REVIEW perhaps certain date can be achieved in a month, but when I was gone a certain.In fact, to be honest I do not have much English feelings, my feelings or our mother tongue, but not the phrase “people in the arena involuntarily,” it?   A few days ago I heard that they want to come, I am very excited, very afraid and like last time things a mess.People will be afraid of a tense, plus there have been failures before the strike, so a bit disappointed.My heart can not help but also want to have both hands me a hand.Looking up and down but not out around to the left and right hand, not the people do not want to help, but they do not understand, no one know.I felt left with a man of the world.    Sometimes people with a sense of the most drastic Personally, I think pretty good, because I know that no one can help me, so just on my own, so I have said to himself, “Do not worry, I could do”.Although the heart is thump thump of dance all night, but frankly a lot.After a query on Baidu himself a lot of information, and to the back of the mind are also memorize memorize.Also studied a lot of recipes.    When that day to pick up machine, I have to pick the brand is very nice to know that they do not like black, so he used a more eye-catching red and blue.From the company to the airport for one hour, the way I turned out to be very calm and very relaxed, after all, a few days before all works late, what with the preparations will no longer be afraid, afraid to say it seems only brought me endless worry I’m afraid I can not help it!To the airport after the discovery of the flight number to forget, just remember the flight arrival time, so the time is up, I just took the stand at the exit sign.Lounge bar has a message inside the flight delays, I am anxiously waiting also pray do not be late, ah, I always towards strange people around, looking at a picture of strange faces looking at me cite brand, only to walk out.Suddenly two beautiful faces towards my opinion, after they held out his hand, I was very pleased, but fortunately not late.Polina Height 1.73, graceful, oval face, but yellow hair volume, which is the most I reversed that shiny eyes water Lingling can seem to drop water, while Paul and slightly fat, has gray hair, but his face was bright red like a baby’s face, the nose was a pair of glasses, in short, two people giving a very warm feeling very easygoing.I remember the first time when the pick-up, the sound of their own self-introduction is very weak, so this time I told myself long ago to be natural and calm, to be generous but decent.Remember to say a total of four people, but then I only see two people, after shaking hands to say hello, introduce them to the chairman, after asking and Polina know Dmetriy behind on the mail, but Solomon did not come.Before you know Pavel and Dmetriy could not speak English, they only speak Russian.So I can only serving as the host and Polina greeting, ask them how journey.Polina see after a few pleasantries and welcome to a person in the past, so I know Dmetriy out.Dmetriy medium height, dotted with a little beard on his mouth, his face is a little wide, belly like five or six months pregnant women so big, so walking does not seem very easy, but smiling, affable man.After greeting each other, and Polina asked to go to the hotel or our company, she said the journey a little tired, so I have trouble chairman drove directly to the hotel before to help them set up in a good hotel.On the way to the hotel, casually chatted a few, like the population, ah, ah cities set up time, etc..To help them to the hotel after the check run, then he said the second day of the conference at the time, after they helped their luggage into the room, and so on, time off faster, dinner unknowingly welcome to front of you.    So everything is ready, we had dinner.As I understand Kazakhstan people do not like to eat pork, do not like to eat animal blood, then chairman of the board and say hello after holing up with them.Kitchen table chopsticks, and Polina told me that they can not use chopsticks, at this point I’d neglect, so called waiter then put three knives and forks when the food came slowly, and always Polina I did not forget to ask the name of the dish, before Oh okay have made preparations, so I all given her introduction, but there is a dragon fruit I actually do not know how to speak English with.So I Luanjiang a name, I said, called “Kiwi”.The Houbolinnuo said, “I know this fruit, but it is not green yet?This may be white. “.Then I said, there are two ah, a green and a white.She just nodded.And I giggle.Most of the dishes that she did not know.While Pavel and Dmetriy no recourse but to head down to eat, sometimes called Polina translate it said, “food is very delicious.”.Meanwhile Paul has always given Polina fork dish, and then give her a break apart Dmetriy shrimp, and I occasionally take the initiative and Polina few pleasantries, and also taught her how to use chopsticks, but they looked at that awkward chopsticks look, I do not know of such an event is to teach, or how and Polina clip a chunk of tortilla point folder are not coming, but finally my two cooperation only then to her bowl cake clip.As for the chairman is no way he can only holding the glass indicating that they drink.Finally, he and I said, “hey, can not directly communicate too much trouble.”.This is true.    I found a meal down Pavel and Dmetriy Both men are more gentleman, which is especially Pavel, and he was very Polina care, but they eat with, I think not a good look, and if eating in our country it is a very positive eight children bear one thing in particular should pay attention to the words of guest behavior, but they are I do not feel like I saw in the meal most Dmetriy with the clutch, directly after Paul picked up the knife to fall to the ground on with, no police, I said to change the knife, but he kept shaking his head.Where the image has been his eating noodles, he used the name of a fork turn a few laps that noodles obediently went with him, but he was installed directly on the chestnut shell plate, then put the side dishes put aside Nutshell his noodles, I said to change the plate, he kept shaking his head, so they went with it, I personally think that eating too kind actually adds oppressive atmosphere, good or casual.    Send them to the hotel after dinner, he repeated at nine o’clock the next meeting, also a good night.    Pick them up promptly at nine o’clock the next day to the company, to take them to visit the company next, and finally to the conference room, they raise this issue touches a lot, answer me thirsty, he talked about almost 12:00, and finally asked them to Do lunch, they said no, I asked her what time to eat Chinese food in general, she said, 14:00.It seems a little late in China.So I did with them, so they just about dinner, and finally said yes to 5:30 to the hotel to pick them up.    And this is the manager accompanied me to go to the hotel, they have been waiting in the hall, a little cold at night, and Polina was wearing a long coat to make her body look more slender the.General manager, he kept looking at her smile, and I always secretly behind the smile, yes ah, this girl is really beautiful, not to mention the man and even I sometimes look at her eyes would secretly.Evening arrangements take the ferry to the city to eat first, and then take them shopping.When I listen to the translation to Paulina, she was very happy to answer me: “She came here just want to sit in the boat.”.Polina road and always passionate holding my hand, she and I jokingly said, “You wear high heels are 1 meter 78, after my boyfriend and if I have such a high pressure ah, then she told me that her boyfriend 1 95 meters.It really is very high.She also told me that they where the average height is 1 meter 65 girls.And here in our 1 meter 65 should be considered a very good height.This is probably related to the environment and, anyway, most of China Southern women are Xiaojiabiyu type.This ladylike and Polina each have their own beauty.As for how to explain that keep them coming back 100% at the time of shopping, I might blamed yellow skin we are all used to seeing, so eyes had a visual fatigue, and for such a white skin is so feminine and attractive, so instinctively, his eyes will see later.And Polina first trip to China, she is always with great curiosity, like a child looking at the jewelry shop will always be “WAO” sound when the clothes shop, in the end she picked up a wallet and a pair of 2 earring.While Pavel and Dmetriy the way just walked quietly, looking at the scenery sometimes take a few photos, which Dmetriy I feel very, very nice, sometimes he would take the initiative mixed with my hand, though he was only 54 years old, but to I was kind of loving grandfather of warmth.After more than nine wandered, I feel tired, because usually is not how shopping, Polina and I asked them tired, she said, a little.So we intend to go back in the evening taxis hard to beat, so sit tricycle to ferry the ferry station sit back on my tricycle and Polina discussed under the weather, she told me that her hometown temperatures vary greatly, summer It has the highest temperature 45 ℃, while in winter there may be -40 ℃.This is indeed a big difference when we do not continue to speak, tricycle master speech, he said: “Why do you speak of foreigners, why not let foreigners tell us in your own words.”.It sounds but can see that he’s sort of patriotic feeling, I only smiled.    In fact, I’ve also thought that if the world’s universal language that nice ah, but seems a bit of nonsense, not to mention how many of these languages in the world, but so that in the end choose a language to act as a world language it?Perhaps a certain period of a day can be achieved, but when I was gone a certain.In fact, to be honest I do not have much English feelings, my feelings or our mother tongue, but not the phrase “people in the arena involuntarily,” it?Many things are not beyond the control of their own, furthermore I think that the material and spiritual are complementary, the light has no spiritual substance like a zombie lacks flavor, but light has no spiritual substance like castles in the air inevitably unrealistic.So I can not always to their own preferences to guide my direction, although no feelings in English, but for other people to learn English I do not have anything against it, but as long as you learn English, do not forget you are Chinese, you mother tongue is “Chinese” just fine.    After the boat ride will go back, broke up when I told Polina and if there are things you can do come to me.So shopping will come to an end.    I remember the first time I pick customers are not opening, but let them take the initiative to guests, and now think it can not help but laugh sadly.    So I personally feel that no matter reception of foreign customers or higher status than their own people, as long as we are guided by an unbiased, honest, it can be, we are all two eyes, a mouth Actually, I’m excited about what’s good the.So for this I am feeling quite satisfied.It seems that the most drastic effect is good.[Editor: Yi children]