Accustomed to ask, but to know how grateful mother-anchor text lighthouse Shu sunny day to sign books: 1 from the heart to see life not long ago saw a post in a forum, the landlord said his mother now older, and always wanted to make she called multi-multi-chat, the results of this particular woman said angrily: she is now thinking about the warmth of the family, I was a child why she went.He spoke highly of cause and effect so do not look at people, my mother thought she was doing something heinous bad thing, after all, not everyone in this world has a margin of parents of children.As a result, she said she was a child my mother always at work, though she could well enough to live comfortably abroad, but she means it hard, very words of disdain and anger, for example, she said: you go to work is to have advanced their own, which are is a question of face, is to raise the money important than our family.Later, from the post, it seems that the mother is not the kind of child neglect their own business, in the final analysis is a working, most considered a professional, not to mention all workaholics.Eat melon masses have pointed out, you do not work hard work my mother did you grow up you can Hexibeifeng?You are not food and clothing expense to spend money?Raise assessment of advanced course, very important, we are the parents of that era, the importance of the work is self-evident, do not work hard and dedicated there may be other serious consequences demerit.The results landlord replied: I was her responsibility to keep!Tree, so melon sown, she then spent enough energy to me, and now I want to chat with her, ya.Yes, raising children is the responsibility of parents, but this is not an easy responsibility to be completed, it takes too much time, effort, and money.To achieve 100 points is a parallel universe only need to find the level of Superman.The word filial piety, once occupied in the long river of Chinese culture in the absolute moral high ground, along with the development and increasing the protection and respect for self-determination, and the word went from neutral compliment, even ready to be pejorative of the angle.So we do not want to further discussions in this regard, let us simply talk about Thanksgiving.If you have a grateful heart, you will see working mothers family business burned candle at both ends is not easy, we will strive mother as their spiritual role models; if there is a grateful heart, you will see a full-time mom to pay for the family hard every minute, it is because of the cumbersome small family life and more conspicuous mother is not easy.Mom may only do 80 minutes, but the love and gratitude can make it full circle.Without a grateful heart, you will not see the mother’s pay, put what you get for granted, magnify part he did not fully satisfied, even 99 minutes a mother may also be because of lack of blame that point been.Even more frightening is the mother of their love of old age is seen as unbearable ask, what is this it?Shakespeare’s “King Lear,” Lane said: ungrateful children bite people more pain than the teeth of snakes.We are down to earth, that is to White Wolf.2 What is Thanksgiving?There are almost know the saying goes: Thanksgiving is not complete a task, Thanksgiving is not a proof of principle, Thanksgiving is not a manifestation of style, heartfelt gratitude is aware of her own rich, heartfelt realized that: Life is life, I obtained is far greater than I can pay devotion.Thanksgiving is a source of joy!So why Thanksgiving?Simply put, no one is born of the pair who is good, so we have to be grateful.Ma once said: I understand that when we come from, what we have, what we want, what should we give up?We are all poor children were born, made out bit by bit.Over the years, there are two particularly important, one is gratitude, gratitude Today, Thanksgiving yesterday; the second is awe.The so-called faith, faith is Thanksgiving, Yang is awe.Traditional Chinese culture is very particular about gratitude, the grace to know other people for their own good, but also to others of their own righteousness good, drip grace the smallest favor say is Chinese traditional sense of gratitude.In fact, animals are reported also to spread the good intentions mean, we do not agree with any of kidnapping moral behavior, but can remember the benefits they once had been, the next time they can be applied some people a helping hand when more thoughtful, this is Thanksgiving.For example, the bus or not to seat?We have severely criticized the able-bodied, but not sitting on the love seat to those who need to facilitate behavior, and later appeared simple and crude, moral kidnapping, assault did not act seat.In fact, these two are not grateful, ignoring the former with people who in good faith to the community for granted.For example, Mount worship bicycle and bicycle OFO share in Shanghai operations suffered treatment was supposed to give the public a great convenience, unlock the result after a few steps away the end of the car, stop the car deliberately not lock, hide the car, vandalism and even dismember cycling and other behaviors.In public discussion of the topic quality and more comprehensive protection measures, I want to say this is actually the final analysis because of the lack of gratitude..In other words, Thanksgiving is convenient and accommodating themselves.You enter the elevator when someone holding down a key to open the door for you, next time you’ll do the same thing for the passenger behind you.You ride holding a child, someone got up and let you sit his seat, your next position will give you more than you need this seat to another person.In more ancient forests philosophy, cabins there is always a variety of materials for people to use climbing or lost, the only advice is if you have the ability, you can also supplement the lack of good material.3 is also a Thanksgiving release of their hearts.Miyazaki said the encounter like knowing each other no matter who spend will not be easy in a big crowd, only willing to pay a grateful heart to understand in order to have a lifetime of love and happiness.To see other people for their own good can make a broader perspective, hearts always keep hope.American Thanksgiving Christmas we have a tradition to send each other gifts, such as to the postman, school bus drivers, teachers prepare a gift.This time of year on the topic of how much money the right gift at top speed in Search.Back to a simple question: Why do we give gifts?Is it because we feel that the postman hard, the children being taken care of was educated at the school, a gift is an expression of our gratitude, or want to send the teacher a gift for their children with special respect?Although any kind of ideas are worthy to understand, but can not understand Thanksgiving exchange, gift have its greatest significance.In other words, it is difficult to define the exchange price, whether gifts or the gifts of people who, if not a grateful heart, could not reach the expected value of each other.Prior to private car owners slapped SF Express little brother incident sparked public anger, in fact, a similar event also includes a restaurant waiter, flight attendants, to the cleaners, to the security of driver.A person’s quality is often reflected in his attitude towards service personnel.Yes, you paid the money, they offer the service, which is an exchange relationship, said from the interests of all owe no.But their service convenient for you to bring your heart is not worth it to him truthfully say thank you?Remarks to three arrival of spring, not only to others, but also make yourself a better person.I have a good friend, very successful career, absolutely Regal.Once we had finished a meal in a restaurant, because it took the children to eat more slowly, went away, the friend personally thank all the staff, and because after lunch rush hour, the child also added bowls of wonton, so friends also asked the manager to convey the gratitude of the kitchen.Staff and manager are very happy, we say that a friend would be a man, a friend smiled and said, really troublesome to others, and life is not easy.This is Thanksgiving, not just charitable donations in order to reflect their love, as long as the eye can see other people’s good, and my heart can thank someone else to pay, like Mr. Lu said, can do things do things, can audible sound.There is a hot minute, splitting a hair, to make the fireflies in general, can also send a little light in the darkness, without waiting Juhuo.Grateful that we can become better people, this community will be better.Of course, I know why my friend is more to the success, because if this Thanksgiving for a name that emotional intelligence can be considerate of others is the highest level of emotional intelligence.42016, thanksgiving, give you my very favorite writer Bi Shumin in the “I love a woman” in the words: I like to keep deep gratitude and a woman to travel alone.Xie parents know, not blind obedience.Thank heaven knows, not fear.Xie know yourself, but not narcissistic.Xie know a friend, but do not rely.Xie know every grain seeds per breeze, also we know to get up early sowing and Sailing with wind.Reply background Keywords heart, and seen the vicissitudes of life of the lighthouse mother, micro-channel public number: Small lighthouse Thirty-Six (ID: xdt36ji).You decide the pattern of a child’s future, the industry elite from Tsinghua University, Peking University, Harvard, Yale and other elite of the world, to help you become better in all aspects of their own knowledge, vision, emotional intelligence, etc. Three Views. 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