She does not know how much courage to walk into the police station.?  ?  After sixteen years old this reason can not be considered?  Just a few simple questions and answers.She simply said thank you he bowed his head and had to leave the police station.?  After sixteen reason this can not be considered a reason is not a reason?  She has repeatedly gone on the road and remembered in my heart.?  Rip along with the car’s emergency brake, we do have heavy projectile motion.?  Landing.Loud.?  Everyone, except everyone stared at her weight fell to the ground, blood next day seemed to have was reflected red.?  She does not know what is happening around, but has been broken and remembered those two words.?  The ambulance came, and went.It seems to be nothing to do with her.?  2.?  We get married.Su Qi said Xia Xiao Jiu.?  Long time no sound.Su Qi Xia Xiao Jiu looked down at the baby lay quiet like his arms and fell asleep, his brow wrinkled.?  She always looked quiet daze in their own little world, sad that he could not bear to let back.He wanted her happy, that’s all.?  He carried her into the room covered with blankets, wanted her to have a good sleep.Then he goes out, and has been carefully nurtured her, and she just gets happier.But not much change.?  Xia Xiao Jiu.So many years, do I understand you enough?Why so sad??  He was such a man walking aimlessly for a long time.In inadvertently recovered, he was on the doorstep.?  A very long time, maybe go in and see the.He thought it stepped into it.He saw a group of children, seem to see a child of their own.But, gone.?  He found the president, talked a lot Xia Xiao Jiu thing about childhood.Dean also know that their present situation.?  Time flies when you want to leave, he suddenly turned and said to the President: President, I would like to propose to her.?  Dean looked at him blankly, silent Q: When??  Recently it should be.?  Dean thought for a moment, looked at his watch, said: hurry to go back.And so she would wake up and find your.?  The president said goodbye and left, he did not know just what it means Dean’s performance, whether agree.?  He looked back further away, Dean reluctantly shook his head and said: These two distressed children.?  He casually walked back along the road to the.Unknowingly went to the door.Suddenly thought of something, hastily open the lock, opened the door and rushed into the room Xia Xiao Jiu.See her sleeping like it reassuring sigh.To just come back on the road to buy a windmill on the bedside table, gently closing the door out.?  He sat in the living room free to read the magazine on the table.Suddenly, he heard Xia Xiao Jiu screams coming out of the room, nervously ran inside.?  In front of Xia Xiao Jiu afford to sit on the bed, his face a significant tears.He said nothing, clinging to the small summer Nine, wanted all his warmth are passed to her.?  Xia Xiao Jiu hold him back, trembling and said: I dream that I made a good scary with blood?  All right, just a dream.You see, I’ve been around you.He held her tighter.?  But, I’m afraid so scared she lay sobbing on his shoulder up.?  ?  Half an hour later.?  Well, do not cry oh.Let’s go and eat.Su Qi let go of her hand to help her eyes tears Shidiao.Do you think you have not eaten all day.?  Ok.?  3.?  We went to dinner?After eating go to the square for a walk??  Xia Xiao Jiu nodded, Su Qi went around her a large hotel in the nearby.?  Waiter brought the menu, the menu to the Su Qi Xia Jiu small, Xia Xiao Jiu menu again handed over to Su Qi said: You helped me make it.?  Perhaps it is not too long, Xia Xiao Jiu very uncomfortable looked around.?  Well, I’ll give you some of you like to eat ramen.What you have to eat it?Or wait for the next point and then?Su Qi gently asked.?  Amount, and so are you.I went to the washroom.?  Ok.?  Xia Xiao Jiu left his seat, walked around in a circle found no trace of toilet.She looked down, I began to know what to do.She looked in the direction of Su Qi sitting, we decided to turn to him.?  Shanshan?Xia Jiu had just taken the pace of small arms is a strong hand pulled.She turned her head to see the hand of the master are excited to watch their.?  White shirt accompanied trousers, clean and refreshing face hairstyle.Just very strange.?  Shanshan?Your man’s hand and hold a small summer Nine shoulders.?  Xia Xiao Jiu lowered his head hurt pain.?  I’m sorry for the man let go of his hand tight.Xia Xiao Jiu stepped back, tears accidentally spilled on the ground.?  Su Qi sitting in a chair watching the time on the phone.He got up, turned around.?  Nine of the summer in front of a small bunch of strangers stood, and Xia Xiao Jiu bowed his head.Su Qi Xia a small stride walked around Nine, around her shoulders and asked: Little Nine, are you okay??  Xia Xiao Jiu shook his head.?  sorry sir.excuse me, you are?Su Qi asked the man standing in front of.?  Xia Xiao Jiu pull a small qi Russo clothes, knowing Su Qi pointed toward the front.?  4.?  Hello, my name is Luo Chen.?  My name is Su Qi.?  Luo Chen took out a photograph from his wallet and handed Su Qi.?  Subei took the photograph looked at: the woman?  Like right.The woman called Chen Shanshan, my girlfriend.?  that?  I do not know why she suddenly left, no audio.By the way, the lady called?  Her name is Xia Jiu small.They really like.Under bold as to ask, do you have left before Chen Shanshan what happened you??  We have been very good, very much in love.He said yes to the end of the year to get married, his father agreed Luo Chen tells a story about Chen Shanshan between him and the.The Su Qi from time to time staring at the woman on the photo to see.?  Why would so much like, it is no accident.Dean said Xia Xiao Jiu parents died in a car accident, leaving her a person.However, the woman on the photo and why she looks so much like, like a chip off.Learn to paint small northern Jiangsu have long summer Nine’s image deeply imprinted in my mind.Her eyes, nose, mouth?  Su Qi stared at the photo, what seems to think.Chen raised his head and said Luo: the truth is out soon.?  what?What does it mean??  I need your help.JUST coffee shop acquired five p.m..Chen Shanshan father on contact.?  Fives.?  Yes, she did not die nor Shanshan missing.She was just a bad heart.She has been, but now she is another person’s identity to survive, even she did not know who said when he was here, Father Chen picked up the table drank coffee.?  Chen and Luo seem a bit agitated, fists tightly, fighting like a field ready to combat juvenile.?  Su Qi is sitting calm, as if listening to a story they have heard.?  She told me that morning at breakfast say wait for the next trip to the police station, that is to change the name, and that name was too popular, the work is not convenient.And then I received a phone the hospital, the doctor said Shanshan heart attack was taken to hospital.She came in and sent together there is no identity of a woman in a car accident.She looks very much like and Shanshan.However, when I saw her, she had no breath.She is a good girl, take the initiative to donate organs before the temporary.Susan if she did not have to live in fear of the day when fear of heart disease and sudden death.Later, after a successful heart transplant, Susan disappeared, two weeks after I found her, but she was told the birth mother can not recognize her, said Shanshan now very good, do not stimulate her.For this reason, I have always pretended to know nothing about the father of Chen found in the tears I do not know when it has finished after drenched face.Luo Chen also could not stop the tears shed.?  Now summer is small Jiu Chen Shanshan, Dean is her biological mother, is your ex-wife.Chen Shanshan and Xia Xiao Jiu twins.right?Su Qi quietly uttered those words.?  Yes, they are my daughters.How do you know this gentleman??  I was learning the art of.Xia Jiu small blood vessels showing the back of his right hand a letter.And Chen Shanshan no.?  Father Chen Chen and Luo both looked surprised to see him.?  6.?  a week later.?  ?  Luo Chen:?  I went to art education in France.Her good points.I wish you happiness.?  Su Qi.?  ?  After reading the letter when Chen Luo Su Qi aircraft had taken off.And Xia Xiao Jiu first time not so quiet has been clamoring he asked where Su Qi.?  be good.He went to France to learn the art.A few days back.We will bring you a gift back.Luo Chen Xia Xiao Jiu stroking the head says.?  Why did not he tell me.It is not hate me?I do not want a?Xia Xiao Jiu said to himself.Because too tired to lie in Los Chen’s leg asleep.?  Luo Chen heartache at her, could not bear to disturb you turn on the TV to see from the news.?  Now a news report: France plane just to suddenly exploded, no one survived the plane staff.The specific reasons still under investigation?  Luo Chen looked after lying in his arms Xia Xiao Jiu, she woke up thinking about how to explain to her.I kept thinking, Xia Xiao Jiu suddenly woke up.?  You wake up a little Jiu?Luo Chen stand by and watch her.?  Ok?Chen, what you say?Nine small?I Shanshan ah.What you crying woman’s name?Say!Women’s aggressive.?  what?Shanshan?Is that you?Seeing the woman blankly Luo Chen.?  how??  The Los Chen Shanshan hugged tightly, afraid the next second she would disappear again, no.Shanshan.I am very happy, really.Really.?  Hey?  7.?  They say that a heart can be in control of one’s mind.If the donor heart in front of people as well as temporary unfinished miss, accept his / her heart who would become his / her.Once there is no worry, it will change back to.?  Like, Su Qi and Xia Xiao Jiu.