Every time it comes to this, I feel that their life is a lot less stuff, although a lot more dull.But after also like.But, in fact, whether from an individual or from what point of view, people still have to pursue. Each person has to pursue, they are worthy of our admiration, but also because it looks like society, there is not much a dream, a dream come true. Yesterday chat with a friend, she is doing civilian, would be more busy, she said, she was sure, in this life has been studied constellation, later took this as their own interests, as his life.I also told her a few points. After said to him, I still feel most.In fact, we should all have a dream, pursue a limited Love to go. When we are still thinking about, when we can grow up, you can make money themselves. But now we see others, like age, children are read to kindergarten.We may have lamented the. Time is really where to go, are old, but we have done what it. Above this friend why I was saying must be done constellation, there is a small part of my influence, but more important is the influence of her friends.That said, this life we must live in luxury room, open luxury cars affect girls. The girl would have been very sensible, very playful, after graduation, I do not know what is stimulated, that idea has been. So even though many years have passed, many of her boys, girls are married, she did not worry. Of course, she was not just like she has been trying to improve their.While he has been to improve education, but also learned how to speak, how when dealing with others.Anyway, before I stop, I think she is particularly charming, her temperament worthy. So, I believe that one day she definitely realize their dreams, because dreams have around me have achieved. Really is not our dream is too small, we often feel that it is impossible.Has been not willing to resolve.So see what others do, we will do anything.See other people go to work, we go.See other people play, we go. See other people are admitted, we quickly choose a bar.Otherwise, the classroom we really only one person. Our first is a story about the business, this is what I always say. There was a girl, look ugly, she was studying very hard, but not very good at reading, does not really belong to the kind of smart.So the college entrance examination, she also did not admitted to undergraduate.Because the family is not allowed, so she also did not repeat. But she said she was not get into college, but one day, she must be a teacher of undergraduates. We think the next, that dream is not easy to achieve, all had their own specialties. Behind this man, also went to college, still it is not very out of color in the university.Specialty really no expertise, communication is not really glamorous.Let alone love, and there is no one to chase I do not know.But really did not talk about. But I know her, and each time the final exam, always afraid, because she will be very carefully each class. There is, each no class, she will not be in the dormitory, and not go out to play, but reading in the classroom. She will not read, her fear of mathematics.So she vowed not to back down at night, go out was killed by a car. The idea of being hit by a car, and he is scared whining, it quickly back.Time after time, is really down. We graduated, out looking for work.Then she also graduated from the undergraduate course, and so we all feel that society is not fun, you want to back to work, she has been admitted to a graduate student.This is a normal.He went to the provinces to read. When we think, how the cause has not yet improvement.She has come to realize, back to our alma mater to teach undergraduate. When we did not react, she became a teacher’s college, and our university or professional. Why do I have this man know so much about it.Because I often talk with in college, I will not read more than reading.But the really hard.I read the University of tourism, she still teach tourism.But I never do country tourism. And a lot of reading in our class will read it, and now still in the hotel to work, to eat, we certainly have a discount. So life, this really can not say, there is the rich world, nor the wise man of the world, as long as there is a dream, then we have to catch, maybe now we can not achieve, but step by step, over time, very scary. In our lives, maybe the people around us really do not like this example.But outside our circle.Many people have their own dreams.It has the same dream.Maybe we will feel that they really are not people. They might think, our life how is it so meaningless, how did not even pursue it.But it is undeniable that there are some people that the pursuit of happiness really is more to this world, benefited the most.Even do with love. There is a boy very general, not only, but handsome man.The boy was very childhood dream is to marry a rich man.In our Fujian, in our Quanzhou, Jinjiang, it should be said that people are the most wealthy, so he said to find Jinjiang. At that time we said, what people want to marry How about you, the money is certainly looking for rich, high handsome at that time the word has not appeared.He said, do not marry him, he would marry her.Also his direct, no effort, I will play with him. We arrived at the entrance, the first year we basically left.He does, the test for three years in a row.Repeat for 2 years.Why, because he not get into college.According to his words, the civil service exam to exam undergraduate.We say, or even a. He said, life events, it can not be considered.So, we read that universities do not love to read, and he still continues to test. Later he finally admitted, the examination of the Fuzhou to.Then later in college, he finally found a girlfriend.Behind him, classmates do not know his dream and asked us how it will look that way.The surface is very dissonant, ugly woman. But we say, you do not know what he thought. Then followed graduated, Jinjiang to take a civil service, took the test several times.Finally admitted. Finally found a civil servant, he was overjoyed at this, because in his original plan, not civil servants, as long as the money is on the line’s daughter.But still found the back.So graduating next year, the next day to get married, have a garage full amount. In fact, I have talked about this story in the previous text in.General also mentioned here have stopped. But the story is certainly there continue, because the real story, not a fairy tale, not, live happily ever after. And then followed by his second wife had had an accident, a big car accident.We went to his house several times, every time I see it is very hard to take care of very thoughtful.You say he is like money it?I will divorce you?No, it was like the dream of his heart. Back then, after he has run many places, his wife finally recovered, those who say true love than love more. Life is a lot of things that do not know, but one thing is that life that you have a dream, a dream we should chase. In fact, in our side, we really saw a man and a hard worker, who in the beginning, but also stupid than us, but to the back, because a little bit of accumulation, dropping water, so the final result than we are good. Even if, as we are that the students, not to find beautiful wife.But all right, at least have been pursuing.In case there are surprises it. In particular some time ago, has been seen students like us age, children are in elementary school.We really have to sigh.We really old.Just old people, our cause it, but in the end we made a number of meaningful things it. So, we really want in the morning when he set a target, giving himself a little dream.And then try to chase. Life is not long, it has been able to do something enough, you can do one thing can already be beyond the millions of people. Original text, Chen Zhihong micro-channel / QQ: 838504315, welcome to add.

REVIEW seen “camphor tree”, which is sincere, never betray friendship touched.Tsai that magnetic voice low and accompanied by music remembered, always touch the softest part of my heart.Frivolous young / Who could forget / can smell to / faint taste / sec and our sub-sub-sec / branches longer / root to be born in prison / see camphor tree leaves are still patches of joys and sorrows in / back the minutes and seconds seconds young / I want you to know / I will not never forget.    The first day of May, a heavy rain, Fallen flowers all over the floor, Fangfei washed away, the last hint of spring Canhong falling, spring clean, they have disappeared altogether a.    The next morning, the rain stopped, people felt refreshed fresh air.Could not help but take in deep breaths, fresh air is also accompanied by a smell, not strong not weak.Plants just been washed rain, how can the aromatic?Back around, several strains of camphor TV drama being soft green stretch against the wind.    Into the classroom, full of a dense mass of head lying on the desk, they sleepy tired, there are more than 30 days necessary to test, many students have an invisible heavy pressure.Although it is May, a storm, feels slightly cold, classroom doors and windows closed, reveals a dignified air dull.Class, stand up, a good teacher, but I did not follow the practice of the students said good, sit down.I let all the students stand still, and then open all the doors and windows, close your eyes, what we do not want, take a deep breath ten times.Incense, so comfortable, some students whispered..I see a lot of students furrowed brow smoothed out.Camphor fragrance accompanied by fresh air, into the bone marrow, Qinru Heart, Shu fine ShuangQi!    I remember small, home in front of several strains of camphor, her special aroma, not only for her own life insects, mosquitoes did not dare close.So under the camphor tree is the best place to enjoy the cool air of rest, but also a good place for our children to play.    When I entered primary school, know the source of all kinds of flowers are scented, so they used to say to my sister because the leaves of camphor fragrant incense argument had doubts, I firmly believe that we will be fragrant flowers, the leaves are not there will be flavor.My sister asked me, Have you seen camphor spend it?Indeed, I have been seeing a green garden trees, lush green leaf layer upon layer, ever seen colorful tweed?I was curious, and finally in a camphor fragrance of the morning, with the help of her sister, climb tall camphor, I want to see what happens, is not hidden in flower leaves.But I could not find beautiful flowers in addition to the green, only to see some small, yellow-green, unlike the structure of the blade.I picked off and asked a lot of people, confirmed that indeed camphor flowers!The original flowers can also be such that there is no beautiful petals, no bright colors.Although camphor flower shape somewhat regrettable, but still not diminished our love for her, she’s still clean and fresh aroma and bring us joy.And let me proud at that time for a while, I was showing off to all the children: “Do you know?Camphor will blossom and green flowers!You certainly do not know, and see, that’s what I picked from the tree of camphor flower!”Later I learned that not only flowers fragrant camphor, roots, stems, leaves have fragrance.This fragrance lasting, not concentrated not short, is the material of choice for many insect repellent products, is also a good material for medicine.    In high school, there are several strains of camphor outside the classroom, from time to time floated a busy and dreary classroom when her fragrance always.Once, self-study courses, we are racing against time to review the bow, I smelled the smell, the smell is familiar and close.I looked up to find.A guy sitting behind me quietly asked, What to find?I said I smell the smell of the camphor.He Hey smile, “I’m burning camphor leaves mosquito son.”I looked back and smiled,” The leaves burn with you?”” Why do not you try.”He gave me a few pieces of fresh leaves of camphor.I carefully lit, no flames, only to hear the crackling sound, accompanied by smoke and the smell, really like mosquito coils.I rise, I feel that sound like crackling fried beans, fun, flavor Ye Hao Wen, tried to give him a few pieces and then to.I was down to play vigorously, the teacher does not know even when standing next to me.”You come out with me!”I was shocked out of the classroom.After the meal harsh criticism is well-meaning education.I admit mistakes, humbly educated, sincere.Teacher he tried to end, that the boys out.”Teacher, I brought those camphor leaves her classroom, but also I was the first to burn those leaves.”It was a shy and shy boy, when saying this, tremor in his voice.Let me return to the classroom teacher, leaving the boys.After that, the boys JianTaoShu posted on the wall, without me.After then, in my young diary, there will be a period of camphor complex, sentimental and beautiful!    Read the “camphor tree”, which is sincere, never betray friendship touched.Tsai that magnetic voice low and accompanied by music remembered, always touch the softest part of my heart.Frivolous young / Who could forget / can smell to / faint taste / sec and our sub-sub-sec / branches longer / root to be born in prison / see camphor tree leaves are still patches of joys and sorrows in / back the minutes and seconds seconds young / I want you to know / I will not never forget.    Often walked camphor tree, always on a deep sniff.Also picked a few leaves, caught in the books, aromatic indemnity for a long, retained in the depths of my heart.

REVIEW read, I also touched on Toshihaya genius, words of joy, as well as the clear spirit Shaohua glamorous, more moved in Mocun care and love her heart is fine!Patiently for himself Yue person look.Then, gracious.  Drove past the former residence of Qian Road Station preschool, occasionally think of this man accounted for space on the shelves of many, and his wife Yang Jiang’s story, I think Mr. 92-year-old woman wrote on the “Three of Us”.    ”I am a man, missing three of us.”That’s a simple word, but let me at the moment Zhayi encounter visibly moved, my mind immediately come to life in such a scenario: An old Qiong Qiong Jie Li, silent bow.The breeze.Was still, people have non.Side knee Cheng Huan’s daughter died, his wife handle of the West.Looking back at the faintly retained wisdom and innocence of her husband, her daughter’s intelligent and good-natured.Around solidified air, Sky has spilled moonlight pure, gossamer-like relatives also familiar atmosphere.This 92-year-old female President, a lot of things have only fine thoughts, but can not come back again.    Mr Qian, word Mocun, personable, British Gas is pressing.Learning Yuanshen not pedantic, high IQ, EQ more consistent, is extremely rare and carefully.Qian favorite forever is a woman, this woman just loved favorite, and finally married the love of woman.Nerd outperformed stupid enough, but he just put milk tea, toast, old moderately tender omelette.Everything done properly, and ended his wife’s bed, watching her sleeping like, waiting for her to wake up to eat, and adhere to a lifetime.Yang Jiang admitted to hospital in the UK labor days, he was a man at home, knocked over a will inkwell, dirty tablecloths landlord; for a while as the table lamp was smashed and regret; one would then because the door can not be broken switch shaft helpless.Her daughter grew up, like his father, sensible and considerate.His father was not at home the day out, regardless of whether the care of the father, the mother will take care of very well.    More than once, quietly exposure to Qian’s former residence, the three of them always want to find a little world of secret, three of them meet the emotional role of curiosity and speculation.Three are Mr. Wisdom, also innocence.Mr. Male will be dipped in ink with a brush to paint his wife sleeping on the big painted face, he would take a broom to plug his daughter in bed.Mr. female whole body filled with bookish temperament Miss Yang.Though more and more accessible and peaceful, but it is always the most affected by the family care is Mocun love for a lifetime of pain for a lifetime, it has become the only Mocun hearts happy woman.    Home, where they’ve seen a lot of photos, mostly the kind beyond words and Wyatt, to join hands in joy, understanding and contentment.Depending on each other’s eyes, it seems too early pure filtered all worldly desires, only to give, enjoy, and then give, then enjoy.    Qian Zhongshu Yang Jiang had written all his own poems, hand-written into a book, a gift she.Warm rainy night lamp, read that sentence unadorned singing three sighs: Take safflower take snow, and face wash for light Hyatt Seoul snow take taking safflower, and Yan Hua Er face wash for taking bonuses take white, face wash for gloss and Seoul take the time to take bonuses white, and Seoul face wash for Huarong reading, I also touched on Toshihaya genius, words of joy, as well as the clear spirit Shaohua glamorous, more moved in Mocun care and love her heart is fine!Patiently for himself Yue person look.Then, gracious.Then blending.Good one you have me, I have you in the realm!    The earth in such a wonderful combination, a mere warm family scholars, six decades between the origin edge off, spend the aid, together with the loss, success story among a section of engraved heart.Even heaven and earth, yin and yang Different Ways, but too hard Zhiqing.Seems like dreams true, as also wake up in a dream.Yang dressed in clothes and walk through the eclectic, with only the green lamp lights, with the heart silently talk with the other side of the family.”I am a man missing three of us,” pain later, leaving only the philosophical Full of life and death Dongche.I think I would rather believe in Baixue Hong Yang Jiang is Xijinqianhua flowers, the carefully written on this a dream and searching to find thousands of miles long, and in bonuses in white, softly told relatives: I am a man, we miss Sa, three of us, three of us.[Editor: Tree man]

Scorching summer, hot weather almost froze time of the Imagination.The heat was very hot, the person will be cured of longing.Same as the steamer space, as if to imprison all the thinking person.Bored on the occasion, he waved his hand, trying to drive away a house Zhuoqi.Yangyang Shou, like the removal of clouds horizon, but also a cool earth.Were scorched text, we can not express any emotion.The transpiration thoughts, and have lost the aura of the past.The lazy curled up, a negative escape.    Imagine the scene outside the window of wind and rain into the flower, imagine miracle Yurun green into a cozy poetry, doing a romantic speculation, a rambling fantasy.    Why always want to use a pen to describe the atmosphere as a Petty?Why always like to use words to describe the romantic and legendary empty?Nothingness speech a boring game.Long depression, some kind of heavy feeling in my heart for a long time of deposition.Rising from a strong desire to break through, do not want to promote too melancholy for no reason, I do not wish to over-emphasize the helplessness of loss.Why not take advantage of a good mood, to write a chapter in the text it should really belong?    Open doors and windows, watching the outside, the hot sun was a bit dizzy always set off waves of steam, always put people feel smooth breathing is not how Yede very.Living in air-conditioned house, enjoying the cool in the season is not the same.Also there is always a lot of emotion, but also always want to complain, send an untimely complaint.    Not far from the scene on a building site, firmly grabbed my attention.Due to close proximity, and therefore see very real.In addition to the man’s nose and eyes and can not see the pores of the body outside, but the specific characteristics of the human body, but people at a glance.    The bent figure, being forced to pushing a full two-wheeled metal gray cement sand car.Copper-colored skin, shining like the one kind of light oil.Although seems a little bit difficult, but the foot still firmly.Jiefang Xie wearing a pair of rubber feet, without the slightest stagger and stumble.He looked under the irradiation of light, engaged in heavy manual labor such situation that sweat flowing, you can close your eyes and imagine it.From time to time he would lift his hand, wiping a face, retract at the same time, the rejection of your hands, can be seen flying everywhere, like drops of water falling on the rain four.But at the same time he did not wipe, and stop their own pace.As with vigorous describe his legs, a little too exaggerated.But with a firm describe each step he took, but appropriately.    Because of his image firmly grabbed my attention, so I just make the lead step go outside, came to the side of the building site.Standing a shade, that person carefully the Duanliang.This time I found that this person will probably sixty-year-old light, but seemed a bit body has a little bending the light level is not.Oval face, his face shining with one pair of slightly muddy dull eyes.But the eyes revealing light, but appears to be very calm and determination.Do not know how long beard did not scratch, probably refers to a long, thick in a circle around the mouth, and out into the temples along the cheeks, intermingled with a little gray.I do not know the reason because of the face did not wash for a long time, or the course of time the wind and sun, shining bright black layer of oil.Coupled to the leaching of sweat, and mixed with a thin layer of dirt, so that such light flashing a different kind of light under the sun.Time of imprinting, but very obvious engraved on the face.Forehead covered with ravines, I do not know want to stop the sweat flowing down, or re-tell and do not face considerable age.Unkempt hair to weed the same, haunt in the head, like a long time not to wash your hair.I do not know tired, or because the environment does not allow.    Limbs strong, so that the body’s muscles this man’s unexpected with a block of long-term overload caused by physical labor.Maroon skin, covered with a piece of bulging muscles, tanned skin sweat after dipping, auspicious shining bright light in the sun.This scene, can not but arouse my reverie.Because the shade, I still sweat all along the back of the skin, like the beaded same trickled.Moreover, emphasis is also subjected to physical labor of people do this, age greater than I am ten years old people do.    I saw this person, this person was pushing a wheeled metal cart, still trying to push it gray sand.Although the push up, do not look how difficult.But under extremely hot weather two dog days of summer, this labor intensity can make people dream up what kind of condition it.The man pushed more than a dozen cars in a row, probably lasted nearly an hour left, plus I look in the window of the second ten minutes, which is a half-hour, I came to rest in the shade next to.Another similar age and his men went up to take his job.I also took the opportunity to chatter with him a few homemade.Slowly the old man took off his shoes, revealing a pair of white froth has been slightly swollen foot.    ”Dude, how old this year?”The old man replied: ‘sixty-two a’ ‘home, what people do?”” His wife, son, daughter, children are married.Everyone is too personal to go. “” Oh, you’re such an age, should take a rest and enjoy enjoy.When Grandpa yet?” ‘When the grandchildren were twelve years old.'” Oh, really man, this age also do such heavy work, able to stand it?” ‘Used to it, nor anything’, ‘You’re great,'” natural slut stabbed, you do not say a culture, and second, no other skill, not how to do it?”” Should enjoy all of a sudden, let your children reared.”” The children also say that, but you said I was a body on the idle uncomfortable, it might as well work out.You say the New Year it should be time to recover from it, but the rest, it also has problems, problems that have come.This work, nothing wrong to the.”” Do not you think your life a little bitter it?”The old man replied:” Well, people die each have their own bitter, right.You said Xi Jinping it, although I do not like this work, but national affairs, he must not worry about what.That effort cost more uncomfortable, I think not as I do.Although tired during the day pm, a dip bed to sleep whistling.General Secretary, fear is rare to have a stable feel.”I was moved, very good state of mind of the elderly.He asked to: “Dude, do you really do not feel bitter?””bitter?What does the pain?People have to work to live, in the past it was bitter point.Chairman’s, dry day living, tiring, go home, eat well.But the chairman is also bitter wow, North Vietnam, and finally Japan is not as small as letting people hit the door.This is also our people’s blessing wow, if you hit the door of her house, life there is not yet certain?”The old man then said:” People in my entire life, not just for their own sake.Then there is no strength, and the children would have to say I did not let.But I want to do, when to take advantage of their own dynamic, as much as possible not to give children trouble.When really I can not move, and let the children wait on it.The world is three-sixty line, the line is easy, that you can not line dry eyes staring think, is not it?”” At night you go home?” ‘No, the night live in the shed,'” you can take a bath?”” What bath to wash it, nor that condition, not so much stress, the sweat, you are such a person went to sleep in.We have a hard day, most look forward to is coming this time, and therefore can not attend to what is bad is not bad, fell asleep, sleep than a fragrant “Our conversation lasted about twenty minutes about.It turns gray old man pushed the sand, and I left.    I was walking like old man’s words, how simple words, but reveal a very profound truth.With their own labor in exchange for their own peace of mind.How much knowledge is not a person, but never go to others and conduct comparisons.    I walked looking back, looking at the curved spine of the elderly, who looked old maroon strange shining wonderful light sweat.Pondering usually not the usual words of the old man again, how the elderly feel now, then it is so sonorous?Like the blade as hurt my heart.How suddenly felt the image of the old man is so tall, sweat-old who can glory like a neon sign flashing gorgeous light.I salute you, salute you!No names of these people on the historical record, but China is the history of these people driving wheel forward, to write an account of that indelible.    Our city brick by brick, is through these people’s hands, a house of our city a house, have all these people sweat-soaked.    Some so-called civilized people dismissive of migrant workers, some so-called Jiejing who despised the whole body dirty smelly migrant workers, some people think that the so-called noble inferior migrant workers.Do they really dismissive of it, really dirty, smelly covered it, it really inferior?    Their souls are noble, their behavior is magnanimous, they are candid mind, their thoughts are pure.Their simple, not anyone comparisons.    Anyway, in front of them, I think I’m ashamed of.For they enjoy the treatment, I should feel guilty.Because I have complained to the treatment, but also because I was too trivial complaints.    Back to my own house, my house and look at everything at home, solemnly pen and wrote: “Tribute to bend the spine, as glistening sweat cheers.”

Wen Mei Xiang Bana open, her portrait in full bloom beautiful, a tragic symbol of love.Vigorous love, life after life, etc., under the crazy man Maid, Acacia rain, but eventually rub shoulders.    Empty rainy melancholy dance, who live up to who really?Who has the hots infatuation?A word “love”, flying in the life of the sky, how many happy dash of worry, let your thoughts drift a little bit.    Recall Bana, another poetic reputation, “lilies”, is also circulating a beautiful story.In the long distant ancient generations, Hades three Tu river, full of a large a large Bana, its intoxicating fragrance, there is a Unit of magic, through every soul there, they will remember their past bit by bit.Perennial Flower or guardian Bana, lilies and sand China, the heart rates through pass and fell in love, because with the wrong mosaic, unable to meet the millennium, only mad to miss each other.Qingnanzijin two people, in the season of bloom in July, he secretly met with one side.Bana year, such as drops of blood everywhere, very beautiful, but also into the cycle of lilies, long-suffering, and by the most vicious curse God, lilies and sand China, the World Health never meet.Ghostly Flower – Bana, open to the kingdom of heaven, is the only flower lives on the road, straight to the nether prison.Man Wah beads and sand every incarnation, at the other side lives on the road to smell the flowers, will be able to remember their past lives, and vowed to embrace life, no longer separated.However, the total can not escape that nasty spell, they fall into the curse of reincarnation, and finally, but not ages.    Since then, the solitude of Bana, a thousand flowers, a thousand flowers.When the plants until the beginning of life, the leaves are lazy to do, grow leaves of the occasion, flowers are also gradually wither.Bana blossoming of a flower, a piece of foliage, although born of the same root, however, life after life never meet, alas, can not help but let the world learn to cherish edge.    That charm Bana, flowers in spring and the other side, jealously guarding that piece of glamorous, ignorant of the heart, leaving only hope.At the moment, the leaves have withered, every now and then dies, the only remaining disability situation, the air sway Yang Yang, each new year, do not come anyway Jun.Beautiful Bana, open their hearts, still in full bloom, she stared at, love to Hekan?    Bana, the flower without leaves, leaves students end without flowers, mosaic the two do not meet, life and life with the wrong.Love is not causal, edge destined to death.Life hope, I crazy, affectionate one, missed absolutely myriad, Acacia plume fly, it is difficult to make the feelings floating heart, the love of Rouran.    Leaned over, small reward Bana, that shocking crimson, Wu-Mei purple and golden yellow silver, crystal white and ghostly dark beautiful phantom, according to the intelligence picture, my mind flashed a picture of.I can not help wondering why there is such a seductive world of flowers?That merciful God, how willing to let her so beautiful and exquisite, his home life of loneliness, solitude wandering, love and tears, sad empty sprinkle one place, Xinyu floating spread, love Pan laps waves.    Bana open, blossoming Mei Yan, deep love, the love of the cut.A “other side” word, the period of the most beautiful legend, with love separated by the sea, only the distant sea on the other side.Flowers sister, Ye Nailang, at first sight.Ye Lang affectionate, willing to sacrifice himself, but also his beloved flower girl to the most beautiful and touching of hosting the Games bloom.Everlasting flower girl, Acacia sky to fly to the other side of Ye Lang, singing one song after another melodious love song, her sweetheart far in the other side, sensing her passion heartbeat.Flower girl full bloom of their youth, that drop of blood Hongyan, like one pair of two-way palm paradise pray, pray Ye Lang fortunate Pro, praying that warm and desperate love!Predestined love, regret and the truth, that one obsessed with red, like a cloud of flame of love, passion burning faithful love and grief, that swing in spring and the other side!    Iraqis in the water side, a sea of ink Dang Hong, Esq portrait in full bloom, that distant monarch, whether they really weigh in mind?Sentence by sentence Xinyu, also flashed my mind, the only remaining Bana open, the remnants of love dancing, blowing in the wind, linger in the mortal world

Autumn sadness North Various Artists, sunset old, westerly getting tight.    Cold day came, and autumn came.Autumn comes, the leaves fall on.Yela, the wind is up, blew dust storms.Subsequently, I have come to Grief.    1 I saw the home, saw the home yard tree perennial trees, leaves those who have flourished two seasons, shivering in the wind.I feel he is in a piece of fallen leaves, the wind was blowing all alone, far from home.    I saw the house roof chimneys smoke, swaying in the wind, waving to the wanderer Call from afar.I saw the cliff home, grazing sheep and clouds in the sky run together in the wind.    I saw a mother getting old, we would not be cold in the winter, she picked up a steadily being blown off the dry twigs in autumn, as if picked up the needy sorrow of life, then, the warm delivered to us.The higher the number the more Chaiduo, the mother has become increasingly thin, rough hands were westerly winds ripped a huge hole, like those old dead tree branches rough skin, like, shocking.In those days of struggling raw cold, the mother in the kitchen pit lit red dark flame, who became the shoulders at night the only thing we can rely only thing you can hold a warm hand.    I saw the white hair getting old father, in order to maintain a livelihood, in the roar of the wind Phi cream hoe, facing the loess backs will be a world of sweat sprinkled on this piece of land.Day is getting better, his father’s back is getting camel, until one day, could not afford to carry a heavy home.The elderly face is covered with life crazy wind of less shallow deep ravines, covered with mud taupe.    For wandering in a foreign land to make a living from home, the indifference of those chill wind, like a messenger, sent messages home care.I uprooted, like a fallen leaf on the home front yard trees, although the wind floated away, but left a root, never mind waiting for homes.This is go back, and I found heaven to come back out, I have to come back to the streets of.That tattered fence small courtyard, as well as the yard lonely old man, always waiting for me.I use a cavity blood for them to drive wind warm the house.    2 I saw those difficult past.Autumn wind blew the dust, but gradually I bare a heavy footprints along the way.I filled the wind, the footsteps of my life back.In those days struggling, how I strong enough against the wind, stepped on life in the desert, to the oasis of happiness.    I saw my lonely figure, traveled alone in this Red earthly.In order to discuss a bowl of life, I put down the arrogant self-esteem, body bent noble, prostrate at the foot of life, like a beggar dirty, dirty hand out, begging to fate.Such is life, society clients, we are prostitutes, even a forced smile, even servile, but also strong and alive, those who endured the ravages, even if painful, but also to pretend happy moan, loading takes real thing.Otherwise, we will not get alms life.    I saw all these years, I was a step by step how to endure over.To fly higher, farther to climb, I was like a turtle, no, no to self and those rabbits with the various advantages of the race, not just to abandon this cruel society.However, even around the clock to run around, I was living very far down, he became a pariah era.Sometimes have to admit, poor only pants legs are running, but the luxury steam Che Gulu.    I saw a young man who dreams and vows, how ashes are blown in the wind, floating without a trace of.In reality, the wind, we already attend to those illusory dreams.Dream is full, the reality is very skinny.This is not a contending the Tang dynasty, unpopular Yan thin ring of fat.Sometimes, we have to lose the burden of life, allow yourself to become as skinny as a society, to cater to this sick society.Plump ideal also excluded exhausted, skinny simple reality, there is no better.Once, years young and frivolous, I shouted “to the economy and the world”, regulating the family to rule the world, to seek happiness for the people, to save the common people.But now it can only “the poor are spared,” nest in low, damp room, to seek life for themselves, beg someone to save me.    However, even if the wind Manjuan me thin body, I have to stand firm.To his gangbusters.I do not do the leaves, even grass, I have to grow, until my life spring comes, will these proud to tame the wind was gentle and pleasant.I want these wind nestled under my feet, my knees mildly Cheng Huan.    At that time, the home of the small courtyard fence will also brick and green tiles, nestled in a pink and leaves in.Side yard ancestors planted trees will also shine a new tree branch right.One morning, I will hold the Laofulaomu silver-haired, sitting under a tree covered with grass, sitting on a stool in the warm sunshine, drink tea and chat.At this time, young children, will run in the wind, the kite sky.    For those who can not see a happy future, I do not sink, even in the chill of autumn in this one, I do not sorrow.Put away the sadness of that, this array of howling westerly, as forward horn, advance toward a better future.I want to give myself a brilliant future, I want to take over his elderly father, to take up the family is not rich, give my parents worked hard half a happy old age.    2014.10.26 QQ: 2713096268

Like the quiet, flat in a simple finding lost Zhancha light in; like the quiet, leisurely enjoy the real life world of confusion in the field of foot; like the quiet time to read a book without words, will a the song heard no rhyme; like the slow pace of life, no noisy bustle does not even have a bloom is sound, it can also be a non-Zhang Yang melodies details are not the time to come and go all carved into ivory.Failed to keep the flow is time to go quietly, at the moment I am in thin aftertaste, whether it would be rare that I have gone into the income of?Let me no time to sigh, perhaps there would be no time to self-pity, but there will be no remorse!    Xuanza often lost in the world, in cahoots with the happy thought, thinking shine, in fact, in the dead of night, only to find the original but only those flashy, self-deception.Flashing neon lights of the bustling city, but it could not conceal the lonely heart.Busy shuttle in the streets, but can not fill the gaps in our inner.Talk about high wide in the final analysis is involuntarily in front of people, but also a person’s dream can not always perfunctory hate reality.Many times people will laugh very happy, but when they cry is so painful to me!Along with others, there will always see all kinds of faces, some goodwill and some ugly, some true and some false, difficult to fathom easy identification.Perhaps the actual situation mixed, Xibei intertwined, is the fact that it called life!    Tired tired of the hustle and bustle of the earth, tired of the damaged heart, to think, to live their intention not pull off.Turn off all communication, all isolated personnel, to one person, only one person, alone and adrift on the lake, like a leaf boat or, a solitary birds worth mentioning.Eyes moist air after the rain, but there is a warm heart, because plain unstained faith, it allowed me to Tuochen, strengthen our.Ideal day is light but not all is quiet and not of silence!Push a small window, a pot of chrysanthemum tea, a tree outside the house to see flowers, a clump of bamboo Mao, often rolling eyes full of wonderful moments, full of surprises!Any things change, the only constant is that I consistently indifferent!    Quiet is a rare precious!Will not be interrupted, talent is the most relaxed state.Some had been sealed memory, you can come to pass, rather than worry about carefully.Imagination can do anything even want in mind, think of Dreams.Those old bits and pieces have been packed into the bottle hit, buried in the earth continues to ferment, wait until the right time to open the taste, which is mellow food alone, because it is difficult to share.Things had time to happen, is to give future weaving dreams, remember to smile when we wake up, it was back to their own.Broken Dreams remember to smile, it is their encouragement and confidence to start again.I think, a rare quiet moment, stop and think a lot of things you can do many things.Quiet, quiet time of quiet, space, really hard to come by!    Perhaps one day, the time is really quiet, or cup of tea at the courtyard or that, or that I, a little more than window will not appreciate my people?Then take my hand and said to me: “It’s nice moment!I can accompany you for a long long time, there is no sunset, no goodbye, only permanent “.

“Although hundreds of thousands of people living in a small place, trying to land ruined beyond recognition, even though they fly wanton stone ground, not to grow flowers and trees, even though they had just unearthed divisible grass, and the coal oil burned smoky, even though they are cutting the trees, birds and animals expel.In the city, after all, spring Spring.”- Leo Tolstoy’s” Resurrection “Yes, my eyes on the first spring I plant home-grown, fairy boxing buds grow, I cut off the old leaves of cycads, president of the tree at the heart tender leaves in the hands touch the dough, then grew bigger and bigger, leaves it in the hands of the hard touch, and at 5:30 I woke up, wash finished their future, they go into the kitchen cooking , the family after dinner, went into the park, came to the park to listen to a speaking acquaintance, a man yesterday in their kitchens clean the windows his death, life is so short, we have no reason not lived up to every day it’s wonderful?Live is good, because the only way I was able to perceive everything.Although I have entered middle age, but my heart is like a child of ignorance ah.I saw a bird hopping on the grass with my heart beating as it would jump for joy and I search for it with the eye next move, but it does quite fit me, do not fly, but stopped there , head held high, like a slim girl, I used the camera captured this moment.Lawn and garden fresh green hair, piles of grass began bursting hard land, the small green shoots emerge, Qieqie looking around, facing the footsteps of spring, enjoy yourself growing up process.Look at that in a bamboo forest, being the replacement of old, new leaves have grown, while the old leaves still cling to the bamboo, and refuse to leave the original alone with peach, now in the backdrop of green leaves under, out of beautiful flowers.There jasmine flowers as a golden canola flower open general.White magnolia bloom its smiling face, his own life enjoy the burn, dedicated to people watch, it is also the name of the purple Bauhinia flower buds, it attracted pedestrians to salute.Nature is wonderful wonders, giving a lot of new life.Life is a miracle, from where, and where to go on ad infinitum, like a deep beautiful melodies, endless beating.    Like all human beings and the natural world, we are beginning to grow from a young life, survival in reincarnation, honed in the years to come, in a mid-air frost getting old, and finally demise.Among these are happy, but also sad, everything is inseparable from the laws of nature.In the vastness of the universe, everyone must go through the seasonal cycle of seasons, no one can get rid of the shackles and fetters of nature.However, we must have a calm and quiet heart, to face everything, so that the spring between permanent heart.When I’m depressed unhappy, I would walk into the park, smell the flowers and the fragrance of the earth, the air sweet and tender feelings of breath; everything in the world to hear the birth of sound rhythm, feel the beauty of nature, let go the heart of the spring swing dust and worries.    Thanks to life, so I continue to grow.Thanks to life, so I have experienced so many things.Thanks to the spring, once again inspired me to create passion.Also thanks to this past winter, so I got a good rest.So, it is good to work it.The activities carried out last year’s summary of the reader, to carry out summary advice, reader satisfaction survey last year, the work process status of the entire museum, carded smooth and orderly rows of latitude and longitude lines, there are a number of programs to improve the work this year, weave a colorful grand blueprint.    Spring has come, the sowing season to.Fast like a bee-like burst into the ocean of knowledge, the fragrance of milk sucking, quickly honed work of the plow, see the sense of his own, into rows of poetic language to influence people’s hearts dry, as spring rain softly.    ”Spring is not pleasure, but fear is the idiot.”Seeking good scenery in March in a quiet flowers flowers, Ang tree lake cold dawn light, peach magnolia flower Bauhinia flower pear branches spring trouble, I was standing under a tree, it will be covered with an aroma.For getting married couples, a spring in the warm sun at peach, shoot wedding.Do not have a sweetness.All of these feelings spring, activates all the senses, touch lives, break the shackles, every bit of change, every note, every breath, all filed into the room.Between heaven and earth, there are no words of great beauty, waiting for me to discover, waiting for me to catch.

I am an optimistic person, so I always feel that the world is full of beautiful.A long time really is like this, although the world is a world.If cloudy thinking mind, it really is a cloudy day, thinking of the good is really beautiful. So, anyway, we have to think of a better world, this world is really more than we imagined to be the United States. Chat with friends, friends say there is no love in this world, because the newspaper is there will always be that way of example.I said, it will not.We look carefully, the newspapers are full of really caring send.Warmth, three rural areas, many moved us. Another friend said, 要一分为二 see the world.I said, I’m not so rigid, looking at the good things are okay. So, the world is still the same world, the same flowers or flower. Like roses, some people say, how has it tattooed flowers, so she pessimistic, but another person said that in a flower thorns.So, behind the man destined to live a relatively happy too, because she always saw the good. Three years ago a friend wanted to Taobao, she joined the circle in the field of a home, someone said that circle, can sell his goods, manufacturers can introduce to him.But I did not expect to go home and so after the resignation of the back, that person has to say but it is not empty. Just do not want to introduce her, he did not want to sell her goods. This man did not get angry, so he went to supply themselves, and then try to sell slowly.Back to doing well. In fact, in front of that person, and if so friends together to sell, they will sell well.But it still can make a lot of easy to get.But he is thinking about, like this will be more of a competitor.But it is silent friend go, never complained. In fact, on a friend, I admire her mind.Because she said something very beautiful words: In order to make her grow faster, he is really good intentions.I treat her as a compliment to listen to sentences. So, friends, everything that is her chance to grow.In fact, we think at all know. Friends like this person, life will be very happy.Because any thing for him is to let him grow. A friend, a little girl, romance, and romance for a year, but she is still very hard to accept. Especially in six months ago, he found a boyfriend and girlfriend, the more sad little girl. He said that in the space, I believe, my future will be better than him.But I know his heart does not fit, still love. I said, you do what it is now, a driver’s license test yet, should be reported to Securities Journal said last began to read it.She said, have not.She now do nothing, just watch TV every day, intoxicated with their own, nothing to think about, think life is too quiet. I believe that many of the boys to see like this, certainly there will be some sentiment. This girl, if we met, then we will be a great unaccustomed. I said, you rush to learn a driver’s license, and then learn a skill, then try to buy a car.I said, so you have, the better people will come.Later, she should understand the.I believe, next time you see her, will be different. In fact, this world really are the United States, the United States and to everyone in the pursuit of their goals, their dreams. For example, car, house, every day people are buying.More Better Life, has been chasing. Others say, the difference is night of four hours between people.If a movie can have a car and house, people will believe the world is watching movies.We are much more important than others.But it is not, so we should strive to get to learn skills. I said above that Taobao friend, done a good job behind.Every day also in the factory turn, due to the delivery.Looking back, he said he wanted to open Ali.No experience is just beginning, so, he took one of them the owner of the license to open. Behind doing well, but the boss did not expect to see him doing well, but also thinking about opening a. So the boss also took the same license to open, we know for sure, like this, is detrimental to her. But she says it does not matter, this way, we can put more good things, so that more people share. There is also a state of mind like this, so he did very well. However, the back, the boss doing it up.After a time of price increases, or to get back to the shop. Friends still did not get angry, the next day themselves to register a license, and start again. Friends say, a boss is also really entire plant is not easy, but we think the next certainly know, the boss or certainly do not up.So in the end, the boss is still looking for him, let him do and say the price, the minimum price to him. The average person should not do, but he did, as things did not happen before. He said that Nature has the function of survival of the fittest.So, every time you play with him, we all feel very happy. With those tears running is not the same, he is really happy to live, because he only saw the good in the world. Our village, a man used to be a bitter, reading really is no money anyway, let’s read his children.You can only borrow.But someone, that person is said earlier that the mayor.Keep the kids reading the mayor.His children out. See this man everywhere to borrow money, so the village head told him.Read Do not read so much, read so many useless. He certainly did not hear him, to the back, the man behind the English eight, then do foreign trade, earn a lot. How much is it in the end a lot of this, tens of millions of years it.This is regarded as relatively good in our village. But this story is not reading the above story.We are in circulation, they will not take the initiative themselves say.Others when it comes to this story, they say, the original village is for their own good.Maybe it really is good for them. Because when they really are too poor, and perhaps also are concerned, there is no way out after reading out. Think of this, in fact, this is what I always thought, reading anyway, be sure to read. Because I really see too many people, because by reading to change their own destiny.No matter what level we are at, learning certainly are not small.Another point is to see a better world, we focus on their dreams. In particular, I clearly remember, each time with a few friends to chat Fuzhou good time together.We are talking money when.Sometimes I talk to all life, a topic will soon turn back to the things that make money on.Gradually I learned. why.Because to be with people who make money only if we talk about the other certainly a sorry. Thought of this, I think that many years ago Su.Sister-in-law said he did not help the old work. But he really does not work that let you say, I want to be properly read.So it is very fierce behind him.If the sister-in-law said to him, and he continues to work to help.Maybe later also very dizzy.But later, his sister-in-law has also been a great wealth. So, when we have a dream, we will do efforts.No dream, when efforts to find a, allow yourself to become more outstanding.As for the pursuit has nothing to do with us, we are not in order. Yesterday, with the above Taobao chat with friends, and now he has a dozen employees. Yesterday, listening to a fellow said, this year he is not good industry to switch.But no matter how bad, someone is in progress. Because the world is always optimistic person belongs.Whether we go even faster, always faster than we are, whether we go further away, it is still in front of us than there are.Growth in the road, always overtake each other, no one who will not wait. There are people who will do well in a difficult world, we would be a thousand times better.This beautiful world, but we would like a better direction.Fortunately, we do not know at what time will come, but we have to take the best attitude to meet each.The harder the more happiness. My QQ / micro-channel: 838 504 315, welcome to add.

Wind wake up in the spring, all things again with a new attitude show in front of the Four Seasons in turnover.    Happy heart jump for joy every day, always obstinately expect every year in the spring has a different landscape flashing jump in front, always with a little joy look forward to exciting chapter in life do not stretch since this spring, It has dazzling blue of linger forever in an instant every look, there is a bloom in every casual dreams of spring.So, I look for footprints in the Nama spring bloom that bundle of fresh green road, searching for a hint of a happy message.    A child, I like carrying a small basket to find a green in the earth is still a barren land plants, when the wind shaking Liu moving spring kiss on the cheek, it is always the first to be drilled soil Yingying be loved.  It neither fanfare nor weak, shallow green leaves holding small yellow flowers open slowly into the umbrella-like white clouds, clusters, the wind blows, it will be buttressed by flying sand filled, casual and secure.  It has a bitter taste, whether you like it or not, open it so calmly indifferent in the field edge.  This is also a medicinal plant, you can detoxify, its name is called dandelion, also known as mother Ding.  Packed in a basket and green dandelion listen to the sigh of the wind in the spring field edge, spread fudge crazy young season.  Those times seemed a wall covered with vines memory, slowly aftertaste in the wake of season.    Just how far happiness?I want to capture some of the dreams installed in the spring, as I sort out every loss, every minute smear me sad.  If, if I had been there, slightly stay in this ever-changing world, the possibility someone will remember a few years later I hurried footsteps only regret is that one of the chasing too?  Years later, that I am, I am happy that collected in the spring, will not be so quiet calm look at the fingers slip past time?  I’m still me, but I always look forward to in this Kanbu Po also had deep with a spring of joy.