell where wrong.
  So I thought she was tired today, perhaps as soon as possible like the rest, there will be no more thought.
  PS: I write a book so many years, also met online a lot of friends, a summary of the experience, the more the network dirty mouth mouth cheap sneaky, the more reality waste garbage.
  Instead, successful or are leading people on the road to success, our hearts are light and spacious, nothing to complain about, when friends are willing to help one in need of help.
  We have to treat the people around polish eye, those who have always said that the garbage that does not work, often their own no skill, says these are the envy psychology at play, the more these narrow-minded people, the more blindly arrogant self-righteous