When I went to the hospital to visit his brother armed police, accidentally met two fellow.They are brothers, brother admitted to the hospital because of a car accident.How long have your brother in hospital?6 years.6 years?I was shocked.His brother can speak and laugh, but could not walk, poor memory.He could not remember anyone except his brother.Middle of the night, I heard my brother said: Brother, when to get off, do not forget to call me up.Got it.Such a dialogue, there are at least five times a night.The next day, I asked about this, he told me that his brother was six years ago when the home was hit by a car, time of the accident, just under the train, so wake up, always thought this day she is still on the train, brother took the pills, slept.He found me and said: are you going shopping?I was surprised and asked: Here are the street you can visit?He excitedly said: I’ll take you.Came out from the hospital, he said excitedly, he was going to buy clothes, long time did not buy new clothes.Here are desolate, across the river only fair.We boat in the past, there were only a dozen shops.His stroll back and forth several times, and finally, he bought a chicken, said his brother grew up like the mouth.Ready to go back, he looked at his watch exclaimed: 16:00, my brother must wake up!We quickly went to the river and found a boat parked on the shore.He tear the throat shouting: sail it?Next boss said: The man went to dinner, to be back in a moment.He was in a hurry, I comforted him: your brother woke up, the nurses will take care of him.He did not listen, and began to undress.I exclaimed: Why are you?I swam past.Cold days, you’ll freeze.He shook my hand, jumped into the river.That was the winter ah!I looked at his clothes, chicken on his head, bit by bit to swim to the other side.Until he landed, I was relieved.He waved to me on the other side, then ran to the side while wearing hospital clothes.When I returned to the hospital and saw him sitting on the bed watching his brother to eat chicken.Brother seems to cry for a long time, sobbing, while eating chicken: Brother, I think you get off of it.how could be?To get off, I will call you down with the.Brother nodded: So when are we going to get off?He must say: tomorrow to.I turned my head, tears.It’s been a long road, a train ride is 6 years, perhaps, but also take many years to recommend the latest information sauna