18:00 o’clock, the son of homework in the room, I was in the kitchen cooking, and so do the meal back to the room, his son said he wanted to sleep.Children always very energetic, how he would suddenly say sleep?    Think of the afternoon to pick him up afternoon care unit, his little face flushed red, small nose these days have been like a small river, like the clear.I got home to his son opened Shuanghuanglian oral dose.At the moment it is not how the child’s face red, I subconsciously touched his son’s head, is some heat.Yesterday went downstairs clinic prescribed some medicine, on behalf of the husband said his son is eating burned, including two days of medicine, a shot, thinking nothing serious, let him go to school today, really did not expect burning up.Long-year-old son more, headache and fever are common, as a mother, fear most is that children have a fever.    Son some stupefied, did not eat dinner yesterday to open those little pills do not want to eat, began to sleep.Watching stumbled son, and my heart is really strong so no, really difficult subject.  Already ten o’clock at night, and his son has been held following the burn, it can not touch the clue.Gui Chai Infusion fever in children eat, just do not sweat.I sat beside his son, afraid to leave half a step.Son had been burned, red face and ears like a red cloth, hand feels boiling hot, I took out the spare Bing Bing from the fridge fever stickers affixed to him, with a hot towel on his little face red-hot the effect is not very satisfactory, looking uncomfortable sick son, he remembered his mother, raising children really do not know your mother reported grace.Some things, only to experience, to know its precious.Like their love, and only gave birth, raising children is not easy to know and hardships.Thinking of his mother, the same way our sisters a few, a little raised, the big hope, she spent much effort and energy during this period.Now’s mother, looked at his hand and brought up children like Pu British public, like flying around different cities, one lonely old age to pass the time, many of the thoughts of many Zhongchang many childhood scenes to reproduce the picture, let me heart guilty.    One p.m. o’clock, my son suddenly no sleep, woke up their own.I woke up son is not ambiguous, to say more words than usual, but also a lot of reason.The son said: “Mom, I do not eat junk food later, and do not spend a zero, a small shop selling school in front of sell is junk food, I XX students in the class, the class also eat snacks….”I listened to these words his son had not said before, my heart give birth to many touched.Children are normally kind of willful, what kind of naughty, how disobedient, how chaos makes little patience.Today, his son seemed all of a sudden grown up a lot, a lot of this extra, so I have some uncomfortable, some uneasy.After about an hour, I spoke with his son, his son served Shuanghuanglian, the son finally fell asleep.    Up in the morning, I tell my son not to go to school, the teacher has to please too fake, and go to maternal and child health hospital.Son burned like a bit lighter than last night.Some items in the pack when his son behind me said: “Mom, let me wipe the table, right!”I said no, and so you come out, and come back to do these things.”While his son picked up a broom, sweep up the ground, it still says:” Mom, I would like mopping the floor, wiping the table!”Sensible son looked like, really touched my heart.Weekdays, how he said, can not say those words in his heart, it has become frayed cocoon.Let him share some household chores, learn to their own cooking their own lives, do whatever things.For example: dinner tidy up the dishes, wash red scarf, take stock of your toy box and so on, he kept you shirk, or is deaf to ignore.Today, the change from passive to active, really people by surprise.    Listen to her mother said, children with fever, in long.I do not understand before, now it seems the old man’s words were not without reason.    Watch their hard raising a son a few years, with a little bit of growing up, the sensible, the heart is filled with mixed feelings feelings.