September 12, 1975 in the evening, Jiangsu Province, Lang sent home along the sand on the sea slightly light, with the ups and downs jumping waves, like a burning flame billowing endless until dawn gradually disappear.The next evening, reproduction light, more brightness.On the seventh day, the emergence of a lot of foam on the sea, when passing boats, stirred flow abnormality bright, sparkling water particles as well as.A few hours later, an earthquake occurred here.  This phenomenon is known as the luminous sea sea fire.Seafire often appear in the before and after an earthquake or tsunami.July 28, 1976 also have the glow on the night before, Qinhuangdao, Beidaihe sea area of Tangshan earthquake.  March 3, 1933 morning, Japan Sanriku tsunami, people see the more exotic sea fire.When the waves rush, like a hat-like three or four circular wave occurs under illuminant, with horizontal advance, purple color, light can make pieces of drift see wreck.  Seafire is how is it?Generally considered to be the water it will be light and luminous creatures disturbed due.As the lake of fire in Latin America Grand Bahama Island, due to the propagation of a large number of dinoflagellates glow, when night, will swing with the oars, sparking fires million points.Now it is known to many species of luminescent bacteria and radioactive worms, hydras, jellyfish, giardia, and some crustaceans, polychaetes and other small animals.So people speculated that when the turbulent sea by an earthquake or tsunami, it will stimulate these creatures so light and emit abnormal.  Other researchers dispute this: big waves in the night wind, the sea is also subject to intense disturbance, why did not stimulate these luminous creatures, thus producing a sea of fire?They believe that the sea is a fire on the ground floor with a light similar to the light phenomenon.  American scholar of cylindrical rock sample a variety of granite, basalt, coal, marble, etc. rupture test.It was found that when the pressure is high enough, these samples will be explosive fragmentation, and release an electron flow within a few milliseconds, excited gas molecules surrounding the faint light emitted.In the experiments, they also noted that, if the sample is placed in water, the flow of electrons generated during fragmentation can also emit light water.  However, at the time of the tsunami, the earthquake that would not (except of course the earthquake and tsunami) happened a lot of rock burst.Well, the sea of fire and how to produce it?  Some people believe that sea of fire as a complex natural phenomena, are likely to have a variety of genetic mechanism, bioluminescence and rock burst light emitting just one of two possible mechanisms sea of fire produced by different mechanisms, with what different features , currently is puzzle.