[Part One: Northern winter landscape!] Winter winter is cold at night on one side of a mirror, revealing a trace of cold.In this predicament season, always very deep impression.  If someone asked me what kind of season like it, I would not hesitate to answer: “Winter.”I do not know why, I was always curious to winter, I always cherish special feelings for winter.  Curious about the winter, I did not understand, and I just felt it was somewhere a lifeline to involve us together, and it’s like a magnet, but I was just a small ball of light, it got close, I it will be pulling in the past.When it can pass, I will lose angry, only like a deflated ball.Perhaps because I was born in winter, and I should be like winter.But it always puzzled me, one winter, will somehow be touched.  In my view, the advent of winter is the peak of memory, in the winter days always inexplicably rope gear affects from my memory.I have this fallacy is to get proof of my friend.So in the winter days, I attach importance to pay special attention to every kind of things.In the winter, my heart is always very heavy, especially during bad weather, but occasionally feel excited when.In the winter, sometimes I could not even they themselves would unpredictable.  In winter, always dizzy and fell, perhaps it is hibernating day.But yet I do not want to give up my life.Such a beautiful day spent with sleeping, not to feel it, too wasteful, so I will not be reconciled.After only one year of winter.But no one any good winter pastime, I always blame meditation.However, meditation and sometimes there are new discoveries.  If you must remove a season in four seasons, in addition to winter, no matter what the season disappear I do not care, I do not like places like spring.Because it is too monotonous, in my sense, spring, summer, autumn three season seems to be the same, God is to make winter to decorate them, I sometimes think that if the winter is not how to do, although if you really no winter, the earth still turn, people still have to live, but I thought, really a bit scared of.  I was so love winter, but it’s always like a dream for me.Dream start hour is fall, spring Exhale.Late fall unwittingly into the winter, and then unknowingly stepped winter, entered the spring.I always felt quickly spent the winter, but tried to think up, no matter what especially happy.  Winter is the season I can not get such a mind, one that makes me love it have a special feeling of the season.  [Part II: blue] blue, for everyone, is no stranger, perhaps a lot of people like it, I am no exception.  The vast ocean with deep blue heart, floating in the vast blue sky reverie, cute baby blue dolphin with vigor, charming covered with noble crystal sapphire blue.It’s all in my mind constantly emerge.For nightlife net like blue, not say why.Is a kind of feeling, people comfortable, free.I had a habit of watching the sky.Memory, rural skies occupy my childhood.At that time, the door is toward the blue sky, the vast fill my eyes, there are too many reverie.Why the sky is blue?That is where the blue end?What’s behind it is it?I do not know, but ignorance cut blue add a bit of mystery.Sometimes a few clouds floating by sheet, significantly more air out of one hundred at and reflected blue, crystal.  Later he left the village, came to the world’s steel and concrete, although there are overhead sky, to feel, not the former patch of days, have become more gloomy and less transparent, have become more flawed and less crystal.Perhaps age, for fantasy blue sky is also reduced, busy in Xuehai, trying to hurry forward, but often forget to head and looking, above the original as well as an attractive sky.Perhaps, when he lost it when wandering, looked up at the sky, Jing Xiaxin think about it, so you do not get lost.  I like to decorate their lives with a blue, even surrounded by darkness, but also can see a hint of blue, some say, the blue symbolizes hesitation, deep, can not own it because there are always bright blue the sun appeared, life need light.I like it, like it’s clean, it’s quiet, it’s free.  A touch of blue in jump.Did you see that?At that time a hope, the hope of life.Hopefully, every day, sky blue.  [Part Three:] sea ship slowly moved forward, the days are moving together followed.This time the word for a brighter future really have some understanding.  Head wind blowing, Qinru heart, cool, put a little away hot summer.A sea rolled up layers of spray, spray blossoming, just as cheerful children chased each other, enjoy the vastness of the sea Sahuan.Wind from a distance brings many dust and dirt, wantonly thrown into the sea, the waves rolled them, the magic of changing a new face, but kept his blue color, maintain their beauty and clean,.  Everything floated at sea often piles of slag waves, ocean engulfed it quietly, without a sound, still Dangzhuo slight wave, smile greet flying.Sitting on the ship, as the head passes over the sea, and the sea we care too tall, too rejoice send us another one-way drive back and immediately turn the steamboats ruffled hair finishing cis slippery, without leaving a trace.Quietly looking at the sky.  Rivers flowing to the sea, the sea pleased to greet, holding their hands, cheerful ran to the vast center of the river in the sea immediately have a broad harbor.Trickling streams, sea day and night to become a member, and therefore torrents toward the sea life, the infinite sea had broad appeal, so the stream so persistent.  Accept all kinds of sea combat, accepted numerous ups and downs, has experienced much change history, but did not leave any traces of history, without leaving a man’s foot, she unchanged from generation to generation, the years and years still, he kept his appearance, stuck to their principles, to accept the ever-changing world of the vast hall with a chest of all things, watching the well-being of the world with the same eyes, through the seasons with the same pace.  Passes through the sea, eyes looking at the sea and the local day phase, you see, the sky is so low, the water is so blue, blue sea on the waves in my heart, heartbeat slowly, leisurely, there is an indescribable the comfortable, like no heart clouds sky, wide, quiet, and gradually feel alive how good.  From the sea to the land, watching came across people who are so kind, so kind, roadside fried cake pan, then The yellow cake in the dance, smelt, farmers are stacked along the road of that frame vegetable verdant, rolling the leaf surface also drops child, full of fresh vitality, all the world is so meaningful.  The vast sea is really magical, tolerance is this sea of mind, is this sea of spirit, the soul of the sea.It hosts many ups and downs in the world, it cleaned up everything she wanted erosion of dust dirt, always use the flat side facing the mirror every day, the ever-changing sky.  Often life will be a lot of disappointments, in fact, all that unhappy, like drifting objects at sea, accept it, hold it, swallowed it.Able to forgive everything, everything changed, everything is calm, all is over.  Why life is too demanding, cherish the immediate possession, in front of the owner becomes a pleasure.Understanding the error, the error will not come back to you and then away, tolerance, tolerance of others will himself.  People often facing life smile, life will often laugh about you.After returning from the sea, the sea that the vast momentum often flashed in my mind, facing the sea, furrowed brow slowly spread.  [Part Four: spring, and the line and beat] wonderful season, played in the spring colors, rebirth, to plow and sow, Mother Earth is feeling the stretch, stepping spring rhyme, marching years Andante, with very passion, to marry peach blossoming Qingdouchukai.  —- Inscription March wind, blowing wake up fresh green branches, Yan return, such as a thin sharp wings shears for cutting out light Stir wedding dress, a mining Yefen Fang, pull ray warmth, will turns warm atmosphere full of Zen.About the sun as the day I get out, much of the colorful beauty, my heart revenue.  Gone through a winter, faded white coat, a mind quietly piling up, confusion and fear, messy footprints, a person will be airtight thoughts hide, but there are still a handful, often breathing in the silence of the air, I know it was a touch of sadness, a melancholy agitation, frustration and flawless sigh, who, while accepting the pain and suffering, vulnerable to not breathe, no amount of comfort, but also soothe not panic mood, not easily It is to touch and memories, full of fear is a snap, once cracked, can no longer hide close.  Looking back a trace of information, the spring is getting stronger spring to mind images in print, slowly touch, shallow Pro mode, colorful flowering magnolia flowers showing off the most enchanting charm, Mama out of the window a light green, facing wind, stretched affection, thousands of bright flowers, bloom blossoming poetry, soft light stays in the palm, dash Wife.  According to the spring style, going out, forced to feel canola flower dyed patches of golden expectations, known to have been about one or two, or run or laugh, casual and pleasant, subtle fragrance surplus sleeves flower sea, we have beautiful figure walking through life, more of a hope, and a little overgrown thought, would a simple heart, handing the spring of this piece of heaven and earth, watching the flowers bloom cycle of interpretation, look at the distant smoke curl rising.  Review time a promise, no matter how much wind and rain came, more ups and downs, as long as our persistent together with a grateful heart, walking harvest warm scenery, the quiet lingering warm out a section in the years flowing in heart warmth episode, the ups and downs of life, silent flowers, flowers Xie silent, is a continuation and sublimation, wonderful time, know how abundance mood, lonely time, Yan Liang discarded Dankan.  Gently pick up the years of quiet, a window tidbits, warmth of heart overflow, the mind into a wan Su Hong’s heart, rhyme dyed miss the distances, the moon looked like you, think of your gentle whisper, as if soft lips, kiss my hair breathing room, lined with sentimental memories, I think with you in this season of spring, breathe my name, hear the wind singing, tours, floral scenery, the wind had aroma, listening to the rain next month, paint a light flow of hot and joy of life.  [Chapter five: wind dough, sweet rain], “good rain knows the season, when spring is here.”When the spring began to faint in the streets quietly flowing together, want to apply the new Green wrote at the time, the first rain of spring could not wait to come to this lovely world.The rhythm, like a broken pearl, affects my heartstrings.  Drizzling rain, Cecil strands.Walk the river trail alone, the wind was blowing from, mixed with rain naughty, chaotic thoughts blew away my worry.Like birds came out, I was enjoying the caress of nature – like a mother’s gentle, motherly care.I breathe the breath of nature, slightly moist soil brewing smell of flowers, there is a refreshing feeling.  After the baptism of rain, riverside unknown wild flowers, had been a lure breathtaking photo, like a shy girl’s tears, a sight to behold, slim, but even that king of flowers Peony thirds have less.  Breeze head, that river is the chant of white willow have, fluttering false, he says can not tell, and hearing unknown Xu, each wire is Liu Fei Xu of a semicolon; catkins danced being naughty Yu Dianer riding on his neck, falling enjoy playing on the water.Fish also lost and lonely, race each other in a world of their own free to swim in.Fold under a willow, tease it happy fish, the fish seem to be frightened by this sudden thing, is starting a beautiful arc, a big fish “splash” and quickly jumped into the water, put a piece of Der played fragmented.I could not help laughing.  Look at flowers, look at the trees, look Look at the cute fish, unfettered clouds, everything between heaven and earth are so refreshing.At this point I also like a spirit between heaven and earth and everything between heaven and earth belongs to me.  Spring million class free competition!In the embrace of nature, I work hard to show your true self.I think Lile Wei in the “my castles in the air,” said the sentence: “Nature is a natural giant painting.”Indeed, the beauty of nature are endless, and everyone is just a little color on the painting masterpiece painting Bale.  Since the world is so beautiful, so what reason we do not do it hard feelings?Busy work, the rhythm of tension in our day fighting for the cause, for the life of busy running after, whether it should be closer to nature and more, to enjoy the natural beauty of endless it?  Cool rain back to my thoughts.Thanks to nature, thanks to its blessing us with beauty, it gives inspiration to thank our lives.  Think of it, I no longer complain about cumbersome things, I seem to see beautiful rainbow waving at me.  Standing in the wind, despite gentle Rain continued to fall, sweet.[Chapter Six: Spring Zai-Yang] “Spring Zai-Yang, there are Ming positions G”, which is a poem in the “Book of July”.Zai-Yang, refers to the sun started to become warmer.Positions G, it is warbler.It is such a simple word, to express the people’s joy, including but not exposed.The advent of spring, the sun warm, harmonious world, oriole flitting merrily in the forest.This is a line of warm poetry, when I recite it, have a heart and eyes full of spring.  Some days have been the beginning of spring, I remember the day before the beginning of spring, and I said to my wife, tomorrow I want to eat spring rolls.And added a sentence to say, the beginning of spring to eat spring rolls, there is the old folk custom, called spring bite.I like spring and customs related.The beginning of spring is an old solar terms, according to historical records, as early as the Zhou Dynasty there to meet the “spring” of a grand ceremony.Three days before the beginning of spring, the emperor began fasting, to the beginning of spring day, personally led his ministers to the outskirts of spring, pray for good harvest.I guess, the beginning of spring day Spring Festival customs, is likely to spread from the civil official ting, because only the people will be so concerned about solar terms.Moreover, the old folk custom of spring, there are many, such as stickers Yichun character, hold spring feast, etc..Unfortunately, these traditional practices failed to properly inherited, at least not in our place.Spring, spring is coming, the year began, how in the past, how many troubles, all to let it go, come, let us begin anew, years gave us a new opportunity, in the spring, we fresh as ever.  Beginning of spring day, I eat a really delicious spring rolls, stuffing is diced vegetables to rice, fried yellow exciting moment, delicious.”Spring to the earth’s roll,” Who is this, then it must be out of the mouth of a folk poet of the old bar.Ground rice dishes, scientific name of shepherd’s purse, cold.This comes from flood or ground rice dishes on the ridge, fragrant, slightly bitter, reminds me of the people, think of the mountain, I think of those simple days.Hardy ground rice dish, thin body, swaying in the wind, it all winter quietly grows, a little bitter, a little cold, it does not matter, you are not the first to perceive it in the spring.  A Sunday morning, bright and sunny, I rode a bike to the river alone.Taohua Xun yet to come, the river has not come up, however, in the spring of the river is full of vitality, it flows a lot faster than ever.River lengthy, Long Beach pan Bi, willow smoke cage.Only when you are alone, you can fully feel how warm spring sunshine is.Not only is the skin’s surface, but go to the heart warm, like one kind of returning to the sincere emotion.In the warm spring sun, the thought of his one called “in the south,” the old work, there are so few words: I forget let me say: I’m just a grass this life I saw only water and sunlight “spring load Yang Ming have positions G “followed said, ‘female executive Yi basket, he Weixing compliance, Yuan seek soft mulberry’, those who wear plain linen garment of mulberry woman, holding baskets, sections came on the outskirts of a small road.In a speech in Yingge Yan, those taken to the basket, it is early spring mulberry leaves, fresh or sun?  The sun still warm as ever, but it oriole, those spring singers do, where they are going to fly?A lot of birds are gone, there is no oriole spring a little lonely, a little lonely.Who also the arrival of spring, we sing a song to it.  Spring Zai-Yang, my heart waves.Natural world, the universe, light Huse mountains, trees, grass, sun and rain, all people no reason to feel enlightened.Jiaxuan said: “I see more than charming Castle Peak, Castle Peak to see material I should be the case,” the secular world, can make people feel charming moments, warm moments, however rare, at the same time, and how short is.  [Part Seven: My Landscape] life there are many beautiful bloom, round after round rainbow bright, brilliant fireworks bloom again and again, a watered with blood blossoming flowers, beautiful scenery show a wonderful life.  - Inscription My scenery is very simple, that one leaves freeze.That a daisy blooming moment, that any rain is falling across the wonderful, all the scenery along the way I, as much because of the hardships of life, spiritual consolation is the scenery en route, the scenery bit by bit those to heart It will be able to open the sunroof mind as I started living journey.  If I say that the running of a person, just to goals, that is undeniable, life repeat itself short time, so I ignored the scenery along the way, just because of my dark soul blindfolded skylights, scenery my mind has long been forgotten, others will play to the climax of life, to become a beautiful landscape, the landscape is such a pace I stopped running, ending a life Hune.  They will surround me, little shining warm my cold heart, I had to polish the tiny flowers with closed eyes posture, eyes overflow with tears.Like the regret of wasted time, I Jingleng standing still, inexplicably flustered, my world is so pale, waves of painful episodes sting me, I pay worth it?The gray sky withered flowers, like I did in mocking emptiness of the landscape, I am confused, I landscape in which?  I drop off from the world I will wake up the morning dew, dew glistening fragments emerges childhood, that is still me, but has a different heart, tender words warm the hearts, hands propped up a little kindness my heart shook, the door suddenly shot blocked dazzling light, the moment the shackles of years suddenly disappeared, more more scenes flashed in my mind, I smile, open heart filled with joy, that I have too much of the scenery.I have so much oil to create a beautiful landscape.  My scenery is very simple, really simple, just thin hands, the risk of a feeling, this is my landscape, I suddenly found suddenly a piece of dark world once again got the blessing of spring, the blossoming hearts are blooming eruption of love, the breeze gently blowing, this is my sky and dialogue, through the haze, the sun on my windowsill, weak voice, sing the most brilliant expectations, in fact, we have been working with landscape I am with my world at the moment spring.  I found my landscape, but for me to become someone else’s landscape is the most beautiful, I want to be in life the most beautiful scenery.  [Part VIII: in those days the snow] always remember the snow of winter, test scores down, there were numerous floating outside positive sky snow, on the balcony, the students were delighted to meet this winter elves hand, I feel only dejectedly sitting in the cold and empty classrooms, one after another defeat, has hit me was miserable until you came and gently said to me: “went to see snow, okay?”Long time no so much snow down too, looked cheerful in the air flying snow, people can not help but think of the sky because of the wind catkins, remembered the spring of hope.I think, if I had not made a proud swan ugly duckling suddenly turned back, I never go into your world, you had talent, weekdays are masked by the appearance of indifference, your aura, are the difference is you could not cover poor results.  Exam more lines in the past, and my confidence was a little bit of corrosion decline in performance, I will not and you went to the balcony watching the sunset and listening to you talk about something I never would have learned something in the book, because I use their last effort to struggle, but you pretended not to see me more and more indifferent attitude towards you, still sincerely encouraged me, I always believe that you own but because their own reasons, perhaps family conditions the reason, take the initiative to drop out, that night, a man quietly clean up your desk when you’re carrying heavy bags out of the classroom, buried calculus think I should have failed to send to send you.  Exam is over, when I came out from the examination room exhausted, I actually received your call, you told me that you also test two days nervous excitement, because in the examination room your only friend.Listening to the familiar sound coming from the microphone in a strange city, I first felt a kind of distant and sad and melancholy.  I thought that time can dilute all, you are just a brief moment in my life, I will forget you, like many thought it would be easy to forget something as unforgettable, can not afford to flush the river years of friendship you’ve ever intensive care.So, whenever the snow falling again, seated alone I would strongly fantasized about a hands gently on my shoulder, a voice said: “Go and see it snow!”But the dead will never come back, because of guilt and hope and modified thoughts will become more intense.  Originally, we get along just a few months that my life should be the coldest day, but because of you, and have the warmest memories of a lifetime, I think you said a word: friendship is a mutual attraction feelings, because it is scarce.  Friendship is an identity that both sides are equally pure and equally beautiful hearts, only really pay, never owe at all, winter is the season of ice, and sincere friendship, never frozen.