Confucius thought is a city with beautiful scenery, orderly order, beautiful birds and flowers, polite and peaceful people.. It may not be rich, but people are comfortable with it and happy with it. There are disasters and sufferings from time to time. People don’t hesitate to give up and never tire of knowing the sky.. ” Benevolence, propriety, propriety, wisdom and faith” The solid and colorful city wall adorns and maintains the city. For more than two thousand years, the rulers have continuously renovated the city to make it more colorful and guide ordinary people to live and take root.. However, looking back on Confucius’ life, what kind of brilliant and happy life has such a beautiful thought brought to Confucius?? After careful observation, it is indeed a feather.   A Confucius’ father died when Confucius was three years old, and his mother took him from Nishan to live in the que of Lu’s capital.. After all, after being an aristocrat, I think I also got the help of many relatives and friends. Confucius was still plain and happy when he was a child. At the age of seven, he ” entered Pingzhong School”, that is, he went to study in a village run by an aristocrat.. Confucius, a young man, showed extraordinary intelligence. He was not satisfied with his knowledge at the age of nine. He complained that he was ” lazy in teaching” and did not respect the students’ thirst for knowledge and self – esteem, ” which he could not learn.”. Mother had no choice but to hand over Confucius to her father, Professor Yan Qiang. Perhaps Confucius’s character has formed at this time, laying the seeds for his life’s’ bumpy’.   Confucius was an ideal and tough young man, and his grandfather Yanqiang’s influence on him was not only knowledge but also the most important ” gentleman’s way”. Confucius managed Ji Sun’s warehouse at the age of 20, cattle and sheep at the age of 21, with clear accounts and clear materials, and cattle and sheep thriving.. Confucius’s achievements and abilities have won the recognition of the nobles, as exemplified by his son’s congratulations on the birth of Lu Zhaogong. At the same time, from naming his son ” carp”, we can see Confucius’s inner worship of power and public position. This is in line with the behavior of ” leaving at leisure” in the future. Contradictions and tangles are becoming more and more distressing..   In any case, young Confucius was still vigorous and successful in his career, and he was diligent and studious and traveled all over the world to the point where he was proficient in the six arts and was able to use rites and rituals.. However, it seems that the nobles of Lu did not want to give Confucius a higher position or a larger platform, perhaps because of the decline of the Confucius family, perhaps because of the influence of the aristocracy, or because Confucius’ knowledge of ” square and square” also missed his official career..   The kings of the two countries respect Confucius’ talent and hope to use it for their own use. Confucius’s every words, every discussion, the way of governing the country and the principle of being a monarch have made the monarch admire and indulge.. Confucius is also keen on this kind of’ high – end talks’, hoping to find a higher platform to realize his ideals and aspirations. But what he reaped was disappointment and another disappointment. He was confused and confused. He thought that the world was ” lacking in ceremony and benevolence” and that the quality of the monarch was worrying..   When he was 36 years old, Confucius came to Qi in his prime, and Qi Jinggong received him with high standards, asking questions about politics, and Confucius and Kan Kan talked about ” saving money”. The suggestion of ” saving money” impressed Qi Jinggong and benefited a lot from it.. Moved, I had to seal the fields of Nixi to Confucius. Just as Confucius was preparing to accept it, the plot reversed, and Yan Ying, a famous Qi official, firmly opposed it. He gave Qi Jinggong a reason to express his emotion, and even wept bitterly.. Yan Zi said: ” These Confucians can speak eloquently, but they do not understand the rules; Proud and arrogant, self – righteous, and unwilling to yield to others; Advocating funeral rites, heartily mourning, spending money on property and deeply burying the dead are all bad customs.. They travel around and depend on others for support. They can’t rely on this generation to govern the country.. Since the death of Saint Junxian and the decline of Zhoushi, the rites and music have been incomplete for a long time.. Now Confucius is dressed up and fussy about the rules of propriety and propriety and the degree of propriety of raising his hand and throwing his foot into his mouth. Even if he studied for several generations, he could not exhaust his knowledge, and he could not learn his etiquette for many months as an adult.. Does the monarch really intend to change the customs of Qi with this set of his?? I’m afraid this is not a good way to guide Wang. ‘ Since then, Qi Jinggong still respectfully received Confucius, but no longer asked him about rites and music. There was a doctor from Qi who tried to kill Confucius. Confucius told Qi Jinggong, but Qi Jinggong said, ” I am too old to help you.”. ‘ Confucius had to leave Qi on the road and return to Lu. This kind of ” falling in to seal” scene, more than 20 years later, in the state of Chu, the old and strong Confucius once again experienced, how sad!   The third half of the Analects of Confucius governs the world. What will a Analects of Confucius or’ Father of the Analects’ do to the world? This proposition is heavy. Confucius’s ” grand talent” seems to be more like a sharp weapon. He is only the ” maker” of this sharp weapon, not the ” user”. ‘ master of talent, to Lu, Hui in Lu gong, but Lu gong shed master by what? He said that Confucius’s talent was recognized by the world. However, Confucius has his own ” ideal siege”. He wants to pull all the people in and let all the people, including the monarch and nobles, manage the country and recuperate according to his design. This is the root cause of Confucius’ ups and downs in his life..   He is depriving the monarch of his desire and possession of’ female Lewenma’. He is restraining aristocracy’s arrogance and greed by law. He is always unable to place himself in a clear position.. Wei Linggong should be Confucius’s confidant. They can say nothing but talk about it, but Confucius thinks he can conquer Wei Linggong. He is a credit to Wei Linggong in Weiguo, so he should be treated with courtesy. He is annoyed when he comes out with ” ugly time with car”. This kind of character, in the present words,’ emotional intelligence is worrying’. Travelling around the world is both strong and sad.   Without Confucius, Lu is still setting sun, rising sun, spring, summer, autumn and winter as before. Fourteen years later, when Confucius returned to Lu, the sixty-eight-year-old man seemed to understand the vicissitudes of life in the world, no longer cared about the government and people’s livelihood, no longer cared about the world’s aspirations, but taught and wrote, lived quietly, decorated and perfected his ” ideal siege”.  Even this kind of life will not take its course. Confucius’s inner aloofness is his fatal weakness. When he was seventy-one years old, his noble uncle Sun Shi’s family members killed a Kirin, which completely destroyed him. After Confucius knew it, he was sad and hid his face and wept. Confucius said, ” Why are you here, O Lin?”! What are you doing here? You really didn’t come at the right time, so you were killed as soon as you appeared. He also wrote an elegy for Kirin: ” Tang Yu’s world is very rare, so this is not the time to ask for anything.”? ” I am worried” and ” I am not writing on this matter”. What does it mean to participate in the Spring and Autumn Regulations and not to participate in the Spring and Autumn Regulations?. Three years later, in the spring, Confucius left the world where he struggled.   Confucius lamented” Lin also, Hu Wei came to zai! It’s a pity that Kirin shouldn’t have come to this time and place, but it’s not’ borrow our words to say oneself’, and Confucius at this time is’ simple and naive’. Calm down and sort it out. More than 2,500 years have passed, and what time is suitable for Confucius?? The veneration of Confucius throughout the dynasties was the mainstream, but the rulers took part in it, either for fools or for order, and the nobles took him as a’ sharp weapon’ to repair the people, and they were still the same as the nobles in the Spring and Autumn Period..   Confucius lived in the Spring and Autumn Period, and later times were similar in the Spring and Autumn Period.     January 2017, TWELVE Day