REVIEW: costumes while dancing, even more so mother and I have a headache.Fifth grade teacher made up a small bee dance praised the hard work, I was picked taken six in a small bee.Bee has broad wings, in order to create a broad wings, the teacher let us have worn on sleeves have wide “Bat Shirt”.  Hours school during the holidays should allow each class to come up with one or two programs to celebrate.Most classes to show small chorus and dance-oriented, the actor is teacher picked and selected physical coordination is better, the more looks handsome classmate.However, most workers are doing their children.Children do not like doing work like rural children under the scorching sun, facing the wind with their parents on the ground, so the skin than rural children to be more delicate and pale.Every time I can glory like them selected to “rare,” the actor ranks, think about it, perhaps because the pain of the mother loves me, so I rarely go to work in the fields, dry skin and work woman somewhat similar reasons for it!    It can be selected, which of course is a good thing.But let me and the mother has a hint of embarrassment.Rural schools do not have special costumes, teachers set A beautiful life as a dress costumes, but work mostly dry clothes children wear, we have very few rural children.The teacher said, no one can buy clothes or borrow someone else’s.Buy, for me that’s difficult to do, to do new clothes only when a set of New Year, usually clothes are brothers and sisters from across the relatives and friends of clothes Amoy.Borrow, and children my age doing work like me dancing, who go by?    Once, several of our students make up a choir.Our teacher is no more mention of the costumes request, I think it might be just a little!They did not do more things to consider clothing.The show that day, my mother and I picked at my clothes costumes, all made of cloth clothes: a small square collar, a row of black buttons, two generous pockets, also conspicuously the name of two patches on the elbows.Finally, picked out to do when a piece of clothing last year, Chinese New Year, considered the latest and the best thing.Fortunately, when the Chinese New Year clothes with only a thin cloth to do, the weather in June also put on the line.When fast on the stage, the teacher saw my clothes, he stared angrily said: “You’re not even the best point of clothes yet?How to wear this dress on stage.”Next to the eyes of the students is the teacher’s words lead to a full-me, my face burning burn like fire pots grilled over his face.I can no longer use low low voice said: “I could not find clothes better than this point of the.”The teacher shook his head helplessly, reluctantly part, it decided to temporarily put me in the second row from the first row of lower, so wear beautiful clothes in front of classmates block my shabby clothes.At the time, age is still small, I lost only tears in his eyes round and round.    Costumes while dancing, even more so mother and I have a headache.Fifth grade teacher made up a small bee dance praised the hard work, I was picked taken six in a small bee.Bee has broad wings, in order to create a broad wings, the teacher let us have worn on sleeves have wide “Bat Shirt”.I do not have clothes, the mother would go from house to house to give me borrow.Finally, in a state-run store when a woman salesperson to borrow something.Adult clothes on my body is a little mast, but it also finally borrow clothes.The show that day, I put up side child clothes folded several fold, under false pretenses, escaped the teacher look at the eyes.Rows of very innovative program, dance clothes and contents are a good fit, the judges sitting in the front row of the teacher, another nod Award.During the performance to a half, I feel the audience’s attention seems to be focused on me, I thought he was a good performance, hearts coursing.But in doing squat down an action, only to find that the eyes of the audience who are looking at my clothes: Clothes folded edge of the discount child up after tossing a few dance moves, has long been exposed down, Get out of my knee wrap up.”Bat shirt” into a “bat skirt”.At that time, I was already a big girl just shy of half to find a way to seam drilling.    .But times change, instant and embarrassed for the costumes of the era, has long been lost in the long course of years, become a fragment of my memory.But, often think of, there is always a hint of astringent flavor soak into my heart.    When her daughter to kindergarten for the first time on stage performances, I use a digital camera to take pictures of her.Later, I said to her: “You are more than happy to give you schools with special costumes, costumes mother when others borrow clothes, but sometimes borrow.”My daughter looked surprised and said:” Why is it like to take someone else’s?School and grandmother do not you buy it?”” Grandma school and no money ah!”” What school and the money to buy a grandmother?”.I can not explain to her young daughter clearly confused by her heart, only vaguely said: “When you grow up after the know.”Yes, my daughter can not understand all this, the supermarket assortment of items, so she did not know what else is missing that one thing in this world; abundant material, so she ‘borrowed’ the word was very strange.As a day of costumes and embarrassed, but I belong to the generation of rural child’s memory, and only know at this man’s life, be able to understand which of hardship and embarrassment.[Editor: Tree man]