Brother. Brother Author: Linger Editor: When Xiao Wang was born, family planning was strictly controlled. Those pregnant with a second child are either going to hide in their relatives’ homes in the countryside or to be caught’ scare the goose that lays the golden eggs’, only his mother is still showing off with a big belly every day.. Not that the family was rich and powerful, but that the father’s application was approved because the family had a retarded brother.       Mother took a cane and said to her brother, Never touch your brother, remember? He raised his cane and warned him that if he did not obey, he would be beaten. He cowered and hid to one side, his head lowered deeply, and his body was scarred by frequent mistakes.. Since then, his parents have made a rule for him: he is not allowed to enter their bedroom, and even if he eats, he should put some dishes in a bowl and let him eat in a corner.. He often squatted at the door of his parents’ room, looked into the room with his body half bowed, looked at his mother’s brother in arms, cocked his head, grinned happily, and saliva flowed out along the corners of his mouth..       When a child of similar age has learned to walk, it is difficult for him to say a word in his mouth, his eyes glaze over, let alone read it.. When he came to the hospital and found out that it was a brain disease, his father threw his grievances on his mother, who imposed his grievances on him for many months as an adult.. As a result, he often had to be beaten up for some small things. At this time, if grandma finds out, she will immediately pull him out of the house and keep saying, ” why do you want to come to this world to suffer, son?”?       My younger brother grew up slowly and has already babbled and hobbled. The stones in the family’s heart finally fell to the ground.. He was also happy. Many times, his brother came up to him with his arm outstretched. He danced with excitement, but his mother always came running hurriedly and held his brother away..       The mother taught her brother to call his father, mother and grandfather, but never taught him to call his brother. He’s in the house every day, and he’s struggling to shout when his mother’s away, brother. He wants his brother to hear and learn to call him brother. Everything comes to him who waits.. One day, my brother, who was squatting on the ground playing, looked up at him and let out a clear cry of ” elder brother”. he was flushed with excitement, clapped his hands and jumped up. suddenly he ran over and hugged his brother forcefully. tears and saliva flowed to his brother..       When he grew up, he looked at his brother who was always dangling in front of his eyes and giggling at him with disgust in his heart. He was called ” Fool and His Brother” when he was a child. He hated this title and was frustrated in his self – esteem. He wanted to shout: My name is Zhang Jiawang, not Fool and His Brother.. They also used to bleed the children’s noses for this, but it was no use. They still called it that way. He gradually got used to it, but he deepened his hatred for his brother and wished he could get away with it.       Eat together, one dish for each person. He always likes to pick the one he likes on his brother’s plate and pour all he doesn’t want to eat to him.. The elder brother simply told him to eat enough, eat first and eat leftovers last. There are snacks in the home, and my brother also gave him a large portion of them. When he accepted them safely, he clearly saw his brother’s eyes and shed tears..       One day, he went to school and forgot to bring his pencil case. He walked in front with a few classmates, followed by his brother, his mouth creaking.. He is used to it and does not look back. A classmate said: Fool’s brother, if you fool’s brother keeps following you like this, you will become a fool in only one day. He was so angry that he took the veins stood out and punched each other. The students covered his chest and shouted. It seems that your family is crazy.. When they started fighting, he was pressed under the other side and was about to accept his fist when he saw the boy being lifted up by his brother and fell to the ground, screaming for pain..       In my life, I found my brother was a strongman, but I was afraid that my classmates would complain to my teacher. That day, my father asked them to kneel side by side on the ground, while my brother lay down on him when the cane fell relentlessly.. He could feel his brother’s trembling, and his brother said, hit and hit me.       On the day of getting the college admission notice, the parents were too happy to close their mouths, and the elder brother danced with joy like a child.. It vaguely knew that his younger brother was angry with his family, went to college, and would never be angry with others for him again. From then on, no one called him a fool, but called him ” Jiawang his brother.”.       The night before he left home, his brother came up to him and gave him a small cloth bag. He opened it and it turned out to be a huge pile of spare money.. ‘ take, take. Brother, no, no flowers. ‘ It turns out that for so many years, my brother has not spent a penny. Maybe he thinks he doesn’t have any meaning in spending his own money, but it’s better to give it to my brother.       He took the money with tears in his eyes and said, Brother, don’t you spend it? I haven’t called out this name for a long time. It’s a bit difficult to spit it out. Brother shook his head powerfully, smiled with tears, and his mouth widened when he smiled..      He wrote down two words’ brother’ on the paper. He repeatedly taught his brother to read and told him, ” Brother” means to have a brother first. Without you, there would be no me.       The elder brother insists on reading the word ” brother” and deliberately lengthens the word ” brother” but reads it firmly at intervals, brother!       The next day, he said goodbye to his brother, he still said, brother – brother! Walking away, looking back at the back of my brother on the threshold, he cried. My brother is telling him that my brother is always the first in his heart.. ‘ ‘