REVIEW those years is the mother of the mother paralyzed in bed, his wife came back from Russia also had no job to go to Russia did not earn any money, thanks to my family life.        Nineties a few years ago, I engaged in paper sales unit, is doing field almost every day to go out, run stationery store, ran the printing plant, but with no communication tool is not, equipped with a BB machine, or digital.My bird BB machine is the child of her grandmother inside the Radio and Television Department to buy, it took two thousand eight hundred, it was my brother in law to use, and later because I need to use temporarily lend me.    1993 father in hospital, I accompanied his father in the hospital, not the sky several classes, but can not delay the business, after all, is a dry field, so do not go every day to the unit, but businesses have to do, how to do business?BB rely on the machine.The father in hospital and never came out, passed away in hospital.So I take a lot of father in the hospital the day, I find a lot of business units only through the BB machine, as long as the BB machine rang, I knew the sale came, quickly found a phone, but fortunately there is a public telephone outside the hospital, fairly easy call.Business units to a phone, you have to hurry back to the phone, the time delay for a long time, people will find someone else to do.The sale of the one that is anxious stubble, do not worry you will not find.If you can not find the business unit a few times, you do not call back to the people, then the future of the business will do well, people will not trust you.    This time my brother in law with BB machine or borrowed, he still can not afford BB machine, nor is it even afford to buy right away, not so good now buy mobile phones, mobile phones are sold everywhere, no relationship can not buy of.    At that time most cattle B is Big Brother, and it took about thirty thousand dollars to buy a Big Brother, Big Brother is not more readily available, it must have relations, cellular phones are generally doing business boss.At that time I know a few owners have cellular phones, the big guy to stand on a table, really impressive.In fact, at that time Big Brother is 9 prefix, four or five miles from the city to have no signal, holding that thing is a status symbol, the effect is not how to use the phone now can not compare.    After a few years it would only small digital BB machine has been with me all the time do my waist, regardless of where to have followed me, Beijing Ninetowns four, Datong, Daxing, Changping, running more than a place, go so far, no BB machine does not work.Ever since the BB machine but also a troublesome thing, BB machine from the heart to the sound of anxious, anxious to have to find a telephone; if it is by bus, halfway BB machine sounds, no way to call back.My only BB machine is for repairing business, because they can not return phone calls promptly wasted a lot of buying and selling, or even lose a lot of customers.Often took the bus to get off to find a phone halfway, to get through the phone, the caller said: looking for you for a long time do not return phone calls, I found elsewhere of stock.That means that: Do your goods up.Sometimes the mountain back home, around the home also have my family business, but after a signal Summer Palace, BB machine is not so good, sometimes people come to me, my BB machine did not respond, really delay the thing.    In 1994, the family spent five thousand dollars to install a phone, because I do a field, do not go out when at home, this call is also convenient.No phone when the canteen had to run downstairs, and quickly call back.This time do not run downstairs.We have to thank only a small BB machine, two telephone trading two, five thousand dollars quickly earned back, equal to install telephone no money, not that you spend some telephone charges?I did not pay there would be no harvest ah!    It was in those years mother mother paralyzed in bed, his wife came back from Russia also had no job to go to Russia did not earn any money, thanks to my family life.Mother also need to wait nanny, brother is mentally ill and was admitted to the hospital; his mother, younger brother of the cost of living, as well as nanny salary brother and I each responsible for half.Those years on the one hand can not be delayed business, on the other hand have always visit his mother, but also anxious to find a nanny thing, fortunately, I was running errands in, BB machine really helped me a lot, then expect that the whole of life BB machine only, not two or three thousand dollars a month, it would be no income, and no longer have their own business and shift the BB machine does not work, can not let personal business units know, are linked by a single line BB machine.In particular Hebei shift the self-employed to find my paper through BB machine, no BB machine is unable to contact the.So about four years, where state-owned enterprises gradually decline, income is not more than half done, like me, four people responsible for the cost of living, it is a little too much for wages.Brother asked me: do not go to the Land Office Zone?I asked: How much salary?Brother said: eight hundred.I say: Forget it.I am now able to earn two or three thousand a month, free time, the old lady now paralyzed in bed, have to eat and drink and tube nanny wages, can not but consider the actual question, I still run my paper, right.    2097 autumn, the mother died, the second year the unit has collapsed, the paper is not good business to do, I went back home to open the store, BB machine is useless, breaking away from the BB machine.By now, a BB machine has also been at home on the windowsill throw yet.[Editor: Tianshao Yu]

REVIEW winter, thick plane trees stand along the roads, shedding bark constantly, it becomes smooth, but time has a different color will have a gap, a network of a.  Like plane trees, downstairs road lined with thick plane trees, all year round transform their own attire and attitude, accompany road and come and go non-stop shuttle vehicles and people in the past, become the highlight of the city.    Thick trunk usually divided in more than two meters twigs, just bundle up from the fingers, evenly curved and straight forward to growing up period of up to form rounded crown, gives the impression that sturdy, powerful, exuberant vitality.    Spring, plane trees wake up relatively late, until the weeping willow grow small leaves, when changed from light yellow to green, will slowly stuck his teeth tender palm-shaped leaflets from the spores come in, especially prone to accept the sun shine some more local, branches and leaves grow more quickly, a few days those little leaves vied with each other to stretch the entire crown gradually transition from the trunk of the body color to the main color to the leaves.    Summer, large palm-shaped, feels a bit hairy, solid feel, son elected to leave the largest long-handled blade, even when the son of a small parasol, slightly smaller remove the handle down on his head , is a native of the summer hat.Palm-shaped leaves that cling closely together, sometimes cracks the sun screen into fine spot falling on the road, the strong sunlight filtering through the leaves, becomes calm, and not so hot, standing under a tree, will feel a little cool, heart with shadow shade becomes calm, natural.    In the fall, the leaves of green life and life can not help but call autumn, the leaves of autumn color gradually become the main color.However relic figure, mottled bark, palm-shaped thick blades, in the cold branch quivering.    Not a few days, wandering in all branches of green and yellow or yellowing of leaves, while tight wind swept through the branches could not pull that has long been the heart return to earth of leaves, leaves that also tried to get rid of its care branches, eager to fly to the wind removed the ground, finally kissing the earth with peace of mind, reunion.Leaves in this autumn days and nights in the fall, accompanied by enchanting and quiet dance, colorful leaves, wandering the floor, looked in my eyes was actually extreme beauty!That large palm-shaped leaves, one, two.Slowly sink together, the streets paved with half, gorgeous gorgeous, rich in beautiful colors, yellow, green, brown, like an abstract painting in the immediate present, in seeing a single gray concrete pavement after this vision actually to add a bright color, a beautiful enjoyment.    In winter, thick plane trees stand along the roads, shedding bark constantly, it becomes smooth, but time has a different color will have a gap, a network of a.Cold north wind blowing all day autumn leaves did not call down to, until the last one leaves shaking down only to give up, leaving only its fruit hung.Fruit Indus looked at people like, round brown pellets, such as longan general size, appearance is covered by prominent seed, if open look inside, it is a long brown flocculent, long handle attached to the Department branches, like Yi Keke longan hung, then the trunk leaves no cover up, showing its sturdy stems and fruits like wind chimes in the wind as swaying, is a rare tree view.    Like plane trees, like its vitality, rooted in where where it is grown, there is an adaptable character, not because of poor location and noisy, and the secular can show that a release of its own style.

A butterfly flew out of the window.    At that time I was being an extremely difficult math problems to resolve troubled, so he stopped the nose, he turned to look out the window, so they saw this butterfly.She was lightly flying and flapping slightly pink spotted dotted with large golden wings, light dance in the air, like a pure spirit.    Looking at this beautiful butterfly, I remembered Jean Duominite Bobby, the French fashion magazine “ELLE” editor in chief.He thinks of his story and his “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly”.    In life one morning, he had a stroke and was rushed to hospital with friends, in a coma for twenty days later, he regained consciousness, he found himself no longer move her body turned out, only a left eyelid also active, he described himself as being put into a diving bell, the whole body must not move.    Sudden disaster is undoubtedly devastating, especially for a man of spirit, our Mr. Bobby, too, almost desperation.But then he finally picked it up confidence, hope and courage, his attendant next to him kept by frequency of use to read 26 letters, and so on to read that letter when he wants to use, he would blink his body the only but also by the brain controls the left eyelid, his attendant is to let him through this way can communicate with the outside world, and is also in such a way that he completed his “the diving bell and the butterfly,” to know if this writing background, it is difficult not to be impressed by reading this book, this book will therefore be even feel every word is very precious.    In the book, Bobby describe him like a diving bell in general, but his mind is like a butterfly flew into the already over high mountains and the sea in many parts of the world..It writes, “I began to wake up from the morning practice to move the tongue into my mouth after.”” If we can successfully swallow the saliva, then I would be the happiest person in the world.”An clamped fate of sadness not move very sad; but on the other hand, maybe Bobby is lucky, sudden misfortune make him think that he will not go to some of the problems usually think, in this book he calmly Some think the earth will encounter, it is impossible to go around the problem, such as love, faith, compassion, conscience, and so on and so, the disease reduced his life, but deeply carved deep his thoughts.    Two days after “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly” was published, Jean Duominite Bobby eventually died, the butterfly can still.    Perhaps the person’s life on the way through, not unexamined, can not swim, can not muddle along, we need to think, we need deep thought.Of course, you are not to be a philosopher, but behind every life has its profound it is not trivial?    If the idea of eternal let that thought just like that butterfly, flew over people’s minds, flew beside the hourglass of time, slowed down the pace of life fall, so we have enough time to enjoy the butterfly.

Opened the window, she said, there is nothing around, you have a tree?There spend it?anyone there?Blue sky or do?There are no clouds ah!I know that the sun is so hot my face, but my life, there will never be a sun!For a man surrounded by blue sky all day, a day facing the mountains and rivers, water Sensation, the mountain decent woman, they all can not be expressed in words cruel.She too poor!    Although she was the sun shining, though there are mountains out the window, although there are clouds horizon.All in all, for her, nothing of!    Wall it?Wall it?Wall it?Here a vast network nightlife, sea without her, without her tree, without her man.She could not see the!Here the world is not the color.Hill also bald, withered grass, the forest is also sparse.Only water and he, as well as the previous look!    Come!Reach out your hand, this is your water, your heart to see.I tell you, not in front of a waterfall, but a tall lonely cliff wall if you want, I can take you to the next piece of the mountain, I guarantee, that piece of the mountain will not fall, I around you, taller than a piece of the mountain, I am your wall, lean on me.I’m tall, I feel it?If you do not feel, come with me, I’m your eyes.That look, this is the big tree, you see it?Our past, we spent running in the sea, you remember?    Today’s vast landscape bleak, let me turn it into green, into flowers, please?    Living life, inevitably dying landscape, think about your tree, your water, winter comes, can spring be far away!

Part One: butterfly fly, but the sea “Give me a moment, I say love.With my life, you turn and look.”It was once said a word butterfly.After many years of sea total dead of night aftertaste.Past always scenes.  That day has only fun butterfly, accidentally landed on the sea side.From afar, boundless sea, covered too much content.All this made her fascinated.She hang around all day in the side of the sea.She did not care to go to sea.She too small.Sea always remember that, in contemplation.Stay in their own homes heart.Zhuomo Tou who can not go to the heart of the sea, the sea can not know where the heart is, just guessing, perhaps in the middle of the sea.Only the sea came to understand myself, have gone through thousands of years of wind and rain, he had lost his complete heart.Only one core and hard shell vicissitudes.  One day, he was a butterfly persistent infection, he began to notice a butterfly.He likes the simple goodness of butterflies, butterfly.Butterflies tenderness.They began to talk to each other, attract each other.I do not know which day the sea began to like butterflies.The butterfly has long been obsessed with the deep sea and the vicissitudes of life.She has been staying with, obsessed with this piece of deep sea, in her heart, there is sea, there is enough, there is everything there is sea, sea just pay a little bit of love can make butterfly satisfied.In fact, she is not greedy.  Butterflies and sea accompanied by the day, butterfly feeling eyeful spring.Her fascination with the sea, she felt this life is past life marriage will encounter again.Although the ending is just hopeless love.  Sea also began to revel this happiness, he slowly wake up.He is over the sea thousands of years, she just weak butterfly.Her lithe and delicate.How long you can love him?  She paid her all, but in the eyes of his sea experience only made him short of ecstasy, more real loneliness continue.He has a wealth of content, butterfly simply can not understand him go, could not guess the heart of the sea, in the deep sea, she was unusually thin foil.  Gap for thousands of years, different experiences, butterfly, this is a hopeless love.  Butterfly struggling darting, hopeless looking at the vast sea, no matter what kind of effort, she never flew less than a sea of hearts, because she’s thin and his vicissitudes.  ”Because I love you, why they want to leave you.”When the butterfly how not fly into the heart of the sea, only to say the phrase old-fashioned sea lines, her tears dripping in the arms of the sea, sea silence.Shiver butterfly wings, circling keyed reluctantly.Then a sea breeze blowing, not enough time to take off the butterfly, fall into the vast sea, into the blue tears.Sea struggling to catch the butterfly’s wings, trying to tell her that he loved, really loved.But all too late, butterfly heart on a vast sea of, put themselves into the sea, the final answer with blue tears.  When the moment she melted, she finally realized the truth: butterfly fly, but the sea.Leaving only the sentence: Give me a moment, I say love.With my life, you turn and look.    Part II: butterfly fly, but the sea butterfly fly, but the sea, because it is not courage, but the other side did not wait three years to wait for the flowers open, after all, did not have time, I wrote the prologue winter solitude with keys.  Close your eyes that you can not see the dark the whole world, that covered his ears, you can hear all the trouble.That stopped, the heart can no longer be displaced.That no longer write, you will forget the sorrow from.  I used to think the story is not finished, in fact already prepared have changed the outcome.I used to think would not finish at the youth, only filled with words of farewell.I once thought so important you can calmly placed only memories.  I was so self-righteous, I refuse to refuse to embrace the warm, refused to believe that a better world.I grew up, there is no turning back so much, I’d be quiet.  Blessing is a clear spring in bloom, bloom season, quarter after quarter has a faint fragrance I exhort.I exhort is drifting in the wind and rain, wind and rain streaks, strands with the flowers wither I have feelings.  I am very far away from you, smile and say you wish.And you are not already make me forget.You do not know my sadness, it is so tightly nestled in the cold night.  That escape can avoid miss, to see the sunrise saw that the sea can have the courage to fly alone.Love that fog flirtation do not believe there are so many for life would not hurt to ambiguous.But you lose just wandering escape, love is just plagiarism.  Travel only means constantly looking for, find, bid farewell.Surprise, stay, then leave.Like going through a brief love.  Crest mood was quiet, thoughts can still be easily shaken down time.  Once said many years of waiting for the hint to meet you, but I do not know a year ago decided to see that you are not doomed to wait for my next few years.  I have met with a pencil sketch of all the circumstances.Who gave me an excuse arrival of spring flowers.Since then, I feel folded, is ruffled.But after all, my world you are not there, you can not play my broken strings.I do not know to whom your heart, you who accompany most beautiful years.This time I finally had to have changed even wait.But I still do not understand that a sudden fireworks or lonely, those who say that I love.  I thought I found a rose garden that one, but severely stabbed in earnest love of my hands, forget the pain away reproach, I told myself red roses are inevitably wrong.  If only shown signs of life Unfortunately, no one will see the outcome, but the fate of the first place.Some people some things are meant to be only for nostalgia.Just as some people are destined to wait for someone else, some people are destined to be, et al..  If you have Picking Jiangnan woman, I will be missed at tis you Haowan.If you had been truant urchin, and I will fall out of your pocket is sinking new marbles.If you have a wall of the monk, I will stick of incense that is before the house.I know I know, I miss you, was actually a past life so pathetic doomed.  Painted scenes.Filled with smoke.Seven colors of the rainbow.Dazzling neon.Unscrupulous lonely.Flashy fall for youth.Slim hope disillusionment.Bitter experience smile.I put the scattered pieces put together piece by piece, but still the same incomplete memory.  Who I am in the world with a splendid dying.  Early birds flying south, leaving me alone in the winter.  Lonely as the winter snow, hiding in a warm room to see the white world is pretty irrelevant, but it is so true touch of cold.  Light faded, and winter came, I went back to the lonely.  How feelings are blooming snowflake weather.Whom tremble together, do not understand gentle.Who led hand, is barren sand dunes.How to cherish, not forever.  I think if I choose to give love, I would be lonely without medication.Sauna net dual showers even fine, I own the sky, the moon can not be star-studded.  So I should not need a piano beat to treat insomnia tonight, just like the one you quietly leave the winter, all the action takes place in silence, I Wang Ran ignorance.  The so-called lonely, I fuss dedication.  I should not have fancy things did not happen in the summer in.All gorgeous open after the lonely, incomplete leaving only memories filled the rain, endless sorrow, blurred vision.  Youth in again swaying distant dream.I chose the most beautiful gesture to forget.  I understand that dreams are illusory, no matter how I try to go around, there are always not touch its outline.As bleak monument, carved hang some flies.  Wait no longer dream of flowers, butterflies fly, but I believe the sea, spring goose does not come, weak wings dissipated in the earth’s shadow.  Kite windy sea dolphins a year ago, I was listening to Elegy I let go, I have learned out of your own existence.  If ambiguous debt owed, I returned from a lonely desert alone a year to pay off.Time, just when I was squandering.  Trees and flowers withered and how this life.No matter how brilliant bloom once before, and regardless of who had left the encounter took me a fraction of the Love.Time reduced to ashes, remembrance and forgetting is also a pain.  If the sky is not falling off, holding up the gorgeous sadness, then I’ll stay.However, all have become flashy.  Your magnificent turn, left me a haggard land of sorrow.The same intersection with a sky, I’ve learned not to give up.  My fortune, who do not know floating.  I always tangled.I always like to go crazy for one person.I miss my dedication.I was too self.I never promised.I use real fabricated a lie, I guess with this broken world.  Who sounds a whole summer cicadas, who rendered a dying fall.The next morning, who gave me the spring mood.  Who says Hello Who disturb, who understand lonely me smile.Originally, I want to love, just a warm hug.    Part Three: butterfly fly, but the sea fleeting thoughts across my patch of sea, waiting for you on the other side of the flowers into my life but can not get past the clouds.  Legend: “Bana is an oath, but also a wait in long years, every game is a waiting period of obsession of fantasy, if you can wait until the Bana open when the person you love comes, then You will be happy for a lifetime.  Meet is a beautiful encounter, even in how some people can not always met to remember, some people met at that instant, to forget can not forget.  Drawer yellowed diary, hidden in the deepest memory, then you smile warms me that one summer!  In those accustomed to the lonely night, always inexplicable sadness, so close to the city, a man keep empty, until I met you.  In the turmoil fleeting encounter, a romantic scene to you, to me, is the twilight of.  You see life was passing glance, how many years understatement.  If you are my mind, is not all my loneliness and desolation into the eyes you did not.  Amidst the dress comes, smudged the outcome.  Plain the years to come, such as Lotus smile, light dyed skirt end, a tea and a piano, a woman of clear joy..At the time you sweet smile, like a lotus, like, elegant yet gentle woman, a man always used to sit in the lotus pavilion quiet reading, your pale blue dress printed with a faint afterglow of the sunset, so gentle, so warm , infection that blurred my desolate heart, so that one summer, I met with you every day, just for you that a shallow smile!  Memory is a fish.I think you could not swim in the dark,.  I thought the standard of happiness are the same, but I did not think when I met happiness, can not remember your appearance.  Looking back lights as the old, shallow holding hands, what you want on the side, ready to love.Or quietly holding your hand go so slowly, until the end, and my heart is filled with your gentle hand.  The so-called city, is the kind of give you secure, but also to the place you bundle.I think people love this life is the largest and most powerful bundle.And your city, I was destined doomed.  Not to look fly farther than to the commitment is swaying line.As the sea never doubted blue sky.Not stray from my dream, but I casually spread panic, I just want to be with you together, wandering whether or quiet, as long as you like.  If found, it will exist gentle, occasional anxiety and loss does not appear to bring, I forbear.Not weary.  I learned to miss, in a quiet moment, Enron Ruobi.Fetters you and me.  Stop and go, the end of Dynasty.  Warm-year Duanmo, recall acquaintance knowing each other as a mirror.Recalling past lives to spend the night is young.But it is right close horizon two across, farewell soul Diego.After Fragrance tempting, he turned around, from.End of the World stranger.  Do not know when the night began like lonely companionship, do not know when to start on-line stealth has become a habit, I do not know when to start like write these sad words, do not know when to start the kind of faint melody sad this has brought me through the years of youth!And I hope you are alone in the distance of the South!By now, I can not remember because I was used to it you lonely accompanied or met you in before I’m used to.And just when I was lonely when you accompany me that a faint glimmer, when night falls again, you disappeared in the night sky, never seen.  Fleeting inky, our ending, after all, like the butterflies fly, but the sea!    Part Four: Butterfly fly, but the sea, “you and I love, love is not blessed, like a butterfly fly, but the sea, destined to end sad helpless.”Listen to songs with friends to share the song, the heart could not help but ups and downs in this sad melody.People most likely to synchronize their feelings with sad music in lost time.Lyrics seem to say are in line with his state of mind.At this time, listening to the song feel the feelings of friends and would like to say to friends, I share your feelings, then to the mouth but can be stuck in my throat, unable to speak out loud.Sometimes the language is so pale and weak, “empathy” words easy to say, but who can understand the true sense of who’s so thorough?Only silence accompanied with listening to a song, over and over again, accompanied with the ups and downs of mood!”When love can not tolerate too many sad, promise of love become so pale.”Sometimes, when a sudden can not control is the helplessness, sadness surrounded, unable to break free, the whole body up and down as if they soaked in clear water Han Tan, pouring from the biting chill in the limbs, can not tell the sad sad sad!Thought of here, will be very interested to distant friends a hug, let the other side feel the warmth between this friend.  It is said that butterflies fly, but the sea is not a butterfly flying over the sea to be no more courage, but the other side has no waiting.Power did not, mustering the strength to suddenly disappear, so, all of a sudden imbalance.Looking forward, the future of the vast know where is the end, looking back, where the horizon is distant shore?Living in halfway, I do not know where to go at a loss!Butterfly fly, but the sea.Butterfly Butterfly own helplessness, the sea end of the line may also have it Yinzhong!Perhaps the tide is surging that tears the heart, the tide falls, perhaps the deep love!Tide low tide, with butterflies flying all the way, halfway flaps, perhaps who do not want the outcome.However hard how to accept defeat, after all, is not intended to change the outcome.The frustration, presumably no one can understand!I do not know how to take it lightly on!  What the world most bitter?The most bitter feelings!What is the most tired?Feeling most tired!This time may wish to ask yourself, what has the most beautiful?Of course, love is the most beautiful!The total Sometimes, we are willing to do something for someone, without feeling bitter, do not feel tired, do not feel wronged.In fact, the butterfly fly, but flying is not important, important is the process of flying.Butterfly had entered the force, and perhaps physically and mentally exhausted, physically and mentally fatigued perhaps, perhaps suddenly no motivation, no matter what, he had tried for goal in mind, is not it?Process is the United States, is willing enough.Whether stand, regardless of the outcome, no one can ever erase the share of heart, would really!We are willing to pay and that is to enjoy.Then do not complain, do not hate, no anger, no blame!Loved the good, can not stand the hate torture, torture only to have to come and go pale wash of feelings.So, even the process is not beautiful!Believe me, really I walked the streets, even if it is a wonderful person, this dedication can always move, the fullness of a life of their own, but also the warmth of the man whom had persistent.  Who would not have taken decent life, such as ink painting dripping with casual happy!It can often backfire, who can have complete control over your life?When the ink around the corner, not in accordance with the intention to ink a dye mood, why do not we change it thinking, planning another re-interpretation of a picture.Not thoughts, not necessarily a good picture of achievement.I think that butterflies fly, but the sea, in order to stop, it is the end everywhere, everywhere is returned to shore!Heart is both head and heart both shore!Butterfly fly, but the sea, enough is enough want to turn around, not down, nor abandoned, but forced reality.Once treated with tolerance, I believe that the original better, do not complain, do not hate, no longer sad.Turned around, Cheng pulls back to make room reserved for a subtle fragrance lingering in mind, and with him, you is that he never again touched a wisp of incense never!So, you can only remember the original better, forget the tired.Smile still, well in lightly in a quiet promise years!

Part one: broken flower under butterfly, flowers are wind blown fly leaves, leaf fall tree care, leaves from the leaf to read flower, leaf reading leaf tears, Yela do Enriching the soil, leaves mud more quadrangle.  Chang E for the month drunk, but according to the monthly return rabbits; moon hovering month, month overcast Rabbit sad, whom on Long Xi, dark months for whom weeping moon illuminated the night sky, moonlight reflected very few stars, full moon residual hook, moon month solitary clear, moonlit night according to whom, for whom the lack of flower fly next month Chengjiang practice, Chengjiang nearly empty mountains.Sunset setting sun hidden, the souls of flowers with the flow.Yesterday the number of red full, empty silence now Wan.  Butterfly flower drunk, but the wind flower fly, flower dance flower tears, crying flower petals fly, flowers whom Xie, Hua Xie for whom grief, regret flower blossom, edge to edge to edge of the water is too Jun Jun tears , Jun Si Jun Hui tears, to whom the king stay the king to stay for whom sadness and beauty king and love, but with the king of reform, hidden Jun Jun Jun helpless now, people coming and going freely drunk love for love, love for the Valentine desolate.Hurt feelings is infatuated, infatuated love is cool.Heart cloud heart wanders, pained effort funeral.Moods whom died, desperate for whom funeral.Heart to Heart to heart from injury, feeling affectionate love vast Kam.  Suifeng Wu leaves, flowers and butterflies Cong.Autumn leaf knowing, thousands of miles to find Xin.I do not know in the wilderness round, dawn to silly.Feeling heartbroken, Acacia tears, resentment who know.Since the other and the king, my heart went with Iraq.Coast to Coast, the affectionate been disconsolate.Fall flowers, butterflies Acacia, we already know the sad ending.  Butterflies fly, dragonflies chase, sexual gratification than Yifei; pian hope, hope people go, do not see through Autumn back; Clouds Chasing the Moon, wind Fu Liu, Jun remember the past feelings; students with promise, died spend, vows not look back.  Butterflies fly, dragonflies chase, gazing with a dream.Hope wild geese, hope people go, every long drink himself Cup.Acacia bitter, tears wet cup, a non-human well see.Situation dependent, the heart of Xu, grab this life does not let go.Past situation, edge life, Love and Love knot.Phase pull the soul, the dream phase winding, when the hate Melancholy.With the joys, knot bosom friend, see the truth of trouble.Meet difficult, Bie, affectionate moon and new moon.    Part II: butterfly flower drunk, but the wind to fly Flower Do not ask me where it comes from, goes I was a gust of wind, came and went without a trace; Do not ask my name yet who, I do not notice, just you and me pass, are all passing, why say.End of the World destined to meet, missed right close by strangers, destined for a thousand years, missed the fleeting Hundred Days pay.Edge of the deep edge of the shallow, only an idea.—- Inscription sauna is an empty net off the night, the wind has gone into the bone, I know that winter is coming.After nightfall habit every day, I sit in the case before the favorite to write some text, which seems to have an addictive addiction, obviously the busy days, but gradually sink in the heart in a loss, staring look the screen, I did not know where to start.Turn in a song aptly’s fingertips can not help but free in the keyboard, note the time that thoughts, thoughts Banzhan.  See an article today have an “Old people like nostalgia,” left speechless sadly, Am I old yet?Just calm down, they will remember the past, some memorable ever had never been able to forget, even though the wind has Danyun light, I really thought I forgot, so throw out clean, so that is so casual ease.But for those who inadvertently catch a glimpse of a few poem ever written, mixed with pain and tears or love or hate, just read it has already gone is so piercing.Some things happened in Vain, touch will remember.Some people, been to always leave a trace, goodbye already have.But he was stubbornly wrote a lifetime of pain, pretend as a Huoluo scars, can never be devoid of.The original light everything will flow away at any time, loved the people, moving too sad situation, the case only.  I thought I would be a stubborn person to incurable, let go I do not know, I do not look back, no turning back.But life has taught me, love must be a response, a person close to the escape of a person, is bound to be dripping ink into the wound.Life does not need so many unnecessary attachments, no need to jealously guarding to the end of time as another person, even if it just fell in love while, bears a lifetime of tears, but also the fate.If the heart dependency, they miss the foreseeable future, for you from Prison.  The person’s life at least once for someone, you forget yourself, do not seek everlasting beauty, only to meet the most beautiful years.What a beautiful and pain of love, love can not spend, the kind of courage to dare not forget?Love, do not ask right or wrong, but to no regrets.After, regardless of right and wrong, Oh that peace of mind.After all, I was a passionate woman, ruthless coat only to unrelated people, in front of people know, the end is not restrained to fall.A friend, the world is better than thousands of words, one understands you, resolve uncertainty about the door, since it is an idea for you dedication, he stuck the city.With a heart of love, it is how warm things Oh, because of love, I am willing to lower their own arrogant face, either your tender kiss upon my brow, that moment just want to snuggle in your arms, waiting for me Harbor mooring heart of life.  Time flies, dream off fingers.You are no longer the romantic teenager, but I do not hate parting woman, between that distant landscape, only to miss Sylvia Yin rampant, scattered in the horizon, and your loving eye, the end is my life regret nostalgic.Tonight captures a ray of red beans, cover falling a break up, planted a species of Acacia, I used the cold this winter, and so that a spring, wait facing the sea, the Red there is love in full bloom from my heart, such as lotus Memories Come.

All along, the very emotion of love story, let us not imagine that the plot, those love-hate between lovers, with their lives and write a fleeting but legendary courage to bear.Close my books in my mind out of sight durable ghost.Hearts full of heavy, continuous accumulation of the feeling the breathing is difficult.Hands can still close my stubborn will have the books open, to continue those stunning love.    Feiniaohuoyu love, so poignant, people feel pity.Although the love, but the end can not live in each other’s world, they are created by the Creator regret.Chyi Yu like singing it, but for once you stall displaced \\ \\ if I had not once looked concerned but where this game was not optimistic about love and concern.Perhaps love is so suddenly, and even some people feel awkward, not a rational mind to deal.It was a long lost body temperature of the fish, it is a habitat for birds could have four.Their meeting, in the author’s pen has been written in the world’s most remote distance, flying in a day, but a deep diving submarine.The world’s most remote from the source is the case, even affectionate as the sea, even though broad-minded like the sky, still can not be together.    Sad music endless, eternal legendary love story ever.They wanton occupy our ears, our eyes, our senses, until into our blood, our fundamental change.The music, the story is like a curse, as long as we reveal a little bit of emotion.Even after the cold eyes of the mask trace of flicker, will be infected, there is no way out at all.    Icy cold nights, when you look up at the stars, are not able to see the figure of love?This is the most precious thing in life.    Unexamined pedestrian on the road, such as traveling line mention walking with a puppet, no soul.They put heart deep in sorrow and hatred, to eliminate all redemption.Love does not listen to advice, do not pursue those precious memories.When the error is already cast, when regret is not recovered, the thread between himself cut off by their love, can return to his own heart?We can not predict.In those years, we experienced with dark clouds, who moved in the past, has come to our eyes, like an old movie.Unfortunately, the protagonist has to do to change others, we can not go back.    ”Oath,” the word is Youkouwuxin, but the “blame worry,” the word is the truest representation of our hearts, care about performance.I heard a “treasure” dropped on the floor of the sound, they are lying there quietly, issued cries enlightening to guide the runner between us, let love continue.    This is a version of quicksand phone shell butterfly, born in the late autumn.He pioneered the industry’s cell phone shell, a unique perspective and ornamental art of the perfect show in people’s eyes and practicality, stunning the entire market.Butterflies fly together in the flow of the stars in, chasing each other, Xixi.Stylish and charming, suitable for young family of ladies.As an upgraded version of the phone shell quicksand, not only in the details has been improved, but also do a lot to enhance the practicality, art appreciation is also very high.If that’s the disadvantage of this phone shell, it is that Living connubial butterfly can not escape the shackles of the phone shell, can not rotate around us, can not stop at our fingertips and hair.    Love, inadvertently revealed, from the strange two people closer to each other, they faint flicker of pure light, it seems like light butterflies, flying flowers, flying white snow-capped mountains, flying over our heads, lightly, Flying free.Carrying our hopes and wishes, we sow the pure love.

Part One: Butterflies time is always inadvertently mercilessly dusty history.  But sometimes there will be an accident, inadvertently, I found you.So, I waded on, in the era of chaos, I saw you, I was full of joy.  Qinhuai River, a wisp of veil in the night with the breeze swaying, you, should you still proud of that lonely back, like a lotus flower, blooming between heaven and earth, no competition, no one energy and.  You gently Shizhao tears with a handkerchief, and finally to everlasting smile, yes, your heart is full of melancholy and anger, only to regret his own untimely, the case of poor people.For you, the story of Beauty, it seems always Mirage.  Those deep pockets of spectators, only if you are fireworks Liu Xiang in “Chapter Taiwan Liu” only, does not know that your talent than we have on high, and higher heart qi, if men will have long topped the list, this is the land of blessing for fireworks at your place of refuge?But, in your eyes, these people are just some of the stands clown, pageant, why miss heart!  I understand that you are attracted to people who just south Chen Zilong, you fall in love with him, you found him this is the hero, and he expected to spend a lifetime accompany it.But the days are not as people would like, in the struggle against the Qing Dynasty uprising, he did not come back, “Love Rain slightest frustration,” I did not know how to sustenance Acacia?  You quietly waiting, keep looking, hoping to find a familiar figure, even if it is just like.One day, you really met him — Qian, you ecstatic, actually transformed into a man, went to visit.You talk, we talk about poetic scenery, arbitrary, much deja vu.At this time, it coincided with Qian, career flow, and your conversation to let him forget the grief, because your talent and he has similarities, so come and go in, you spend a friend.  Unfortunately, unfortunately, just as you want to be serene and forever, the Qing invasion that broke you this wonderful quiet life.As the old North Korea left officials loyal to former team or serve a new master?Qian, faced with dilemma.And you witnessed cruel bowls, and the killing of innocent civilians south, mind you angry.So you persuade with Qian, die to preserve the name of the festival, to show allegiance.Qian, this promised to put together a good lake to commit suicide, but the excuse of “water-cooled”, refused to vote the lake, you have to take a step back, then advised him hermit in the mountains, breaking away from the Red.However, he was with a “whip” answered your.  At this point, you finally see this so-called “gentlemen’s” face, resolutely left him.  You came to the Qinhuai River, looking for a silver lining, but by the death of her husband, your tears, despair plus helpless, you use three feet of white silk, this is not the end of his extraordinary life, certain death, but left to the people endless miss.  Spring cozy, Yang Liu Yiyi, deeply moved by the lake breeze, bursts of glowing light Lin.Inadvertently, a white lotus flower, blooming quietly in the meantime.  ”Say no return, the little Xianghun clear dream,” From then on, you figure disappeared in the Qinhuai River, but in light wind out of date, vaguely smell the fragrance of the lotus bloom when the slightest.    Part II: Butterflies are happy, melancholy, like three thousand water flows east, endless flow of never tell; poetry is painting, the Qing Li word sentence, poetry flower tea and wine, the sadness turned into sweet, like a butterfly Passion flower.  - Inscription in a queue leaning dangerous wind blowing through the thin, look very Singing Sorrowful, Anan Health sky.Yes, go the country nostalgia, but it is seen in desolate stretch of the King, feeling very sad and those who carry, grass smoke sunset glow, the silent you ignore the railing of Italy, but only wine and song, throw the heart all at arm’s length.  May light, late at night, you still end across the landscape of thousands of city sustenance thoughts, the night was four no neighbor, Arai poor old industry, leaving only the empty desert nights you “Wide pine does not regret, to eliminate the Iraqi people were emaciated, “the infatuation monument – Liu and three transformers.  Gentle tenderness of your heart like a butterfly, between Mo flower eat only a little, can not bear to spend blinding posture, in passionate dancing, so that I remember you every month for streaming beads.  Bis deep courtyard, the threshold worry vanillyl weeping dew chrysanthemum, willow smoke stack, Flying to swallow, but the sound of sad front curtain as no multiplicity.Moon are not fluent Lihen bitter, oblique light to wear Zhu Xiao households, who is to make the sound of a heavy blame the hearts of heaven, breaking the confinement of the courtyard, so it was very hot eyes and ears of language Boudoir.  Flower asked tears in silence, Luanhong fly swing, night westerly withered Bishu, alone on the West Wing only you, lean on a railing afar, watch good posture with your eyes, like a butterfly waiting blossoming of flowers in full bloom, gazing distance.Ancient thoughts pierced the walls Liu hospital, spanning the history of the tunnel, and finally write a buckle heart of “Butterflies”.  Three nightlife network is chilling outside under a tree, or pavilion, Lanzhou handle both hands on the man child, even if the first test is not repeated, thick black raw cold night desolate God cold bone, you still use the rhythm Butterflies Write strong Famous; is a small park in Hong path always wandering to Yan Yin word wine, it is also infinite pride, pride tippler’s six Ones, due to the persistent waiting in the courtyard, points to purdah beauty the hearts of frustration, perseverance and persistence, like a butterfly to a flower Chilian, rolls on, seize the day.  When we warble “twig willow cotton blew another little love again” when, ever pay attention to “Spring apricot flower faded Canhong small” when still green water swallows people around, ever pay attention to Wutai Poem Case Dongpo’s Ci due framed, made a tour of Lang Huangzhou, but he is still left with the Schwimmer unborn love for the country, like Butterflies, still adhere to the hearts of love.  I do not know why you so greedy, a tree flowers Tang, Song of a high-rise will not fill you desire, you still want to do that swirling butterflies will stick with heart romantic impact Ming Zhong, Qing disorder book, and then stained with ink little bit of history, flying through space, exudes delicate fragrance.Let us remember the romantic among the flowers, warm feelings: the leaves are blowing residual shadows.Higurashi without cold, butterfly Butterflies love does not change, he persevering, no spring, the wind fluttering, rustling rain, you like a butterfly, still passing the dry heart of the sea.Part Three: Butterflies butterflies fly, flower still; flowers fade to do, butterflies silent.Yin a Butterfly, sigh life is only a dream.  - Inscription I fall into the earth, turned into a lonely Yudie.  Empty mountains, misty rain, hazy south, was removed between the turquoise blue bamboo, dense mist hang around the shore, only to find an agreed safflower III.  Red walls and green tiles, Regency garden, a million flowers Tsui, Hung Ying green cover.  I quietly went over the wall, but in this a long time wandering, just because they do not know that one is waiting for the attachment III!  So, I prayed silently Buddhas in my heart, I want to give the Buddha pointing direction.Then, smiling Buddha, he picks up a petal, saying that this is my home.  I gently smiled, agreed to a past life vows, life turned into a Butterfly.  I quietly standing in the flowers, hearts guess if you are waiting, waiting for the moment together, waiting for a carnal knot.  A person giggle in their hearts: whether there have been thousands of times pass you by?But this time it?I am not going to miss the strike!  Just about everything already doomed!  Seeing you silently dying in that moment, petals, little red core, turning to red mud.The strike is Qingshenyuanqian?We will once again rub shoulders away.Waiting over together III, now, only lonely love empty branches, Cheng Yu Mu pondering sky.  I gazed around the shelter over your branches, fragrant smell sniffing your remaining trace, but it is my ecstasy, break my heart.  Ma’am, this situation is a dream, waking, attributed to loneliness.  Water quietly floating petals, it seems that exudes endless sorrow, telling endless thinking complain.So, I chase a piece of TV drama petals, which piece of the shadows, and even that piece of nothingness companionship.  After the flowers fade, lonely butterfly.Idealist helpless, endure looked dim misty rain in certain death.  Xie has been spent, butterfly attachment.Even if it is a moment of encounter, and after a turn or look back, but only when it is a beautiful dream Bale!  After all, life is a blank ammunition, not the injury, the situation is difficult to tell, Indus Yela, drizzly Muyu, and finally arrived, but the red-green residue cover!  Your past life figure, engraved in the Sansei stone, endured a century of wind, rain and a hundred years, a hundred years of sun exposure, and lonely waiting for Bana open, guarding Huakaihuaxie, the flowers bloom.Reincarnation of unrequited love Sansei III, then, modern technology for a Yudie, only to wait for the end in the foreseeable future.  But – now trace the flowers fade, groups of butterflies fly, throw empty sigh, continued for a lonely finish, how to be in this situation a lifetime.  Let me die quietly strike between these flowers!  Just I do not want to endure a lifetime of loneliness alone!  Mixed with the cold wind, cold my wings.My heart is broken, tired heart.I do not want to fly again!Just turned into a butterfly soul, where you accompany the dead.At least, not lonely heart!  Lying quietly patch of red mud, so that their technology into your arms, so, for life!  Christina dream, feeling the wind.But people have changed, still the Red, Acacia has become resentment, residual memories buried Nanshan.  Shadows lonely, lonely soul butterfly, just because of the Butterflies, only the accompanying attachment.  Butterflies, butterfly flower thinking, a dance past lives, hand knot a carnal.Only willing to stop queue in your whole life branches, reincarnation Xie Xia Yu in the flower bloom in winter snows.  Breeze flowing, thoughts swirling, light holding a handful of soil, full of the feeling of anxiety quietly buried, but give birth to thoughts of you.  Butterfly dream, flower injuries.Fragrant flowers, butterfly Qinru prosthetic atrium; butterfly of love, scattered into the wind slowly flowing.  Butterfly crazy memories of that period the bonds of past life, a red flower attachment to this life, just because the agreed oath, but were changed forever tie him down.  Again separated, heartbreak again, is it is waiting for the fate of Sansei III?Or doomed life after life can not meet?  Butterflies turned into a life, it can afterlife?

Butterflies, flying flowers this fall, and I met a butterfly, and inadvertently hand it tough, Amitabha.    Is the way to pick up Andy Nguyen of science, I hastily go, do not know when attached to a butterfly in my right arm, I feel totally free.Because exclaimed Andy, I pat launch conditions, as it rolled silently from my arm, and Andy exclaimed: butterfly.Our long silence, sad heart.    This morning there was a butterfly flying into the room, I wait and see not move until it flew out the window, my heart just went back to Abel’s “Notes on the Mountain” over four hundred pages.    A short few days, the two encounter butterflies, butterfly edge which is what?    I began to listen to the violin concerto “Butterfly” Many years ago I was only tape recorder, I bought a few versions of the “butterfly”, once, I lost myself indulge in the share of people sad melody.Now already turned and lost, I could not find there always liked Pang Long dish “Two Butterflies”.    Some people some things I invading, some people some things, I reluctantly.Think Dragon TV “Swordsman” champion he does not laugh laugh of Sun Jianhong “I am me, not the same color of the fireworks,” he insisted as if firing his hometown of Jingdezhen porcelain, eventually pupate into a butterfly.We all need to treasure the ideal of happiness and bitter road.In a sense he is also a model for grassroots.    Entomology Andy’s better than me, even though I was born in the countryside and in the countryside grew up, Andy is a member of Roots & Shoots group, they studied plants and insects and other research, is my ideal of knowledgeable people know little plant activities, so I have been encouraging her to participate.Vegetation, insects, fish into view, shop, and on the nature of the book, there are numerous, a lot of fun to go in depth, the current emphasis on Mathematical Olympiad and English utilitarian, I hope the children will be happy the rich warmth of life.    Although the butterfly already heard, this is the first time really saw the tragedy is that I actually hand it tough, I Buddha in the heart.After returning home I looked up information on the butterfly: butterfly leaves scientific name Vanessa (KALLIAMINACHUSBoisduval), the world’s leading butterfly mimicry of species.Wing apex angle after hip and rear wings extending forward tip and petiole were shapes, fin brown or purple brown, shiny dark blue, dark yellow with a central wing obliquely wide band, white spots are distributed on both sides, each of the two wings submarginal there is a dark wave line.Russet was reverse wing, resting from the apex to the wing at the wing angle of the hip has a dark brown horizontal line, with several oblique, resembles the veins.Intermingled with wings in shades of brown spots, much like lesions on leaves.When the two wings together stop on the branches of trees, and it is difficult to be distinguished from the withering leaves of broadleaf.?Very serious, give yourself popularize knowledge, and saw Xu Chi described by the “butterfly”, he wrote at the foot of Mount Emei butterfly: it converges its patterns, designs, hides its full regalia, color, escaping the bustling flowers, it stopped flying attitude, turned into a haggard of pure, dried up, not even yellow, but dry out, like the color of the leaves ashes.The butterfly is grown “wisdom”.And Xu Chi is passed regret and love and yearning for freedom to fly, this is a vast heart.Andy said, “non-Claustrophobia fog fog” where there is the song “butterfly”, follow the advice of Andy I find listen, this time accompanied by gurgling rain outside the window, the afternoon becomes warm and beautiful love dearly.    Partners quite often and catch dragonflies and butterflies in the garden when young, Tu Fu had the kind of feelings “linger play butterflies always dance Jiao Ying precisely cry” and “wear flowers Vanessa deep see, some water sections dragonfly fly “happy.Wandering ten years, too many days “Zhuangsheng Xiao fans dream of butterflies”.Now, as Jiaxuan says: butterfly spread far and not a dream, a three-shift cuckoo called off months.Listen to the sound, pillow advising people to go.Rare return.Noon Writers poet friends to share “Buddha crack” inside a lot of emotion in this world, few can end monastic Buddha?Live each day and how many people heartbroken?Because of rain, although heart hurt wan but also a better peace, Dayou gift of two: “Rain meaning deep grass insects, smoke point first met Fodeng.Six clean are comfortable, everything drops of water empty “,” one meal a meal a drop of water, a twin sister Jane a daisy.A poem article warm boudoir curtain, a love hate a delicious “Although it is a joke, but friends have encountered is willing to go the road of his soul from the lost world.Life is but Siddhartha, meaning to kill thousands insight.Only the front of the sweet-scented osmanthus fall, autumn rain said carefully.    Butterfly Lovers had said, tears and more than longevity Oh sons.Andy touches, a few days ago Wang Jia recite the “Yuqing”: before rain began to take core among the flowers, flowers after the rain no Securinega.Bees and butterflies have over the wall, but the suspect in Spring next door.Fun people may feel the rain transformed views.    Youth also learned article, “side of the Lancang butterflies”, now the only remaining memory of this topic, because now let butterfly butterfly Pianfei up in the heart, adding a dash of heart about the years Zither.No matter how many beautiful song and eventually with the passage of time to spend, meaning a wind and rain.But, butterflies want to fly over the sea, then, where are you?Can you give Butterfly said: You sing a love song.    Careless hand of a tough butterfly, sin, sin.If we meet with butterflies, they are given to me, flying in front of flowers.

Butterfly, opened his sleepy eyes Xing Zhong, gently dancing his beautiful wings, and flew out the window, looking for a dream.Window, flowers, plume of breath, like a masterpiece of Fairy, emerged out of a harmonious, peaceful scene.Butterflies, flowers dance in, intoxicated.When he stopped on a clear green leaves, he saw a cluster of buds, as it arcs across the color from his eyes, and one of the bright.He was deeply in love with her, pink, with a shy smile.Since then, a butterfly, often waving his beautiful wings on a clear green leaves, and vowed to no longer own beautiful.Pink, Hanbaoyufang.Finally, in my heart forever bears the butterfly can not shake off the impression – it is a pink flower of the moment, a pair of bright eyes, a rapturous smile, can not help but feel a.Pink and inconspicuous.But Pink can see a clear green butterfly always in the midst of the stage waving his beautiful wings, dancing dancing youth.Each action seems to spring outline.Pink does not understand, it was a butterfly to a flower and work.Butterfly, saw the pink, pink he knew it must look at him.He used his most beautiful dance, demonstrating the spring beautiful melody.Butterfly, deeply love this piece of clear green leaves.He liked in this small stage waving his youth, with beautiful clear pink.Dance, also attracted a companion, also puzzled attendant.He told them that greeted it was ridiculed.They say, a butterfly and a flower will never have feelings, unless the flower one day and turned it into a butterfly.He did not understand, but do not want to believe.Under the setting sun, clear patch of green on the stage, you can still clearly see the shadow moving Splendor.(Read the article Net: WWW.sanwen.COM) Day after day, pink, no longer enjoy the butterflies dancing.She became tired, she no longer see him.He can not feel her.Bright eyes of enthusiasm, but he still believes dedication.Persuasion, laugh constantly one after another.Finally, tired butterfly, in the midst of the hustle and bustle, he dragged a weary wings, disappeared in a clear green leaves.Can still be seen in the clear patch of green leaves, she had left a butterfly Aging.If you prefer, you can also see a faded and lost the next original pink petals, butterflies hovering around a fear of accidentally wind, blew away his beautiful dream.