Of the seven colors, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple, my favorite color is blue. Because blue is closest to the year I was born and the environment in which I grew up. Yes, I was born in the most beautiful autumn, and the most beautiful background color in autumn is blue. Especially in mid-autumn and late autumn, the wind is fine and the clouds are light, the sky is very distant and clear, and life is standing in the middle of the years, whether looking at stars or looking at the moon, giving people a calm, broad and wide-ranging breath..     Maybe it was destined to live in company with blue, or maybe it was due to my personal temperament and hobby. When I stood on the seawall for the first time and looked out into the sea under the sunshine, my heart naturally rose and sang softly: the sunrise was red in the river and the fire was red in the fire, and the spring came green as blue in the river.. This is not a poem left by Tang dynasty fu si Bai juyi? A blue word undoubtedly brings the poet’s mind, temperament, ambition and aesthetic concept to the public. Every time I think of it, I will undoubtedly make my life image world more comforting and reverie from nature, less sadness and helplessness brought by the secular world.. Yes, everyone still has everything in the face of the real world, which always fills my heart with melancholy and confusion, struggle and distress. It is blue that makes me find the station where life stops, thus releasing or more precisely returning to the beginning of life: peace and serenity!     To be honest, I like all the blue in the heavens and the earth, whether it’s heaven or earth, as long as it’s blue, I like it.. No matter what form or appearance it takes. For example, if there is a song or a song, it will make my mind longing to forget the troubles brought by the past smoke clouds. Take Strauss’s waltz, the blue danube, for example. as long as the movement rings in life, my heart and my spirit will flow gently with the notes, especially in the last part of the swing, the mind seems to suddenly open and the haze of the years will disappear. what is presented at present is a beautiful picture of blue sky and downwind grass in the sky that is pleasant to see cattle and sheep.. Every time at this moment, the restrained life in life is like meeting an old friend who has reunited after a long separation. I am afraid the main reason why I like quiet temperament is that blue makes my life drunk, makes my emotions swirl and makes my thoughts jump out of the barriers of reality and kindle the flame of hope.. I can’t remember that I said in the text that red is too prickly, black is too dark, purple is too light and so on, but blue is light and distant, making people calm and not losing imagination.. Especially in the autumn season, when the sky is far from the sky and the yellow leaves are flying, the blue sky of that day is like a shadow, which shows the poetic flavor of life immediately.! If I meet such a beautiful scene, I think if I were a poet, I would not spare my feelings and express the waves in my heart with the strongest pen and ink. Like the great poet Zhang Ruoxu, I would blend the scenes of the spring river and the moonlit night perfectly.! It’s a pity that I only learned little. I have neither that knowledge nor the high degree of autonomy of life nor the Buddha’s pen. all I can do is sit quietly and comfortably in the window bar or in a corner of the old house to watch the heaven and earth well, and at best, hold the ying ying scroll in my hand to calm the ebb and flow of a song in my heart.!     This may be the biggest reason why I advocate blue, love blue and indulge in blue, or it may be due to my personality, habits and hobbies.. Want to know, there are too many uncertain factors in life, what you like or don’t like is not a matter of fact, sometimes it’s nature, sometimes it’s fate, and sometimes it’s so puzzling that you can’t find any trace of what you like or don’t like.. Of course, if you must go after it, even if it is snow mud and claw, you can still find some clues. But it is not worth doing so, and it loses its original meaning, isn’t it? As a song sings, love is love. Don’t look for excuses. Something in your heart is a feeling. Don’t say it. Once you say it, what you leave behind is not sweet aftertaste but bitterness and indignation.. That’s what I love about blue, or rather, it’s meant to be. Since I love it, I’m drunk. I love it naturally and completely without complaint or regret.. What’s more, there is a blue color in my personality, blue thoughts and blue reveries, and even the feelings that have been immersed for a long time are accompanied by blue mist to help me dream blue dreams at blue night.!     Speaking of dreams, in fact, I can tell you frankly that it is simple and transparent, but it is large enough as the sky, sky, blue sea and ocean, or simply a quiet Walden Lake.. Life here is enough to make people relaxed and happy, especially when it comes to the autumn season when the difference is clear, the dream is blue like fog, like rain and like wind.! To be honest, I like the quiet and quiet feeling surrounded by blue, because life or years have such details to do the keynote, naturally holding up the wings of life, the heart will dance with the moving rhythm, and moreover, there are books and pure blue magic coffee.!     So, I still said that, whether it be the blue of the background color or the blue of things, or the blue or blue poem in memory or the blue song with sexy, I would like to see a blooming blue demon Ji, put it on the window bar and pillow to enjoy the ponder, and life inadvertently passes through the black hair and the dribs and drabs of life, thus making the days sky high and the clouds light and breaking the South Flying Goose.. Of course, if you still feel wanting, you can choose to go to the west tower on the night when the moon is full of stars and play a tune with an eight-foot flute. I think it will surely attract a butterfly that dreams and tell you ancient legends and timeless classics.!     Blue in life, blue like starry sky and blue like clayderman’s piano music help life leap over Qian Shan’s waters until it reaches the other side of the dream! Dreams are blue, coupled with a dreamlike song that makes people calm. In this way, life will surely make the heart go away with the pace of time.!