The constellations in May are Taurus and Gemini. Taurus was born on the 21st of April to the 20th of May, and Gemini was born on the 21st of May to the 21st of June..   Taurus belongs to the earth sign and is located in Zodiac’s second house. Venus is the guardian star.. Like its name, it is a typical representative of pragmatism, conservatism and tradition.. He is a real realist and pays great attention to material life.. He often gives people the image of being rigid, stubborn, inflexible and materialistic.. Taurus is a very conservative constellation. They yearn for a stable and comfortable life with high quality, so they are very persistent in their pursuit of money.. Their stable and gentle temperament, hard work and perseverance are all good qualities in Taurus. The slow heat of personality and the unwillingness to change make Taurus need a long time to adapt to the surrounding environment..   Taurus has a weak adaptability to new things. He likes to live a stable life and has the character of a pastoral poet. Generally speaking, Taurus is not willing to change his living habits easily.. The change of emotional rhythm is also slow and slow, but once triggered, it is out of control.. Therefore, Taurus generally gives people the feeling of honesty and loyalty. Emotionally, Taurus is like a cow, honest and frank and lasting.. Family concept is very important to Taurus. What he wants is a partner who can take responsibility for family life with him. Taurus, who is family-centered, usually can bring a reliable and safe feeling to his family..   Gemini, located in Sannomiya, Zodiac, belongs to the constellation of winds. Mercury is the dominant star, representing changeability and communication.. They like change and hate the same state.. Inside’s brain is full of strange ideas and information.. They are quick-thinking, good at communication and easy to get along with others.. Gemini is very popular because of its strong social skills and funny personality. Gemini Gemini people pursue new things all their lives, love new information and things, have a strong thirst for knowledge and ability to accept, a steady stream of new knowledge and topics will make them feel superior.. They seek to enjoy a colorful and varied living environment, but it is difficult to concentrate on one thing. They love to use cleverness, but their endurance is low, so it is difficult to succeed.. It is easy to be labeled superficial and flowery..   Most Gemini have dual personality, quick emotional changes, and easy to be repugnant after getting along for a long time.. Lack of principle in life, easy to be influenced by external things, easy to argue, easy to conflict. The reaction is too sensitive, the work is too smooth, the work usually takes three minutes, and there is no patience, so it is difficult to stick to one thing.. All these will make people feel very unreliable.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.