616 is Gemini. Gemini is Air signs, the birth date is May 21-June 21, and the ruler is Mercury.. Gemini people are smart, articulate, and like to pursue excitement and freshness. They have to have great curiosity about some fresh and interesting things. They are fickle and hot in three minutes. Once they lose interest in something, they will abandon it immediately.. The same is true in feelings, so it always gives people the influence of a playboy who is promiscuous and promiscuous. moreover, they are eloquent, eloquent, and persuasive. they can capture the hearts of others and get along very well with others..   Gemini people are smart, rash and neurotic.. He often indulges in incomprehensible ideas and only likes to do what interests him and makes him happy.. He knows everything that happens in the world. His mind is full of many novel ideas, but it is difficult to put them into practice.. Either give up halfway, or be overwhelmed by two or more new ideas appearing in your mind at the same time, and be in a dilemma.. His ideas and suggestions are often adopted by people who are more practical and more persistent than him..   Gemini people are more likely to use their talents in their career than to expand their material benefits.. A flash in his mind will often help his career take off.. The people of this one have another remarkable feature. He is especially good at mobilizing the enthusiasm of his friends.. Gemini people are familiar with the world and can speak eloquently. They attach great importance to the establishment of interpersonal relationships. They like to explore news in all aspects. To be suitable for Gemini’s industry is as follows: various media industry, announcer, designer, magazine editor, news practitioner, printing industry, speaker, retailer, agent, planning specialist, etc.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.