Life is beginning to move towards the end that I least want to see. Neither I nor my family or friends have been able to spend this September happily or even peacefully.. I was still the most evil decision maker: I was separated from each other and watched each other’s pain from a distance..   How can I describe this September to let you know my pain, how can I pretend to pass it off easily, and how can I simplify it to make you feel at a loss?.   From September 4th Daily to that day, my life began to fall into the ruins that could not be recovered, and I vacillated between studying again and choosing a specialty..   With what kind of mood? I don’t want to recall any more. Only vaguely felt that he had entered another era that was darker than re – reading, and what was more sad was that he was helpless about it..   I did something disappointing to everyone’s expectations. I made the worst decision when I was least supposed to make a decision. Then, it seemed that everything should end in frustration. However, why am I still so unwilling??   I repeatedly thought about my previous happiness and repeatedly told myself how good it was that nothing had happened. However, time rushed to 2005 and no one could change it..   That night I dreamt that my puppy was blossoming and suddenly felt so poor. Because, now I have the same situation as it.   Most of the time, I want to leave. Then, after studying hard for a year, I started my long-awaited life in Shencheng. I also want to call home countless times and tell mom what I think. Want to know, my mother is extremely cherish me, she always tolerant to tell me how can as long as you are happy.   But I didn’t. I think I’m already tired of it. I can’t go back to my senior high school classroom to pick up a pen and make a paper in a hurry. If I’m not in the mood, I won’t belong to you any more..   Then it seems natural and proper to comfort yourself, persuade yourself, live well and learn not to regret it..   However, sadness still seeps in my heart like spring water.   On the 21st of September, the 18th of the eighth lunar month, my 19th birthday. On that day, I made a decision that surprised everyone, including myself, to go home and study again.   Then call and tell family and friends about their own decisions. Many people are urging me that this is not a trivial matter to consider clearly. And all this did not shake the stubbornness that I had already prepared at the time..   On the same night, when my father had left home to meet me in Chongqing, I began to recall the last year’s life, those depressing days, the flying papers, the sarcastic eyes and sharp words of my classmates, and the unknown future, and suddenly I was afraid..   Two days later, my father came to pick me up and hurried all the way to school by the two-day train. Then I said I didn’t want to go back. He smiled and said, ” Whatever you want.”.   At that moment, I suddenly felt very clearly the love of my parents, so lenient that I didn’t care at all.   The next day, Dad was leaving. I sent him with a very calm expression, hoping to bring him relief, and at the same time, hoping to bring myself peace of mind..   However, I found myself wrong again. Even before his back disappeared, I had already fallen into a deeper level of regret. Life is like a beast of prey, biting my head doesn’t count, but swallowing my whole body.   That night I had a dream that I was a silkworm, struggling to see it through the cocoon, but suddenly stopped shaking.   I called many people to tell them how unsatisfied I am with life here and how much I want to leave. This is before. But now, the opportunity is missed again. No, I am willing to throw it away. Can I tell them that I am not happy??   cannot.   So, many times after the phone call from bin, I was laughing all the time. After all, friends, it is better to try to reassure each other.   Later, I simply thought that I would never call them again. No one, including my parents, would live quietly on their own, no matter how helpless they were..   I held up my hands like a captive to surrender to all this.   But I didn’t do it. I still returned to the original appearance, looking for family accommodation with a new face of children, and making bad things worse and worse..   Life began to move towards the end that I least wanted to see. Neither I nor my family or friends could enjoy this September nor even spend it peacefully.. I was still the most evil decision maker: I was separated from each other and watched each other’s pain from a distance..   Like a fallen flower, all the flowers that gradually bloomed in the depths of the heart in June, July and August fell in haste in this September..

Look at the time, dust-laden memories of the bottom of my heart, swirling in my memory, settling wounds hidden in my heart, but knowing it. Accustomed to walking in the text, I borrowed a plain note and strung all my thoughts together. Then, I piled up one text after another in the flat and level places.. Wen: The fence fell and the love met and separated. The beauty of the flower on the other side of the river brightened the pale time and locked a wandering heart for thousands of years while sleeping and laughing.. From then on, happy with your happiness, worried with your troubles, with the mournful beauty of missing, dancing lightly in the skirt, knowing that there is no future, but still dancing on the words alone, hoping to spin out the most beautiful dance, and become your deep thinking in your heart!     However, miss always lingers on such a night, traveling through tang style, passing through Song Yu, accompanied by a green light, repeating over and over again, remembering the little bit by bit about you, and telling the thoughts and cares one after another.! There is a gap in happiness that cannot be bridged. It can’t reach the end and can’t touch the real temperature bit by bit.. Fear, one day, no matter how to cherish, will not pull back a happy distance. From then on, it will be silence, and the world will no longer remember to ask each other again. Later, I will be left alone in this world of mortals with all the vicissitudes of life.!     That day, Na Yue, that year, this life. Memories are strung together, hiding behind time and counting the days we have passed. Shaohua is far away, willfulness is no longer, we are all gradually calm and mature. In the prime of the year, we did and treasured it. Spring and summer, autumn and winter, life is like a grand performance. When it comes to the end, people will always be scattered. The desolate time will not take away all our memories, and I believe I will accompany you through every wisp of time when you need it. You laugh, if you dream of floating, what we walked together outside Qian Shan is called forever.     The hourglass of time precipitates the past that cannot escape, and the hands of memory always pick up those beautiful sorrows. The wings of youth cut through the memory of pain; Yesterday’s tears stirred up ripples in my heart. When time has passed, when things are different, when feelings become tired, when the world is full of black, when experiences are said to be doomed, when life makes me regret. Entanglement is an endless reality that I cannot control and look at.     We are like two straight lines, but after crossing, we are gradually moving away. I think my feelings for you have long been disconsolate, but whenever I touch them, I miss them like lines without interruption.. It has been a few years since the song was finished with tears and fingers.. Looking back at a long distance, once close at hand, now the end of the world.     I look back at the deep feeling and weak water in my eyes, and the time in my imagination is warm like water, caressing your earnest thoughts and airing every sentence in the sun.. Like a long and long dream, between the ups and downs, your hair is on the line.. If the water calls gently, the distance will be wrapped lightly and the mind will never be broken.. In the eyes of the pro – lai, there are 3,000 years of acacia like water pouring into the world of mortals at this time, graceful and restrained, nimble, gentle and gentle, and light smile … Ah, through the beauty of the Japanese, a little bit of rendering, surging, like tide … shy; Standing at the end of May, listening to the purples of a flower, collecting it in the eyes of the wind and frost, and then going to the end of the world. It turns out that no matter how noisy the guests are, they will be alone in the end.. Looking back blankly, there are thousands of feelings, which has become a stranger to the world of mortals. Keep at the window of the fine carved window, pious hold a paper of gorgeous function words, not language, not hurt, straight stop spring grass flow rate.     This kind of infatuation, but always hurt, the third firework only got love for a lifetime, and how much affection did I have to give in exchange for true love. Wish to have one heart and one heart, and keep the white head together.     A song of Qing Dynasty, sung by strangers all over the world, has not yet been returned. A sleeve full of fragrance cannot smell back where the flowers bloom and fall. A cup of turbid wine, drink not finished laughing to start voice gradually disappear. A cavity away from hate, grief not past lives wounds of love.     The person who loves chi must have a dying heart, and this heart is fragile. May I write the words of the beautiful and snowy moon, and never touch the love that hurts my muscles and bones again. A person, a heart, wait all his life. A person, a city, love dearly all his life. A person travels, takes a strange road, looks at a strange scenery and listens to a strange song until one day you meet a person who loves each other and finally understands that all searching has a process. Once upon a time in the end of the world, now only at hand.     Miss locked me up. I’ve spent my whole life reading, coming like flying flowers and scattering like smoke..     Heart eyes, spare the lovesickness a wisp of sorrow.

Strange and strange, I, who always claimed to have a strong sense of direction, once I entered this city and arrived in this community, I turned to it and couldn’t distinguish the southeast from the northwest.. Nor is it true that there is no direction, but the direction I feel is different from the real direction. This difference is not the first time. This was the case at the end of last year in Qinhuangdao, Shijiazhuang. My east is always south, my west is always north, and the whole is 90 degrees out of place.. Unexpectedly, this situation continued to Chengdu. At first, the feeling was consistent with the direction, such as going out of the railway station, driving south, then west, then no north, south, west, east. If you go back to the city by bus, you will come back in the same direction. Can’t understand where the problem is. In the past, I lived in the countryside and never set the wrong direction.. In the city and countryside, the sense of direction suddenly changed, and the twist did not come back, causing trouble and irritation..     If you want to say what direction has to do with life, you can’t find out what. Into the room, south north south north don’t delay eating, sleeping and watching TV on the Internet. However, this difference in direction and feeling is constantly stirred in my mind. once I look outside the window, I will change direction – what south should be east, and the sun should rise from the east and fall from the west, so I correct it one by one: the wind is coming from the south, the rain is beating from the north, neon is built from the east, and the road is from the north to the south … the main consequence of the wrong direction is the awkward knot in my heart: why, even the direction is unclear? How, feeling suddenly lost on time? In turn, I doubt whether my other feelings, other thoughts and functions of language are still present, accurate and as sensitive as ever.. ” North” can’t be found. Can you still know South? I know I’m going to lose north and south after all, but now I can’t find the direction intermittently and feel suddenly lost.. It’s like saying that life and death are impermanent and one should be able to take care of them. If there is a judgment that you will leave tomorrow, one will never be so calm again..     The problem now is that from a rational point of view, I can find the direction. As soon as I go out, I will try my best to convert. Well, the south should be the west, and the gate should be opened to the west. The east should be south, and I went north and back to the south. In fact, I am still nervous under the appearance that nothing has happened, because my mind is extremely stubborn in sticking to what it thinks is the north and south, and does not cover up the ” illusion” that I used to have because of the good results I converted every day.. The trouble is that others can adjust quickly after the illusion is corrected, but I can’t do it. Last time in Qinhuangdao, Shijiazhuang, his companion said he also turned and turned 180 degrees, but after identification, he soon adjusted back and no longer misplaced. On the face of it, the shift of my mild symptoms did not change the original view from beginning to end.. How can one not worry if one is wrong and cannot be adjusted?!     Now, one of the reasons I can find is that I am stubborn in thinking. This is a problem that has been recognized by everyone for many years and also exists in introspection.. Once, because of my stubbornness, I offended leaders. At home, because of my persistence, I was often ridiculed’ criticized’ by comrades.. At work, my colleagues know this characteristic of me, and they are not willing to discuss with me’ flexibility’ on some major issues of principle. Of course, they will certainly talk about my rigidity behind them.. Although I have learned in recent years that some things are not what a person can insist on, I still insist on expressing something when I meet some individuals who specialize, just as rationality and sensibility cannot be unified in front of the direction.. Stubborn or persistent, I have as many advantages and disadvantages as I have.. The advantage is that more and more people trust and understand my consistent words and deeds. I am not abandoned because I stick to one idea and one belief, because my stubbornness is only for the benefit of most people, and my persistence is only a watch on the basis of tradition. My persistence has little gain in learning and writing: I often write my thoughts and feelings, enriching and enriching my spiritual world, and also getting many good friends with common interests and aspirations..     If you still want to find the reason, it is my adaptability. Perhaps, in my nature, I have more experience and brand of northwest village life. Only in the cool breeze and bright moon in the countryside can I find the exact stars in my life. All these changes are in the changing space of the city. Also, today’s cities are infinitely enlarged, roads are infinitely extended, buildings are identical, scenic spots have similar services, and there are few differences.. The navigation map printed in my mind or in my mind is still a few years ago in the countryside and in the earth. How can I adapt to such rapid changes?. People and things have their objects of adaptation. Facts have proved that my indications are in the land, not in the streets of the city. My ” north” must surely come back from my hometown.     If there are any objective reasons, it is that the roads in these places are not the’ positive’ roads that have existed through the ages. Such as the Forbidden City Tiananmen Square in Beijing and the Wild Goose Pagoda in Xi ‘an, which is just south and just north, it is difficult to get lost. However, there is no sense of heaven in other places. Their roads follow the shape of the landform and are connected by waterways. The south is also east, west and south, and north and west. Nature is not the direction of the north and south in the sense of the map.. Neither – what is not the direction of east Africa and west nor – what has never seen a sign here indicating southeast and northwest ( I understand, this is because it cannot be indicated ) can only rely on natural induction. Now I only complain about myself. I don’t have a magnet in my head. I quickly indicate the direction in every place..     Now I have only one choice: I know my sense of direction is wrong, and I know that things like ” north” can’t be found on the way forward. I can’t use my first feeling to confirm everything I see at present.. Therefore, adjust your thoughts, adjust your emotions, and adjust the uncomfortable feeling of being immersed in the illusion all day long.. Reality always teaches people mercilessly, knows oneself, knows the world, recognizes direction, and never stops.    July 23, 2013

Thirty years ago, my brother graduated from a senior technical school and was assigned to work as a material worker in a mechanic factory. As a material man, there is no shortage of anything in the family, and a big tile house will be built in three years. This sentence is no longer valid in my brother’s home. After getting married, my brother will pick up a small kitchen, ranging from timber, bricks and tiles to cement to a nail, all of which will be purchased from outside.. For this reason, everyone in the unit called brother fool. Which parents can tolerate outsiders insulting their son in public? Besides, the son is right. Is it stupid not to take advantage of the public?? Father flew into a rage, pointing to the man’s nose, and said, ” Since Pangu’s creation, there have been several people who have taken bribes and embezzled money and extorted grease from the people.? Not without retribution, the time has not come. What my father said was a prophecy. Thirty years later, my brother had already been transferred to work thousands of miles away from home. One day, several public security bureau members came to verify one thing, and investigated the discrepancy in his brother’s library of materials in detail. His brother’s factory director was exposed to corruption, planting something on his brother, and his brother took out a small notebook from which he had been discharging materials. It was clear and clear that the factory director’s rumor of framing his brother was not self – defeating, and even public security bureau investigators admired his brother..     Brother is really not simple. He can’t learn any technology from the materials staff. Later, the children of ordinary families will be the means to earn a living. He will take the initiative to study maintenance and distribution in the workshop … Ah, in a few years, he will become a famous technical authority in the local area. Now he is already a famous technical director in the machinery industry.. Brother Fool, what a fool?

On Sept. 3, 1983, our whole village children were gathered by a group of 17th and 8th graders. They decided to commit the crime collectively – stealing fruit from the orchard in Xinglongquan village, on the southeast side of Xinglongquan 2nd team and on the northwest side of Xinglongquan dam.. The so-called unruly into the badlands, we are hungry and greedy. After five years, this is the second time that our children in Dulezui have been collectively thieves since the last time they stole melons.. Because at that time, I was thinking about eating delicious fruit in the orchard. I sometimes miss the fruit when I go to take a bath during the day. It is very long for me to swim.. Where are you concerned about what self-cultivation and moral character? It was just that the fruit was too small to be delicious. But we know that there are many delicious apples, 123 apples, pears, hawthorns, fruit wine and so on.. This orchard is as tempting to our children as the heavenly queen’s flat peach garden. Or that sentence: the people regard food as the sky. So once someone starts singing and gives a shout to our arms, we immediately gather and support countless people.. This time, the newly-born child, Li Dabao, is determined to lead us to a bigger career to overcome the shame of the previous five-team melon – stealing fiasco.. He announced that he had committed a mass crime at 6: 30 p.m. on the night of September 5, when he would strike the clock of the production team and whoever did not go would be a coward in East Asia..     Good things don’t go out, bad things spread far and wide. There is no windtight wall. When we pass two or three stories about fruit stealing, we should call the children of Xinglong Spring Five to know. When they hear that they are going to the orchard to steal fruit, they are also grinding their fists and rubbing their hands and are eager to try it.. As a result, we were in cahoots with each other. That night, when the children in the village arrived together under the big elm trees at the east end of the village after dinner, there were as many as 40 dark fruit – stealing teams.. Even the two sons of the five teams of Li Guofu went with us. When we saw that they had also gone, we couldn’t hold back the joy.! This is a good thing! Even the fruit-watching children steal fruit. It’s really funny!     It’s about half an hour’s walk from our chariot to the orchard. It was dark when I left one day. It was full of dark clouds. The wind is chilly. But no one wants to be a coward in East Asia. These four words were so good at that time that no one wanted to be a coward in East Asia. At that time, only the production team in Quantun had a 14 – inch black-and-white TV set, which was playing Huo Yuanjia and Chen Zhen’s chivalrous actions.. Affected by their heroic image, children play together every day in a’ ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha’ battle. Who doesn’t want to be a big hero? Who is willing to be a cowardly and incompetent East Asian coward? I now think that if there were any more opium wars or Japanese invasion of China, there would be some men in northeast China who dared to meet with foreign devils on the battlefield.! Along the way, although we were cold and scared, we were all held down by the sense of honor of collective crime.     By the time we reached the orchard secretly at about seven o’clock, it was already raining. The whole night was dark and opaque. During the night, we jumped over the yard fence, the smaller ones climbed down the empty space, and everyone felt the fruit trees they were stealing along the previous memory.. Everyone quickly picked fruit in their own pockets. At this time also can’t consider what to imagine to steal what fruit! Is the strength of the pick! Pick it! The in the mind is both excited and nervous. I was eleven years old at that time, and my courage was quite large. I thought I could not say anything like that five years ago. Not only did I return empty – handed, but I also fell several times before.. I want to be a hero. I must not be a coward in East Asia. When picking fruit in my pocket, I thought I must be calm and quick with my hands and eyes. But all the worries were futile. Li Guofu and the other orchard watchers probably never expected us to steal fruit on such a dark night.. At this time, the rain has kept falling, and the more it falls, the greater it will be.. Gradually it turned into light rain. I knew it would have to rain heavily in a few minutes, so I picked it quickly.After more than 10 minutes, I feel I can’t steal any more. Other older children may also realize this. Just as I was going out of the hole, they also ran out in succession. I got out of the fence and scattered my feet and ran home. Then listen to everyone’s whistle rang. This is the signal of the wind tight pull shout. This is a timid child who cried out with nervousness and fear: ” Wait for me, wait for me.”! ‘ The shrill cries were so frightening in the dark night that I was too scared to look back and only wanted to run with the older children.. At this moment, the two adults were heard shouting angrily at the back: ” Fuck you, little brats, where are you going and where are you going?”! I told you to steal. I told you to steal! I killed you.! We were even more afraid of hearing the angry words we’ve seen, running all the way, and we don’t know how many fruits have been lost.! But all I remember is that I have a left arm that is tightly pressed against the mouth of the bag. Finally ran to the door, nervous heart plop plop, heart 1 vigorously quiver. The brain blood upwelling, for a while and a half will also calm down. Although I was narrowly missed and returned home victorious, I was still a little nervous and scared after all. After secretly resting outside the house for nearly 10 minutes, he hid the fruits of victory in a wooden pile in the yard and entered the house.     The next day, my heart was still tense. I was afraid that the fruit-watching adults would catch people at school. I was always very uneasy. I was scared and never went out of class, but no one came to catch us at all.. Later, after much inquiry, I realized that the two boys caught were Li Guofu’s two sons. Everyone said, this is really funny! I don’t know what it would be like for Li Guofu, the old guy, to seize his son and steal fruit.! Later we asked the boys how they were caught? The two boys said they didn’t go so fast because they weren’t afraid of being caught.. As a result, he was kicked by his father, and only when he heard them shout at him did he know it was them. They said his father was angry! Originally wanted to catch two typical cases, who knew he had caught his son! Also how to catch others! It’s really tortoise drilling the kitchen pit, suffocating and annoyed! After listening to this, we also can’t hold back the joy!     Children, when you see my article, you will cherish today’s happy life? I have never seen a big apple before I was twelve years old, not to mention eating it! What about you?? Maybe when I was twelve years old, big apples were not rare to eat!

Of the seven colors, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple, my favorite color is blue. Because blue is closest to the year I was born and the environment in which I grew up. Yes, I was born in the most beautiful autumn, and the most beautiful background color in autumn is blue. Especially in mid-autumn and late autumn, the wind is fine and the clouds are light, the sky is very distant and clear, and life is standing in the middle of the years, whether looking at stars or looking at the moon, giving people a calm, broad and wide-ranging breath..     Maybe it was destined to live in company with blue, or maybe it was due to my personal temperament and hobby. When I stood on the seawall for the first time and looked out into the sea under the sunshine, my heart naturally rose and sang softly: the sunrise was red in the river and the fire was red in the fire, and the spring came green as blue in the river.. This is not a poem left by Tang dynasty fu si Bai juyi? A blue word undoubtedly brings the poet’s mind, temperament, ambition and aesthetic concept to the public. Every time I think of it, I will undoubtedly make my life image world more comforting and reverie from nature, less sadness and helplessness brought by the secular world.. Yes, everyone still has everything in the face of the real world, which always fills my heart with melancholy and confusion, struggle and distress. It is blue that makes me find the station where life stops, thus releasing or more precisely returning to the beginning of life: peace and serenity!     To be honest, I like all the blue in the heavens and the earth, whether it’s heaven or earth, as long as it’s blue, I like it.. No matter what form or appearance it takes. For example, if there is a song or a song, it will make my mind longing to forget the troubles brought by the past smoke clouds. Take Strauss’s waltz, the blue danube, for example. as long as the movement rings in life, my heart and my spirit will flow gently with the notes, especially in the last part of the swing, the mind seems to suddenly open and the haze of the years will disappear. what is presented at present is a beautiful picture of blue sky and downwind grass in the sky that is pleasant to see cattle and sheep.. Every time at this moment, the restrained life in life is like meeting an old friend who has reunited after a long separation. I am afraid the main reason why I like quiet temperament is that blue makes my life drunk, makes my emotions swirl and makes my thoughts jump out of the barriers of reality and kindle the flame of hope.. I can’t remember that I said in the text that red is too prickly, black is too dark, purple is too light and so on, but blue is light and distant, making people calm and not losing imagination.. Especially in the autumn season, when the sky is far from the sky and the yellow leaves are flying, the blue sky of that day is like a shadow, which shows the poetic flavor of life immediately.! If I meet such a beautiful scene, I think if I were a poet, I would not spare my feelings and express the waves in my heart with the strongest pen and ink. Like the great poet Zhang Ruoxu, I would blend the scenes of the spring river and the moonlit night perfectly.! It’s a pity that I only learned little. I have neither that knowledge nor the high degree of autonomy of life nor the Buddha’s pen. all I can do is sit quietly and comfortably in the window bar or in a corner of the old house to watch the heaven and earth well, and at best, hold the ying ying scroll in my hand to calm the ebb and flow of a song in my heart.!     This may be the biggest reason why I advocate blue, love blue and indulge in blue, or it may be due to my personality, habits and hobbies.. Want to know, there are too many uncertain factors in life, what you like or don’t like is not a matter of fact, sometimes it’s nature, sometimes it’s fate, and sometimes it’s so puzzling that you can’t find any trace of what you like or don’t like.. Of course, if you must go after it, even if it is snow mud and claw, you can still find some clues. But it is not worth doing so, and it loses its original meaning, isn’t it? As a song sings, love is love. Don’t look for excuses. Something in your heart is a feeling. Don’t say it. Once you say it, what you leave behind is not sweet aftertaste but bitterness and indignation.. That’s what I love about blue, or rather, it’s meant to be. Since I love it, I’m drunk. I love it naturally and completely without complaint or regret.. What’s more, there is a blue color in my personality, blue thoughts and blue reveries, and even the feelings that have been immersed for a long time are accompanied by blue mist to help me dream blue dreams at blue night.!     Speaking of dreams, in fact, I can tell you frankly that it is simple and transparent, but it is large enough as the sky, sky, blue sea and ocean, or simply a quiet Walden Lake.. Life here is enough to make people relaxed and happy, especially when it comes to the autumn season when the difference is clear, the dream is blue like fog, like rain and like wind.! To be honest, I like the quiet and quiet feeling surrounded by blue, because life or years have such details to do the keynote, naturally holding up the wings of life, the heart will dance with the moving rhythm, and moreover, there are books and pure blue magic coffee.!     So, I still said that, whether it be the blue of the background color or the blue of things, or the blue or blue poem in memory or the blue song with sexy, I would like to see a blooming blue demon Ji, put it on the window bar and pillow to enjoy the ponder, and life inadvertently passes through the black hair and the dribs and drabs of life, thus making the days sky high and the clouds light and breaking the South Flying Goose.. Of course, if you still feel wanting, you can choose to go to the west tower on the night when the moon is full of stars and play a tune with an eight-foot flute. I think it will surely attract a butterfly that dreams and tell you ancient legends and timeless classics.!     Blue in life, blue like starry sky and blue like clayderman’s piano music help life leap over Qian Shan’s waters until it reaches the other side of the dream! Dreams are blue, coupled with a dreamlike song that makes people calm. In this way, life will surely make the heart go away with the pace of time.!

Sunlight in winter and morning is especially warm in the mountain village. She is pale but dyed with lux and has just slipped down silently from the treetops and roofs. In the northwest corner of the village, the place formed by the connection of houses and walls only shines half the sunlight on the west wall, and people are coming here one after another. It seems that some people are willing to enjoy this negligible morning shower from head to foot..     At this time, the old people were still lying in bed, and the women were waiting on the children to eat and go to school. Only some men who could not sleep late came here to bask in the sun in warm clothes and as if habitually.. They hold arms in both hands, or copy sleeves to keep warm, or stamp their feet to keep warm. They also hold children in their skirts, and have cigarettes or sunflower seeds in their mouths.. The heaven-sent morning light brought the frost on the ground to the shady place and warmed people’s hearts. There are several such occasions in a village.     After a year of hard work in winter, although there is no’ winter leisure’ nowadays, by contrast, there is always less living and falling, and there is no need to go to work before breakfast and after supper. Therefore, this custom of early sunshine has entered the life of mountain people.. From the point of view of surface gathering, chatting and comforting, it is similar to the summer night garden, but the content of the discussion and the related mood are different: the focus in summer is to analyze the year after the harvest of summer grain and hope for a good harvest; This period is to show the results of one year’s harvest, find out the experience and plan for the coming year.. Well, the Zhang family’s plastic greenhouses have a high income, Li family’s cash crops have taken the big head, several irrigation canals under the mountain roots have benefited greatly, and Wang Tang’s farming has sold a good price. Who else wants to build a new house and who wants to buy a car? How many families have lived a rich life; The whole village was stripped of poverty and became a topic of sunshine. Nature also has Chinese and foreign news, ancient and modern stories, local jokes interspersed with them. Therefore, on this occasion of early sunshine, everyone feels warmer and warmer, and has more taste in the sun..     When the sun rises to the south-east and the group of talents break up and go home to eat and put on’ winter work’, it will become a place for the elderly and housewives to bask in the sun, play chess, play cards and amuse young children, and they will not give up until they reach the west corner of the sun..

Cold autumn and August, the weather is particularly refreshing. At dusk, I took a walk in the Riverside Baili Gallery. Tired of sitting in a pavilion, I quietly enjoyed this short and splendid soft time. Watched a flock of birds carrying a sunset cloud to throw into the forest, the rosy clouds in the sky like a gradually cooling flame, without wind, everything feels very light and very light, calm without wind, and can fly lightly in the evening.. Therefore, the lust for worldly things in the heart was broken down into numerous fish-scale fragments, melted and disappeared, and attributed to a kind of blandness that can fall to the ground.. At this time, I don’t want to do anything, nothing at all, just let my body and mind be immersed in a kind of pleasure and contentment. Dusk has always been called sad and pathos by literati, and Li Shangyin laments in participating in the the leyou tombs Regulations, ” with twilight shadows in my heart, I have driven up among the Leyou Tombs. to see the sun, for all his glory, buried by the coming night. ‘ In fact, I think the color of dusk has both a symbol of abundance and maturity and the power of life initiation. The beauty of dusk is not only the charm of nature, but also the expectation of human nature. Its intention is peaceful and pure. We should praise her warmly and sing praises to her.. I silently stared at the setting sun of colchicine, and suddenly a pair of figures came into view. The old couple were still like their first love, holding hands and walking slowly, step by step, harmonious but tireless. I looked up and realized that Liu and Qin teachers, who retired from public security, hurried forward to shake hands and talk as soon as they sat down. I asked Mr. Liu, where have you been since you retired for more than ten years, how is life going?? Liu, with silver hair shaking slightly, said with deep feeling that he had been to Sichuan for many years to help his son take care of his children, and now he had left his hands and feet and returned with his wife.. Although the son marries the woman, each has his own home and his own business, but the children can only be a kind of affection, a kind of thought, a kind of thought concern, a kind of spiritual sustenance, the old-age care still depends on the body and his wife . Ah, a phone call interrupted our Tan Xing’s strong topic and said goodbye in a hurry.. Their faltering pace was not as good as before, but they held each other’s hands and still smiled, smiling sweetly and serenely, laughing all sorts of hardships in life, all sorts of sufferings in life, and finally laughing in the beauty of the sunset.. In a hurry, worldly, in various forms and in various races, who can laugh to the end, who can be on the stage of success, and who can be surrounded by stars and moons. Things are like chess, all in the grasp of the concentration. Perhaps only by leaning on the evening alone can we reduce the pressure on our hearts, throw away all worries and abandon all helplessness and pursuit.. Naturally, I was far from entering the nirvana realm of enlightenment and meditation, but only understood the relaxed mood of serenity and indifference at dusk. this feeling is really good. it is deeply hidden in people’s hearts. it is a kind of spirit, an atmosphere, or an emotion or a spirit. although it can’t be seen and touched, it actually exists. originally, people’s life sometimes makes a feeling and experience occupy a considerable position. it seems how much we need to open up a quiet place for our hearts and let souls and thoughts rest or fly freely.. August 26, 2015

> busy after going to college is disgusting.   I thought I could go easy when I went to college. How could I expect to be busier than that nightmarish senior year and suppress it a thousand times?. Sitting in front of the computer, I want to play some games, listen to some music, watch movies, or update my blog. Even these seemingly small entertainment events can’t get what I want, because I can see many small notes full of work arrangements posted on the wall with a slight lifting of my eyelids.. In addition to the weekly courses, there are meetings that are too crowded to be filled with water, various activities that are irrelevant but must be attended, many expert lectures that don’t go without second-class credits, student union work that is full on hand, manuscripts to be written, and homework to be handed in, so that they will have to be reviewed soon after the end of the term in order not to hang up their studies.. Like mountains pressing me to death, I can’t even sigh with depression.   I’m already busy like this. I sleep at 6: 00 a.m. every morning, dark circles appear to be painted with ink, eat with upside down, walk like fleeing, take a bath and wash clothes at the same time in order to shorten the time. I dare not even go to the library near the dormitory.. I think anyone can collapse at any time on a day like this unless it is Iron Man. But ostrovsky only told me how the steel was tempered, but he did not tell me how the steel man was tempered.   However, even if they are already busy like this, they still can’t keep up with their pace, and even their figures are getting smaller and smaller and more blurred under my chase..   Their expression is always light and their outline is always radiant.. In the first-class institution of higher learning that makes people jealous and bloodshot, they pulled out a wry smile that seemed dissatisfied with themselves and said, alas, they only won a second-class scholarship, but they couldn’t get it first – class. As soon as they have time, they will complain that CET – 6 is too difficult to learn, and then they can easily shuttle between various English clubs and cope with it with fluency and no difference from foreigners.. When they are free, they get into the library and sit for an afternoon.. The reason why they didn’t update their blog every day was that they went out to play and didn’t have time.. They hold high positions in the student organization, but no amount of work is enough.   As the saying goes, people are better than dead people, and they seem to live in order not to let others live.   They are everywhere, never higher than they can reach, and even looking up at them will be dazzled by their brilliance. As for myself, even if I work 1,000 times harder, 1,000 times harder, and 1,000 times harder, I will never stop working every moment and every second, and in the end I will still be ordinary, like a black-silk bulb, only emitting dim light.. So after being busy, I can’t help asking myself why they can’t do it.   Is it because it is destined to be only an ordinary person?   > > those extraordinary people. Spider – Man, Batman, Iron Man, Captain America, Alice in the Biochemical Crisis. They have extraordinary abilities and miraculous powers. They do things like punishing criminals or saving the world and lead extraordinary lives.. Or, like Mr Confucius, you can say that there is no teaching and that you can mourn the dead by the river for days and nights.. However, we are not qualified to grieve. We can only sit in the coffee shop and sigh while stirring hot milk and coffee, listening wearily to the sound of the passage of time with slow music..   After reading the US captain’s regulations, I look forward to the release of Titanic’s 3D edition and Madagascar’s 5 Madagascar 5. I also look forward to all kinds of Hollywood blockbusters released in summer, such as the rise of Batman’s night knight in amazing spider-man’s Convention on Biological Diversity, the Convention on Biological Diversity’s Life Crisis 5: Punishment Regulations.   So – and – so TV series will wait for tomorrow’s next episode when this episode is finished. Today’s TV series will have a big ending. What TV series do you think will be put on tomorrow?.   After leaving, I began to look forward to meeting again. But to go anywhere is always to leave any one, so there is no end to parting and reunion.   Looking forward to the upcoming movie, tomorrow’s series and meeting you again. Every day is wrapped up in formal expectations, and then continues to remain in the world like a worm, perhaps this is the life of the so-called ordinary people.   > > > recently, I was particularly fascinated by Mr Borges’s article, eating the garden of branching paths day and night, the two kings of the Convention on biological diversity and the two maze regulations, etc., so that all thoughts entered the maze, circling all day long between the past, present and future, like an infinite number of decimals, extending enough to exceed the universe’s length in the cycle and cycle, but it continues to cycle and extend.   Write a story in Mr Borges’s style.   A young spy was ready to kill an old spy. At the moment when the bullet flew to the old spy, the old spy remembered shooting an old spy when he was young, and at that moment the old spy also remembered shooting an old spy when he was young. At that time, the old spy also remembered shooting an old spy when he was young … Ah, it’s amazing. The present moment can include the present moment of the past, and the present moment of the past can include the present moment of the past and the present moment of the past, and then it will go on like this.. That is to say, if you want to write a complete story, it is impossible, even the God who said that if there is light, there will be light will not be able to do it. This is Borges – style maze ( its own name ), there is no way out. Once it enters, it will wait for the next cycle instead of Godot in the cycle and eventually sink and nirvana in the infinite cycle..   It is natural for Mr Borges to construct such a vast and infinite maze and think about similar problems every day, but what is it to me. Or to put it another way, extraordinary people think extraordinary things, which is taken for granted. What is it that ordinary people think extraordinary things.   Like Snow White and you both want to meet Prince Charming.   Like hong xiuquan and you both want to be polygamous, harem 3000.   It’s like Guo Jingming and you both want to have a big stack of yuan.   Then I’ll ask you again, ordinary people think extraordinary things, what is it. The unrealistic fantasy for you and me is a mirage in the desert or a desert in the mirage.   > > > > is it self-deception or self – deception, what’s the difference.   > > > > > but you all don’t understand the extraordinary loneliness, just as you don’t understand the world of ba god.   In the end, the world is dominated by ordinary people, who are in the minority after all. They live at a height of 9km from the ground, and the few companions around them are often not enough to gather together a table to play mahjong.. Su Shi said, dancing to find out the shadow, what seems to be in the world. It means standing at such a high place without friends and feeling like a man from Mars.This is a free translation. Don’t write like this during the college entrance examination. Deduct points to kill you.   You don’t understand, but I do.   I used to walk up the mountain level by level. I can’t reach the mountain for 9km, and there will always be 4, 500m.. At the foot of the mountain, an old friend shouted to me, hey, friend. Then I also shouted down, hey, friend. Although there is no difference between them and the friends who shouted at the foot of the mountain, the feelings passed out after the 4,500 – meter – high air flow barrier have changed seven or eight times and cannot be consistent. They are as different as the girls who separated after the age of seven and saw each other at the age of seventeen. It sounds like shouting hey, fuck you, they just didn’t put up their middle fingers.. This kind of diaphragm makes the cold and loneliness even sharper, even beginning to invade from the pores. I couldn’t stand the growing cold and loneliness, so I stepped down again and again.   You see how smart and comfortable I am now, with friends around me, friends around me, friends around me, and lovers around me. I don’t have to worry about anything or worry about the image, because I’m not a person who is looked up to by all people.. I was among them. The things here especially refer to trivial things. And here I can also replace you.   So let’s say, everyone who knows me knows that the first part is not about me.   > > > > > > well, it took a long time to write a little empty things, you also look tired, relaxed moment came again, here is a interesting topic I carefully arranged.   Past and present. The present past. The past in the past. Past and future. Future past. Future future. Now, now.. The present and future. Future present.   The past, the present, the future, the past, the present, the present, the future, the present, the future, the present, the future, the present and the present.   The question is, what are the various tenses above.   > > > > > > > who didn’t think about the above questions and told me I would treat you to Haagen – Dazs, hee hee.

Perhaps because of my personality, I was born destined not to do anything big, because I was fettered by affection, friendship and love, which took up too much weight in my life, and I only yearned for a pure and happy life.. So I didn’t think about how much I was going to have, but how much I wanted to pay for my love. Thanks to my parents for giving me a daughter’s body and banishing me to a loving sea, I like the kind of person who looks dull but feels warm inside..     Some people around me said I was a mighty woman! I don’t approve of his statement because I really have never been an arrogant person and I don’t want to be an arrogant woman.. I’m just clinging to my habits, doing my job well, living my life quietly, and not flattering or boasting. Don’t like bossy, powerful little people; Don’t want to say half a sentence of nonsense with people you don’t like; I will not wronged myself for some benefit, but it has nothing to do with being invincible!     No matter in busy or leisure time, I always like to put my heart in my heart safe and let a fuller life accompany me.. During the day, I like to treat my colleagues and friends with a kind and peaceful smile, so that relaxation and happiness can be passed between us. Sometimes I will take out my thoughts in my own time to bask in the sun, just like reading a book. If I feel the content is boring, I can tamper with the plot in my mind and finally arrange a happy ending, but I will not immerse myself in a self-made story..     In many quiet moments of the night, wandering alone in the silent space, gazing out of the window in silence, wandering in the depths of the soul, the frozen picture becomes more and more blurred. Different life feelings, I use words to record this little warmth. The notes flowing between the words are the best consolation for the soul, purifying the impetuous life, returning my inner elegance and peace, the past marks, fading away gradually in the years, and I have a deeper understanding and feeling of life.. So I often immerse myself in this beautiful note. Listen, listen, an emotional voice, listen, the murmur of a person who loves me, these fine warmth, slowly superimposed together, merge into a kind of happiness, I like the taste, slowly infiltrating, every day, with such blessings and greetings echoing in the brain, I feel very happy and happy in many ways, and I like this moment best..     In fact, a woman like me is a wisp of wind in life, the shadow of years, not seeking wind to leave traces, but seeking happiness to highlight the nature of life.. I know that the wind I’ve been striving for leaves a few marks of yellow sand, which may be the price of sobs. The image traced with great concentration bears the dull echo of many impacts, which is the product of sincerity. The wind, stumbling, shadowing, stumbling and bumping, the wind gets light, the shadow gains clear, and the wind shadow combines equanimity.. Light, natural, such as Dai wangshu’s light lilac girl graceful, carefree in the long, deep rain lane.     The sunshine in early winter shone on my face through the thin curtains. The mottled shadow blurred my eyes. I heard the sound of the sunshine, like the breath of life, while the wisps of sunshine were like my smile, slowly revealing the fragrant smell.. How can tender feelings, those feelings that have settled in my heart and those wishes that are revealed between my lips and teeth disappear in the passage of time?? My life can be applauded by no one, but I still blossom quietly in my corner, spitting a wisp of fragrance and showing off calmly all my life. Bloom calmly and return quietly.     Let flying, light and happy enrich the connotation of my life.