Huang Xianghui Chinese girl died of suspected drug overdose inside a mansion in midtown Manhattan。
(Ye Yongkang Photo) June 14 – U.S. local time June 11, 22-year-old Chinese female student Huang Xianghui (ShangWeiWang, transliteration) was found dead inside a Manhattan luxury apartment, the police have been involved in the investigation。
At present, the cause of death of the female students is still uncertain, awaiting dissection results。
But evidence at the scene point of view, Manhattan Police suspect the cause of the woman's death was a drug overdose。 Chinese woman or a drug overdose deaths, according to apartment building doorman, the deceased was a student, her parents have received the message, take care of things were coming to New York。 The building administrator, said this building 15-story building, home to many students, including the Chinese, security is tight, down the elevator requires tenants may use magnetic induction。
When asked whether many tenants of drug abuse, the administrator said, because the police warned not to say too much outside, so no comment.。
New York was in the White House drug abuse severely cut the budget data show that the number of drug deaths in 2016, died of drug overdose in New York City more than car accidents and homicide。
In the New York range, mid-2015 drug deaths in New York compared to 2010 doubled。 When New York City and New York State is stepping up efforts to prevent the widespread use of drugs at the same time, the White House has proposed budget cuts of National Drug Control Policy Office。 An internal White House memo shows that the current US administration is considering to cut the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy about 95% of the budget。
National drug control office to get 2017 billion dollars (1 US dollar equals yuan) funding, if the budget were to be reduced, then it can only get $ 24 million in 2018。 New York Senator Charles Schumer (d-NY) said the White House National Drug Control Budget cuts are most of the fight against opium and heroin abuse "destructive" and "contribution"。 He stressed that "this will kick the Americans who seek treatment outside, make our communities less safe。
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