DENVER June 19 news, Ray – Allen seconds before the end of the regular time hit a record third, saved the Heat, and ultimately to 103-100 victory over the Spurs, will always tie 3- overtime 3。   Allen became the number one hero, the audience got 9 points。 LeBron – James triple-double, 32 points, 11 assists and 10 rebounds。
Dwyane – Wade 14 points, Chris Bosh – 10 points and 11 rebounds, Mario – Chalmers 20 points。 Sean – Shane Battier 3 3-pointers, scored 9 points。
  - Tim Duncan is the hero of the first three quarters, the Spurs scored 30 points and 17 rebounds, while Tony – Tony Parker is angry at a critical time, contributed 19 points and eight assists, Manu – Manu Ginobili scored nine points, but 8 errors。   After losing the fifth war, the Heat once again forced into a corner。 In this year's finals, the Heat is always a disadvantage, after twice to tie the score, and today in the edge of being eliminated。   Back home, the Heat will initiate a more violent attack。
"We understand the importance of the first six games," Spurs guard Tony Parker said, "Obviously, we want to seize the first opportunity, we also know that the Heat will break out more energy, playing at home would be good。
They shoot better, behind the audience to support them。
"Two years ago, the Heat also in the same boat, to 2-3 behind back home, but lost to the Mavericks。 "Big Three" stronger than before, but in front of the old combined GDP, they are still struggling。
  Two teams remain on a starting lineup, the Spurs continue to let Ginobili starter, while the Heat still use Miller。
After the opening, Miller first shot to hit the third, the Heat to a 7-4 head start。
Duncan also immediately to a basket ball, Leonard then steals, the ball has run, after the change had lost to James layup and cause foul, and even scored three points with a fine cast, the Spurs to 9-7 lead。
Chalmers just to a record one-third, Leonard immediately hit third, the Spurs still is tit for tat。 After the first section played 10 minutes, shooting 6 6 Duncan, scored 12 points。
After his fate rest, Chalmers and Shane Battier hit third in succession, the Heat to 27-25 beyond the score。   Shane Battier in the second quarter and the beginning of the third hit, the Heat to 40-33 lead once。
Duncan began to show, he first tipped succeeded, then a layup after a person scored six points, to narrow the gap to 1 point。 Spurs implement defensive tactics of James, give him space shot, but James feel bad, do not jump several times in。
This section last 5 minutes they did not hit a ball, the Spurs 11-0 to end a wave of this section, in one fell swoop to 50-44 halftime。
  Duncan first half, 11 of 13 shots, one person scored 25 points, just half the score for the team, he also grabbed eight rebounds, "Stone Buddha" of the old and solid surprising。
Leonard had 10 points, 4 points and 6 assists Parker, Manu Ginobili lost the last game of magic, a scoreless。 James hit rate is still not high, shot 3 of 9, 9 points, 5 assists, Chalmers scored 14 points, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh each scored 6 points。 Heat team shot only 41 percent, and the Spurs up to 58%。   Ginobili finally opened, the third start-thirds vote, but also Chalmers also to third, the Spurs errors began to increase, not in continuous shooting also。 This section will be more than half, after the break Miller, saw the Spurs defense has been lax, immediately layup, the Heat to 56-57 behind only。
Spurs after an emergency called a temporary halt to strengthen the defense against the Heat, this section there are 5 minutes and 40 seconds, Parker in the case of the body out of balance still shooting, and even scored three points with a fine cast, and thereafter hit two free throws Dior , the Spurs to 62-56 and slightly widen the gap。   The Heat called timeout, but a come back is a mistake, Leonard Allen broke the fast break, layup and cause foul, and even scored three points with a fine cast。
James not in the third, Duncan grab frontcourt offensive rebounds, shooting succeed and cause foul, another "three-point play," the Spurs to 68-56 lead, forcing the Heat suspended then told。
After the Spurs extended the advantage to 13 points, Shane Battier of a mind divided into three heat to stop bleeding, Wade hit a ball, the gap to eight points。 But after three, the Heat still 65-75 behind。   Two years ago the sixth game against Dallas, the Heat behind nine points entering the fourth quarter。 This time facing the same situation, the Heat can only Last Stand。
Chalmers in the fourth quarter start-thirds vote, while Miller after which the shoes came off, bare foot also hit the third, chasing the score 73-77 Heat。
James headband was also destroyed, he simply threw the sidelines。
James bareheaded recovery attack, began to hit the basket strong, succeeded several times, and the Spurs began outside shot, a wave of 19-7 start this section, when the Heat in this section there are 6 minutes 03 seconds, Heat to 84-82 go-ahead。
  Parker had shot not in the state of sudden outbreak of the fourth quarter when there is 1 minute 27 seconds, his third hit, then he succeeded steals, fast break shot, the Spurs to 91-89 go-ahead。
Heat will be the key to a ball to James, he was in the basket mistakes, Ginobili under the fast break, resulting in foul, hit two free throws。 After that mistake again, James, continuous soft key moments, Ginobili made two free throws, leading the Spurs to 94-89。   James atone, makes a record three Heat to 92-94 behind, this time from the left end of the conventional time 20 sec。
After Leonard hit one free throw, James, not in the third, but Bosh grabbed offensive rebounds, Allen after the ball, pulled beyond the arc, the face of defense, stone mandrel, in the game sec, to tie 95-95。 Parker the final vote, the two teams into overtime。   Allen Heat will pull back from the brink of death。 Extra time he hit a ball, but James also close succeeded, when the game 1 minute 43 seconds, leading the Heat 101-100。
  Spurs continuous shot, when there are seconds in the game after James steals initiated the break, but get rid of the ball layup, the ball right to the Spurs。
Parker's shot was Bosh blocked shots, while the seconds before the whistle, Allen once again meritorious, steals from the hands of Ginobili。
  Allen hit two free throws, leading the Heat 3 points。
Ginobili was the last shot and Bosh blocked shots, the Spurs lost by the wayside。

  US media pointed out that the ruling will ensure DACA program at least until the autumn to survive。 This allows more time for Congress to develop a permanent solution for the "dreamer" who。 Media summarizes the impact of the decision to bring a series of。   Applicable DACA program "dreamer" Trump may temporarily relax the US President Obama announced that he would end the era of the DACA program, which formally terminated the date set in September last year to March 5, Congress has six months to seek legislative solutions。
  But in this six-month period, subject to the protection of the DACA program "dreamer" in a state of panic, because if they lose the protection of DACA program, they will be deported and lose a work permit to bring the DACA program。
  Here, employers are ready to dismiss "Dreamer"。
At the same time, many participants DACA program are unsure whether they can continue to stay in college, or continue to help them afford tuition grants and loans。
  Now, these "dream catcher" can relax。
They will continue to be protected, and can continue to postpone their plans in the DACA refer cases to lower courts to protect identity。
  Congress more time American lawmakers have been working to deadline March 5 to protect the "dreamer" by law。
  Recent months of negotiations between Congress and the White House intensified。 Democrats introduce a requirement to protect only "Dreamer" as the goal of "clean" bill, Republicans are required to strengthen exchanges with immigration enforcement and border security bill。 Earlier, the impasse in the negotiations about the DACA program also led to the US federal government closed three days。   Now, Congress has more time to seek a compromise。 However, immigrant advocacy groups warned that Congress should not forget the problems DACA program。
  What is "the law of war," the next step is?  Last month, US District judge in California ruled that Trump 威廉阿尔苏 Cape government mistakenly end DACA program, "legal battle" Thus started。   At that time, the University of California and several California cities requested the government to restore al-Sup command Trump DACA program。
Al Sup agreed that the decision Trump might be "arbitrary and capricious" and based on a flawed legal premise。   US Department of Justice subsequently announced that it would appeal immediately thereon to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in California, but it also asked the Supreme Court to hear the case。
The Supreme Court did not make a determination to al Sup ruling, but said the case should be through formal channels。
  This means that the case can now come to California Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling。 At the same time, a judge in New York ruled against Trump government also plans to terminate DACA。
The case will be in New York by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruling。 Once the court ruling, the US Justice Department appealed to the Supreme Court before。

  Beijing on March 8, internationally renowned academic journal "Nature Communications" published online diffuse gastric cancer proteomic research Military Academy of Military Medical Research Institute and the Cancer Hospital of Peking University jointly carried out。 This achievement shows that the protein can provide important and comprehensive information for clinical science, there is likely to be directly carried out the precise basis for future medical care for patients with gastric cancer。
  Science and Technology Daily reporter interviewed 16 after the relevant parties understand that this research, led by Academician He Fuchu marks the "China Human Proteome Project", to capture the first seat to the protein component type as the main reference for precision medicine " city ", indicates that 'precise medical proteomics-driven era' coming。
  The "Gastric Cancer Gastric Cancer" accurate diagnosis "stomach cancer diagnostic analysis techniques like the use of proteomic tumor 'portrait'。
"National Center for Protein Science Academy of Military Medical Renqin Jun introduced himself master of research results," by proteomic analysis techniques, we can give as like a tumor tissue and healthy tissue a painting of each patient, comparing different people 'two portraits', find the difference between a healthy person's 'looks' and different types of tumors 'appearance' in order to determine what kind of suffering from the disease。
"Statistics show that China's annual new cases of stomach cancer are about 680,000 cases, accounting for about half of incident cases globally。 Currently, according to the clinical pathological features into the gastric intestinal, diffuse and mixed, which diffuse the worst prognosis, and the lack of effective targeted treatment, known as "gastric cancer and gastric cancer."。
  From the beginning of 2014, a joint team of Qin Jun Shen Lin Beijing Cancer Hospital team started a large-scale analysis of gastric cancer samples, to diffuse gastric cancer "portrait"。
They screened to meet paraneoplastic tissue samples and paired cancer research requirements from the 2451 cases of gastric cancer samples。 Samples were analyzed by mass spectroscopy, we identified 11 340 different gene products, covering all possible protein expressed by tumor cells and the tumor microenvironment。
By next gastric cancer tissues and whole protein expression profile of cluster analysis, they will diffuse gastric cancer is divided into three closely associated with survival prognosis and chemosensitivity molecular subtypes, selected 23 candidates associated with the prognosis of gastric cancer protein drug target, and is expected to replace protein with a small number of whole protein expression profiling mode, determines whether the diffuse gastric cancer for which one of the three molecular subtypes, thus laying a solid foundation for clinical application。
  Studies have shown that diffuse gastric cancer patients with these three types, there are significant differences in postoperative chemotherapy and survival duration。
"The proteome study accurately distinguish found associated molecular typing and prognosis。
The next step for different types of diffuse gastric cancer, or other types of cancer, we will be able to make accurate diagnosis and treatment, which is precisely the implementation of targeted therapy after accurate diagnosis。 '' China Human Proteome Project 'chief scientist, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Academy of Sciences He Fuchu military representation。
  With "innovative painting techniques" to identify the therapeutic target group is the study of the laws of life from a holistic point of view of science, just as the five senses together, in order to identify the person's appearance。 Proteomic and genomic there are differences: genome reflects the inherent genetic information, like the appearance at birth; and proteome reflects external function information, looks like people of different ages。 Of course, we can speculate that looks at different ages by appearance when a person is born, but the actual appearance will be affected by various external factors。
  "This is like the original that need painting portraits in pencil and sketched out a rough outline and then coated with paint, sketch and later found to be a new art form。
Constitute the body's various organs genome is the same, but the performance of different organs vary in form and function, one of the key decisions in the proteome。
Proteome is much more complicated than the genome。 "Task Force's expert science channel, does not depend on any genomic information, proteomics can provide an important basis for clinical science。   Jun Qin research team found that some patients can detect gene mutation, but beside carcinoma and cancer was not detected in its corresponding protein expression, indicating that the drug can not play a therapeutic role for this gene mutation。
  "It's like the relationship between pigment and pigment pool。
"Qin Jun said that the genome is like pigment pool, offers a variety of pigments to depict a picture。
While the protein is a pigment of various colors, by the interaction exhibit different colors。
Check the pool alone is missing some paint pigments, may not be able to find which part of the painting produce color。   "We can 'innovative painting techniques', accurately detect the protein expression of cancer and adjacent cancer tissues by big data, to analyze what is the kind of pigment problems, to explore the relevant laws of science, to distinguish between different types of diseases。 By studying the proteome, we can accurately find therapeutic targets, it is possible to find the exact cause of tumorigenesis, and even have a special role through protein, inhibition of cancer cells, tumor treatment。 "He said。   Proteomics will drive accurate medical boom "proteomic technology breakthrough has been made in recent years。 "Qin Jun said, now typically 6 hours or more can be quantitatively to a 6000 gene products, the type of the actual protein expressed within the cell rather, the required number of samples can contain up to 000 cells, about a few cubic millimeters the organization。 This allows the individual to carry out a certain number of proteomic studies of people with the condition, so "China Human Proteome Project" in just four years to basically complete the task of data output of the first stage, which is not until 10 years imagination。
Recently published results of this study are part of the "China Human Proteome Project" of。   Reporters learned from the US-led human cancer genome project (TCGA), in the past decade depicts the genomic variation profiles dozens of tumors, drawn genome "topographic map" of cancer, it has made great for human understanding cancer contributions, also gave birth to the United States of "accurate health plans" and "cancer moon program"。
The post-genomic era proteomics as development in China has been maintained with the international trend goes hand in hand。
Start at the Ministry of Science 863, 973 and the "International Partnership" jointly funded under the 2014 "China Human Proteome Project" trying to understand cancer at the protein the higher dimensions, reveal the molecular mechanism of tumor, finding therapeutic targets。
  He Fuchu Academy of Sciences, said, "China Human Proteome Project" is to give different normal physiology and disease "portrait" that can accurately identify health and disease, the first stage selection than ten kinds of liver cancer, diffuse-type gastric cancer, lung cancer, etc. cancer as the research object, the current output data has been completed, we have moved into the data analysis and results output stage。
The stomach cancer proteomic research molecular typing just the first one, there are a series of follow-up cancer research organs also will follow, will be coming together to form a "precision proteomics-driven medicine" new wave。 Individual therapy, the accuracy of treatment, targeted therapy and other new treatments, therapeutic strategies and ideas will treat large numbers。

What is the practice of the Law Commission of fish?Law Ma fish is a famous Sichuan cuisine, spicy taste delicious, but also particularly of rice, then you know what Ma pepper fish approach is that right?What following small series to tell you what the Law Commission's approach is to fish。
Law Ma fish approach material Ingredients: a herring (head portion removed), pepper。 Accessories: salt, oil, onion ginger garlic, bean paste, starch, soy sauce, cooking wine。 Practice: 1, the herring washed, sliced fish, fish bones and cut into segments。
2, with the right amount of herring wine, soy sauce and starch grasp uniform, while pickled, about ten minutes, may be put a little salt。
3, onion ginger garlic are washed, peeled, sliced ginger, garlic cut garlic, onion cut into diced green onion, pickled ginger into time and put a few slices。
4, heat to boil, pour oil, hot oil burn seven, put some pepper into saute, then put ginger and garlic until fragrant。
5, then add the right amount of stir-fried bean paste, Stir marked up。 After Ma pepper fish approach 6, adding a lot of water, open water into the pot to cook the fish bone。 7, after the fish bones cooked, then put down the fish pot。
8, fish cooked quickly, down to the color white fillets and cook for half a minute on it。 9, then the amount of salt added。
10, and finally sprinkle with chopped green onion can pan the dish。

Zhu Ting HTTP: /// Sports / 2_img / upload / 3df5a264 / w1080h1080 / 20180301 /: /// N / sports / 2_ori / upload / 3df5a264 / w1080h1080 / 20180301 //: /// N / sports / 2_ori / upload / 3df5a264 / w1080h1080 / 20180301 // Year at 16:35 on March 1st 2 am Beijing time on May 28, 2018 contest the UEFA Champions League round of 16 women's volleyball group match of group d all over。 In the closely watched in Turkey Derby, Waji Fu fighting off the bank by beating Galatasaray 3-1, six straight gains 17 points won the top the group qualify。
2772347 Waji Fu celebrate victory http: /// Sports / 2_img / upload / 3df5a264 / w1080h1080 / 20180301 /: /// N / sports / 2_ori / upload / 3df5a264 / w1080h1080 / 20180301 //: /// N / sports / 2_ori / upload / 3df5a264 / w1080h1080 / 20180301 // Year at 16:35 on March 1st 2 am Beijing time on May 28, 2018 contest the UEFA Champions League round of 16 women's volleyball group match of group d all over。
In the closely watched in Turkey Derby, Waji Fu fighting off the bank by beating Galatasaray 3-1, six straight gains 17 points won the top the group qualify。
2772348 high Zdeněk of http: /// Sports / 2_img / upload / 3df5a264 / w1080h1080 / 20180301 /: /// N / sports / 2_ori / upload / 3df5a264 / w1080h1080 / 20180301 //: /// N / sports / 2_ori / upload / 3df5a264 / w1080h1080 / 20180301 // Year at 16:35 on March 1 early morning Beijing time on February 28, women's volleyball contest 2018 UEFA Champions League group stage 16 d groups all over。
In the closely watched in Turkey Derby, Waji Fu fighting off the bank by beating Galatasaray 3-1, six straight gains 17 points won the top the group qualify。
2772349 beautiful setter Naz http: /// Sports / 2_img / upload / 3df5a264 / w1080h1080 / 20180301 /: /// N / sports / 2_ori / upload / 3df5a264 / w1080h1080 / 20180301 //: /// N / sports / 2_ori / upload / 3df5a264 / w1080h1080 / 20180301 // Year at 16:35 on March 1st 2 am Beijing time on May 28, 2018 contest the UEFA Champions League round of 16 women's volleyball group match of group d all over。
In the closely watched in Turkey Derby, Waji Fu fighting off the bank by beating Galatasaray 3-1, six straight gains 17 points won the top the group qualify。 2,772,350 free people of Ji Zemu http: /// Sports / 2_img / upload / 3df5a264 / w1080h1080 / 20180301 / JIh_-: /// N / sports / 2_ori / upload / 3df5a264 / w1080h1080 / 20180301 / malpractice _ /: / //? / Sports / 2_ori / upload / 3df5a264 / w1080h1080 / 20180301 / malpractice _- years at 16:35 on March 1st 2 am Beijing time on May 28, 2018 UEFA Champions League round of 16 women's volleyball group stage d group contest / all End。 In the closely watched in Turkey Derby, Waji Fu fighting off the bank by beating Galatasaray 3-1, six straight gains 17 points won the top the group qualify。
2772351 domineering celebrate http: /// Sports / 2_img / upload / 3df5a264 / w1080h1080 / 20180301 /: /// N / sports / 2_ori / upload / 3df5a264 / w1080h1080 / 20180301 //: /// N / sports / 2_ori / Upload / 3df5a264 / w1080h1080 / 20180301 // Year at 16:35 on March 1st 2 am Beijing time on May 28, 2018 contest the UEFA Champions League round of 16 women's volleyball group match of group d all over。
In the closely watched in Turkey Derby, Waji Fu fighting off the bank by beating Galatasaray 3-1, six straight gains 17 points won the top the group qualify。
2772352 cheered http: /// Sports / 2_img / upload / 3df5a264 / w1080h1080 / 20180301 /: /// N / sports / 2_ori / upload / 3df5a264 / w1080h1080 / 20180301 //: /// N / sports / 2_ori / upload / 3df5a264 / w1080h1080 / 20180301 // Year at 16:35 on March 1st 2 am Beijing time on May 28, 2018 contest the UEFA Champions League round of 16 women's volleyball group match of group d all over。 In the closely watched in Turkey Derby, Waji Fu fighting off the bank by beating Galatasaray 3-1, six straight gains 17 points won the top the group qualify。 2772353 competition focused http: /// Sports / 2_img / upload / 3df5a264 / w1080h1080 / 20180301 /: /// N / sports / 2_ori / upload / 3df5a264 / w1080h1080 / 20180301 //: /// N / sports / 2_ori / Upload / 3df5a264 / w1080h1080 / 20180301 // Year at 16:35 on March 1st 2 am Beijing time on May 28, 2018 contest the UEFA Champions League round of 16 women's volleyball group match of group d all over。 In the closely watched in Turkey Derby, Waji Fu fighting off the bank by beating Galatasaray 3-1, six straight gains 17 points won the top the group qualify。 2772354。

  Xinhua News Agency, Hong Kong, December 14 (Reporter Li Binbin) – Hong Kong Cyberport 14 announced its creative community company breakthrough 1000, Cyberport start-ups, technology companies and industry representatives such as hundreds of people gathered together in Cyberport, witnessed its step into a new era。   Cyberport is an innovative digital community, owned by the Hong Kong SAR Government wholly-owned Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited。 Cyberport Creative Community, including financial technology, e-commerce, networking, wearable technology, big data and artificial intelligence technology areas, including more than 200 financial technology company。   Deputy Secretary for Innovation and Technology Bureau of the HKSAR Government Zhong Weiqiang pointed out that the number of Cyberport not only heavy but also high quality。
During April to September this short period of six months, the Cyberport start-up company has been successful in attracting investor funds of approximately HK $ 1 billion。 The SAR Government will continue to work with research, innovation and technology-driven economic development of Hong Kong's new。
  "Large and small, in different stages of start-ups and technology companies gathered today to celebrate the new milestone Cyberport, it just marks the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem thriving and diversified development of Hong Kong。
"Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Cyberport Lee Lam said the Cyberport brings together more than 1000 technology companies, marking the creative community continue to grow and add new impetus to Hong Kong's economic development。
  It is understood that the Cyberport in mid-2006 and mid-2009 respectively to launch the Cyberport Incubation Program and Cyberport Creative Micro Fund, has Incubatees nearly 500, and its creative projects funded over 350。 In addition, the Cyberport attracted many well-known international technology companies stationed in more than 350 start-up companies have chosen to share the wisdom of space Cyberport workplace as a base to develop their business ideas。 +1。

When I play with the car and rushed to July Tianlong Hotel door, on the bus to the airport would have got into a lot of people, perhaps waiting for me.。I did not say anything and July, because at this time I do not want to say, on the bus and walked toward Guzi。    I know the War of parting, for me is a kind of sadness, for July, but also a ruthless pain。I stood in the doorway of the bus, watching the July hastily ran over, and I said, let me be careful along the way, I want to take care of yourself。I looked July tears filled eyes, straining nodded, and she also said you take care of yourself, I turned around, to July, leaving a heavy back, walked to the car seat。    Bus sailed opened, I looked July also riding on a bike waiting for her car。Through the window glass, I saw in July goes against the window glass face, full of tears shed in July that face, at this time, my heart is pulled tightly, while sad tears naturally want Yun came out, I fight back, carried away to go。    At this moment, I go left, right in July。    I know that before long, but we are far apart, but I believe our hearts are really connected with the。    July car sitting in my field of vision disappeared when my phone unique bell sound up, I know my July called me on the phone, I quickly pick up。    “Honey, I could not bear you walked, when you are gone, my heart seemed empty, like you took my heart away。”    “Baby, I also want to leave you ah, I just saw you is already in tears, and I do not want you cry, baby, I said do not you cry。”    “Honey, you said do not leave me, you leave me again。”    “Baby, my heart to you, I did not leave you。Baby, you have to remember to eat breakfast, for me to take care of my baby, I promise, okay?”    “Honey, I remember, I will take good care of their own。You also go back later to take care of yourself, you have to carry, we have good。”    “Baby, we isolated is temporary, you give me confidence。”    “Honey, let us not always faced with separation, OK?I am afraid you out of my mind when the moment of feeling like a lost。”    “Baby, I think of you, no matter where my people, I always carry your heart with walking, just as my heart on your body as。”    I know, I can not say anything and I July, and I said to her to let her take care of myself, I will take good care of their own, hurry to hang up the phone。    I know I love my July is true love, love the cut, after we separated, I think deep, she's even read, we miss each other together, the pain of Shen。    I think I left my July, thinking she had a deep kind of tenderness in me, and she is truly in love with my heart and soul to come。I know I love my July, I think a person's life, freedom can be very comfortable life, but only one person, it can not be said to be happy, never be happy。Think of these, my heart seems suddenly lost, I ask myself: Who am I in July?I want to go?Where's my fate in life?Why should I let my July endless wait forever?    I think Ever since July, body and mind have a love, you can make me write the a miss, so I can read unlimited thinking, can I no longer lonely, no longer alone。July ah, since you have been, you can let me have a lot of care in every day and night, I finally got in your body, I feel that this a miss, is the only thing on earth violation of gravity。    In July, my July, I know, I left you in the face of the avalanche of share miss, I feel love you love so feeble。Although it is known, to execute an idea, a thought will suffer; an idea down, self-will that to heart。But I also know that I love to share persistent, perhaps only feel your heart in July。    I'm just resting against the seat stop thinking, stop pondering。Thinking about life among the real encounter with July, attracted to love, I know what you want is。I know no one can help me, and everything, I can only rely on yourself, give yourself enough confidence and firm belief; do not wait until everything lost time, still intoxicated with。    Life is too short to have it repeated a clutch?Inadvertently, they have become a twilight。In the journey of life, I know, I have a short sunset, I still can not slow down to enjoy the scenery around me, although that is a life to be indifferent, but the thought of you from afar, but always for me waiting for the share of deep love, at this moment, all my bitter loneliness, in my heart, in my mind, as if to have a way home。    Happy moment, is already in my brain aftertaste behind me, I know, can not forget is that once。I firmly believe that my July has been by my side, my search, I belong to pursue my happiness, I have a happy July, this love is not lonely, not a flash in the pan。    In July, I July, and I do not say never, because I do not always know there will be more distant。    I think one day I will take my July, get on the bus in my life, towards love happy place。    In July, we have this love only three words: walk together。

  Youth League is to a named "Wormwood" (or Matcham) of wild Wash boiled Ji Zhi, rub it in the glutinous rice flour, made only a green dumpling。
Group glossy dark green jade, tough soft waxy, fragrant, from color to taste all with the breath of spring。   Although Youth League cute food, but is suitable for all food groups?This reporter interviewed the Punan Hospital dietitian in charge of the department of nutrition Qi Cheng。
  Cheng Qi said, the main raw material of the Youth League is glutinous rice flour and a variety of fillings。 Glutinous rice flour belongs grains, containing calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins and starch acetate。
From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, rice sweet, warm, spleen, stomach, lung, having a deficiency of stomach and spleen, antiperspirant solid form, efficacy diarrhea, sore detoxification treatment, belonging Warming。   While many advantages of rice, but it contains starch amylopectin, it is difficult to digest hydrolysis in the stomach。 The frail elderly, infants, diabetics, overweight or obese patients with high cholesterol, hypertension and gout, patients with gastrointestinal disease, patients with high fever, swallowing dysfunction should eat or not eat。
  Youth fillings on the market now in addition to conventional red bean paste, and shepherd's purse meat, tofu Malan, salted egg yolk floss filling varieties。 The most common material in Example bean paste, bean paste is cooked red beans soaked pressed into the mud, then add sugar and oil in frying。
Businesses in order to pursue the taste, add a lot of sugar in the process of making red bean paste, stuffing mix oil such as lard, butter or hydrogenated vegetable oil, mostly contain more saturated fat。
  Youth League, is called a green, because the added wormwood glutinous rice。
Wormwood was a good thing, it has a higher nutritional value, containing a variety of vitamins and minerals, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, etc.。 Its cool, detoxification, with cool, stabilize anger, rheumatism, inflammation, and other effects antitussive。 Selenium anticancer wormwood is recognized as Aloe plant 10 times。 In addition, it has lower blood pressure, blood fat, relieve cardiovascular disease have a better therapeutic effect, is a typical plant health。   Since the Youth League as a food so the season, we have to look at how to eat Youth League。
  First, poor glycemic control crowd, choose need to be cautious。
Even if the business is known as sales of sugar-free varieties, let us not consider filling them, its skin contains a lot of starch, itself is high-calorie food, its GI value (glycemic index) is not low, and the glutinous rice foods themselves liter speed is very high blood sugar, high blood sugar will push。
  Second, high blood fat people。 Whether traditional red bean paste material or now the new darling of salted egg yolk floss fillings are high in fat, so I want to eat at ease, wish yourself to be a low-salt and low-fat low-sugar version of health Youth League。
  Third, gastrointestinal function of poor people。 Because the products are rice, sticky texture, texture after cold closer, plus oil, more difficult to digest。
Youth League is easy to stimulate gastric acid secretion, so the lack of gastric motility, hyperacidity and gastric ulcer patients should control。 Pancreatitis and gastritis must be strictly controlled, since the green rice groups lead to a deterioration of these inflammatory disease recurrence or。   Finally emphasize, children and senior citizens as well as dysphagia swallowing people must pay attention to safety。   Youth League as the Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage, Youth League to bring people not only the oral soft, sweet rice, as well as childhood memories, we hope to choose their own way to enjoy delicious。

US stock market center: Exclusive offer full industry sector stocks, premarket after-hours, ETF, warrants night network real-time quotes, nightlife net Financial News February 19 news, Beijing time Thursday 3:00, the Fed announced the January federal Minutes open market Committee (FOMC) meeting。Minutes of the participants tend to be patient in raising interest rates, "Many participants felt that removing the 'patience' in a statement term there is a risk that could allow the market time is expected to start tightening policy too early steering a narrow time period。"The market will interpret this statement as dovish signal, causing the dollar to fall rapidly, the gold rally。  Deutsche Bank (Deutsche Bank), chief US strategist 约瑟夫拉沃 Wagner believes the Fed will retain the word "patience" in a statement on interest rates in March while on whether to raise interest rates in June to maintain a certain flexibility, unwilling to advance commit to a specific time。In addition, Deutsche Bank believes Minutes expressed no substantial change compared with the previous economic and financial Preview。  As oil prices continue to fall, the minutes of the recent inflation outlook slightly down。However, FOMC members 2016 and mid-2017 inflation forecasts largely unchanged。The Fed also reiterated that energy prices on the economy will have a net positive effect。  Minutes pointed out that "many participants" tend to let the federal funds rate "over a longer period" remain at the lower end of the active interval。The market interpreted this as a signal the Fed is in no hurry to raise interest rates。But Deutsche Bank Investors are reminded that this statement was to put the background of the economic data continue to see, at the FOMC meeting in January, the United States has not released the employment report for January。  According to non-farm payrolls report from the US Labor Department announced February 7, January 25 new jobs.70,000, higher than market expectations, while the previous value from 25.20000 revised sharply upward to 32.90000, plus the average salary rose ring 0.5%, means that the US job market is quite strong。  Indeed, the minutes also mentioned "Many participants said they need to see further improvement in labor market conditions."。  The bank said in the report: "This is probably why after the employment report released in January, three FOMC voting members (Lacker, Lockhart and Williams) are reaffirmed in mid-2015 began to raise the federal funds rate causes one。"(Shofu compilation)

Night network, network nightlife Wall Street FRANCISCO 9 morning news, the stock market in China, led by strong gains in global stock markets this week, Deutsche Bank believes that China's stock market rose sharply extremely low valuations will also mean the end, it is expected to Hang Seng China Enterprises index (HSCEI) will rise to 13,000 points before the end of the year, 37% higher than Tuesday's closing。  Tuesday, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 2.9%, GEM boom 5.7%; Hang Seng index rose 3.3%, the Hang Seng China Enterprises Index rose 4.1%。Wednesday, Chinese stocks extended campaign, as of GMT 10:38, the Shanghai Composite rose 1.67%, the Hang Seng Index rose 2.31%。In addition, in the Chinese stock market, driven by Nikkei Index hit a new low on Wednesday after Tuesday's rebound retaliatory 5.67%。  Obviously, China to expand fiscal stimulus for investors to see the economic rebound hopes。Finance Minister Lou Jiwei said in the G20 meeting, he said China will accelerate the pace of fiscal spending expected this year central government spending growth of about 10%, about 7% higher than the beginning of the budget revenue growth rate。In mid-August, China's central bank [microblogging] main policy banks to provide financing for infrastructure inject $ 93 billion。  In addition, a recent overall design on deepening the reform of state also disclosed by the media, so that investors see the government's determination to continue to promote reform。  But more importantly, the Chinese stock market, especially in Hong Kong-listed companies, valuation is extremely cheap。  Deutsche Bank strategist Yuliang often pointed out in the report: "After the highs of 35% this year, April 27, MSCI index valuations decreased by 34% from the expected earnings 12.4 to 8 times.4-fold, 10-year average a 30% discount, one standard deviation below the mean。"Deutsche Bank said:" Since the financial crisis, the market trend, the current 8.2 times earnings seems to be a significant valuation support, while 1.1 times book has been lower than in early October 2011 the most serious European debt crisis and the situation in June 2013 when the liquidity crisis in the interbank market in China, close to the bottom level of September 2008 financial crisis。"Unless 'hard landing in China, the yuan depreciated or global stock market crash' extreme events, China's stock market valuation is only likely to further decline, Deutsche Bank said in a report the case。  Deutsche Bank said: "We expect the Hang Seng China Enterprises Index rose to 13,000 points by the end of 2015。"The Hang Seng China Enterprises Index closed at 9479 on Tuesday.48 points。  UBS strategist Wenjie Lu also agree with the view of Deutsche Bank。UBS report noted that the current market for Chinese listed companies earnings forecast extreme pessimism, analysts on average forecast 2015 profit growth of only 2.5%, while the MSCI China Index in the first half profit growth of 5.3%。This means that the second half of Chinese corporate earnings easily exceeded market expectations。  UBS said: "In our view, in addition to the GEM, A-shares and Hong Kong stock valuation looks more reasonable。We expect Hong Kong stocks will rise before the end of more than 15%。"(Tony compilation)