“Ran one day” is a family inspirational movie, it “burning dream” as the theme, witty without losing the warmth, ordinary people, ordinary story, but because of the growth process to touch those extraordinary experience for everyone, unusual pain, become real, profound, touching, past record, refraction reality.    The film tells the story of a boy who comes from sports Li day, running in pursuit of their own dreams, after all the hardships and tests, and ultimately won the day running.I watched this movie a myriad of thoughts, on this day a small boy at her heart the slightest trace of admiration.    Beginning to feel a bit funny, the latter is moved.The film’s protagonist is a 10-year-old boy, and his mother left him, single-handedly brought up by his father, a bad family life everywhere he studied bullying by classmates at school and other partners.Although the performance is not very good, but he likes jogging, running talent has exceeded peers.After encouragement and support big brother, wore his father’s pressure resolutely insist on running exercise, the results of his efforts through training, primary school students in a contest run stand defeated even beyond his age children won the championship.Since then, his father run his attitude has shifted, from the previous opposition even disgusted, and now full support, it is clear that he was impressed by their child’s persistent efforts.Later in the success of the harvest but also gain the joy of family harmony.When you are nothing like other people, very few people can see from you, as a small day school that male teachers, Xiao Ma, only to come up with their own strength to make them impressive, they will look the other way poor people.Although parents are nagging, love me alone, it is difficult to understand us, but parents will always be the best!They can be hard working as our stepping stone, we always worry about the most, unconditional pay!Bravo will always belong to the victors, when we do not like what other people, what other people are lost, there are several of us standing?    The film also has a place for me for too long, that is, Popeyes said small day of competition sentence: “400-meter race is a strange game, it is like life, lose at the starting line, but win at the end of.”This sentence made me understand the truth, leaving traces of the failure of the starting line, not afraid, just the way you play to their strengths, efforts!Strive!try harder!!To give up the dream of urgency, it will succeed, they will add a bit of brilliant colors in their ordinary life.    Let’s strenuous efforts by his wisdom, expertise, with a bit of their own actions, hold up one day.