The window is already late spring.Yang Hua and catkins in this season swirls and a piece, one by one, like a lost target, the wind falling everywhere, without exception, as people feel a bit blurred?Such feelings have disturbing thoughts, coupled with the recent continuous rain, eyeful of messy, but as people of the once beautiful and nostalgia.Fortunately, today the sky is clear, reducing a sad parting.    After the storm, the new green extraordinarily charming, layers of green, jumped in the air and in the ground, highlighting sweet in front of us is a pure landscape plan, how can as people love it?    Since the spring, in my mind ever to walk this spring in search, the same spring, the same green, in my eyes, in my heart is still provoke numerous heartbeat, as in the past, I still want to be a messenger of spring, go for the life of this beautiful encounter cry and sing, this is all a singer of.    About Chun text, I’ve written a lot, just from his early grass, the green wicker covered, and then full bloom of peach, everywhere will leave my words, sometimes, I think, in the end it is dyed green spring my words, or my text again in this spring sprout?To this end, I have many times will a mood to this spring?After ask, let me into deep thoughts, because similar to this spring, once again reminds me that spring had personnel.    The human eye can not look only to the past, smart people always see the future, wrote tonight spring text end of this time, the same as I continue to enlarge their own line of sight in the minds of range.    As we all know, spring is a season of life quieter, tender grass, red flowers, leaves Tracy, although so extraordinary in this season, however, let these words be more splendid spring.    Walking in the outskirts of spring, is no longer in front of a bare hill, on the contrary appear in front of us is a piece of green this spring of life is being sprouted, green of new leaves in the sunshine, clear as like the children’s eyes so handsome.Life can encounter when the spring, this spring in the spring to fleeting, I would often find themselves unable to exposure to color this spring, the spring of this year, the same make my heart along with the words linger!    April, spring is here in our vibrant.Window park, river bridge, the hills of grass, everywhere reveals the power of a life, why should we neglect this thought in the spring?    Spring is breeding more meaning to life, so the face again and again fighting life, I was thinking, with a wonderful sense of life does not seem that their length, but also because of their understanding of life.Although some people experience a long life, but did not realize that life is worth living, I think, even if these become immortal life there much sense of it?Life is a passing of the years, some of the meaning of life to convey to people passing through, while others go with the flow, flow into the sea, drop into the sea, this is our life, our time will belong good kind of cherish.    For some time, my heart is always at a loss, write some text, but how can not find a place to start, so they quietly listened to in their leisure time, so the mood will gradually calm down.    I like the quiet beauty of spring, wherever we go, always in front of us a beautiful pattern, streams flow from the mountains has been, through our memory, has been heading out to sea; green sprouting, green, tender, gradually expanding our horizons, up until the eyes full of green sea.That gives me a lot of words spring.    Write endless spring, like an old song, sing whenever is so charming, I think this spring is not like a classic songs yet?Always we reside in our lives with you?    Some people say that time can dilute all, but spring is diluted share of love and how it?Previously, write spring time just looking forward to the vision and impact, like a hug owe this spring, only the pleasure of these encounters, through text, telling springtime, a time before they can receive praise.Now think about it, the passage of time, I made a mistake as a boys, with this kind of knowledge would not be blasphemy for life?Tangled, reflection, hovering, like spring in my written word frequently, I do not deny their own understanding.    April Young floating catkins, spring stage curtain call again in the fleeting years.Residing at this moment, my heart is still scattered Yanghwajin catkins alternative, would the situation from Italy do not just do that spring from the War?    Flash, a spring time so quietly away, as if through a section of the long road, stopped, looked me in this season of travel among the back!    In addition to spring to life outside the assertive personality, and that is strong.I like the early spring season, although green life at that time still buried deep beneath the earth’s surface, and a distance, but early mountain spring colored hearts and stimulate people, chill entirely, tender green emerged, showing the power of a seed, so that people will suddenly feel a strong life, this spirit has been maintained my attitude to life – from the strong spring among the most beautiful corner.    April to Yanghwa catkins, spring to spring another year.April spring so let’s put it worth a note.    2014.4.twenty one