The fall of the South, and are a little vertical disappearing.If this is not the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, I am afraid there will be too many people to forget the autumn.But in fact, even to this veritable festival, southern weather is still non-compliance does not scratch the burning flames, raging noise sowed summer passion.    Only people who know the difference carefully, sunset fast, dark early, and under the shadow of the sun also lengthened.In the south of this bustling city, still the hustle and bustle of the streets early in the lights went up, roadside stalls selling began to play Paul warm clothes, or not to leave a trace of the position of autumn, went straight to the winter’s direction to go.Because here the proportion of very different seasons, spring and autumn shadow flashed, long standby time, you will feel the winter was not hot just after the beginning of the summer to be busy, waiting for a long summer leave, the wind whistling seated, winter and take root.So, business people know, here in the Spring and Autumn clothing did not wear too many opportunities, so many who are willing to buy it accounted wardrobe?    However, each season is to do God’s business, even though everyone ignored their existence, the location did not give them a little more space, however, the transition of each season, she will always be to report, like At the moment the breeze, the gentle ravages of winter do not like, so cool, not hot like summer.Night is a bit late, but she is still reluctant to say goodbye to people, perhaps, you did not hear, I can clearly see, autumn tears turned into rain, venues Rangrang to hit me in the face, but also thrown into the earth, of all things lavished.    On this rain, underground creak swallowed up all night, opened the window table, clean the ground, if not true witnessed last night, afraid that they do not recall the autumn will be temporary over here, this morning there was no wind, used to restore the temperature of the day, the sun shone on his face still Huozhuo general pain, no I can not go out to work, static guarding share of late autumn, took me out for a walk.    Silent like a park in the world has a high old man, sitting in the garden looking at the decline of a piece of yellow leaves scatter, the trunk a few withered vine still firmly wrapped around in there, dying do not want to let go of the old banyan tree the body, it seems that the old banyan tree is her husband, moment do not want to leave!At the end of the park is down a dirt wall of the half, covered with weeds, vines crawling with some of the plants on the wall, looks very year.I walked in front of the only pavilion that looked Ting Wai Tan dirty, smelly dead in the water, a group of microorganisms stuck his head out of the water but was suddenly falling leaves scared agents just quickly disappeared, but soon they are also We have to swim to get together, scrambling to gather around the leaves, and studied the sudden advent of a monster.Dilapidated park left a few wooden chairs, the above also covered with moss, seems a long time no one missed my.Probably no one knows about this shabby little park also records the rise and fall seasons it!    South of the city is always busy all year round, it did not stop because of the arrival of autumn and the work of the hands of the fast pace of life so that nearby residents had ignored its existence, because no one to take care of old, worn-out because no one visit, just as idle in the corner, like a lonely deserted old house abandoned!    Walk around the park, my mood grew heavy, at the moment he is like a forgotten people come here to enjoy the same lonely autumn, no job, no friends, with only one lonely wandering in the city , the heart is also cooler than winter!