Once there was a small village, there lived two brothers.Brother and fine and smooth, people call him aces, brother, simple and honest man, people call him a fool.Since the early death of parents, two brothers, two brothers living in poverty had to depend on each other.Time flies, a flash aces brother married, married a wife, since then, the two brothers will be home by the wife of the tube up aces.As a result, the status idiot brother at home, but one day as a day.In particular, this is his sister, every day, looking for broken pieces fool, not complain that he is lazy, that he was greedy, and it was strange that he can not eat dry.Brother aces Jiabu Zhu egg wife, and often beat him.In short, the brother fool enough to eat all day long to live, clothed also beaten bullied day.After this day, a fool and his brother suffered a two hand, he is in the yard crying, into a white-bearded old man from the door, shut the fool dragged a corner nook, then Fuer whisper, so it goes.I saw the fool could not nod, snot and tears welling up in fool’s smile.The next morning, the hands of a fool holding a basket with a rope tied to the front of the door frame, after leash, standing in the yard will fool them toward the sky, loudly exclaimed: East geese nest west to a nest of geese, to my basket under nest egg!East nest goose, goose nest to the west, next to my basket nest egg!..Brother a fool’s voice down, to see the sky really come flocks of geese, the geese seem to be receiving the same decree, one after another basket in the door frame where it began eggs, blink of an eye, it is full of goose eggs under the basket.Oh, the fool bad music, kept shouting: Well, well, okay!In this way, the fool geese eggs to sell part of the other part and distributed to people like him enough to eat.A few days later, fool shouting geese lay eggs fresh thing was discovered aces.Aces fool not only beaten, but also took away a fool to call geese lay eggs in the basket.This day is still black, aces got up, he learned to fool the way to the basket tied the woodwork their own lives, the central station to the yard and looked toward the sky, gone, no day passed geese, the past two days the geese did not come, which look to be the aces angered.On the third day morning aces pulled out from the house in his brother a fool snapped wife, the husband and wife to fool people is good beating, aces while playing, I asked why they fool the basket these days no geese to lay eggs?Gesao fool can not stand the beatings, they lay it to the old man taught formulas that out.Gesao That stopped his hand, fool Leng Leng sitting on the ground looking at them, I saw this time of aces wife rope on the mouth with both hands toward the sky and shouted: East nest goose, goose nest to the West, in my nest egg basket under Carter, flocks of geese and she appeared in the sky, these geese come straight to the basket on the door frame.The pair had two aces joy grin straight smile, his mouth does not talk on residence: Yan ah, hurry down, large egg Soon the effort, the geese left, the basket and she had a basket full of goose eggs, aces aces come off his wife hastened to greet the basket, when the couple aces just put off his basket on the ground when it smelled the smell of Stink, they carefully smell, the taste of which is in front of the original basket wafting, aces couple hurried hand to touch, I saw out of the basket full of goose eggs into a basket dilute feces.Aces and his wife fool called up the gas, but also a ferocious beat him and then threw him to break the child is about to collapse huts to live.Exclusive house aces couple, live a comfortable life.Fool night stay in the cold and wet breaking huts house, to go up the hill during the day on an empty stomach aces firewood.On this day, the fool went to the mountains to cut firewood.Walking cut, we came to a long, deep ditches.Here overgrown, very few people come here.See firewood fool so much pleasure to slash up.Accidentally fell together, both man and firewood ditch.After a child, a fool slowly stood up, climb on the down slope, how also do not increase, but to move on down the ditch.We walked on, appeared in front of a cave.Fool was curious, went to the hole.Hole long and wide, there are many small door children.He walked, smelt the aroma, flavor floated fool walked toward the place, the original flavor is floating out from a small house.He secretly clinging to the door and looked inside, stood a kang table, above put a lot of dishes a beautiful young woman sitting at the table, boring boring boring tapping a small gong, his mouth talking about: Small Boring gong boring boring boring, rice soup to a fine powder.Having to see a full bowl of rice and a bowl of vermicelli soup placed in the table.After the woman, left a lot of rice Lai.She stood up flick, a white smoke, disappears.At this time, fool hungry stomach cuckoo ringing, he saw the woman go, hurry into the house gobbled up, put on the table while all eat the leftovers.Still not satisfied, he picked up the gong little boring, but also learn the TV drama a woman, talking up.Carter, a bowl of fragrant rice and a bowl of hot soup and noodles in front.Fool After the meal, leaving little boring gong also take home.Since then, a fool not to go out cutting wood, do not cook every day hiding in the huts do not go broke.See aces fool a few days did not give him the firewood was very strange.Secretly climbed huts went inside and saw a fool was eating rice and fragrant Levin.Aces wonder, did not see him cook what, where’s the rice it?No, I have to ask him what was going on.Aces approached the shed and asked fool: these days and have not seen you cook, this is where he comes from rice?Honest fool to say exactly what’s on the aces.The next day, aces also bumbling mountain wood.His intentionally rolled into the ditch, came to the cave, find the room, a look inside, see no food on the table, did not see the woman.Aces think: It may have come too early, waiting for her in the cat up.He saw a vat mouth, inside the empty, nothing, waiting for the woman to squat cylinder.After a while, a burst of cold wind whistled through the room, I saw a beautiful young woman lay fluttering from the outside into the house.On entering the room, the woman smelt stranger taste, she picked up the body with a busy little boring gong up, his mouth read: small Boring Boring Boring Boring gong, three feet long neck out.Aces neck slowly from the tank sticking out.This woman saw a man hiding in the tank.Her body flash, a monster emerged prototype, opened its mouth, rattled the aces swallow live to eat.(Original Walker collected more easily) Annex: spread region: Hebei Jidong area aces: place commonly known as.It refers to the smart, stingy, stingy person.