In a television interview, Lin Yongjian talked about all kinds of bitterness before the fame, and that now finally can beat Me, has become more busy, running around all day, day and night.The host asked him, do you feel tired?He could not help but laugh, two small eyes narrowed in a crack, it seems that this question was odd: people give you arrange delicious, live, and gave you the money, but also let you pick your favorite to play the role, we also out of the name, accrued balls ah!I do not know if that is not foul language, even if it is, but actually listening so happy.Li Ao said that, in some cases, do not speak foul language is insufficient to express the most intense feelings.Perhaps this is the best example, if not rough rough handling, clear-cut, full of pride, almost as a motto in life.Lin Yongjian had it tough trained tired, so the words out of his mouth, it is particularly weighty.Tired tired also mention that this is his attitude towards life, and probably the secret of his success.Lin Yongjian Repertory Theater work in the early years, for a long time not to play the role, which can give a handy-man: Pull the curtain, playing catch light, stage manager, stage equipment, defeating unloading station what he has done manual labor, the only show opportunity to play a small role is.The busiest time, in a drama in which he played a man to more than a dozen extras, just go on, for a set of clothing, breathing heavily and ran to the stage, followed by odd jobs but also finished.In his own words: Starring than are busy!Say not tired, it is certainly a lie, but did not need to take it too seriously.Han Han was asked: Do you sit at home writing every day, both lonely and boring, is not tired?Han says: In this society, there is a lot of work tired, I sit at home at least not by the sun and rain, knock on the keyboard at the computer can make money, so I feel no need to shout tired to others.I could not understand some stars are hypocritical, like always tired all day long, for fear that other people do not know how much pain he ate, and who better than your hard?Really big truth, this particular honest people may feel feelings.Looking around, mortal beings, who do not work hard, who are not tired?”Genesis Bible” records, quietly crafty serpent told Eve: If you eat the fruit of the tree, you can get wisdom, can distinguish between good and evil as the image of God, to see the world.Eve tempted, so despite stern warnings of God, picking the fruit from the tree, and given to her husband Adam to eat.Two people eating the forbidden fruit, really become smart, know from things.After that God was furious, severely punish the serpent, and Adam and Eve expelled from the Garden of Eden.God enraged, they curse Adam said: You have to toil for life, perspiring, in order to get food from the ground, and to give thorns and thistles for you, until you return to the land.No need to remind God, life has always been like this.Pay for returns, right and proper, since ancient times alike, since you have chosen a higher purpose, also destined to pay more than others.Most of the working poor like tired, but this does not change anything, instead of complaining is better to continue to work hard.Young is the capital, accrued balls ah!