The years passed away slowly in our sonorous voice, and even the younger brother came out of the society full of studies. We no longer have to wear glue overnight to spend mammy, and we can easily buy some delicate and charming flowers to worship your old man’s house.!   In April, the annual Tomb Sweeping Day, and the day of worshipping Mammy ( Grandma ), the wind and rain did not change.! At every Qingming Festival in which Mammy has been away for almost 20 years, we have all come to sacrifice. In Zhongshan, Mammy is our first ancestor. She has come from Guangdong to Guangdong with different local conditions, and Mammy has also been buried in the grave..     The mountain in April was full of green, and the place where Mammy slept was chosen by her father and his people, a mountain waist full of pine trees. Father came to cut a mountain road early the day before the worship ceremony every year, otherwise it would be difficult for us to get up. This year, my mother and father also came to cut the road so that the road would be wider. My real mountain sister may have not climbed the mountain for too long, so she was particularly timid. She also asked my sister to help me on the way to the mountain because I was panting too hard and saw the beautiful wild red cuckoo when I leaned against the pine tree and gasped, making the red cuckoo look particularly delicate and charming and dripping against the surrounding tall pine trees..     The old friend has been going west for many years. The mother who once lived alone with us! As for Mammy, my sister and I may have the deepest memories in the younger brothers, because the life we once faced together was due to the hardships and joys we had gone through together, Mammy was a very kind-hearted woman, a young woman who came from the old society and was once a maid of a large family and later let grandpa be redeemed as his wife. The hardships of the old society and the early adoption of the baby alone gave mammy a strength unmatched by women of the same generation. My mother once said that uncles did not hesitate to force mammy to remarry in order to want some of the industries in our family at that time, but mammy did not bow down, but came slowly with her young and sickly father in the strange eyes of others, listening to his father say that even he had never seen his own father. I really can’t imagine how mammy raised my father in the small mountain village in Gaoshan depression at that time and sent him to school.! Mammy, who doesn’t know the words, actually likes the reader very much. She once said I: You love reading so much and I will send you a load of books as a dowry when you marry later ( it’s a pity that Mammy didn’t wait for me to get married ). My father said that when I was young, Mammy took him to plant seedlings. My younger father didn’t understand the fear, and he climbed up the stone on the edge of the field to play on his own and accidentally fell down from the stone more than 6 meters high. I really can’t imagine what Mammy scare looked like at that time. I still vaguely remember that there was a dragon eye tree on the edge of the stone with two layers now.? Dad said Mammy told him the land father-in-law had received it, so it was all right. When she finally moved down from the mountain to the foot of the mountain, Mammy took our sisters without doing farm work. Mammy loved to hold a sunflower fan in her hand at that time and knocked us on the head with a fan when we were disobedient ( Mammy never scolded us loudly ). She also often stood at the edge of the sungrain farm in summer calling for our nickname with a fan. Remember when a beggar came from our small village, the rice at that time was quite precious. Mammy poured the rice she was trying to eat in her bowl into the beggar’s bowl and told him to leave quickly and don’t frighten me. Life is still very hard when mammy was born, but the mammy in my memory is very optimistic. I have never seen mammy cry, no matter she is ill or poor, unlike me, she cried when she cut her long hair too short for me. mammy laughed at me: your grandma is still alive, but she will soon be born again. mammy used to smoke a hookah and thump, or it may be like this. the trachea is damaged and coughs frequently. family often call doctors to give injections to mammy at home, and once mammy is ill again. we really do! Dear Mammy went away in regret without enjoying our reward, with the poverty of the family at that time and the happiness of her, with the wish that she could see the birth of her younger brother at that time and that we had finally built our own home in Zhongshan..     Years passed away slowly in our sonorous voice, and even the younger brother came out of the society full of studies. We no longer wore glue overnight and spent mammy. We can also easily buy some delicate and charming flowers to worship your old man’s house.! In front of the tomb where your old man’s family reposes, there are sincere offerings from our successors. Sister said, ” Will grandma know if she will see us today?”? I said yes, I will! Mammy in the cardigan will certainly! Because of our happiness, our happiness is the wish of her old man’s house and the blessing of her old man’s house.!! I always want to wait for the day when I have this ability, I will write a record of the bumpy life of our family, including the story of each of us. It cleared up again, and mother smiled and said, ” Even the weather is beautiful now, which was supposed to rain.”.     Diligence and firmness have made every member of our family successful. Although our life still has some shortcomings to run in, I know that as long as we work hard and carry Mammy’s optimism in the face of life, we can always find patches of sunshine in the wind and rain.!![ Responsibility Editor: Chloe[ Original ]

Brother. Brother Author: Linger Editor: When Xiao Wang was born, family planning was strictly controlled. Those pregnant with a second child are either going to hide in their relatives’ homes in the countryside or to be caught’ scare the goose that lays the golden eggs’, only his mother is still showing off with a big belly every day.. Not that the family was rich and powerful, but that the father’s application was approved because the family had a retarded brother.       Mother took a cane and said to her brother, Never touch your brother, remember? He raised his cane and warned him that if he did not obey, he would be beaten. He cowered and hid to one side, his head lowered deeply, and his body was scarred by frequent mistakes.. Since then, his parents have made a rule for him: he is not allowed to enter their bedroom, and even if he eats, he should put some dishes in a bowl and let him eat in a corner.. He often squatted at the door of his parents’ room, looked into the room with his body half bowed, looked at his mother’s brother in arms, cocked his head, grinned happily, and saliva flowed out along the corners of his mouth..       When a child of similar age has learned to walk, it is difficult for him to say a word in his mouth, his eyes glaze over, let alone read it.. When he came to the hospital and found out that it was a brain disease, his father threw his grievances on his mother, who imposed his grievances on him for many months as an adult.. As a result, he often had to be beaten up for some small things. At this time, if grandma finds out, she will immediately pull him out of the house and keep saying, ” why do you want to come to this world to suffer, son?”?       My younger brother grew up slowly and has already babbled and hobbled. The stones in the family’s heart finally fell to the ground.. He was also happy. Many times, his brother came up to him with his arm outstretched. He danced with excitement, but his mother always came running hurriedly and held his brother away..       The mother taught her brother to call his father, mother and grandfather, but never taught him to call his brother. He’s in the house every day, and he’s struggling to shout when his mother’s away, brother. He wants his brother to hear and learn to call him brother. Everything comes to him who waits.. One day, my brother, who was squatting on the ground playing, looked up at him and let out a clear cry of ” elder brother”. he was flushed with excitement, clapped his hands and jumped up. suddenly he ran over and hugged his brother forcefully. tears and saliva flowed to his brother..       When he grew up, he looked at his brother who was always dangling in front of his eyes and giggling at him with disgust in his heart. He was called ” Fool and His Brother” when he was a child. He hated this title and was frustrated in his self – esteem. He wanted to shout: My name is Zhang Jiawang, not Fool and His Brother.. They also used to bleed the children’s noses for this, but it was no use. They still called it that way. He gradually got used to it, but he deepened his hatred for his brother and wished he could get away with it.       Eat together, one dish for each person. He always likes to pick the one he likes on his brother’s plate and pour all he doesn’t want to eat to him.. The elder brother simply told him to eat enough, eat first and eat leftovers last. There are snacks in the home, and my brother also gave him a large portion of them. When he accepted them safely, he clearly saw his brother’s eyes and shed tears..       One day, he went to school and forgot to bring his pencil case. He walked in front with a few classmates, followed by his brother, his mouth creaking.. He is used to it and does not look back. A classmate said: Fool’s brother, if you fool’s brother keeps following you like this, you will become a fool in only one day. He was so angry that he took the veins stood out and punched each other. The students covered his chest and shouted. It seems that your family is crazy.. When they started fighting, he was pressed under the other side and was about to accept his fist when he saw the boy being lifted up by his brother and fell to the ground, screaming for pain..       In my life, I found my brother was a strongman, but I was afraid that my classmates would complain to my teacher. That day, my father asked them to kneel side by side on the ground, while my brother lay down on him when the cane fell relentlessly.. He could feel his brother’s trembling, and his brother said, hit and hit me.       On the day of getting the college admission notice, the parents were too happy to close their mouths, and the elder brother danced with joy like a child.. It vaguely knew that his younger brother was angry with his family, went to college, and would never be angry with others for him again. From then on, no one called him a fool, but called him ” Jiawang his brother.”.       The night before he left home, his brother came up to him and gave him a small cloth bag. He opened it and it turned out to be a huge pile of spare money.. ‘ take, take. Brother, no, no flowers. ‘ It turns out that for so many years, my brother has not spent a penny. Maybe he thinks he doesn’t have any meaning in spending his own money, but it’s better to give it to my brother.       He took the money with tears in his eyes and said, Brother, don’t you spend it? I haven’t called out this name for a long time. It’s a bit difficult to spit it out. Brother shook his head powerfully, smiled with tears, and his mouth widened when he smiled..      He wrote down two words’ brother’ on the paper. He repeatedly taught his brother to read and told him, ” Brother” means to have a brother first. Without you, there would be no me.       The elder brother insists on reading the word ” brother” and deliberately lengthens the word ” brother” but reads it firmly at intervals, brother!       The next day, he said goodbye to his brother, he still said, brother – brother! Walking away, looking back at the back of my brother on the threshold, he cried. My brother is telling him that my brother is always the first in his heart.. ‘ ‘

Today is a bit uneasy.   From the kindergarten class to Xiao Bao’s current third grade, I learned the Jewish way to pick up and transport my children. No matter how busy and hard I am, I just want to grow up with my children slowly..   From the beginning of this semester, Xiao Bao kept asking to go by himself, but I never agreed. I know that every time I go to school and finish school, I will meet those children who walk silently, admire and love dearly.. Always don’t give up, always can’t let the children go alone, but I know I have to let go after all.   Over the past five years, the children’s study, life, making friends and reading have all been in their mind.. Just yesterday, Xiao Bao said that one of her good friends had planned her birthday in January next year and was going to invite her. It is said that the child is also going to invite Yang Hongying, who wrote the regulations on smiling cat diaries.. I laughed and was deeply moved by the simplicity of the child. I really hope Yang Hongying can attend the birthday of a strange and beloved child.! What a happy thing it should be for children who love reading her books! That kind of happiness must be more than watching Happy Camp.   The best way to educate children is love, but not doting.   I don’t want to talk about education as an art, but I don’t subscribe to the rule that I won’t lose at the starting line of the family.. I began to tell my children in the simplest and simplest way to face every bit of study and life seriously, diligently and carefully, and share joy and misery with them.. Although she was encouraged to strive for the top position, she did not expect to excel. Growing up slowly, she has a love and a sense of responsibility, and it is good to do the present things well, just as she took part in the performance of ” Little Black Fish Regulations” in the lesson drama last year, although she was a small role.. I think of the late actor Li Ding, who played a small role, and Zhou Xingchi, who once played a running errand, even if he can give off his own light again..   Having a healthy and lively heart is far more important than outstanding achievements.   I remember an old professor said, ” University is studying, not big.”. What about primary schools? Primary school is the enlightenment and the starting point for children to take off in the future. What is more important is not how much knowledge they have learned, but how to learn and how to improve their psychological quality.. Therefore, only some interest classes are offered to the children to repair their heart and raise their sex.. For example, dance, only for children to shape up. Such as guzheng, only for children to slowly understand the beauty of string law. She has a beautiful body and a beautiful heart, and I think it is also beautiful when she looks at the world..   This arrangement is also an environment that parents may create. It is essential for children to learn in a happy mood.. For example, children are now infatuated with the Yang Hongying series and Qiong Yao’s participation in the Huanzhu Gege Bill, and they start reading after finishing their homework almost after school. I no longer require her to read classics, but what is important is that she develop the habit of reading, cultivate her emotional intelligence, learn to arrange her time reasonably, learn to think carefully, and learn to find the beauty of the artistic conception of Chinese characters in every step of the writing..   The day was a little uneasy. I could not help laughing when I stood in the distance and saw Xiao Bao crossing the last road by herself. She looked at the tension from left to right.. When she came home, I hugged her and she smiled proudly, which made me happy.

Ying Er: How are you now? I can’t help worrying about you, my lovely daughter, on my way to heaven. I know, you’ve always been very painful and hurt. Although you are different from me, I often remember worrying about you in silence, because there is no mountain to take care of in your world.. Right?? Although you are strong and do not tell me your loneliness, my lovely daughter, you are too strong, calm and kind to me.. I really know the bitterness in your heart. I really want to hurt you and hurt you. Although I was disturbed and torn by the pain, I was still very happy because I have the children I love and your mother I love the most.. Your love for me embraces me and lets me know that I should be satisfied with the love of the world. Although pain and tribulation continue to torment and devour my flesh, it will not disturb my soul after all, because I know this is the experience of God and my merciful father..     Born in the world, suffering from short. I am satisfied. I can no longer take care of your mother and you, nor can I give you the love of the world. But I am still in heaven, looking down at you, thinking about you and thinking about you is also a kind of transcendental happiness.     There are also many things I can do in heaven. When I came to heaven, I saw my heavenly father thinking day and night. The holiness in heaven is beyond my imagination. There is no car to drive to and fro, nor is there any sin in the world. It is as clean as a drop of glittering and translucent dew, like a faint cloud, like a gentle wind.. Here, everywhere is full of light, soft flowers, distant orchid, cold plum, pure lotus, light lotus … ah.. There are many flowers blooming in order, unlike the world which is divided into four seasons. Are all some elegant flowers scattered breath. There are some gentle and breezy days here every day. There are also many melodious hymn tunes, biblical classics and spread, all of which are gently expressed here. Some pure angels in white sings softly, melodious and soothing. The whole sky is full of inspiration through the air, and the whole soul has already lost its desire in the world.. I am here without the trouble of pain, more without the iniquity born in the world, some just bent over and looked down at the world’s dynamic state of mind.. I had a heart-to-heart talk with the merciful Father, who taught me how to love the world, how to help the world out of suffering, wash the soul of the world, save the suffering of the world, and help them out of all kinds of dangers..     Ying ‘er, I prayed to the angel of love here for my desire to love you, and there was an angel who loved you in life, like a mountain, like a quiet water, more like the day you love, autumn day, blue like washing. Give your father’s care, brother’s amiability, and close warmth. Believe me, you will have this unexpected relationship and you will be happy. He will certainly appear in the second half of your life and will understand the pure you. He will eventually become an indispensable part of your life. Believe me, you will soon be happy. Your indifferent and uncontroversial nature has pained you and made you successful at the same time.. You have to believe in the true love of the world. Although you are burned with love, your clean heart, without complaint or regret, has touched the angel.. The angel promised that he would give you a new love.     To say that there is no place in the world but you – my lovely Ying – er, that’s your mother.. I can feel your mother’s lonely heart here. I miss her very much, but I also know that she is a man who has not been able to come to me for the time being.. Looking back on my life, I mistreated your mother very much. I made her suffer all her life and suffer all her life.. There is no good care for her. Now I can’t make up for it. Ying Er, I don’t want anything else. I only want your mother to live happily for the rest of her life, and I hope you will be reborn as soon as possible. I believe that you will, and you also want to believe this.. Also know that your mother is worried about my heart. I hope she will live through her old age without illness or disaster.. Nothing else matters.     All things are inclusive, all things believe, all things wait, all things hope. As long as you remember God’s words and practice God’s actions, it doesn’t matter whether you have them or not. Happiness will follow. Rich or poor, people’s lives are as short as smoke clouds and fragile as porcelain. For love, hate, hatred, or desire disputes in the world, I have thought it through before I know that everything will eventually return to dust and all will be empty.. A wisp of light smoke, a handful of loess, this is a home for people. What can be hoped for in the end is nothing more than this quiet silence from heaven, this precipitation without cars coming to live in..God loves the world, and the world also wants to destroy a grateful heart. In order to have heaven-like simplicity and heaven-like happiness.     Ying Er, tell your mother to stop worrying about me and me. I’m really at ease in heaven, and I’m also very happy, more happy, and also very happy.. Although there is no physical body, it is also my greatest wish to work for God with my soul, relieve suffering for the world and wash floating dust for my soul.. This is also your mother’s hope, and I believe she will feel my happiness and fulfillment..     Don’t say, my ying er. I have to do my job. Talk again when you have time. Finally, I wish my Ying and her family peace and joy in the world. I also wish all the world happiness and happiness.    Your father in heaven on November 8, 2010[ Responsible Editor: Chloe ]

[ Original Text ]In the past years, the beautiful love has turned into a kind of affection that will not be abandoned.. More than 30 years of exposure to each other is happy, and it is also valuable for the impetuous marriage and love now..     They got married 30 years ago by turning back the calendar.     The place where they live is a small county within a hundred miles, and the county seat is not big either. However, the outline of the city wall of the county seat is clearly visible, and the city gate building, crenels and broken city walls even bear the original mark.. What east fort, west fort, middle fort, Shuncheng street and sanguan temple is, at best, a tuchengzi that is not more than two miles long and not more than five hundred meters wide.     Remember it was a winter, the north wind with a frightening scream. The posters in the street were torn into strands, and the poor colored paper fell from the frozen paste and curled up in the corner of the room. A whirlwind blew in and was swept up into the sky, scraping away with the broken branches and leaves..     In the conference room of one unit, a conference is being held to welcome the representatives of the poor and lower middle peasants to the management.. The director of the unit’s revolutionary committee is spitting on the great significance of its presence.. Inferior tobacco smoke pervaded the whole meeting room, and from time to time someone choked and coughed. Wei dong, who was sitting by the door, opened the door quietly with a crack, and a cool breeze blew in, inadvertently blowing the bangs of a female comrade who was stationed in charge.. The female comrade turned her face gently, glanced at Wei dong carelessly and smiled gratefully.. At the same time, she fanned the smoke drifting to the front with her consciousness.     Weidong’s face was flushed with brush. Her smiling smile, the elegant posture of hand – brushed smoke, and the pink scarf around her neck were suddenly fixed in Wei Dong’s heart. At last, the chairman of the revolutionary Committee finished, and the representatives of the poor and lower-middle peasants who were stationed in the area spoke. See her, slowly walked to the front, beautiful eyes scanning the people who came to the meeting, her eyes once again saw Wei dong, and a slight smile.     We’re from the countryside, and it’s the arrangement of the superior to enter the unit. I hope all the teachers present here will give us more advice and help us do a good job in the unit.. ‘ Say that finish, she deeply bowed to everyone. Compared with the heavy speech made by the chairman of the revolutionary Committee, everyone has not yet turned to god, and then received warm applause.     After the meeting, Wei Dong was left behind. Although he is young, he is also the head of a store. According to the arrangement of the leader, she was assigned to Wei Dong’s salesroom. After a few commonplaces, Wei Dong used his bicycle to carry her simple luggage and headed for the salesroom along the empty street against the chilly north wind..     At first, Wei dong still gave her a warning. after all, the family was a poor propaganda team. in addition to taking care of her life, the family was the leader of the’ movement’. In the coming days, she not only didn’t have a ” leader” faction, but also scrambled to do heavy work and dirty work.. Gradually, everyone’s impression of her changed. After a short period of time, she became a good manager of the unit..     Wei dong was afraid to look into her eyes, afraid she would smile at herself, and even more afraid to get along with her alone, even if he would rather be. When she comes home from rest, she will bring home a lot of local products from the countryside, and at the same time, she will give Wei Dong an extra share to take home for her parents to taste.. Often at this point, Weidong’s heart will produce involuntary sprouting.     A year later, the poverty propaganda team will leave and they will be assigned to better units. On the night she left, she asked Wei dong to go out for a walk. when she broke up, she said to Wei dong, ” will you say I stay in this unit?”? ‘ WeiDong eager and panic nodded.     She didn’t leave and stayed in the unit. She fell in love with Wei dong, and she married Wei dong.     In those days, getting married was not a public affair. We ate a few pieces of wedding candy, and all of us gathered together to buy thermos flask as a big object.. Eat meal is a luxury, can’t, revolution.     The past 30 years have passed quickly. Years of life, family and children, and struggle left them proud resumes, and the marks of life also climbed the corner of their eyes and hair temples..     When someone in the neighborhood was having a wedding, firecrackers made people sleep badly, and she heard a jubilant voice, just like her children had a wedding.. Looking at the festive floats and the bride in her wedding dress, her eyes flashed with youthful splendor and envy.. Wei Dong has heard her say more than once: ” You see how beautiful the children are now and how warm and moist the wedding is.”. ‘ WeiDong twilight woke up with a start. His heart is sour and his wife has lived for more than 30 years. When did we celebrate our wedding anniversary, when did we take the wedding photos, the expectations in your eyes, and your exclamations are just the condemnation to me!     Since then, Wei Dong has been looking forward to the wedding anniversary. He is quietly preparing to make an appointment with the wedding studio, but finally he can’t resist the excitement and has revealed the news with me.     Early that morning, I drove to the gate of Weidong’s house. It can be seen that Wei dong greeted her in the morning, and the old couple came downstairs with a bright face..I looked at them calmly and smiled. She was a little embarrassed. A wisp of red color passed through her cheeks and spread to her face..     The atmosphere in the studio was unprecedented. The couple, the couple and the children of our two families. Click, click, Meguiar’s flashing, click, click, happiness freeze, click, click, laughter.     Quiet. Wei dong cried, and she wept. Then, a burst of more violent and cheerful laughter rang out, accompanied by warm applause, and the children cried out happily..     In the dining room of the hotel, our two families pushed for a change of cup and Wei dong and her drank a cup of toast under the supervision of us and the children.. The smile, the satisfaction, and the tears of happiness were swallowed together with the wine..    [ Responsibility Editor: Min Min[ Original ]

The Oriental concept of money seems to be the opposite. In the past, they were more reserved, paying attention to reading books and making money by curves. ‘ Three Years Qing Magistrate, One Hundred Thousand Snowflakes and Silver”. The purpose of being an official is to amass money and enjoy prosperity.   How can the world not feel at ease because it indulges its desires. In the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, there was a book called ” participating in the interpretation of the human rights and interests bill”, which made the desire to enter the wood inherent to everyone’s desire.. Three – point description: ” All day long I travel for hunger only. I think about clothes after drinking. I have enough food and clothing. I also want to have a beautiful wife.”. Marry a beautiful wife and give birth to a son, hate no heaven and earth but few foundations, buy more fields and go in and out without boats and horses.. Trough head buckled mule and horse, sigh no official position was bullied by people. When Xiancheng was too young to be an official, he wanted to hang purple clothes in the court. If the world wants to be satisfied, unless Nanke has a dream. ” Visible” and ” the heart is not enough to swallow a snake like” are not just empty words. If a person cannot contain his own desires, he will become a slave to desire and eventually lose himself and be enslaved by desire..     Greed is human nature. Looking at all kinds of social phenomena in the east and the west, there seems to be a slight difference. Easterners prefer to make money with power, while westerners prefer to make money with power..     Westerners advocate money politics and money rolls around the axis of power. They focus on how to exert their influence on society and always want to gain control over society through their social status. The ultimate goal of making money and making profits is not for personal enjoyment, but to gain more control and thus the power to govern.. People in the world often say that the politics of westerners are in fact the politics of the rich. This is quite reasonable. Because in the western world, if a person proves his talent by earning money, then he can apply it to change various social situations, although it is easier to be accepted by the society.. In the eyes of westerners, money is not the purpose of survival, but a tool to dominate others. Western – style power lust has become full of political ambition.     The Oriental concept of money seems to be the opposite. In the past, they were more reserved, paying attention to reading books and making money by curves. ‘ Three years of Qing magistrate, 100,000 snowflakes and silver”. The purpose of being an official is to amass money and enjoy prosperity. Today, it is even more straightforward and does not need to read many books or know any principles. As long as it can sharpen its head and drill in, even if it is a small sesame official, it will make money frantically.. It follows the principle that ” the right not to use it, but to expire it”.     Oriental people regard money as their first need in life. It seems that they have money and have a sense of security. Therefore, they often regard officials as an excellent opportunity to make money.. Officials are not trying to influence and contribute to the society, but to reap full benefits for themselves.. In fact, there are many examples of self-destruction in society..     Westerners often like to gain power through money. They think that power symbolizes conquest and glory. The value of money is to serve power. Easterners believe that power is temporary and only money represents eternity, so they regard power as a bargaining chip for money.. Westerners value participation and risk – taking; Oriental people pay attention to enjoyment and wealth. The two concepts are deeply rooted in the cultures of different nationalities. On the one hand, they show different values and personality characteristics of the east and west nationalities. On the other hand, it may also provide a meaningful reference for the differences in social systems between eastern and western countries.     To lock up greed, one must constantly strengthen one’s self – cultivation, so as to maintain a clear conscience of heaven and earth, and praise and praise one’s own spring and autumn. Do the righting and pressing evil officials and be selfless. Do not change the cold leaf green, warm flower red; To be rich does not do injustice; to be poor does not do greed. Do the eyes view the world with sorrow, and the heart is concerned about the joy of the world.

Two magnolia trees stood quietly along the road leading to the classroom. I don’t know whether it was because they were too quiet or I was too careless to find them through the winter. I didn’t know that they were so close to me until a week ago, when white flower heads filled the branches, some complained that they had ignored them..     They are like two graceful young girls, beautiful, pure, demure and full of vitality and strength.. Every day they pass by, they always surprise me. On the first day, they only show their small eyes and eagerly visit the spring life. Can they know that they themselves are the beautiful scenery in the eyes of passers – by? The next day he poked out his whole little head like a kindergarten where children sat around playing games, chattering and chirping.. On the third day, they completely displayed their graceful posture in the spring, with the same shyness as the girls in seed of love, and also with their warm and unrestrained mood.. My sense of smell is not sensitive. I don’t smell their fragrance. I just listen to my friends say that magnolia blossoms are fragrant.. I tried to imagine what kind of fragrance it should be. It must not be as strong as Yingchun or as stingy as Haitang. Their fragrance should be wisps of fragrance … Ah, such fragrance will not come to my nostrils, but will only vaguely smell the wisps of fragrance when you gather the tip of your nose to her petals and try to stir up the nose..     I always want to stop to look at them and feel the pleasant fragrance under the magnolia flower, but I always miss it by following my classmates in a hurry.. I passed by again this afternoon and my eyes deceived me! There is only one magnolia flower left on the branch!! How spring has just begun to sprout, the earth has just thawed, willow trees have just pulled out new buds, and everything is slowly getting rid of the bondage of winter, but the only magnolia has no happiness to enjoy this wonderful spring? Good don’t worry about people! I looked up again, yes, there is only one lone branch on the branch. Perhaps she is enjoying herself in solitude, perhaps she sighs at the sight of sisters falling in the wind, or she complains why spring scenery is so mean to them.     The time for class is coming soon. I still can’t stay here, even if only for a minute.! Sitting in the classroom all afternoon was always uneasy. I was thinking about the beautiful orchids … Ah, I knew they were dying so quickly, and I had to take time to watch what I said.. Busy is not the real reason, but simply because it ignores the cruelty of time. I want to wait for the next time again and again. I have time to see it again next time. The prevarication over and over again makes it impossible for me to have the next time.. It’s’ flowers can be folded straight and must be folded, don’t wait to fold branches without flowers’, which can only be sighing in vain.     Happiness is like a blooming magnolia flower, which is coming to us to make us less able to prevent it, let alone to know when it will quietly leave us.. Don’t wait for the flower to thank before thinking of appreciating its beauty, and don’t wait for happiness to pass by before realizing that it should be grasped. When happiness comes, open your eyes and stretch out your hands to hold it tightly. Don’t let happiness wither like a magnolia flower!     Class is over, I got up and rushed out of the classroom. I want to go down to the magnolia tree and admire the only magnolia flower carefully. I dare not slow down because I am afraid that even the last one will miss … ah

On the afternoon of August 23rd, Gengyin’s year, it was cold between the restaurants, but the two or three drinkers were drinking, chatting and laughing.. The private dog is pregnant, lazy to play, prostrate at his feet and sleeping soundly. After cooking soup cooked, fresh fragrance into the nose, tipsy but want to drunk.     At that time, the mid-autumn is over, the autumn meaning is strong, every afternoon, the sky is dark. I studied in a restaurant and felt sleepy, so I moved to the shop door. But I felt the autumn wind rustling, refreshing and refreshing and refreshing, and I was inspired by God.. After months of falling in the daytime and staying in the restaurant, I came home from the starry night and had no spare time to bathe in fresh air.. There are young trees in front of the premises, but they are only two feet tall in front of them, so it is not surprising when they have jumped to more than four feet and are luxuriant in branches and leaves, and they have not been gaunt by the devastation of autumn..     The wall facing the street was originally sandy with grey walls. There was once a climbing tiger coming over the wall, but this one was born across the street from my boss.. I tasted that in the early morning and afternoon, in my spare time, when I was on a spiritual journey, I washed my eyes and refreshed my mind and realized that Zen was pure in heart, which was my favorite thing.. The wasteland outside the wall is lush with green grass, and it is also my place to climb high and look far away and travel far and wide.. How can developers choose this place to build walls and soil?. One night, there was no green grass, no sound of insects, no advertisement on the grey wall, and the creeper was afraid to go away with the wind..     At the beginning of buying a house, I tried to visit friends and friends in its premises, but no guests in the afternoon, but I saw friends invite friends to join me and choose a card skill.. I fear to be reduced to this point, so I always encourage myself. Although I am busy now with a large number of guests, and when I am idle, I have never been in danger of promotion.. Or reading classics, or reading books, both ancient Chinese and English will not be discarded. Even if I or Fu Qin voluntarily sent me, I will also try to express my feelings in writing, but also participate in meditation, clear my heart, improve one’s mind, and dare not or forget it.. Both from rong are prosperous, my heart began to return to calm. In this shop to make a living, to enter is prosperous, to leave is pastoral, has the feeling of striving, also does not reduce the meaning of repair, with the intention of joining the WTO, for several years has not enjoyed its present happiness..     Ou Xi, luckily!

The Fourth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee stressed that the road of socialist rule of law with Chinese characteristics is a concentrated reflection of the achievements and experience in the construction of socialist rule of law and the only correct way to build a socialist country ruled by law.. The road determines fate, and the road leads the future. To comprehensively promote the rule of law, we must go the right way. If the road is going the wrong way and the opposite is true, then there is no point in asking for any more requirements and measures..     From the formulation of the first constitution of the People’s Republic of China in 1954 to the reopening of the’ door to law’ after the reform and opening up; From the establishment of the basic strategy of governing the country by law at the 15th National Congress to the formation of the socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics in 2010, we have explored a unique road of building the rule of law in our long-term practice of governing the country.. The rule of law road of socialism with Chinese characteristics is an important part of the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics. To move forward along this road, we should neither ignore the national conditions, transcend the stage, nor follow the old conventions and conventions, nor transplant or copy them in an all-round way. Only in this way can we solve the major problems in the construction of the rule of law in China, better safeguard the rights and interests of the people, safeguard social fairness and justice, and safeguard national security and stability.. On the fundamental issue of adhering to and expanding the socialist rule of law with Chinese characteristics, we should establish self-confidence and maintain stability.     The core of the road of rule of law in socialism with Chinese characteristics includes three aspects: first, upholding the leadership of the party; second, upholding the socialist system with Chinese characteristics; and third, implementing the theory of rule of law in socialism with Chinese characteristics. Party leadership is the most essential characteristic of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the most fundamental guarantee of socialist rule of law. The socialist system with Chinese characteristics is the basic system foundation of the socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics and the basic system guarantee to comprehensively promote the rule of law. The theory of rule of law of socialism with Chinese characteristics is the theoretical guidance and theoretical support of the system of rule of law of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and is the action guide to comprehensively promote the rule of law. Only by firmly grasping these three aspects can we ensure the institutional attribute and direction of the rule of law system of socialism with Chinese characteristics and build a socialist country ruled by law based on China’s reality.     Taking the road of socialist rule of law with Chinese characteristics is a major issue, and there are many things that need to be explored in depth, but the basic things must be adhered to for a long time.. Only by adhering to the leadership of the Communist Party of China can we effectively and orderly promote the construction of the rule of law, which is the fundamental guarantee. Only by adhering to the people’s dominant position can people’s rights and interests be fundamentally protected, which is an essential requirement. Only by insisting on equality before the law can we maintain social fairness and justice, which is the basic principle. Only by adhering to the combination of governing the country by law and governing the country by virtue can the law and morality complement each other, and the rule of law and rule of virtue complement each other. This is the basic way. Only by adhering to China’s reality can we adapt to the national conditions and connect with society. This is the basic premise. This ” Five Persistences” is the basic experience we have summed up in our long-term practice and determines whether we can do a good job in the construction of the rule of law and move towards a rule of law China..     The Fourth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee sounded the clarion call to comprehensively promote the rule of law. The majority of cadres and the masses, especially leaders at all levels, should be unequivocal and stand firm, not disturbed by noise or erroneous ideological trends, unswervingly follow the road of socialist rule of law with Chinese characteristics, promote the modernization of the national governance system and governance capability, and provide a strong legal guarantee for the realization of the ” two hundred years” goal and the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation..

[ Original Text ]If you are ambitious, work hard, contribute to the country, benefit the people, and live your life vigorously, it will be the highest realm of life, but you can’t hope for it, let nature take its course.!   A wise man said: There are three states in water and three states in life. The three states of water are determined by temperature, while the three states of human beings are determined by the temperature of the mind.. If a person’s temperature for life and life is below 0 ℃, then the person’s living condition will be ice, and his whole life will be only as big as the place where his feet stand. If a person has a normal attitude towards life and life, then he is a normal water. He can flow into rivers and seas, but he can never leave the earth. If a person is 100 ℃ hot for life and life, he will become water vapor and become clouds, he will fly and his world is as big as the universe.     The wise man’s words are insightful, but it is not easy to decide the three states of life. Qu Yuan said, ” There is a long way to go for Xiu Yuan, and I will go up and down to search for it.”. ‘ we also can only do so.   In the face of numerous and complicated world and material desires, it is particularly important to determine the three states of life. In the face of life, how should we choose? As for life, we should not be pessimistic, disappointed and insensitive, saying ” it’s rare to be confused”, ” the day the monk hits the clock” and ” live and live” instead of seeking success but not exceeding it. I’m afraid such a life is not far from freezing point. At least we should have a common heart, let nature take its course, have a heat, send a light, exert all our efforts, die, and never come to the world in vain. If you are ambitious, work hard, contribute to the country, benefit the people, and live your life vigorously, it will be the highest realm of life, but you can’t hope for it, let nature take its course.!   Teenagers, determined early, don’t take it for granted that they have lost their heads and are empty and sad.!   Middle – aged people are young and full of vigor. It is a good time to make contributions. Remember that the time is right and the time is no longer coming. Striving for strength is a wise choice..   The elderly should also give full play to their advantages and let the sunset dyed red the western hills!   Put an end to the freezing point of life, make life normal and pursue a hot life!