According to statistics, as of October last year, the national audit institutions implemented a total of 827 outgoing audit pilot projects, involving 1210 people being audited leading cadres。 Only in Guizhou province, in Libo, Chishui and Rongjiang has carried out a pilot 35, the forget once "eco accounts" for the officials, including county clerk, including。   Wuhan City, Hubei Province since the pilot audit of leading cadres natural resource assets, currently has more than 20 cadres were accountable accountable, eight of them due to sewage collection system construction to promote the poor be given demotion。 Local Audit Office reports, audit results will be included in the file of cadres, the lifelong Responsibility。
  Bottlenecks, fully open a lot of pain points "to quantify the value of natural resources is very difficult on accounting。 "Southwest University of Political Science Department audit Hu Yun Tong said, has not yet formed an effective linkage mechanism between relevant government departments, information was not shared。
  "How to evaluate a major problem is also troubled by the audit department。
"CASS Institute of Finance Financial Audit Strategy Research Office Wang Dehua said, a very important reason is that the audit department lacks an objective evaluation criteria。
  According to reports, taking into account the complexity of the problems of resources and environment, local audit department generally only required to do a comprehensive evaluation of the performance of duties, divided into "good" and "good," "fair," "poor", "poor" 5 levels。
Wang Dehua believe that this relatively simple qualitative, and the lack of confirmation of responsibility twinning standards, it is difficult to accurately quantify visit。   If there are problems, there are also defined the accountability problem。
Grassroots audit, Environmentalists say pollution damage to natural resources, there are generally cross-regional, lag issues, and because the organization, discipline inspection and supervision departments to lack of appropriate follow-up measures, hard for accountability。
  In addition, the outgoing audit policy, professional level of the staff members are higher, rely solely on the existing strength is difficult to complete。 Libo County in Guizhou Province Audit Bureau official said, the audit grassroots power is relatively weak, relative lack of experience, in the face of complex natural resource assets, team building should be strengthened。   Truss cage, to implement green performance concept "should audit sector-led, multi-sectoral participation, the establishment of resource sharing platform for environmental data。
"Hu Yun Tong suggested that on this basis, the preparation of good natural resource balance sheet, really find out the real situation。 He also suggested that the current situation for the "departure after audit" can be sooner, maximize the deterrent effect of audit。   Some grassroots environmental audit cadres also believes that to really form a Forced mechanism of ecological protection, we must build a systematic, specialized evaluation system as soon as possible, and with the discipline inspection and supervision departments, the judiciary, etc. form a concerted effort to ensure that specific operational measures , not a mere formality, not going through the motions。
  For lack of professional challenges, a Director of Guizhou Provincial Audit Office audit of financial responsibility Zhang Yan said, can take "large formation audit", "open the door to engage in audit", break down departmental boundaries, to borrow an external expert resources。
In addition, to improve audit efficiency, but also combined with advanced concepts of information technology, big data, and accelerate the modernization of technological equipment, application of measurement。
  Rongjiang County, Guizhou Province, Hu Xiaoqing, deputy director of Audit, etc. also suggested that we should strive to improve the quality and ability of existing auditors, to strengthen the training and recruitment of professionals have focused on natural resources, improve the existing personnel structure。 (Banyuetan given to reporters Jie)。