Currently, students in the essay “fabricating lies”, has become a rare “landscape”; to mathematical dissection of the way, chopped human beauty; when many students writing these words do with our lack —— primary and secondary school language teachers do not matter?We have primary and secondary school language teachers who really read through the “Analects of Confucius”, “Historical Records”, “four famous”, very few!So, combined with the reality, the way language education in the end we lost what?We in the end what to do in the way of language education?    Reading classics, it is imperative.Education research indicates that 0-13-year-old is a human life the most important period of development, this is the golden stage of development of memory.During this period of strengthening the education of children, we will have a multiplier effect, allowed to recite ancient and modern classic chapter in memory of some timeless classics, will have an extremely important role in his life, reading is a classic the most simple and most effective education for children.Reading a classic, not only allow children recognize thousands of Chinese characters, but also to enable children to lay a good foundation of the language, and good basic language, all knowledge is the cornerstone of learning.Children’s classic study year, language can have a high school degree, two years of study, to have a university degree language, learn three years, to have the Department of Chinese language proficiency.    Review of potential, write books.Neixiang County Board of Education, the county situation, learning situation, makes a careful preparation of suitable students to read Reader.The county Department of organization-specific personnel, after a few months, and finally write the “primary and secondary school support heritage and sustainable development series”.Reading in this language guidance Peking University, Capital Normal University, People’s Education Press of well-known experts, professors and scholars involved in editing the final version, which was personally approved by the Central Institute of Educational Sciences for the “Eleventh Five-Year” key scientific research subject, identified as<<传统文化与语文教学>> Task Force commitment, granted by the State Price Bureau pricing issue.    Wide selection of rich content.This innovative language readers, there are highly readable, informative and interesting.It is rich in content, incorporated into the ancient and modern, emperors, men of letters, famous celebrities of Famous and mistranslated (including poetry, words, music, endowed, with, sentence, text), incorporated into the Chinese and Western civilization the most classic works of history, such as: culture classic Chinese classics, history, children, “Analects of Confucius”, “Mencius (election)”, “University of Mean”, “book of Songs (election)”, “Zuo (the election),” “Historical Records (election)”, “I”, “Zhuangzi (the election),” “Art of War”, “Anthology,” “Song election,” “ancient garland”, “ancient beauty anthology”, “Li Weng Yun “” Students.Three Character Classic.Thousand.Family Names “, Western culture classic poetry, essays, children’s literature articles” classic poetry selection “and so on, refreshing, benefit.    Grasp the law, the prominent characteristics.When writing, based on factors such as age, mental, emotional, intellectual and cognitive rules and other primary and secondary students, highlighting the following characteristics: First, the text and layout in the election, to allow students a lifetime, help students lifelong development as a starting point and focus.The second is a scientific and rational layout text.Combined with elegant colors, illustrations, so that children can easily read, in the most direct way to experience the classic charm and beauty, making it free to roam in classic works, linger.Third, “Great Chinese” teaching philosophy throughout Reader.Fourth, read the classic highlight the important position.Let the children through time and space, into history, to learn the essence of culture.Fifth, the requirements reflect the new curriculum standards, expand, extend, complement the existing materials.Broaden their horizons, enrich their knowledge, inspire students to mental.Six is now reflected local characteristics, cultivate loving home feeling.    Attaches great importance to the right to lead.To get students really learn, with good readers, we do teachers, especially language teachers, we must first “know its place, the organization in place, the model in place, supervision in place.”.In terms of ideology can truly recognize the memory can recite the classic children’s strengthened focus; can improve the behavior of children, carefully good deeds, self-cultivation increase; may force children to read, understanding, thinking, imagination greatly enhanced, ordinary book to read from effortlessly, thereby bringing many disciplines and skills (such as math, history, art, etc.) of effective learning, to promote the comprehensive development of human resources; recognize that reading can cultivate interest in reading classic children’s physical and mental alienation temperament, demeanor elegant, social and artistic accomplishments it can be improved; recognize that enlightenment can recite classic intelligent life, open up the realm of life.Recognizing parents and children reading together classic, can foster a warm, happy and peaceful family atmosphere, improve family quality, enhance parent-child emotional.    The right way to achieve the purpose of.When teachers teach students reading Reading, guidance should be given the right approach.First, it must penetrate the contents of three levels.Namely: the conceptual level, the theoretical level, practical level.Especially the practical level, it is an act of education, is an educational action.This level, into every teacher, every school is operational level.In each school, there should be a beautiful landscape.The second is to do a man reading a person’s benefit at the same time (or chant, or sing, hear, or see, or think, or quiet, or such as hearing, chanting or teaching methods flourishing), people pay more attention to reading all benefit.Reading together everyone benefits greater than the single reading.Saving teachers, facilities, space and time, the formation of mutual help students learn to interact with the atmosphere and cultivate a collective consciousness, to facilitate the specialized division of labor in teaching, research and extension.Third, school teachers and students together, back together, improve together, to reflect together through life, sort of understanding, mutual learning, rather than unilateral teacher preaching.Is a classic book of life, from life, you need to use in life, appreciate, test, control, sublimation, innovation; and this is the integration of life teachers and students self-learning, self-correcting, self-innovation, self-achievement, self complete the process of self-education.Everyone is a student saints, sages and everyone as a friend.Fourth, reading or bold, encourages, Spirit in, or lively, warm, graceful twists and turns, get the kids into one pleasing when real classic feel content and language arts realm to the United States.Fifth, require students to recite the classic sit up straight, body and mind loose, quiet, natural, tongue, mouth, eyes, ears, heart, and brain, facial features, internal organs, stature, with hand.Opening the right way reading the classic, long and reach happy orifices, Kai wisdom, cardiac repair, tune organs, Germany to make up, and natural literacy, knowing, Miao Wu, spiritual sense, capacitation, initiation, easy success in life.Sixth, “read the classic” no longer just a hobby classes, because it is the most important educational – Lide tree people!Not only a gust of wind blowing!The key is to stimulated interest, dull and forced child, I am afraid futile, poles apart, the results did not read the book to stifle children’s natural!    Children are the future!Children childhood exposure to the influence of diverse sages of civilization, laid vision and cultural values inclusive of extensive, thereby laying the foundation for more understanding and peace to the world of the future, brings wisdom, love and happiness for the life of the peoples of the world.    Read classic Essay, optimization of the human personality, development of human virtues, improve the quality and enhance the connotation of.Let us from now on, let the children make friends with the saints, and classical counterparts!Let classic style overflowing campuses!Let the hearts of nourishing source of wisdom for children!