Ying Er: How are you now? I can’t help worrying about you, my lovely daughter, on my way to heaven. I know, you’ve always been very painful and hurt. Although you are different from me, I often remember worrying about you in silence, because there is no mountain to take care of in your world.. Right?? Although you are strong and do not tell me your loneliness, my lovely daughter, you are too strong, calm and kind to me.. I really know the bitterness in your heart. I really want to hurt you and hurt you. Although I was disturbed and torn by the pain, I was still very happy because I have the children I love and your mother I love the most.. Your love for me embraces me and lets me know that I should be satisfied with the love of the world. Although pain and tribulation continue to torment and devour my flesh, it will not disturb my soul after all, because I know this is the experience of God and my merciful father..     Born in the world, suffering from short. I am satisfied. I can no longer take care of your mother and you, nor can I give you the love of the world. But I am still in heaven, looking down at you, thinking about you and thinking about you is also a kind of transcendental happiness.     There are also many things I can do in heaven. When I came to heaven, I saw my heavenly father thinking day and night. The holiness in heaven is beyond my imagination. There is no car to drive to and fro, nor is there any sin in the world. It is as clean as a drop of glittering and translucent dew, like a faint cloud, like a gentle wind.. Here, everywhere is full of light, soft flowers, distant orchid, cold plum, pure lotus, light lotus … ah.. There are many flowers blooming in order, unlike the world which is divided into four seasons. Are all some elegant flowers scattered breath. There are some gentle and breezy days here every day. There are also many melodious hymn tunes, biblical classics and spread, all of which are gently expressed here. Some pure angels in white sings softly, melodious and soothing. The whole sky is full of inspiration through the air, and the whole soul has already lost its desire in the world.. I am here without the trouble of pain, more without the iniquity born in the world, some just bent over and looked down at the world’s dynamic state of mind.. I had a heart-to-heart talk with the merciful Father, who taught me how to love the world, how to help the world out of suffering, wash the soul of the world, save the suffering of the world, and help them out of all kinds of dangers..     Ying ‘er, I prayed to the angel of love here for my desire to love you, and there was an angel who loved you in life, like a mountain, like a quiet water, more like the day you love, autumn day, blue like washing. Give your father’s care, brother’s amiability, and close warmth. Believe me, you will have this unexpected relationship and you will be happy. He will certainly appear in the second half of your life and will understand the pure you. He will eventually become an indispensable part of your life. Believe me, you will soon be happy. Your indifferent and uncontroversial nature has pained you and made you successful at the same time.. You have to believe in the true love of the world. Although you are burned with love, your clean heart, without complaint or regret, has touched the angel.. The angel promised that he would give you a new love.     To say that there is no place in the world but you – my lovely Ying – er, that’s your mother.. I can feel your mother’s lonely heart here. I miss her very much, but I also know that she is a man who has not been able to come to me for the time being.. Looking back on my life, I mistreated your mother very much. I made her suffer all her life and suffer all her life.. There is no good care for her. Now I can’t make up for it. Ying Er, I don’t want anything else. I only want your mother to live happily for the rest of her life, and I hope you will be reborn as soon as possible. I believe that you will, and you also want to believe this.. Also know that your mother is worried about my heart. I hope she will live through her old age without illness or disaster.. Nothing else matters.     All things are inclusive, all things believe, all things wait, all things hope. As long as you remember God’s words and practice God’s actions, it doesn’t matter whether you have them or not. Happiness will follow. Rich or poor, people’s lives are as short as smoke clouds and fragile as porcelain. For love, hate, hatred, or desire disputes in the world, I have thought it through before I know that everything will eventually return to dust and all will be empty.. A wisp of light smoke, a handful of loess, this is a home for people. What can be hoped for in the end is nothing more than this quiet silence from heaven, this precipitation without cars coming to live in..God loves the world, and the world also wants to destroy a grateful heart. In order to have heaven-like simplicity and heaven-like happiness.     Ying Er, tell your mother to stop worrying about me and me. I’m really at ease in heaven, and I’m also very happy, more happy, and also very happy.. Although there is no physical body, it is also my greatest wish to work for God with my soul, relieve suffering for the world and wash floating dust for my soul.. This is also your mother’s hope, and I believe she will feel my happiness and fulfillment..     Don’t say, my ying er. I have to do my job. Talk again when you have time. Finally, I wish my Ying and her family peace and joy in the world. I also wish all the world happiness and happiness.    Your father in heaven on November 8, 2010[ Responsible Editor: Chloe ]