Today is a bit uneasy.   From the kindergarten class to Xiao Bao’s current third grade, I learned the Jewish way to pick up and transport my children. No matter how busy and hard I am, I just want to grow up with my children slowly..   From the beginning of this semester, Xiao Bao kept asking to go by himself, but I never agreed. I know that every time I go to school and finish school, I will meet those children who walk silently, admire and love dearly.. Always don’t give up, always can’t let the children go alone, but I know I have to let go after all.   Over the past five years, the children’s study, life, making friends and reading have all been in their mind.. Just yesterday, Xiao Bao said that one of her good friends had planned her birthday in January next year and was going to invite her. It is said that the child is also going to invite Yang Hongying, who wrote the regulations on smiling cat diaries.. I laughed and was deeply moved by the simplicity of the child. I really hope Yang Hongying can attend the birthday of a strange and beloved child.! What a happy thing it should be for children who love reading her books! That kind of happiness must be more than watching Happy Camp.   The best way to educate children is love, but not doting.   I don’t want to talk about education as an art, but I don’t subscribe to the rule that I won’t lose at the starting line of the family.. I began to tell my children in the simplest and simplest way to face every bit of study and life seriously, diligently and carefully, and share joy and misery with them.. Although she was encouraged to strive for the top position, she did not expect to excel. Growing up slowly, she has a love and a sense of responsibility, and it is good to do the present things well, just as she took part in the performance of ” Little Black Fish Regulations” in the lesson drama last year, although she was a small role.. I think of the late actor Li Ding, who played a small role, and Zhou Xingchi, who once played a running errand, even if he can give off his own light again..   Having a healthy and lively heart is far more important than outstanding achievements.   I remember an old professor said, ” University is studying, not big.”. What about primary schools? Primary school is the enlightenment and the starting point for children to take off in the future. What is more important is not how much knowledge they have learned, but how to learn and how to improve their psychological quality.. Therefore, only some interest classes are offered to the children to repair their heart and raise their sex.. For example, dance, only for children to shape up. Such as guzheng, only for children to slowly understand the beauty of string law. She has a beautiful body and a beautiful heart, and I think it is also beautiful when she looks at the world..   This arrangement is also an environment that parents may create. It is essential for children to learn in a happy mood.. For example, children are now infatuated with the Yang Hongying series and Qiong Yao’s participation in the Huanzhu Gege Bill, and they start reading after finishing their homework almost after school. I no longer require her to read classics, but what is important is that she develop the habit of reading, cultivate her emotional intelligence, learn to arrange her time reasonably, learn to think carefully, and learn to find the beauty of the artistic conception of Chinese characters in every step of the writing..   The day was a little uneasy. I could not help laughing when I stood in the distance and saw Xiao Bao crossing the last road by herself. She looked at the tension from left to right.. When she came home, I hugged her and she smiled proudly, which made me happy.