Ming Dynasty, a snowflakes of winter, in southern Shandong Liang Qi Guan Dao to horse sped past.Riding is a little old, the two men expensively dressed, bearing extraordinary.Old age is estimated that about 50; early twenties, but small.They are none other than the well-known of the bigger older dynasty scholar Song Yifeng, his young son SONG Yong.This is known as the first national champion Song Yifeng, Go attainments reached a pinnacle in the past two decades has been rare Mismatched.SONG Yong is his youngest son, a child smart and unusual, it was the father’s love.The year is approaching, Song Yifeng homesick, leave of the court, with his son from the capital to visit relatives back home.As the shuttle tired of the tedious ritual of officialdom, two horse alone on the road.Lunan to this day, his father simply hurry, I did not expect to miss the post.It was late, the greater the snow under the watch, the rugged mountain road farther, Song Yifeng not help but anxious.It seems can not find the inn is near or on others, according to this scenario, the mountain can only sleep at night.Positive no idea when, SONG Yong sharp-eyed, saw the distant cove seems to have lights flash.Two overjoyed, quickly turned the horse rush towards it.At the lights, it turned out to be a middle-aged Les lantern hurry.I slightly feel a little strange, snowy night in the mountains this person actually hurry alone.SONG Yong came to play asks path that Les smiled, distant finger and said: to the north less than: ten, someone in the family can stay, in addition area where dozens of people have no.They thanked Les, quickly galloped away to the north.Night in the mountain, even more rugged, a girl of seven or eight miles away, ‘finally came to an open field, in front of a grand hacienda.Main entrance hung a large plaque, by the fire can be seen on both sides of the lantern.Yang is a village three characters.Some strange thing is.A huge courtyard open space only so alone, no other people nearby.Some secretive atmosphere, but since it has been here, they had to bite the bullet and go knock on the door.After a long, black door opened a small opening, a Zhuangding lug lantern looketh his mouth and asked: Who is so late?Song Yifeng quickly answered: We are come from the capital, hometowns passing Guizhuang, large dark snow, kindly stay one night.Zhuangding looked up and down and found two men dressed wealth, then his face lighted up and said: Mindanao, turned out to be far away guests ah, come in, come in.Two people get in the door, put the door was locked Zhuangding.Cited two came to the hall, I saw the lights in the hall, but empty, surrounding walls all over the sword, the middle end put a big tiger chair.Song and his son, shocked and offended suspect that Zhuangding sneer, shouting: send home to a liter of trading!Voice hardly ever, from inside and outside the hall suddenly gush dozens of Han, and several first rushed to the Song and his son lift down to the ground, tied a tightly.And few people will open two bags and shuffle together, look for silver clothes.SONG Yong shouted: Hugh was rude, my dad is when North Korea scholar, how come you Ganluan, it is not afraid of no justice?.Xin crowd laughed all the words, lead the way Zhuangding said: Fa?Grandpa are doing is not no justice in the sale.Song Yifeng heart secretly crying, his father knew he strayed into the bandits’ den, it seems I am afraid that life is no guarantee.Between positive and chaos, someone shouted: seedlings to God!All the bandits have quieted down instantly.A tall, his face a deep scar old man came in from the side door of the hall, Da Lielie a chair to sit on the tiger, ho ho strange smiles; heard of buy two to send home, sell, It seems God really brothers were not thin ah, so the snow will not delay the next get rich.Followed by a burst of laughter all the bandits.Miao Ye told: these two men buried in the mountain, hands and feet clean and some.Song Yifeng After listening to my heart could not help but Antan: I did not think people will lost their lives here Song.Since everyone owns two of them go out, a write-interocular.Miao Ye Song Yifeng suddenly found a parcel of chess, it was his intention to pass the boring journey objects.Miao Ye heart of a dynamic, shouted: Slow!Everyone hesitated and saw Miao Ye took a torch from the hands, walked in front of Song Yifeng looked thin, suddenly asked: surnamed Song, you still recognize me?Song Yifeng surprised a moment, staring at the long scar old man’s face, your mind flashed: Brother, it’s you?So this is actually Miao Ye Song Yifeng’s old brothers.Miao Miao bright book called God, and Song Yifeng young age too would like Huashan Road subglottic learning chess.Both chess equivalent, but different playing style, Miao bright chess fierce combative, and Song Yifeng is calm and steady.Chess as it were, naturally bright seedlings rude cunning, often oppressed same door, and repeatedly violate regulations division, is the master hormone do not like.Song Yifeng honest, bright seedlings could not understand this high-handed act on his advice many times, not only bright seedlings do not agree, but feel Song Yifeng order to take over the portal, deliberately demeaning themselves, so the Song Yifeng hated.Finally one night, Miao bright sneak down to drink gamble, and people fight, hacked to death a man, and he was slashed in the face, seriously injured.Shoots capture light official conviction, prison Shimonoseki.To do this too would like to Taoist gas serious illness, announced the seedlings light out the door division, and ordered to go to jail Song Yifeng told Liang Miao.Later, I heard seedlings bright escape fled, then there is no news.Both never thought would be a lapse of several decades met here, for a long time, Miao Liang sneer: how old I said it felt familiar, turned out to be Young you ah.We in the sun village almost two decades, every day, doing the right thing in this business did not loot.Brothers did not think you would tumbled into his lap today ah.Song Yifeng know Brother ruthless, vindictive, then it must be the right thing embittered.So do not simply turn a blind eye to speak.Miao bright pondered a long while, for Song Yifeng said: Since it is Young, of course I want to be spared, but was worried about my brothers refused to accept men.So with it, our next game, limited to ten days, if you win, I put the two of you to leave safely if lost, then leave your son’s life, the brothers break your right arm at your own lifetime no longer play chess.Song After listening to his son looked at each other, never expected he would be out of this condition, Song Yifeng know the brothers said to do, certainly better than not, at the moment of dollars also have to promise.But my mind was uneasy: senior year playing strength and his own neck and neck, so many years past in the end what level, it is difficult to predict.But why this war is so big bet.SONG Yong’d have face lighted up, the old man and dad think chess is knocked over, it will be lost.Miao bright commanded all the bandits to Song Yifeng relaxed, sent him to the wing, in turn SONG Yong remanded Shonai dungeon under strict watch.Soon, some people end up on food and drink tea, would be delighted to serve thoughtful, Song Yifeng may miss his son, and how able to eat, fall asleep.Night without words.The next morning, bright Miao took him to go to the hall, put down the hall as early as chess, sitting across from fellow.Miao Liang Song Yifeng contemptuously looked at, ho ho forced a laugh, confidence will be a shot in the sunspots snapped on the board.On this day, the two men play chess very cautious, Song Yifeng is frequently long test, when the sky turns black, but only a dozen paces.In this ten steps chess, Song Yifeng has been harder and more scared.He never expected brothers sophisticated chess predicament, not only both the original fierce, and each step moves without the slightest flaw.Make every effort to actually own that account for less than cheap, it is not a thing in the past two decades.The next few days, the two chess to a hundred hands, Miao real empty lot brighter Black, White Song Yifeng more solid, the situation is still very tense.Song Yifeng real space behind, we must rely on the abdominal circumference larger space, but why seedlings bright tricky playing style, good at piercing, it seems that the situation is very bad.On the eighth day, a large dragon White and Black strangling to one, a move Cherish the seedlings bright white stones in two parts, both of White’s exactly are in control of the Black, White escape any piece of matter which , the other must be dead Black levy, regardless of which lost chess piece, Black would have ruined a large empty White, White defeat this global.Song Yifeng suddenly sweat oozes down, frowning, trying to come up without a word.Seedling holding tea light grinning, great pleasure.On this day Song Yifeng not move another step.Evening back rooms, sigh, trying to come up no good way.All night, Song Yifeng stayed up all night, even hair and white than half.Tianyi ninth day, Song Yifeng silent, thinking hard about facing the board.Liang Miao then walked around humming songs, occasionally to a few sarcastic comments.One day down, Song Yifeng is a move not to go.Liang Miao sneered: Young ah, but tomorrow the last day, if Young has no good policy, and that this move will be over, when the sun goes down, leave your son’s head and your arm, you can return home New Year.Back rooms, Song Yifeng disheartened, thought his life fame spread far and wide, I did not expect old age would be at risk of such defeated, they have become useless do not say, but also hurt the lives of his beloved children, in any case tomorrow begged seedlings bright, with their own lives to put the exchange SONG Yong.Liang Miao want to always ruthless, overwhelmed surely let his son die in their own hands, half contrite after so miserable themselves, to report the hatred of the year.After thinking, anxious and policy slowly blurred mind up.I do not know how long, Song Yifeng lengthy awoke, heard the window came the sound of children laughing.He surprised at heart, how it Longtanhuxue there are still children slapstick?He struggled to get up, Looking back on the sound came outside the room, they saw far corner of a small backyard garden, there are lights shining.Song Yifeng slowly Duodao near, turned out to be a gazebo, next to the birth to dozens of pear trees, a gazebo there are two eleven or twelve noisy kids playing chess, next to a woman’s body Gaosu smiling in the match.Song Yifeng hidden among the pear tree, by the lights to see the chess game.Do not look it does not matter, look shocked, actually had two children and shoot his next bright office life and death.Black children under execution while skimming the mouth while muttering: so smelly chess can get out under.Children under White also said with a smile: In this level the nerve known as the first national champion.The woman next to a smile snapped: Chen child, tomorrow, the two of you to concentrate on learning chess, how they began to joke with someone else.You say that people’s bad moves, then your mother to talk about how a bad.Two children competing racket: Mother, this step is not good, if the next is the key here.Mother, that step is not right, that are not useful but left a loophole.