Woman to conquer a man's skill which we all know the beginning of two people together is probably because they like each other, but if you want to live a long time, then you have to adapt to each other and running。So get along in the process, appropriate to add some skills, will undoubtedly make more in love with each other。The following night on the net for everyone to bring a woman to conquer a man's skill, let him do without you!Woman to conquer a man's skill most people know what love is, and nothing more is favorite people day and night, sexual gratification。
Then happily hand in hand into the marriage, and marriage is the best place for love。
However, when asked what marriage is, I believe there are a thousand thousand answers。
In fact, marriage is what the problem is really very simple, Liang Zi: sleep!Why this is why basic necessities of life, which is most important in life is the top priority of the four events。
The food and clothing line in these three areas, whether you live alone or with their loved ones, basically no qualitative change。The only qualitative change occurs is sleep。Previously, you're a man sleeping in the bed, a pillow seat Guzhen, is a large cap。Cold have their own warm bed, hot, nobody care about you。
Also had to be a nightmare entangled himself Qiqiaiyi pretend not to be afraid, exactly like a hero。
But suddenly around one more person, you find that everything becomes different。Every night, you will be in order and he or she had a dream of ecstasy or night and brains。Even without the material conditions as a foil luxurious romantic night, but the private sector, "the wife and kids white picket fence," saying in the "white picket fence" these three words, it is enough to explain the importance of sleep in marriage。Then frankly what, in fact, sex in marriage really played a pivotal role。
So, marriage is two people sleep such a simple thing。
The so-called night the couple hundred days grace, when it comes to marriage do have the responsibility to pay men and women, even if in the future Laoyanfenfei, remembered once Hibiscus tent warm days of Spring Night, has little to no memorable。Even without expression said to have been forgotten, but no one can guarantee during sex with new people and old people do not take it contrasts。
This idea, which is not deliberately, entirely unconscious behavior, but also do not like the new user-friendly due to Yanjiu。Woman to conquer a man's skill Fortunately some of the women, after the men had intimate relations with, we wholeheartedly want this man to live a。As in the past, I was able to completely erase the traces from the heart。
But not men, or why so many guys are always wavering between the mistress and the wife had been reluctant to abandon the wife had to marry mistress Kuhou years or three milk four milk it so well, even if the three children who defeated wife had won a large milk birthright, but also occupy a man's body, and then her enchanting, have a skill, it is impossible to erase from his first wife wife had a man's heart。If the hit importune, day in something right in front of men say ill wife, ending on a word: roll!Child abuse and wife men are less sensible, except for those cowardly men may live through it, for any other one will let you roll was even worse but did not dignity。