”Easy Shaa, flower home what we do n北京夜生活ot know the situation of others is unclear?They may not be expressly from people watching, flower go to primary school, at home sooner or later something would happen.”Sungui Sin is not without grounds, Devon married, and expressly Hongying not place objects, Xue Huahua was not at home, not in groups like Luming Wen door ah, to Luming Wen ambivalent attitude, not strange accident.
  Honestly, Sun Gui Xian Xue Flower reluctant to go to school teacher, Xue Xiong Baba looks like flower, a good heart, anything can and she said she had used to complain about with Xue Huahua things at home, and if Xue flower gone to she and Yunfang character will certainly fight, more importantly, thanks to a pig farm Xue Huahua, she was gone pigs grow well, the end points pork butcher, would certainly have been other people complain.
  No matter which sid广州桑拿e would like, Xue Huahua not going to school for the job.
  ”Do you think they expressly children do, not that far away, said Liu things educated youth, educated youth Liu conditions for the pursuit of plaintext, expressly did not agree, we can see a few of his heart is, you always have to look at the flower, the flower can watching them is not a lifetime?”Yunfang do not agree Sungui cents, then obviously there is good work, why should we vote and dirty work dry.
  ”Expressly did not promise not nodding flower, flower and if not, you see the plaintext answers do not agree.”
  ”To teach primary school are not do not come back, you do not make a fuss it sound like a very serious like, go to the flower school teacher, then call the shots or her home.”
  Yunfang and Sungui Sin different opinions, to each other, which makes Xue Flower dumbfounding, “is what’s working, do not need to fight, you heard it said Lu Jianguo, a primary school teache

  Responsibility to teach too much for her, she still like pigs, ease some.
  ”You do not?”Yunfang shocked,” a teacher paychecks every month, winter vacation can earn work points in the production team, why do not you ah?”
  To enter primary school teacher have to rely on the relationship, no relationship is also non-agricultural accounts in order, golden opportunity, Yunfang do not understand the idea of Xue Huahua.
  Sungui Sin also wonder, “When the teacher 杭州桑拿more than decent ah, you want to be a teacher, they later expressly at the object more easily, good luck, but also to the husband’s family to find a Hongying town, and replaced me, anxious to go today primary school to ask the situation then.”Importantly, the flower became a teacher Xue, Zhao Caizhi can look for opportunities to get them into the future, the whole family to teach in elementary school how good?
  ”I used to live production team, every day I stood on the podium to teach me but quiet, nor do I used to loud, something all right with you love inviting throat rambling chats, went to primary school group are young people, even a chat frankly people do not, I’m not going.”Xue Huahua said the truth, she likes the production team environment, the school does not fit her.
  In this regard, Sun Gui Xian understand that, “you深圳桑拿网 said also, we did not read many books, the teachers just say the name of the book we will not tell, and more embarrassing ah.”There is no peers in the world is very lonely.
  Yunfang frowned, “you do not, Lu Ming wife into things will not ah.”Li Xuemei family composition is not good, but for Xue Huahua do anything with her, where outsiders know the name of Li Xuemei, Xue Huahua not, commune primary school principals will not sell Li Xuemei face,

  ”He has been very quickly.”Pei Naochun put down the camera from a distance with his son, he has followed the retreatMakes Luming Wen did not want to ask, do 深圳桑拿网not bother to ask.
  Until Lu Jianguo said the commune to commune meeting back to school recruit teachers, educated people can have to try, specially ordered Xue Li Xuemei and flower name, let them广州桑拿网 go to school tomorrow to try commune, Luming Wen suddenly realized, Lu Jianxun took aim at primary school the teacher’s work, go to school every day wandering around trying to make a good impression in front of the principal teacher, no wonder home late every day, it is estimated overheard the teacher went.
  Commune primary school teachers are recruited to the production team principal commune cadres decided to discuss with the bad Qing-style, rather he personally explain to the cadres and the masses to report better than reaction, after all, the people who do not pay the price to trouble them not to close games, as the move Xue Li Xuemei and flower, simply because the two reputation is too loud, Li Xuemei help Xue Huahua family literacy for all to see, she does not teach pity, Xue Huahua, too.
  So, he asked thousands exho爱上海龙凤419网rted million account of Lu Jianguo, Li Xuemei and be sure to let Xue Huahua trip to school, teacher salaries are not high, but fortunately no sun and rain, not coolies, not as welfare plant than the production team life is much better.
  As more and more children go to school on the team, the teacher in the minds of sacred and respected, heard that Li Xuemei teacher can do, Yunfang smile from ear to ear, and soon she had a daughter paychecks, which in or the head of a production team, Lu Jianguo laugh away her face had no extinction, “flower, Lu Jianguo lie did not say it, and you really have a chance wife Lu Ming teacher?”
  Lu Jianguo’s words were too vague, Li Xuemei they went to a dozen Eight.Nine can become.
  Xue did not Yunfang happy flower, pulling his weight

  Xu Tong Tong’s family was raised alone, came after seven Pass Village, is unfamiliar, she was timid, I did not dare to speak A苏州夜网tmospheric children, inside the village people say how bad, that does not mean.
  Before the old captain every time I see little promise Tong Tong who have to take into account her and try to give her a light manual labor arrangements province, at which point the educated youth, Cheng Yuan Qing like a big brother over her, in addition to high Wyatt every time she dictates except for Xu Tong Tong, perhaps here, Yangzhou better than her back, her parents were not in Yangzhou aunt and uncle’s countenance might as well come inside the village elderly cordial.
  Wyatt High aware of Xu Tong Tong huddle shoulder, she scolded, “a group of waste, coward!”
  Educated youth point of what happened, Nguyen natural rain is not known, she stood in the courtyard facing the educated youth point daze, Zhou Xiuying rounded up two rope, a specially planted杭州夜网 with asparagus bean, rain, the child most like to eat her acid-pickled cowpea calculate each time with acid cowpea, which children can eat two bowls of rice.
  Zhou Xiuying their burdens, come from private plots, apparently carrying water wells before going head to see rain in the courtyard mouth in a daze, she南宁桑拿 asked, “This is how the?”
  Nguyen rain answered a God, “just educated youth point of Don educated youth came up to talk to me, let me give him places the workers, university, he can do door-law of our old Ruan!”
  Zhou Xiuying heard that, anger dart forehead, rushed her forehead Dodo suddenly rang, she was carrying the body to a pole thrown to the ground, then shouted, “let him shit mother, Tang educated youth on the kind of bitch, inside the village every day to follow the young lady consort, this stuff, old Ruan delivered to our door, do not!”
  Zhou Xiuying is really despise Tang youth, white blind big tall stature, to go insid

  Just in front of the finish line, he had not heard the footsteps of others, the ears of the sound is clear and simple – as if he could hear his spikes, 杭州桑拿play the runway at the time of collision and seductive music, he knew that he and lead, and he always lead.
  Do not look back, not worried about their speed, will affect the results, but knew – I was the fastest man on the runway, I win.
  Behind the players have been very desperate, afraid to encounter the most bite afte北京养生会所r trying to speed status is the case, tried my best, and even pull up close can not do, can only look at that obviously a lot of money too, but at the moment but especially tall figure, with open hands, red lines show the arm.
  Pei Xiangdong did not run because of such a period of exhaustion, even in the most exciting time, remember repeatedly told the coach, to maintain spare capacity, forced his arm swing, turned to look at the high table, a smile, a month of training he had to be pretty fair skin a lot, there is a contrast color, shiny white teeth –
  Pei Xiangdong began to run before long, the stands will be sounded camera voice, two SLR operate simultaneously issued continuous shutter sound, they pose looks bigger way, it is focused.
  ”This child.”Liu sound very complicated,”.Really quite fast.”If it were not Na深圳桑拿网ochun Pei sitting next to him, saw Pei Xiangdong played very focused, then chances are he will only take two at random, but even sports fans are so professional, he does not sit on the sidelines is not a good move but to adjust the position of the shooting, anyway, nothing can beat today’s preliminaries, big deal tomorrow, all deleted.
  Can start, he was really shocked, shocked to say is a bit exaggerated, but that teenagers face with one point childish, indeed, is “far ahead”, he was in the group, and others, is not a horizontal line existence, even if it is so rough estimate, Liu are aware, the other record-breaking

  Gunshot, white smoke curl, players on the runway, to be emitted as an arrow –
  Professional athletes have learned to control the physical strength, like so steady preliminaries to qualify, will not spend the effort to breath, especially as Pei Xiangdong more than one such project, but also spent a lot of time to coach Wang.
  More than a month flowing sweat, at this time played a role, Pei Xiangdong only be looking at the front, wher杭州夜网论坛e his team, not his opponent, two hundred meters than four hundred meters, can sprint at a later stage, at the outset to speed.
  When the corners at high speed, can clearly feel the body slightly inclined, or even off road feel, may not matter, Peixiang Dong stability is maintained, step by step the runway riding, without looking next, only the forward head dash, surprisingly good state of health today, when every step forward feel relaxed, bend just over half have been able to see ahead, to the straights, all from the same level of comparison, when the person behind Pei Xiangdong , he has been pulling away several meters of distance.
  When the straight sprint, it is the most intense and most tired, when the curve has consumed a lot of people’s physical strength, speed again, you can feel the heart beating suddenly thrust t南宁夜生活网o accelerate the sense of taut, they left behind, and can clearly see their own and gaps in front of the leading, if they do not want to affect their speed, is absolutely of no return, we can only continue to move forward, with others rolling speed.
  Pei Xiangdong certainly will not look back, his eyes just looked at the front, though the king coach always said he would bend technology is good, when can run straight, but it is the most exciting dignitaries, a road to go in the end, you fast or I’m going, Relying real skill to no other confounding factors, only the fast is king.
  He strode obviously not today’s fi

  Pei Xiangdong certainly do not know of his life, the two most important people, a Flatters he was, the other was worried for him, he just felt good state of their own, whether physical, mental, are in the best moment, should he not wait to run, but unfortunately still today preliminaries.
  ”Admission.”With the licensing staff to guide the admission, mostly a row of people do not know, professional training background, his face looked much more calm, and some school school team sent, it seems to be more helpless, a You will be able to 深圳桑拿按摩distinguish open.
  Pei Xiangdong before the game and did not strike up a conversation and people thought, but in his own habits, gently make a fist, hammer hammer runway, according to Wang coach to say, it is probably in his two too far, after all, are not flat track , the hammer force will be hurt, even a rainy day can rub on a lot of small dust, can Pei Xiangdong always feel like this track and in exchange, well, it was a little silly.
  He has been adjusted in accordance with their customary good starting blocks, standing on the platform of the Starter round making noises, in accordance with their passes, everyone has been ready to do is squat, leaning over the standard posture, the hand stays to, this, eyes can see, only the runway, can not the time to relax the body, according to Pei Xiangdong simple to understand, and that is not 爱上海龙凤419网to let the body and heart “cold” down, keeping tight, just waiting for the final gave the order.
  Stadium and not for the game at this quiet, next to the field events still going on, there are other venues of players are warming up, the crowd can be a foot ab

  ”Well, I’ll watch the.”Liu did not unpleasant, just laugh, let me see it out.
  ?Autumn province, not the cold, but rather with a summe北京夜网r exhaust so that heat is intended to extend for a long time, not much wind today, blowing over, anti feel comfortable.
  Pei Xiangdong warm-up has been basically completed, he charged like a cell phone to a hundred percent, wanton increase the brightness, vibrant, but also from time to time jumping tap or two, relax the limbs.
  ”This child.”Coach Wang hand pockets, look no moment away from Pei Xiangdong body,” not with tension.”Pei Xiangdong In a sense, be regarded as a direct descendant of his, and the team other city transport team, other coaches mining, trained from an early age children are not the same, like a cut and polish diamonds in the rough not experienced in his careful under teaches that a little bit to emit light.For Pei Xiangdong Wang has always been very concerned about the coach, back in the good days ago, I notice北京夜网d that he was not quite right mood, he secretly bent angles and lay the Li Zhengping ask a few back, finally piece together the reason.
  Then he shook his head, helpless want to laugh, yes, this is after all a child, would be busy because of my father, he is not willing to own a rare look at the race, I felt lost, 天津夜网not Coach Wang delays, specially hit phone, not to say a few words, Pei Naochun immediately agreed, then he is only heard from the other mouth, turned silly child, and the family did not even say say.
  This morning, the scene did not take long before he found Pei Xiangdong entire human

  This is indeed not a lie, but expanded the scope, that is their own son sports Well!
  ”Happens to know insiders point, I ask a few words.”He twice ridicule.
  Liu is also quite recognize this statement, he was shot with what CBA and his ilk, met a lot of folk lovers, who all is what big brother forum, paste it great God, very established position: “What are your main shoot sprint?”
  ”.Ok!”Pei N北京夜网aochun nod, strictly speaking, he is the only powder Starchaser circle, only to do work for the exclusive output Pei Xiangdong, if someone photographed, it is only incidentally.
  ”Also, it is a multi-track field events than those enthusiasts.”Liu Speaking of sports to talking,” but let’s provinces, as well as domestic, in this respect is not OK, out of a trapeze, enough of everyone’s attention, and just do not know, these children can not go Province , to the World Cup glory for the country.”
  To be elected to the provincial team, and basically the leader, can be screened to the national team, that they have to eliminate a number, if able to attend the World Cup on the Internet, they are few, and now a stadium contestants, Maybe do not have three years, there is a majority of people want to quit the game, hard exercise these years, it has become or bitter or sweet memories.
  ”Will do.”Pei Naochun vowed,” I believe he can do.”
  Liu did not speak, just looked at the runway, but designed to run all the sports for a long time, or the situation on the domestic sports a clear understanding of people know that domestic projects over short distances, indee深圳桑拿网d, been very “bleak”, anything can grab a, wait for them bragging, said the trapeze, just one day after the blaze swept past, simply gather people’s attention, because of this, who gathered a great pressure, this time a retired, raised a storm.
  ”Really, look at him, this child really run fast.”Al

ew of the world北京风月网, most of the phone quite developed, or else with a film camera, that camera is not a difficult thing.

  It can be thought originally to shoot people running, so hard!
  Pei Naochun painstaking research, this carefully choose a full set of equipment, two cameras, several lenses, which spent a lot of money, he did not heard the phrase three generations of poor photography, SLR ruined his life, or else will that makes sense.
  Finally thought he was fully equipped, and no one thought, lost in the camera on the rope is too short, and he has read a lot of posts posted on it, those professional camera, the camera is the rope hanging in the neck, can this rope is not long enough, he sat down, the camera hanging over his chest, he sent did not become too heavy ostrich.
  ”You say that this is how was it Pei Xiangdong?”Next to someone came ov杭州夜网论坛er, he had just heard half.
  Li Ru remember, she immediately helped, said: “I know I know, this Pei Xiangdong, in?County and city of their games, the 50 m, 100 m, 200 m400 meters of the first all-inclusive, and also broke several records, heard and recorded almost all provinces Games of it!This was not trained when he reported to the competition of 200 m and 400 m, it is estimated again to break their own, chances are broken record gave!”
  ”Ok.”Pei Naochun nodded his head, recognized the other’s argument, then passing mention a mouth,” provincial team that Li Zhengping students, but also quite good, is good at running straight, it can sprint, it is reported back to 50 meters and 100 meters.”When he and his son chat, these teammates will talk about the province’s team, he also learned a lot.
  ”Well ah.”The man thoughtfully,” Well, this time we track the provincial team here, very likely it is to break several records?”
  ”Not so sure, but a conservative estimate is possible.”Pei Naochun once again changed hands, wrists blinded.
  ”brothers.”The man smiled and came over, very warm,” You complete equipment kinda way, no one stuck