February 5, 2015 morning, some friends and I drove to Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Princess Wencheng Temple Tour.Madoi car out at noon, gentle way line, crossing Bayankelashan Pass, on the peaks of the mountains, clouds filled Qingshu Manjuan such as silk yarn, near touch; blue sky, such as lake, if projecting bis the pleasant arms will be a pure Wang Che.Listening as much, if floated away Tibetan songs sounds of nature, breathing the vast grassy hill in the spring exudes a unique atmosphere, wearing the “mountains of the cases, the source of rivers, yak, the land of song and dance “Ding Ding a crown will be in front of the Yushu.    February 6 at 10 am, we drove off to Yushu County town 25 kilometers southeast of Burnett Ditch, this is a Grand Canyon, on both sides of the mountains but not marginal, standing under the blue sky of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the mountain pine picturesque, picturesque mountain river.Tibetan architecture Princess Wencheng Temple close to Baizhang cliff, scenery quiet, glittering roof shine.Temple faces south, backed by towering steep cliffs, near Linqing flow bottomed out, as the dew aroma of green Creek, a simple middle of the land, canyon winds, gravel everywhere.Since white is satisfied ditch environment elegant quiet, beautiful and diverse scenery, mild and pleasant climate, the local people here considered as rare on Yushu plateau “Wonderful”.Crossed the creek, stepped into the lock Cliff Road, rock embedded in the door of the temple, which is a white powder paint the house, next to a small pebble floor courtyard, there is a small stone temple with ancient Tibetan briefly describes the construction of Princess Wencheng Temple reason and time in general, which wrote: “to wish million people raw, red Diego ancestral praise his son peace and happiness, and wished great Buddhist prosperity, in accordance with the shape and appearance of the Buddha during middle age, according to the rock carved statues, this repair temple.”The left is the hospital armed with knives, wearing armor, majestic physique, dignified face of generals; the right is dressed in military uniform, wearing a cap Zen warrior riding a tiger; small screen wall surface of the wall have to fly fluttering fairy riding a crane.    Front yard, close to the rock is a three-story stone Tibetan topped earthen architecture.This is the only building of this temple – the temple princess.Although the temple is not big, but standing on a small courtyard looking, tall and majestic temple has become, quite spectacular.Princess temple cleverly designed, strange shapes, unique.The appearance of the temple is divided into three layers, in fact, an internal, bottom is double open the door to the second floor is a huge double-leaf Tibetan window, and opened the third floor of a row of six Tibetan window.This usually can not open two windows, it is a completely new styles of decoration.All temple north window and walls painted maroon, sunny day when Li, Yuan Wang temple, shiny red, like a Cabernet Sauvignon.Shixia the top of the temples, a doddering ancient cypress trees, stand on top of the cliff, as if covered in a temple umbrella.    Opened the temple, into the halls, is three Gochang deep halls, two huge front is a square column straight brace temple roof, and another two pillars, supporting tang lotus throne in front of the relief statues, had just arrived people see such a big session hall, actually consists of two square columns support, I feel very strange, in fact, another few square columns embedded in the walls of the temple invisible Bale.    On the wall just above the temple, embossed with nine huge statues.Facing away from the two statues prostrate snow lion laden, shaped as a lotus throne.Throne is in turn supported by two thick poles.Lotus seat in the middle, is a height of about 7.3 meters main Buddha statue Dai Zhaoguan head, down to the ears wear any gold cheeks, costumes Tang, hands naturally cross put down before the abdomen, legs sit cross-legged, Buddha’s handsome, Meimuqingxiu, binocular face, seemed an air of dignified and stable temperament demure kind.Lord Buddha overhead engraved with Sanskrit mantra, rear head embedded symbol “shines bright, Fohui immeasurable,” the colorful halo.In the sides of the main statues, four each about 4 meters high to be who stand in a small lotus seat Buddha.This eight persons to be statues, all of them hand-held treasure, some holding lotus, some armed Vajra, some holding peony, some Satisfy Aquarius, and some hand-side Mani food bowl, and some hand Seven top sword, different attitude, appearance, lifelike.Between the Lord Buddha and the Buddha to be arranged symmetrically coordinated, orderly, hierarchy clear, vivid demonstration of the kind of master and servant between ancient, distinctive relations of hierarchy and hierarchical relationships between master and apprentice, but not too much reduce identity of Buddhist disciples.The entire group of relief statues, mountain, clever arrangements, rational layout, composition novel; figures made criminal generous, plump, looks beautiful, Vivid, strong three-dimensional, coupled with poorly lit halls, cigarette curl, fierce look , giving a sense of fluttering down.Statues sides, three feet wide from top to bottom carved Tibetan lace pattern, statues and muddy group as a whole, it shows the entire relief sculpture level ancient superb.    In addition, there are two large murals inside the temple walls on things, mainly the screen is then Princess Wencheng to Tibet passing white satisfied ditch, the local head of the Tibetan people and welcome the masses how long touching scene.Among the most impressive is the Dao mountain tree felling, the Dragon King earthly LeightonWebworks.