Alzheimer’s is terrible, prevention so simple, 99% of people do not know?Introduction Alzheimer’s disease, commonly known as Alzheimer’s, which is a condition every child of parents who do not want to happen in the.In order to prevent Alzheimer’s disease, parents can actually do a lot of preparations to cope.Please share the following methods of these small, little habits together with their parents, refused to Alzheimer’s disease visit.  Immediately after getting up early habit 1 cup of warm water in the body lost a night of sleep in 500 ml of water, need to add immediately after getting up.And warm water help to enhance the body temperature, increased body temperature every 1 ℃, the body basal metabolism will increase as 10%.  2 one week to drink vegetable juice at least three times one week to drink at least three times a vegetable or fruit juices, risk can have cognitive disorders (Alzheimer’s disease) is reduced to 75%.  3 sun 15 minutes a day the amount of sun and more sun helps the body produce vitamin d, but studies have shown that vitamin d have anticancer effects.  Work habits ● official bag to bring a few pieces of dark chocolate to eat a few pieces of dark chocolate can replenish your energy, help improve work efficiency; and dark chocolate rich in polyphenols, help anti-aging.While its low glycemic index, helps control blood sugar.  People love to cook housework habits ● Studies have shown that, like cooking is not easy to have cognitive disorder, three meals a day to worry about is the kind of benign brain stimulation.  Daily habits ● Try to avoid carbonated drinks, processed foods, cola and other carbonated drinks and fast food and other processed foods contain large amounts of phosphorus, it will hinder the body absorb calcium, detrimental to bone health.  An appropriate exercise habit perspire sweat exercise should be appropriate to help expel accumulated toxins.  2 managed to healthy weight loss of 5% of those who live to a hundred a large common feature is not fat, 5% reduction in body weight as long as the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure will drop.  3 daily 30-minute walk Studies have shown that the highest death rate of people who are usually hardly walk, walking 30 minutes a day, can promote blood circulation, help health and longevity.  1 raw onion dinner habits sulfide contained in onion can prevent arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure, better eaten raw, sliced recommendations, made to eat salad vegetables.  After eight or nine 2 do not eat fat most likely to accumulate in the middle of the night 2:00, if this time is in the fasting state, it is not easy to accumulate fat, calculated according to the general digestion time, we should not eat eight or nine in the evening.This issue micro lessons growing up in insecure environments children, tend to exacerbate adverse psychological development, and even sometimes will take some extreme measures to solve the problem.So do your baby insecurity?How to deal with it?  Children build a sense of security is for others, a sense of trust in the world in the growth, survival is the basic needs of children.In reality, there is the presence of many children lack a sense of security, then the parents should treasure how to do it?  This issue Freaky excellent classroom invited family education instructor – Liu Zeying to share with a child who is insecure how to do?]  ?Starting time 5 Yue 16 Ri (Zhouer) 20:00 live on time.  2 hours prior to the start off free registration, can only pay off after 9.9 yuan back to listen.  Limited free Yo!  Do not seize the time to sign up action!Read the original stamp View Course Details?