[Editor’s note] to accompany eat accompany sleep chatting, commodity society, nothing is to accompany.Maybe we do not want to accompany life had to accompany.You can not get angry with you female (male) friend, but you absolutely can not not accompany.Why should accompany the author explained more clearly and understand, read read social life when reading the text, do both. Accompany, Dictionary interpreted as companionship, assisted by.From the word meaning seems to be very easy to see the job, you may practice it is not so different story.Those on common TV leaders to accompany leaders inspected the awkward look, it can not tell the hearts of a sudden and devastating awkward.Especially when the leader turned back to that moment to seek the views of each other know the answer must be yes, but caught off guard, and so the pressure of cross God, or you’re about to mouth to speak, but the leadership has turned Story mouth and hanging River, and had temporarily changed to nod.We have a woman send women home Qi post when a bride, is a typical accompany the job done.The first is to dress.You have to be careful attention from head to toe, both pretty decent, but not the United States had a new wife, or it will dominate.You talk just right, the word is more growth, less the word is less than the poet must write a poem a bit difficult on, about to be a little easier than some on the sky.On this day, the new wife if anything goes wrong, people will always forgive.General silence, is Neixiu.Able to say a few words, it is pungent.Occasionally entertains who choked back, and that is capable.This Qi send women may die.You have to understand the rules of etiquette knowledge.Ten rural folk unusual.If you marry the girl away, and it is a high level of confrontation, the main rival is the man to accompany his wife harem.You have it both ways smooth and slick, and must have tolerance and diplomat style.High latitudes is too easy to tremble.Dinner is inevitable.But not so much to eat, as it is interviewing your IQ.Not like you have to say like, not good you have to say is good, not used to have to say you used to eat.You’re trying to relish eat two, most likely the main square but also hard to give you a folder you do not like to eat dishes.Are you really that good, well, people think you’re polite, they give you a clip, clip to come up the hill piled up in front of you, which makes you think to eat other dishes are embarrassed.You have to remember you have to take good care of from start to finish a new wife for her excuse for her bodyguards escorted onto trains, always remind myself have to highlight the new wife of elegant style.Start Dongkuaizi also a great stress.Not earlier not later.After repeatedly Quanguo main square, he says you move chopsticks after they only delicious.This means that if you move a bit like eating is their thing.In this way, both the rules, but also the face, but the stomach of protests this road passes through the throat by the Yamen has become confused ideas do not eat eat eat, and then went on to say incumbent Well, well.Since all good, and then returned it.In farewell whispering people, the wheels run over the child while the child while loose gas than distance.Think of Zola’s “foil” and the main purpose is to accompany realized the lining ah, to be a good job of lining.If when accompany leaders, as well as subsequent accompany the accompany of swagger, perhaps Qi send women home to vent their anger on their own can only be a man and child.They also want to stay there by the suffering tired grievances.When the bucket to accompany Then I remembered that the Cultural Revolution.Although you are not the main target of political campaigns, but like you disgrace, the sun you, you hit a brick.The biggest benefits is less point your name a few times, so notorious, let you “near” Young Bar.Prostitutes have to say, if not the temptation of money, and that accompany the job is well done indeed, do not say moral shame, sin also share alone is having a hard time of it.Even the waitress at the table wine, in ordinary people like me were greatly not mind the taste, secretly as they hugged again and again the meaning of injustice.The basic requirements of people feeding the word, you gobble marry sex is strong, people watching or wait on the side, troubled world is really unfair ah.A recent news that in order to highlight the style by a great writer, a great writer and grateful to the heads wearing a raincoat, watching the flowers for their peacefulness.Pupils can be considered a childhood experience to accompany.This comes as a model for quality education.From then on, I was somewhat sad heart of the great writers I’ve admired.Compliment to read with, and perhaps because of close relationship, it seems that the list is not criticism.Suddenly remembered chat online.If the other party is just a bad mood while chatting and happy to chat, because strangers to each other, and there is no interest involved, it is indeed a noble as to the.Accompany eat accompany sleep chatting, commodity society, nothing is to accompany.Maybe we do not want to accompany life had to accompany.You can not get angry with you female (male) friend, but you absolutely can not or do not accompany this world system.By the time you died, you may have filial descendants will arrange for you to accompany people willing to accompany you in accordance with your wishes before his death, this is a funerary.Now social progress, there is no sacrificial victims, but even small four small three mistresses like fate if it continues to Hades, is inevitably some infighting.Alas, it is difficult to carry on to accompany![Editor: Butterflies]