As one of the world's most famous New Zealand milk, the milk prices in recent years has become China seeking overseas strategic cooperation gathering。 Recently, Chinese President Xi Jinping paid a state visit to New Zealand, during the visit, the newly signed several agreements and arrangements, cooperation in various fields have made new progress。 Among them, Ashley R & D institutions and the University of Auckland UniServices company entered into a strategic cooperation agreement, which is located on the North Island of New Zealand Waikato production base will soon put into other projects, also came under scrutiny。 Relying on a new strategic cooperation between the two countries excellent new pattern, Ashley will accelerate the pace of industrial chain of deep extension of New Zealand to complete the strategic initiatives of the international high-quality milk layout。 All along, the New Zealand dairy products with high quality, safe and reliable world-renowned competitive advantage。
As consumers increasingly value the quality of milk products, the importance of milk, the producer and other information。
Back in 2008, Ashley began to seek overseas high-quality milk, "as I used to," all of its infant formula milk used in all New Zealand。
And in 2012, first to invest and set up factories in New Zealand, at present, it is located in the North Island of New Zealand Waikato overseas production base, invest one hundred million NZ, will be in full production in early 2015, it is expected to produce 50,000 tons of infant milk powder。
Meanwhile, Ashley also carry out product research and technology development in New Zealand Massey University, University of Auckland, in particular the cooperation with the University of Auckland, the two sides will jointly promote infant and young child nutrition, nutrition for pregnant women, infants and young children grow up, and immune mechanisms of food safety and other fields of science research and application of research results to enhance the development and processing technology of infant formula milk powder products and new。 Ashley through a series of initiatives to establish a stable supply of high quality raw material supply base in New Zealand, technical cooperation channels and production platforms, further "New Zealand elements" Ashley injected into the eco-industry chain。
As we all know, the New Zealand government for pasture, milk, and other dairy production management and very strict controls。 Ashley New Zealand on the basis of strict compliance with quality management, based on the original also established a sound traceability system, consumers in the two-dimensional code scanning milk cans, you can get a unique "identity information" for each of their products, from raw materials procurement, production, management, sale of part of infant formula milk powder full traceability to ensure that all milk products with reliable quality and consumer protection。
Industry insiders believe that, as Ashley put into production base in New Zealand, will lay the foundation for long-term development of high-end infant formula Ashley, and its international product quality development pattern even more clear。
Meanwhile, Ashley depth distribution industry in New Zealand, will cast Ashley international quality, enhance the market competitiveness of globalization, with a long-term strategic significance。
(Hu Bo)。