Do you have some time to feel their own, although exposure to the noisy crowd did not like the people you live with a lone channel of boundless blue ocean whales swim freedom, heart frequency lurks, others do not know frustration …… It is said that no one is your stomach worms who knows what on your mind? In fact, for these words does not matter who’s speaking out no problem it does not matter who, why care about what you think? But it can not be said from the closest population of people very poor life, it is to find a soul who is also a look of even Needless to say, understand each other’s mind is like, and a long time will get along with others found that sometimes a person but can not cover the surface of fooling particularly care about the fact that the heart of the main, or whether the intention to pay attention to feel another person is willing to give love exquisite tenderness I have been convinced that you really love a person will not self-conscious about his near him that his favorite game, in order to walk into his heart to reach out to understand himself, to play together and create a common topic ……. All this is not willing to say it every day, he said, “I’m not with you yet,” I’m not doing what you do? . Whales also heartbreak, will cry, all the sad melt into the ocean, the salty helpless unknown.Closest to the whale, he saw tears in his eyes and empty, but innocently asked: “Why are you crying?”The most hurtful than not understood, but the closest people do not understand every word and continue up a knife after the poke heart:” You do not cry, okay?”There is no comforting words, nor understood, whale tears quietly flowing; really hard to understand a person, or just for yourself do not want to spend energy to get to know to find reasons and excuses, in fact, well aware of their own, I had an idea!Really want to understand a man, really enough to love a person, there is no excuse. Have had to pay, always hanging in the mouth, for fear that they do not know; when the other person to respond when her pay, just tell him, you have to pay, who did not pay?He said: You have to be so preoccupied with?Moment sank text can not be explained.I really do not know who has taken the trouble to care about the emotions of their own in a period of how much to pay. Over time, the whale tired, rarely cry, all the things into the heart, she began to silence, and no more, then, pulled out gradually. When all the pay, regardless of what is attributed in, even as a matter of course.Well, not understood love, may not be needed, why burden the generous gift each other, sinking will go down the drain all the love, blissful silence, quietly watching the whales love him, abandoned the sinking. Who could not swim, do not want to drown, stay away from places with water; not understand love, anyway, anyway, good and bad himself seriously to do, go to the real meaning of pay, and have nothing to regret and he really loved, his heart clearly is enough. Poor love, friendship on the use of alternative, reduce touch, reducing learn.Slowly, reducing love, 1.1 days; from incremental descending into a style; how chilling and love to have in order to do so hard on yourself.

Love love one season, it is the love of God blessed love.Eros love is a blessing strewn with flowers, covered the sun, even the earth exudes the roses. Dream scene interpretation to reality, it is daydreaming of sorrow.Each person has their own mind goddess of love, and not profane close, you can only own.Night sleep late and get up late during the day, but fortunately do not have to go to work, when the bed is on the gentle dead can not afford to rely on the.Speaking of the gentle really have a girl came into my sight, indescribable feeling to her, ordinary looks, personality and soft, white skin, the key is to laugh together with two small dimples.I saw her laugh, most people can not help but want to laugh with her. Hand in hand along the way, once time looming, was recalled fragments, reminding us of scenes clouds, dream not a dream.Through solitude beat notes, a play, arduous journey; a fall, marshes. Long walk alone also thought for a long time, perhaps, life is bound to be some things can not let go of it, deliberately forgotten because memory is complete, but deliberately forget that it is because memories.Originally I thought having chosen silence, it will not sorrows and joys.I’re wrong, joy and sorrow can not twist the tap switch, which is not the people’s will, has its own trajectory, exhausted body strength so that you can not get rid of. Half a say half; drain half of the remaining half; over half of the exchanges is on the other half, is a compatibility process.I half love her, she loves me half, together is a complete love.Now the rest of his shadow Xiangpei, she is still under the sentence: “temporarily separated for some time, would like to see to say” not seen people.Leaving me to walk on the edge of the night, the feeling of ecstasy hidden in brothels in Tuberose, helpless to scattered petals, blooming into a touch of self-deprecating smile, distribute among the enchanting flower-like text.Know love, not love; Ganai love pain, want to end the pain, but also the end of heartache.What is love?Should not be regarded as a blessing love it!Worldly things, is so strange, when we fall once when feeling pain, more pain will throw more and more light, it can not be used to numb or, anyway, be strong, too out of practice. Quiet night lying, gently floating heart, tongue dry and silent, looking forward to a coming Xinyu, share a unique feeling wet. Zi Han Yu Chui account fragrant, Yun scoring took place in Abas.Slow release Xiaoxiang burial fan, fanning ancient engrossed in accordance with. Yao Chi Yin Bilian crisp, desert Silver Star dance dream Yi.Tenderness Rose Liu made the probe, flourishing glamorous Phoenix. You are in the water side, you can sense the verse I wrote it for you?And my heart there will be ripples it?Dare not guess, painful.Before you laugh and tell me what you like, then tell me you did not understand, and then convulsed with laughter, I get almost to tears.I know no matter what I write like you, because you like more than just text, it is now?After several division, you will applaud it for my few words? Tonight miss you, miss you and look forward to a spring rain, tick, tick.