Cold autumn and August, the weather is particularly refreshing. At dusk, I took a walk in the Riverside Baili Gallery. Tired of sitting in a pavilion, I quietly enjoyed this short and splendid soft time. Watched a flock of birds carrying a sunset cloud to throw into the forest, the rosy clouds in the sky like a gradually cooling flame, without wind, everything feels very light and very light, calm without wind, and can fly lightly in the evening.. Therefore, the lust for worldly things in the heart was broken down into numerous fish-scale fragments, melted and disappeared, and attributed to a kind of blandness that can fall to the ground.. At this time, I don’t want to do anything, nothing at all, just let my body and mind be immersed in a kind of pleasure and contentment. Dusk has always been called sad and pathos by literati, and Li Shangyin laments in participating in the the leyou tombs Regulations, ” with twilight shadows in my heart, I have driven up among the Leyou Tombs. to see the sun, for all his glory, buried by the coming night. ‘ In fact, I think the color of dusk has both a symbol of abundance and maturity and the power of life initiation. The beauty of dusk is not only the charm of nature, but also the expectation of human nature. Its intention is peaceful and pure. We should praise her warmly and sing praises to her.. I silently stared at the setting sun of colchicine, and suddenly a pair of figures came into view. The old couple were still like their first love, holding hands and walking slowly, step by step, harmonious but tireless. I looked up and realized that Liu and Qin teachers, who retired from public security, hurried forward to shake hands and talk as soon as they sat down. I asked Mr. Liu, where have you been since you retired for more than ten years, how is life going?? Liu, with silver hair shaking slightly, said with deep feeling that he had been to Sichuan for many years to help his son take care of his children, and now he had left his hands and feet and returned with his wife.. Although the son marries the woman, each has his own home and his own business, but the children can only be a kind of affection, a kind of thought, a kind of thought concern, a kind of spiritual sustenance, the old-age care still depends on the body and his wife . Ah, a phone call interrupted our Tan Xing’s strong topic and said goodbye in a hurry.. Their faltering pace was not as good as before, but they held each other’s hands and still smiled, smiling sweetly and serenely, laughing all sorts of hardships in life, all sorts of sufferings in life, and finally laughing in the beauty of the sunset.. In a hurry, worldly, in various forms and in various races, who can laugh to the end, who can be on the stage of success, and who can be surrounded by stars and moons. Things are like chess, all in the grasp of the concentration. Perhaps only by leaning on the evening alone can we reduce the pressure on our hearts, throw away all worries and abandon all helplessness and pursuit.. Naturally, I was far from entering the nirvana realm of enlightenment and meditation, but only understood the relaxed mood of serenity and indifference at dusk. this feeling is really good. it is deeply hidden in people’s hearts. it is a kind of spirit, an atmosphere, or an emotion or a spirit. although it can’t be seen and touched, it actually exists. originally, people’s life sometimes makes a feeling and experience occupy a considerable position. it seems how much we need to open up a quiet place for our hearts and let souls and thoughts rest or fly freely.. August 26, 2015