Part One: Butterflies time is always inadvertently mercilessly dusty history.  But sometimes there will be an accident, inadvertently, I found you.So, I waded on, in the era of chaos, I saw you, I was full of joy.  Qinhuai River, a wisp of veil in the night with the breeze swaying, you, should you still proud of that lonely back, like a lotus flower, blooming between heaven and earth, no competition, no one energy and.  You gently Shizhao tears with a handkerchief, and finally to everlasting smile, yes, your heart is full of melancholy and anger, only to regret his own untimely, the case of poor people.For you, the story of Beauty, it seems always Mirage.  Those deep pockets of spectators, only if you are fireworks Liu Xiang in “Chapter Taiwan Liu” only, does not know that your talent than we have on high, and higher heart qi, if men will have long topped the list, this is the land of blessing for fireworks at your place of refuge?But, in your eyes, these people are just some of the stands clown, pageant, why miss heart!  I understand that you are attracted to people who just south Chen Zilong, you fall in love with him, you found him this is the hero, and he expected to spend a lifetime accompany it.But the days are not as people would like, in the struggle against the Qing Dynasty uprising, he did not come back, “Love Rain slightest frustration,” I did not know how to sustenance Acacia?  You quietly waiting, keep looking, hoping to find a familiar figure, even if it is just like.One day, you really met him — Qian, you ecstatic, actually transformed into a man, went to visit.You talk, we talk about poetic scenery, arbitrary, much deja vu.At this time, it coincided with Qian, career flow, and your conversation to let him forget the grief, because your talent and he has similarities, so come and go in, you spend a friend.  Unfortunately, unfortunately, just as you want to be serene and forever, the Qing invasion that broke you this wonderful quiet life.As the old North Korea left officials loyal to former team or serve a new master?Qian, faced with dilemma.And you witnessed cruel bowls, and the killing of innocent civilians south, mind you angry.So you persuade with Qian, die to preserve the name of the festival, to show allegiance.Qian, this promised to put together a good lake to commit suicide, but the excuse of “water-cooled”, refused to vote the lake, you have to take a step back, then advised him hermit in the mountains, breaking away from the Red.However, he was with a “whip” answered your.  At this point, you finally see this so-called “gentlemen’s” face, resolutely left him.  You came to the Qinhuai River, looking for a silver lining, but by the death of her husband, your tears, despair plus helpless, you use three feet of white silk, this is not the end of his extraordinary life, certain death, but left to the people endless miss.  Spring cozy, Yang Liu Yiyi, deeply moved by the lake breeze, bursts of glowing light Lin.Inadvertently, a white lotus flower, blooming quietly in the meantime.  ”Say no return, the little Xianghun clear dream,” From then on, you figure disappeared in the Qinhuai River, but in light wind out of date, vaguely smell the fragrance of the lotus bloom when the slightest.    Part II: Butterflies are happy, melancholy, like three thousand water flows east, endless flow of never tell; poetry is painting, the Qing Li word sentence, poetry flower tea and wine, the sadness turned into sweet, like a butterfly Passion flower.  - Inscription in a queue leaning dangerous wind blowing through the thin, look very Singing Sorrowful, Anan Health sky.Yes, go the country nostalgia, but it is seen in desolate stretch of the King, feeling very sad and those who carry, grass smoke sunset glow, the silent you ignore the railing of Italy, but only wine and song, throw the heart all at arm’s length.  May light, late at night, you still end across the landscape of thousands of city sustenance thoughts, the night was four no neighbor, Arai poor old industry, leaving only the empty desert nights you “Wide pine does not regret, to eliminate the Iraqi people were emaciated, “the infatuation monument – Liu and three transformers.  Gentle tenderness of your heart like a butterfly, between Mo flower eat only a little, can not bear to spend blinding posture, in passionate dancing, so that I remember you every month for streaming beads.  Bis deep courtyard, the threshold worry vanillyl weeping dew chrysanthemum, willow smoke stack, Flying to swallow, but the sound of sad front curtain as no multiplicity.Moon are not fluent Lihen bitter, oblique light to wear Zhu Xiao households, who is to make the sound of a heavy blame the hearts of heaven, breaking the confinement of the courtyard, so it was very hot eyes and ears of language Boudoir.  Flower asked tears in silence, Luanhong fly swing, night westerly withered Bishu, alone on the West Wing only you, lean on a railing afar, watch good posture with your eyes, like a butterfly waiting blossoming of flowers in full bloom, gazing distance.Ancient thoughts pierced the walls Liu hospital, spanning the history of the tunnel, and finally write a buckle heart of “Butterflies”.  Three nightlife network is chilling outside under a tree, or pavilion, Lanzhou handle both hands on the man child, even if the first test is not repeated, thick black raw cold night desolate God cold bone, you still use the rhythm Butterflies Write strong Famous; is a small park in Hong path always wandering to Yan Yin word wine, it is also infinite pride, pride tippler’s six Ones, due to the persistent waiting in the courtyard, points to purdah beauty the hearts of frustration, perseverance and persistence, like a butterfly to a flower Chilian, rolls on, seize the day.  When we warble “twig willow cotton blew another little love again” when, ever pay attention to “Spring apricot flower faded Canhong small” when still green water swallows people around, ever pay attention to Wutai Poem Case Dongpo’s Ci due framed, made a tour of Lang Huangzhou, but he is still left with the Schwimmer unborn love for the country, like Butterflies, still adhere to the hearts of love.  I do not know why you so greedy, a tree flowers Tang, Song of a high-rise will not fill you desire, you still want to do that swirling butterflies will stick with heart romantic impact Ming Zhong, Qing disorder book, and then stained with ink little bit of history, flying through space, exudes delicate fragrance.Let us remember the romantic among the flowers, warm feelings: the leaves are blowing residual shadows.Higurashi without cold, butterfly Butterflies love does not change, he persevering, no spring, the wind fluttering, rustling rain, you like a butterfly, still passing the dry heart of the sea.Part Three: Butterflies butterflies fly, flower still; flowers fade to do, butterflies silent.Yin a Butterfly, sigh life is only a dream.  - Inscription I fall into the earth, turned into a lonely Yudie.  Empty mountains, misty rain, hazy south, was removed between the turquoise blue bamboo, dense mist hang around the shore, only to find an agreed safflower III.  Red walls and green tiles, Regency garden, a million flowers Tsui, Hung Ying green cover.  I quietly went over the wall, but in this a long time wandering, just because they do not know that one is waiting for the attachment III!  So, I prayed silently Buddhas in my heart, I want to give the Buddha pointing direction.Then, smiling Buddha, he picks up a petal, saying that this is my home.  I gently smiled, agreed to a past life vows, life turned into a Butterfly.  I quietly standing in the flowers, hearts guess if you are waiting, waiting for the moment together, waiting for a carnal knot.  A person giggle in their hearts: whether there have been thousands of times pass you by?But this time it?I am not going to miss the strike!  Just about everything already doomed!  Seeing you silently dying in that moment, petals, little red core, turning to red mud.The strike is Qingshenyuanqian?We will once again rub shoulders away.Waiting over together III, now, only lonely love empty branches, Cheng Yu Mu pondering sky.  I gazed around the shelter over your branches, fragrant smell sniffing your remaining trace, but it is my ecstasy, break my heart.  Ma’am, this situation is a dream, waking, attributed to loneliness.  Water quietly floating petals, it seems that exudes endless sorrow, telling endless thinking complain.So, I chase a piece of TV drama petals, which piece of the shadows, and even that piece of nothingness companionship.  After the flowers fade, lonely butterfly.Idealist helpless, endure looked dim misty rain in certain death.  Xie has been spent, butterfly attachment.Even if it is a moment of encounter, and after a turn or look back, but only when it is a beautiful dream Bale!  After all, life is a blank ammunition, not the injury, the situation is difficult to tell, Indus Yela, drizzly Muyu, and finally arrived, but the red-green residue cover!  Your past life figure, engraved in the Sansei stone, endured a century of wind, rain and a hundred years, a hundred years of sun exposure, and lonely waiting for Bana open, guarding Huakaihuaxie, the flowers bloom.Reincarnation of unrequited love Sansei III, then, modern technology for a Yudie, only to wait for the end in the foreseeable future.  But – now trace the flowers fade, groups of butterflies fly, throw empty sigh, continued for a lonely finish, how to be in this situation a lifetime.  Let me die quietly strike between these flowers!  Just I do not want to endure a lifetime of loneliness alone!  Mixed with the cold wind, cold my wings.My heart is broken, tired heart.I do not want to fly again!Just turned into a butterfly soul, where you accompany the dead.At least, not lonely heart!  Lying quietly patch of red mud, so that their technology into your arms, so, for life!  Christina dream, feeling the wind.But people have changed, still the Red, Acacia has become resentment, residual memories buried Nanshan.  Shadows lonely, lonely soul butterfly, just because of the Butterflies, only the accompanying attachment.  Butterflies, butterfly flower thinking, a dance past lives, hand knot a carnal.Only willing to stop queue in your whole life branches, reincarnation Xie Xia Yu in the flower bloom in winter snows.  Breeze flowing, thoughts swirling, light holding a handful of soil, full of the feeling of anxiety quietly buried, but give birth to thoughts of you.  Butterfly dream, flower injuries.Fragrant flowers, butterfly Qinru prosthetic atrium; butterfly of love, scattered into the wind slowly flowing.  Butterfly crazy memories of that period the bonds of past life, a red flower attachment to this life, just because the agreed oath, but were changed forever tie him down.  Again separated, heartbreak again, is it is waiting for the fate of Sansei III?Or doomed life after life can not meet?  Butterflies turned into a life, it can afterlife?

Butterflies, flying flowers this fall, and I met a butterfly, and inadvertently hand it tough, Amitabha.    Is the way to pick up Andy Nguyen of science, I hastily go, do not know when attached to a butterfly in my right arm, I feel totally free.Because exclaimed Andy, I pat launch conditions, as it rolled silently from my arm, and Andy exclaimed: butterfly.Our long silence, sad heart.    This morning there was a butterfly flying into the room, I wait and see not move until it flew out the window, my heart just went back to Abel’s “Notes on the Mountain” over four hundred pages.    A short few days, the two encounter butterflies, butterfly edge which is what?    I began to listen to the violin concerto “Butterfly” Many years ago I was only tape recorder, I bought a few versions of the “butterfly”, once, I lost myself indulge in the share of people sad melody.Now already turned and lost, I could not find there always liked Pang Long dish “Two Butterflies”.    Some people some things I invading, some people some things, I reluctantly.Think Dragon TV “Swordsman” champion he does not laugh laugh of Sun Jianhong “I am me, not the same color of the fireworks,” he insisted as if firing his hometown of Jingdezhen porcelain, eventually pupate into a butterfly.We all need to treasure the ideal of happiness and bitter road.In a sense he is also a model for grassroots.    Entomology Andy’s better than me, even though I was born in the countryside and in the countryside grew up, Andy is a member of Roots & Shoots group, they studied plants and insects and other research, is my ideal of knowledgeable people know little plant activities, so I have been encouraging her to participate.Vegetation, insects, fish into view, shop, and on the nature of the book, there are numerous, a lot of fun to go in depth, the current emphasis on Mathematical Olympiad and English utilitarian, I hope the children will be happy the rich warmth of life.    Although the butterfly already heard, this is the first time really saw the tragedy is that I actually hand it tough, I Buddha in the heart.After returning home I looked up information on the butterfly: butterfly leaves scientific name Vanessa (KALLIAMINACHUSBoisduval), the world’s leading butterfly mimicry of species.Wing apex angle after hip and rear wings extending forward tip and petiole were shapes, fin brown or purple brown, shiny dark blue, dark yellow with a central wing obliquely wide band, white spots are distributed on both sides, each of the two wings submarginal there is a dark wave line.Russet was reverse wing, resting from the apex to the wing at the wing angle of the hip has a dark brown horizontal line, with several oblique, resembles the veins.Intermingled with wings in shades of brown spots, much like lesions on leaves.When the two wings together stop on the branches of trees, and it is difficult to be distinguished from the withering leaves of broadleaf.?Very serious, give yourself popularize knowledge, and saw Xu Chi described by the “butterfly”, he wrote at the foot of Mount Emei butterfly: it converges its patterns, designs, hides its full regalia, color, escaping the bustling flowers, it stopped flying attitude, turned into a haggard of pure, dried up, not even yellow, but dry out, like the color of the leaves ashes.The butterfly is grown “wisdom”.And Xu Chi is passed regret and love and yearning for freedom to fly, this is a vast heart.Andy said, “non-Claustrophobia fog fog” where there is the song “butterfly”, follow the advice of Andy I find listen, this time accompanied by gurgling rain outside the window, the afternoon becomes warm and beautiful love dearly.    Partners quite often and catch dragonflies and butterflies in the garden when young, Tu Fu had the kind of feelings “linger play butterflies always dance Jiao Ying precisely cry” and “wear flowers Vanessa deep see, some water sections dragonfly fly “happy.Wandering ten years, too many days “Zhuangsheng Xiao fans dream of butterflies”.Now, as Jiaxuan says: butterfly spread far and not a dream, a three-shift cuckoo called off months.Listen to the sound, pillow advising people to go.Rare return.Noon Writers poet friends to share “Buddha crack” inside a lot of emotion in this world, few can end monastic Buddha?Live each day and how many people heartbroken?Because of rain, although heart hurt wan but also a better peace, Dayou gift of two: “Rain meaning deep grass insects, smoke point first met Fodeng.Six clean are comfortable, everything drops of water empty “,” one meal a meal a drop of water, a twin sister Jane a daisy.A poem article warm boudoir curtain, a love hate a delicious “Although it is a joke, but friends have encountered is willing to go the road of his soul from the lost world.Life is but Siddhartha, meaning to kill thousands insight.Only the front of the sweet-scented osmanthus fall, autumn rain said carefully.    Butterfly Lovers had said, tears and more than longevity Oh sons.Andy touches, a few days ago Wang Jia recite the “Yuqing”: before rain began to take core among the flowers, flowers after the rain no Securinega.Bees and butterflies have over the wall, but the suspect in Spring next door.Fun people may feel the rain transformed views.    Youth also learned article, “side of the Lancang butterflies”, now the only remaining memory of this topic, because now let butterfly butterfly Pianfei up in the heart, adding a dash of heart about the years Zither.No matter how many beautiful song and eventually with the passage of time to spend, meaning a wind and rain.But, butterflies want to fly over the sea, then, where are you?Can you give Butterfly said: You sing a love song.    Careless hand of a tough butterfly, sin, sin.If we meet with butterflies, they are given to me, flying in front of flowers.

Butterfly, opened his sleepy eyes Xing Zhong, gently dancing his beautiful wings, and flew out the window, looking for a dream.Window, flowers, plume of breath, like a masterpiece of Fairy, emerged out of a harmonious, peaceful scene.Butterflies, flowers dance in, intoxicated.When he stopped on a clear green leaves, he saw a cluster of buds, as it arcs across the color from his eyes, and one of the bright.He was deeply in love with her, pink, with a shy smile.Since then, a butterfly, often waving his beautiful wings on a clear green leaves, and vowed to no longer own beautiful.Pink, Hanbaoyufang.Finally, in my heart forever bears the butterfly can not shake off the impression – it is a pink flower of the moment, a pair of bright eyes, a rapturous smile, can not help but feel a.Pink and inconspicuous.But Pink can see a clear green butterfly always in the midst of the stage waving his beautiful wings, dancing dancing youth.Each action seems to spring outline.Pink does not understand, it was a butterfly to a flower and work.Butterfly, saw the pink, pink he knew it must look at him.He used his most beautiful dance, demonstrating the spring beautiful melody.Butterfly, deeply love this piece of clear green leaves.He liked in this small stage waving his youth, with beautiful clear pink.Dance, also attracted a companion, also puzzled attendant.He told them that greeted it was ridiculed.They say, a butterfly and a flower will never have feelings, unless the flower one day and turned it into a butterfly.He did not understand, but do not want to believe.Under the setting sun, clear patch of green on the stage, you can still clearly see the shadow moving Splendor.(Read the article Net: WWW.sanwen.COM) Day after day, pink, no longer enjoy the butterflies dancing.She became tired, she no longer see him.He can not feel her.Bright eyes of enthusiasm, but he still believes dedication.Persuasion, laugh constantly one after another.Finally, tired butterfly, in the midst of the hustle and bustle, he dragged a weary wings, disappeared in a clear green leaves.Can still be seen in the clear patch of green leaves, she had left a butterfly Aging.If you prefer, you can also see a faded and lost the next original pink petals, butterflies hovering around a fear of accidentally wind, blew away his beautiful dream.

Each butterfly is the soul of the former flower, come back to look for it yourself.To see such a sentence, could not help but always inevitable dementia for a while, blowing, the sky is elegant swirls butterfly, Ruoyouruowu, is a lengthy refreshing fragrance.    Always thought cocoon endure pain, but for the sake of the United States into a butterfly, to dream every night can really beautiful swirls of Pina dance in the bright sunshine, but I do not know, I just another reincarnation of the original, only to find pre-existence of their own.    Butterfly Butterfly, perhaps a lot of people’s hearts forever whipped.That flutter and dance, not just love, beautiful, and, for a legend forever.That exquisitely carved wings, disseminated mind how much water, the tenderness, the dance was so graceful scene?What kind of crazy, only the achievements of the next two butterflies dancing in the sunlight lang whipped?This two butterflies, searching the pre-existence, what is it?Could it be, two and hoof lotus?If so, then the pre-existence and hoof lotus flower blooming, budding in which one pair of eyes in the warmth?Which in turn is a wisp of wind, blowing open its first wipe the smile that came to greet its soul?    And in March, the joy of spring grass grow flowers.To mid-spring, there are four seasons fragrance.But, who asked you melancholy melancholy, who vaguely overlapping forward to your vaguely?When the cold hand slipped dream, who Tears drop, over the constant ancient, drops to the ear?That was one, never asked, confused export, or, a group forever combing unclear Complex?    Gently dough, which can be just what the March wind?Who was riding all the way from the peach, the smile bright as the sun, the mind, such as the ancient silence?If you captivated this is nothing but a passing wind, you are asked to open their minds that put it as quiet lotus?    If I’m just looking for a butterfly, then, that the quiet flowers, quietly in the sky under which?Who put himself into the warmth of the sun, give it the necessary nourishment bloom?    March turns warm again, who can tell me, with the warm, which would like to open a flower of dreams, with the cold, which is only butterfly wings to fly?Miss, whether it is best to keep warm coat?    And in March, uh, too much rain drops hometown, I do not know who untold feelings, quit hanging Acacia.Wet looking forward to the wings, looking at the empty pre-existence of antecedents.    If a flower, really open at the other side of the sea, butterflies Oh, you are putting yourself into a dry miss, with the wind blowing over the sea to wipe the smile that first, or, vibration looking for flying wings, the own, eventually folded sections in the sea?

Part one: the most beautiful but always like when flowers gorgeous flowers, the fragrance of flowers, often through flowering of place, they want to stop for a while to look at that beautiful, pink, yellow so rich, so enchanting red, purple is so noble, obsessed with their beauty, their fragrance; so there is always a desire to picking, looking at a Zhang Meili smile, no confusion between the mining and mining, there is always a desire that can not control concept, so under quietly mining, pity they are holding in her hand, I hope it will always belong to us gorgeous.Flowers in full bloom, with a smile.Gentle palm can not give it fertile soil, finally watched it slowly wither and die, I was short-lived sigh of life, self-blame for his cruelty, his mind suddenly let go of interest petals, flapping in the wind, with the lonely tears and sincere mourner buried, put the most beautiful flowers frozen in memory, silent Shizumori.  But when the most beautiful flowers..Mining and non-mining, beautiful out there, but not too much, read and do not read, love is there, not to rise, every time I think there is always a trace of heartache, and finally vowed not want it, no longer read it , there is a vast world more beautiful scenery and so we appreciate, so go for a ride to see all the way, beautiful memories are always hard to forget, finally understand this life this life, it may be difficult to forget the good that had been nearly just as the passage of time, may be indifferent when we think again, we are pleased had nearly seen the beautiful side, smelled intoxicating fragrance.Miss the bloom of the day.    Part II: the most beautiful but Barry cuckoo see the online presentation, Barry Du Scenic Area is located northwest of the province, middle Bijie area, belonging to the only country rhododendron forest parks, national AAAA level scenic spots.Azalea area of the scenic area of up to 125.8 square kilometers, is the planet’s largest natural garden, there had been “azaleas like the sea, leaving fragrant mountain dome” the name in history.Barry rhododendron forest stretches because, it said Barry cuckoo.Rhododendron species currently identified 41 species, representing the world spend 5 Rhododendron subgenus of 4 subgenus.Known as the “earth ribbon, world garden, health blessed summer paradise” reputation.So I have always been longing for this large natural garden, three years ago on a business trip passing cuckoo Barry, I want to stop a tour, but due to time and the season is not coincidence, failed to appreciate her beauty, has been left empty mind with regret.51 holiday just in time, a few friends of units similar to the cuckoo Barry play, but I have this just a wish.  Six o’clock in the morning, rush rushed toll station and other tourist’s car to pick, to Guiyang, the car went to the Du Barry, after nearly four hours of bumpy, and finally arrived at the famous Barry Du.After nightlife network simply ate lunch our party of 12 people riding on a sightseeing car.With the forward wagon, depicting picture in front of us open, dizzying.One of the most striking crimson azaleas, friends Others say, this is not azalea, oleander is, a car drew people laugh.In fact, it is no wonder his friend, because this azalea color and the color is very similar to open oleander.In my mind, a water azalea is open on that little red flower leaves, composed of a cluster of up to thirty-two, a canopy azaleas, but also by the dozens of clusters.Unexpectedly, friends, the amazing sound of cries, I saw many things I never saw azaleas, light from the color point of view, there are white, silver, bright pink, red, red milk, light yellow, orange red, pink, lavender, purple, etc..From the point of view of high trees, some about two thirty feet high, most are much shorter than I imagined high, complete with cuckoo I imagine the flowers are not the same, this is really a colorful world, looking off to see mountain to mountain azaleas are in full bloom, said she was a sea of flowers, but also the most realistic.  With the front row sightseeing car, we went to a place called Lantana forest attractions, see a brief introduction, said Lantana flower rhododendron forest is holy, passionate girl Soma incarnation.Friends like discovering the New World, from time to time screaming and amazing sound, one would say that this good-looking, one would say that there was really nice, in fact, full of colorful flowers blooming, we the people have exposure to flower ocean, where not all beautiful picture ah!I easily found a bunch of flowers counted, actually a bunch of flowers by the forty flowers single flower composed of a cluster of such blooms in turn, hundreds of flower composition, from afar, like balls of flame leaping really like a great right away wearing cherry, hence the name Lantana rhododendron forest.And this is the mountain blooms of the mountain, you can imagine, what a spectacular ah!Friends kept swinging the camera in various positions, want to put all the beauty here to stay.I saw a friend if there is blood on the clothes, I asked how it was?When this turned out to be the flower like photography friends photographed under azalea, rhododendron flowers from the trees in full bloom caused by drops of water flowing down.I was thinking, this is not the holy Soma girl waiting for a lover and not to shed blood and tears it?  Next, we went to the bottom of this Cape attractions, this attraction should be the most famous cuckoo Barry is also the most important attractions.One at this area, the road is lined with contests to see the azaleas, need some people looked up to see her the whole picture, it was only some general high, eyes looked wide variety of colors, the most amazing is that some of the azalea blooms in full bloom at the same time also several colors of flowers, I do not know a masterpiece of humanity or nature Cherish ah!  In the introduction to the guide, we came to China azaleas Expo.I entered the hall, to see the amazing sight.Against the background of every azalea pots spent on lighting and backgrounds, like most delicate and beautiful girl, was in intensive care, really graceful, lightly I do not know how many boys and girls of the heart!On display at this exhibition brings together a number of countries in the azaleas exhibits, an area of square meters, displaying azaleas there are more than strains, varieties are more than 200 varieties Lantana, large white flowers, dew, etc..Is really an eye-opener, lots of flowers, not only color I have never seen, but also the flower, really never thought too.One of these is called Alcimandra cuckoo, it is a big goose yellow flowers that like most of the long flower girl’s slender fingers, goose yellow petals as she put on new clothes, is so tender the United States, that kind of daydream extremely.Here you can see the azaleas in a good number of countries, the United Kingdom, Belgium, the United States, but looks around, still feel the cuckoo’s most beautiful Ma Ying cuckoo.She was so red, as brilliant, as pure, as inconspicuous as a trace between the mundane world.  Suddenly a cry of the mother’s voice, turned out to be a friend to scream Hall Jinggangshan, see where the beautiful feeling when struck with a.We also arrived along with and enjoy.See this exhibition of azaleas and rhododendrons I imagine is very similar to the kind of water colors, but due to the exhibition, various forms of artificial modification of her, so than our local azaleas I do not know how much the United States time.A large a large, in the light against the background, as red one, I think, this is not a symbol of the red Jinggangshan it.Exclaimed edge, edge around the booth to enjoy and see the shape of peacock colors like plum red bougainvillea, like azaleas, flowers broken pieces, but full, to show people the infinite charm of her enchanting, her beauty.There Jiangsu exhibition of azaleas, all Fenfen, a variety of shape, and some like the girl after bath dressed in a fresh long hair, some like to be married bride’s wedding shirt, people forbidden to live daydreams but why, really feel paradise on earth but also the case.  After visiting the exhibition, then boarded a sightseeing car back in time.Then my friends said most or one word – “beautiful”.I believe this is the true feelings of the heart, at this moment, no amount of words, no amount of words will only pale, even the best literary talent is also not describe her beauty, only hard feelings, intentions taste, intentions accept gifts of nature.  In the tourist board, vistas, stretch for hundreds of years on the mountains are the same color palette as the spilled colored flowers, colorful, like a match made in heaven huge pots, if Xia Ruoyun.This is really the history of the plant created by nature a rare miracle, really thank Mother Nature has given us such a paradise on earth, in this beautiful scenery, you a lot of trouble, a lot of disappointments will be resolved without a trace, will lament , how, how there will be so beautiful and magical place it?People get unlimited purify the mind, people irritable heart attributed to the infinite serenity.  Say goodbye, Barry cuckoo, say goodbye, paradise.The following year, next year I will come back, you come back to see the United States face the same centuries..    Part three: but the most beautiful rivers and ponds in early summer wind is very cool color, eight in the morning, I rode a bike, go to the north gate of the lotus pond.  Road sunny, thin broken pieces of light through the cracks of the barge-like leaves scattered on the ground.I also began to lengthen the shadow.  The wind gently blowing, blowing face, such as fairy delicate hand for me to whitewash, as if my skin becomes tender and translucent, flawless finish.I have long hair, wearing headphones, listening to “Ponds moonlight”.”I was a fish in your rivers and ponds, waiting only for you and that wild rice moon.”While listening to the song, while yearning for the infinite pool of late spring and summer color that.  He came Ponds, lock the bike, took off his headphones, letting the wind blow touch my face.The body cool, drill into the depths of the skin through every pore, followed by dancing dress, across my skin, feeling the itch.This is how spring, which is what a summer scene ah!  You see, swaying pool of lotus, pink flower bud, such as the ancient cardamom girl next door, it is Qingdouchukai age, there is a strange feeling in her heart quietly blooming, spring breeze, you are so passionate, is so handsome, her heart was deeply attracted you, girl Huaichun, probably like the taste of it!  You see, deep red lotus flower bloom is strong.Hongnen cheeks, white as the moon Seiki like skin, such as the betrothed young woman, like just drinking the wedding of the bride, wearing a bright red scarf, you see, it is tipsy, gently shaking as graceful posture, waiting for the arrival of the groom.One thousand night moment worth a thousand gold, this is probably the charm of it!  You see, most colorful lotus flower bloom magnificent, driving too comfortable contented, driving too rich state, full bloom, bloom abundance, such as the palace of the princess, educated, there are pretty, not as light mermaid, Yang not as full, which is between the United States, both the advantages of both sets in an.  That pool of lotus leaf, large and small, spread on the water, silhouetted against the lotus, reminds me of Qingzhao: Lvfeihongshou, fight crossing, crossing dispute, strayed into the depths of Ouhua!  Green sparkling waves, Dangqi from time to time, just listen to the water burst of sound, look, ah, rotten rotten fish gold leaps!  Ponds on the fence, shape thousands of trees, like most of the bonsai humanities landscape and highly three-dimensional picture of the cultural heritage.A few birds, small, active, twisting and swinging his head, singing aloud, mildly crisp sound, and some twitter joy danced.Some also in front of so many people face pro out of the mouth.  Everyone has an Ponds, let me think about it, this piece of rivers and ponds is not that people do beautiful memories?It is so vibrant, so strong to green.Ponds are the bottom of the fertile soil, so it is not that we do spirit of the Pure Land?Those pure green water that we do not mind it?No high moral, pure heart, our memories, our feelings will be beautiful and wonderful it?  Around rivers and ponds, the rows of stone bench, draped under the green vine leaves on top of the shed, like a girl’s hair, like a green curtain, like a green Galaxy.  Where are the birds and the flowers gone?Been taken off, I really pity!  Surrounded by green grass, yellow, purple flowers studded with warm.Look ah, but also a beautiful view over the pages!It is a worthwhile memory!In addition to Ponds life, there are other beautiful scenery, no matter what you are in online landscape, remember, please cherish these wonderful things, to cherish these, you must hold the pure land of mind!Please live your pure, active and beautiful memories!

Part one: the most beautiful, but a sunset red spring sun is brightly foundation, Qiaosheng Sheng to dress the handsome entire sky, mountains and rivers covered with a layer of soft, gentle smile that is sweet couple in love.Through the window overlooking the huge sun leaving it reflected his own half round red drop, orange brilliant diffuse scattering dust every inch of the room, the light is softened by the edges and corners of the table clear sketch of all people’s heart is so calm and tranquility Ning and.  I like the sun, simple bright, true engraved eternal, this kind of life is what I always wanted.Feel the golden sunset shines on the face, my mind could not help but emerge yesterday that scene, the old man a big, big age, wrinkles vertical and horizontal cross gully, recorded every river years, every hill.But let me not forget that two elderly old but infinite love and cherish flash.  Once I stubbornly believe that love is the aged, youth season blooming roses, enchanting gorgeous, gorgeous, such as fireworks generally brief encounter.Until you see them, warm scenes of goodwill, loving gestures of mutual interest, and my heart began to doubt his own shallow understanding of love, and this love is this heart made sweet, sugar spent on the ear to hear a blossoming Perfectionist , clear as innocent love between men and women.I watched, can only say, “This is the love of it, hold your hand, and are old.”Although my sketch has been hovering around the pass line, but I want to strive to live in the moving picture bit by bit down, better themselves, but also the warmth of others.Every day, the old lady will put the insulation box, or rather with both hands holding guarding appear in the ward, the kind of carefully unknowingly influence your tears.The old lady feeding the old man to eat a mouthful, because of illness sake, do not always eat two, then Bai Zhaoshou old man said, “do not eat, do not eat, could not eat.”At first lady will be good words good words of comfort, like coax playing his 5-year-old grandson, after a while children, the old lady would put a box holding in one hand and pointing to the old man’s face in one hand akimbo chatter,” You are not do not listen to me any more?Ill always been two-thirds rule seven support, you do not eat the infusion of light when it will get better ah?”The old lady, then a crackling down the sentence, the old man never angry, but more and more like a spoiled child, he grabbed the old lady’s fingers gently clutched in his hand down, grumbling to say” I was wrong, I know wrong, I know you are good for me, but I really have no way to be able to eat, do not be angry, OK.”She spoke little voice will gradually down, secretly aim at the eyes look slightly raised anger in the old lady, old lady and old man eyes gently right, old lady Puchi laughed in turn quickly scowled, but how it continues pretend to go mad, the old lady sitting on the bed of the old man patting the old man’s hand and said, “Old man, you’re so bad now, this trick all by how many times?”Having to face slightly red, it was the most beautiful sunset Chula sunset, drink a little drunk drunk shallow clouds.  I stare at everything, staged in front of the back, then I do not listen carefully, but I know it must be a secret between two people about love, beautiful sweet deliberation, their faces wrinkled circle around Shu unfold, is the spring of willow waves, rippling like a smile on the face of a shallow open to the extreme of yellow chrysanthemums, layer upon layer bloom, floral dispersed peaceful happiness in the light, pale walls are wrapped up a trace of pink streaks.  Today ward unusual quiet, I spring up all the curiosity and envy the old man said, “nice old lady, your love is really great for you so I can imagine you as a person holding hands, walked the end of time, leave not abandon the.”The old man always hearty laugh, his eyes full of spirit is moving starry, he waved his hand and said,” You’re still a child, ah, you get to my age you will understand the true meaning of love more, as well as dry rut fish Xiangruyimo affectionate.”Then I pay any attention to me, leaned son lie down, and then came the moment not sleeping snoring.  I walked out of the room, walking in the wisteria winding Tinglang below, the light of the setting sun slid down a road marks on his face, I quietly recall the old man, I know the old man’s children never refused to see him, on the pretext that busy with work, endless busy with work, but who can really sense, all behind the false excuse to have a naked cruelty, because the old man’s disease is an infectious disease, people who have this disease is bound to be lonely, no one willing to accompany, including his own and brought up children.But the heart suddenly raised an Luckily, the old man is a consolation, because no matter what he becomes, the old lady will be in, having left hold, never betray.What a happy ah, is not that the earth’s most beautiful love it?  I have always felt that love is the moment thing, frantically love, love warm briefly, as if all this madness in order to prove that love really came.This concept of love only to find that now too naive, but the most beautiful sunset red, frosted really love is worth the time in the hourglass a little heavy precipitation accompanied by the most authentic, is the last hint of sunset scenery during the day, but it rippling unparalleled beauty and touching.    Part II: the most beautiful red sunset, but I like to see the scene when the sun goes down, the distant horizon clouds like fire, Yao red half of the sky, just like Journey to the West of the Flaming Mountains, it is called a spectacular scene.I want to see the old SF ranks of the “sunset” who, they like a sunset scene, there is no flame, but the whole body red, red, beautiful, beautiful red, red makes you great joy.  Friends, take a look at this field Morning sunset red bar, when you see this scene, make you keep in mind, that the depths of the soul!  When dawn hazy, not enough time to eject glow of ten thousand, how many “sunset” who walked vigorous, holding a silver sword, dancing, fighting Yan Qun, swords, like a willow-like and elegant, like flowers blooming as beautiful.Although wrinkled white-haired but showing mountains are always green water forever resolute style.  Morning field “sunset” who are like a sports athlete, there are many over sixty, seventy years old, they walk like the wind, figure to be light, lively, smart, affable.Several old man involved in the youth ranks blanket kick, kicker foot drop, and sometimes also to a difficult (for fish) action, Felt few people flying in the air surrounded by a circle, or high or low.Felt like paste flowers butterfly – like, keep others fell toes, heels, knees, shoulders, upper chest, but not always fall on the ground.This man is good comfortable, all laughing, with interest; this dance Softball hustle and bustle, responsive, they dance out of Softball soul, their dance was dripping sweat, forget the fatigue, forget tired brain, forget age.(Chinese prose network WWW.SanWen.COM) in the autumn of this full harvest, the use of these elderly people in the old SF morning exercise time in this group composed of a number of teams, respectively, went to the provincial, city and county participate in the competition, show, extravaganza and get better results, being from all levels praise.They, like this season as fruitful harvest may Wyatt.In this group of older people who are often full of hope, full of confidence.They not only show their glory, they use their own waste heat breeds green, pregnant with the future, pregnant with all the good.This is not a corner of the field Morning, has been enhanced with elderly people in their accumulated lifetime of training with – the new batch, so that players have a solid base of Ben power to make it to the next level.These old people, though already old, but lofty aspirations.They heat brilliance, cultivate future generations.Really ask Rise and Fall of eighty ninety Dengfeng top.In the later years of their lives, but also presents the life and career of the second spring.  Older style, his voice, radiant, imposing, handsome.Like a setting sun put EXTRAORDINARY SPLENDOR, fragrant yellow flowers later years.Really a good poetic drawing, life in a captivating sunset moving music.    Part three: but the most beautiful red sunset morning watching the news today: “Hundred Years of Solitude” by Marquez’s death.Since then, this world pure and stripped clean!To complete strangers to me, but his “Hundred Years of Solitude” is not a lot of people will never know.Inside this sentence I particularly like: everyone seemed very lonely, in their own way to find ways to loneliness, in fact, still is a continuation of his solitude.Loneliness is anathema to good fortune gregarious person, the only exit is lonely lonely.The world gave him the most beautiful interpretation of “vicissitudes”, he was a great man and a true immortal!Stand back and forth, Go On wasted years, solitude and loneliness withstand time, with the most unusual is the life he suffered from the most prosperous and the most gorgeous!Suddenly remembered Chaplin said these words: Time is a great author, it will give each person to write the perfect ending!Marquez in his “Hundred Years of Solitude” in their own right seems to have had such a statement: once in my life had all the brilliant, after all, need to pay a lonely!Suddenly a kind of feeling: time, had you been in.If you have not deliberately mention, I really forgotten all about you, every section of the road that I stepped on my way to the scenery everywhere, I see or experience of each story, actually are you is so carefully crafted out.Maybe I, thank you, so give me life so rich and colorful, sad sorrows and joys happy, always twilight pitch, so we piled up most people’s life!However, I eventually found my occasional indifferent time ah time, you silent scary, you’re like an evil poison, inch by inch to erosion every cell of our body, and we drown in your face brought false that gorgeous colorful enchanting, but sometimes you without warning, you will not hesitate to cruel poison attack without reservation, that moment, the moment we woke up broke: So you have been in, I rounded up All water chestnut, shed all my camouflage, I bring you the way you bloom, Changzhangduanduan time, but eventually one day, take you without reservation!  Miss, not wrong, just after.However, it was found that there are eyes follow his entire youth, such a miss, too late, to regret the pain!We approach the bloom years time, then, in fact, a lot of people just have a way with our bloom about, or the way we have many people in bloom, or passing, or girlfriends, or that dusty ice memory, or that are still people that hold hands Xiangxie years!Tashi Ram?In a lot “When you pass through my full bloom” in the description of feeling very objective, and perhaps also the fact that the original is the case.He wrote: If someone promises to you, to believe that he is the true moment of opening, do not doubt.If someone abandon a commitment to believe he did not know before is impossible, not demanding.If you deceive someone, to believe he might just want to protect themselves, let alone break.If anyone deceive ourselves, to believe that he simply can not handle the truth, give him time.  I especially like Lin Ching’s talk about himself said such a sentence, she said: I would also like to learn the butterfly, repeated transformation, repeated wishes, neither thoughtful nor hesitation; neither review nor sad!Perhaps a perfect ideal of hope, which is so good, even if it is A SAM wrote, “to take advantage of, this body is not old,” the book: sometimes like a back pack people stay away of free and easy a person on the road, a person shopping, a person standing on edge of coastline, that a man is the world’s most liberal people, suddenly felt very sad day, because it can not travel too long a person, like a man the same can not be single for long, long time will feel lonely, those long flight, the morning light can not talk.I sincerely admire Marquez, I really hard to imagine what made him to have such a profound understanding of loneliness analysis, it just because he had experience of life, I think it is far-fetched reasons for this can be answered.He wrote the book too: In the past are false, memory is a no way back road, past all spring can not be recovered, even the most frantic and tough love, in the final analysis is nothing but a fleeting reality, only eternal loneliness.Perhaps this time the pain was originally given to our own can not escape the bear in this life!To 25 years of age, a lot of things, after all, not in himself, that face, which to bear, as it should be paid, to assume responsibility from, whether you are tired or not tired, not that you become an excuse to escape, “thanksgiving” will be the theme of our life can not take off or Thanksgiving angry with you to support you all pay no regrets for two people who love you, or around Thanksgiving always accompany you to your years not lost many friends, but make yourself understand what is the friend of those who have, or still more to be thankful ourselves, in fact, life is beautiful, we are grateful that they have so much love and so many people love to be!There might have been a thought of before but you did not accompany the last man never betray your side.Really, 25 years old, mindful of a young, noisy and quiet of a young, 25-year-old is old broke able to see things change.In fact, nothing wrong with the old, but will some things bearish; lazy, nothing bad, less care, more of a go with the flow.Live, it is to find a loved one, through ordinary common, but cherish each other.  Sometimes, life is not calm in fact more than ours own care about too much, too restless.Time is moving forward, the clock can not turn backwards, so long as all things in the past, they can not go back.This world even if it seems like something back, are also faced with the completion of.We can turn around, but do not have to go back, even if one day, you find yourself in the wrong, you should turn around and strode to the direction of, rather than the back complain they are wrong.Famous writer Qian Zhongshu once said such a sentence: a bath, look at a flower, eat a meal, if you feel happy, because not all washed clean bath, well flowers or vegetables to satisfy your taste, mainly because your heart is not Guaai.I think that to explain the impetuous easy to do.25 years old, but also an awkward age, 10 questions are asked nine questions and marriage, another issue is raised myself: Why do you have to ask this question?!But have to admit, this is our choice in life should not be underestimated, he never answered his own question, and when a few bad friends chatted, we are boundless, do not easily believe in love, perhaps the people who the story left a mark, of course, understandable, people always want to learn to protect themselves, if only for one person all their colors fade without reservation, finally forget their original initial appearance, may finally lose more than just a unworthy of man, more important is the loss of his own!And keep in mind that your own: once people like you is that you had the original look, if you own to replace the so-called “understanding”, then this is the person that you are mortal beings, but the monotony of the people only, how I will go to cherish!  Yi technique in his “no dream, why afar” in once wrote: been cheated, been betrayed, people still choose to believe.Because I know that as long letter to a man, you will put all your wounds are healed.  So much life, 且行且珍惜.They will never be the protagonist of their own, they do not always act as a supporting role in someone else’s drama!This is respect for others is to respect yourself!We are running together, rather than change!Once in a moment, we all thought he was grown up.But one day, we finally found the meaning of growing up in addition to the desire, the courage, responsibility, strong, and some must sacrifice.In the face of life we are all children, in fact, we never grow up, do not understand love and be loved.Thank you to those that they always stay by your side, in the years of friendship, friends do not need a lot of friends, there are so very happy few close too much of the precipitation of love, that person does not have to be beautiful does not need very handsome, very elegant and do not have no need of a scholar very beautiful and romantic, and even shortcomings can not be erased, they do not hurt the Taiga does not like bad habits and tendencies.Together is not an exhibition, no need to show off, warm and practical pursuit of the ultimate fate.Love you, care about you, then hand life will be the most beautiful expression of their own, but also the warmest on that person forever answer!Some words in their hearts, and others will ever know, to express this, you do not mean that simple but the most pristine tell the truth, tell your friends to tell your lover: Thank you, I never give up!  Thank you, and I turned around to see where they can.Even, long time no see!    Part Four: none other than the most beautiful red sunset in the world’s most beautiful scenery than the sunset sunset, the beauty of it you most stunning, the most you drunk, you most obsessed, the most you pull the soul.That the United States is a purification of the soul of the United States, it is a beauty to make you choke it, is a sight to behold the beauty.  Whether you are standing towering clouds shrouded the top of the mountain, or overlooking the boundless expanse of blue above the blue expanse of the sea, whether you are walking on top of green prairie vast expanse of lush grass, or enter Stretching thousands of miles of meandering undulating golden desert among those magical beautiful, ever-changing colorful sunset, its charm always make you excited obsessed fascinating, make you heart imagination of a crash course.  The wonders of nature gods like is that it’s unpredictable, breathtaking hook-like dreaming superb.The beauty of the sunset, that is the nature of most fascinated you, unreal ethereal beauty, its gorgeous and unassuming, beautiful and colorful, exciting it beautiful.That poetry as camel lingering rustle talk to, such as music meandering camel trickling flowing, as precious as gold stream exudes Yi Cai, such as painted like colorful and bright with its splendid and glorious expression.  It was the sun created a colorful and exciting nature endlessly wonderful views.It is the sun with its passion and generosity, urging green fields and hills, reminders opened a flourishing birds contention, gave birth to a beautiful sunset with passion Zhaohui seasons.The sun is the source of life, this is all things.Its beauty is not only to give us life and vitality, give us courage and strength, and gave us a beautiful dream of a brilliant future.It allows us to see the bright sun got hope, give us life into the all the world.  If anyone asks, you want to get the most comfort with the blessing of the sun in what season?I would not hesitate to answer, I am most looking forward to is the winter sun.It is more like water and food is the same as an integral part of our lives.Winter sun it is our favorite!When the golden warmth and tenderness tightly wrapped you, when the bright sun with a warm and love go hand in hand to accompany you, the kind of joy and happiness is the most touching, it is difficult to express language of the.  I love the sun, I love in cold, shivering in the winter, to bring us light and warmth.I love the warmth of the sun light and joy, in a dull moment silence Liao, has its accompanying blessing, we would not feel monotonous and lonely, I do not feel cold and dark.I love the bright and colorful golden light of the sun, I love it love it the gift of tenderness.As people love tea, taste a cup of thick lingering scented tea, he was deeply refreshing aroma mellowness of the soul led touched, being intoxicated touch of green liquor.Between that Yi Sha, he would forget everything, completely immersed in prostitution tea’s “poetic” in.For the glow of the setting sun, I also like a drunken drinkers, as it was rich and fragrant bouquet with fetters charmed.  Some people may always turn a blind eye to the sun, or even ignore its existence.That is because he commonplace it appears, grace granted too much, and the body in the fortunate.In dense concrete jungle, how many seats Tic-Tac-building, and how many households live north face of the people, they better understand the importance of the sun and affinity.Especially those lonely elderly struck a ripe old age, although they sometime difficulty walking gait, but they are the kind of desire and hope for the sun, that young people can not understand.  The same day and the sunset, just by the window to the east or west of people, how eager to let the sun stays for a while, but dismissive contempt of the sun only to hit a face to face, you no mercy impatient hurried away.When poor old man looked out the window with a look of hope, seeing it generous sprinkling of silver and gold on the south window, the kind of frustration and hope, frustration and disappointment is difficult beyond words.Is the sun also Xianpinaifu bullying the small bullying you?  Winter sun as thieves, there is always a low, walk through the forest as dense as between buildings.That was not much light searchlight times than a small poor place, can only be a day once the sun glance.These sixtieth old especially ripe old age walking into the dim old people, like school, like, every few sunny days a handful of years, always looking for that go hand Tima Zha flash that interest rates Sun.When that precious sunshine bathed the years they have been urging wrinkled face, when the time is bleached silver hair, the kind of happiness satisfaction and loneliness, often smiling face hung in wrinkles heaps.  They did not expect too much, only a small request, is able to perfectly healthy happily live and experience the joy of life, to appreciate the full house the children accompany happiness.This is their greatest satisfaction, the biggest luxury.The winter sun, and no serious effort to try to figure out the mind of the elderly, as if deliberately making things difficult for them down.Old people just happily bathed in warm sunshine and leaving them, resolutely removed the.But old people are very persistent, they will not give up.Old people will be difficult to get up, walk to the chase and the gap between the other two buildings, solar counterparts to follow.Until the sun to hide after abandoning their high-rise, old people will be reluctant to leave.  Enter old age group for the elderly, although they are old people, not in their prime surged up, but they all have a calm life in those memories have long been clear sky.Although they are old, rickets waist, walking-hearted, but they still bearish life exposed childlike flawless smile.Although they are old, but in their mind still can spare a leafless, out of a flower, to accompany them, the better they.  Sometimes they sat on a bench, lift and looked at the sky drifting clouds, listening to the melodious singing of birds, the wind gently off the clothes of the past, that are unforgettable memories.They basking in the sun Hunhundundun if they miss an old friend to see his lifetime, his face Duixiao, greeting a look, he expressed the accumulation of a lifetime of thinking about all.Although they became a years old listener and spectators, but they are very calm for everything, the life and death very lightly very light, like a leaf gently and quietly to go and find his soul fate.  It is the little-known group of very ordinary old people, they have for this community, for family, for children paid their life experience and hard work.Society as a whole leap forward and take off, have they had effort and sweat.Industry landscape line industry updates and updating, have all had their diligent figure.They are paying too much, but they do not expect anything in return, not for the mercy and grace, just peace of mind for the benefit of future generations.  They have a heart of gold, their virtue is the beauty of this world the most attractive, most of the United States should be on everybody’s lips.Like the sunset blooming splendor, always deep in people’s memory.    Part Five: world’s most beautiful sunset red sunset you like it?I like it, every time he saw the sunset, I will be shocked and enchanted by her beauty.The kind of brilliant share of heavy, always makes me inexplicably moved.  I was born in a small town in southern Anhui, where is a tributary of the Yangtze, we call her Shuiyangjiang.Water Yangjiang, South Bank is one of the major tributaries of the Yangtze River, originates in Anhui and Zhejiang at the junction of Tianmu mountain, called Xijin River upstream, downstream divided into two things, the west branch is connected with the Qingyi River, East Branch Pacific port in Dang into the Yangtze River.Yangjiang River water a total length of 254 kilometers, the basin area of 10,305 square kilometers, across the Anhui and Jiangsu provinces.  Yangjiang water source Taizishan in Jixi County, home Peng Township.Yangjiang is the mother river of the water of Xuancheng.The river flows through the mountain by the Prince Prince pit.Hu Yue.Xijin.Ma On Shan Yang water, and finally into the Yangtze River.  Where I was born, to music between Hu Xijin, here it is a very beautiful land of plenty, in accordance with a sides of Castle Peak water.The town was built by the river, across the river is relatively narrow, so the east bank of the river there is only street, only a small West Bank village.Therefore, this street is known as the East Coast Street.Until 2000 the construction of the dam, the east coast of the street is very famous place.  Every morning, the sun rises from behind the hills street, sunlight on the opposite cliff, the cliff facing my house place is a big cliff wall.Barren, smooth as a mirror.From the foot to the top of the hill.People can only go down hill from trees on both sides of the cliff.Mother said that Cliff is a book.Turn page by page, so good feng shui in the West Bank, a pedagogue.Indeed, the tiny West Bank village, and everyone has pedagogue.  My favorite is the summer, dusk every day, I will go back to the river ducks own home.People are feeding the ducks along the river.At daybreak the morning rush into the river, near dusk to drive home.The weekend is not in school, the kids find duck in the pebbles by the river, sometimes good luck, you can even find a nest of duck eggs in the willow grove by the river.  There is one of my favorite things is to see the sunset.When the sun goes down, the river has a lot of boys and girls fishing, father and uncles in the village of net flapping fish in the river, we swim in the river, the sun shot down from the top, sprinkle sparkling the river, the breeze brought bursts of rice flower.  In the sunset light, father and uncles fishing net fish is golden.The children’s faces are flushed.  Watching the sunset, I used to dream that he came to the desert beyond the Great Wall, the golden sunset, feel the “river down the yen,” the mood; sometimes, I also dreamed that they came to the beach, watch the sunset at sea shed the ten thousand gold.Feel that swaying ray of golden yellow ray, revealing the golden ray of red light, like the drunken girl, that’s drunken sunset.  Later, I know, life is not the most beautiful childhood is not young, but old age.In his later years of life, it is the same as the setting sun, glorious heavy.But the most beautiful red sunset.

Part one: but was already casting haze of confusion perfected just kind of awkward generous, no one really willing to give up their own happiness.The only tears always love the most sacred offerings not want to love, fear, love into a long period of resentment.Also fear, love is kind of hurt.I love, so busy, so lonely.  Eyebrow point Dai color, lip point cinnabar, the Red lofty decorated to show you Kam, one thousand Hibiscus clothes you with Chinese clothes.You are born with a gentle wake up but it is my obsession once again, innocent eyes that day really is the salvation of my soul scarred.”I love you,” the words Prophecies, since then, they bear the heavy yoke of happiness in all your dreams.Those sad ending just as the foreshadowing.I did not think you want to be buried my passionate, but not willing to let go so, since God gave me a second chance to love you, how could I quit it?  Flowery Meijuan, Homecoming, get back in the past, did not return.Drum and bell upset by external quiet, filled with three thousand thoughts a few people guess rogue.The Bowl, when people say that unusual.At first, you change with elegant turn me Half a displaced, now, I miss the longest in exchange for only the shortest of love.During that yearning, suffering, long.During that love, sincere, frank.Even if you only watched the last sad back, even if your mind will emerge Allure face, which for me has been enough to make me later years aftertaste.Since the choice not to look back, never forget why?Since it is bound to be missed this life, why should they vowed?Has always been shallow edge, but since the Wife!Let me grow into a tree, you must pass through at the junction.  Dusk tea has been cool earth, cold spare clavicle quiet.When your heart is really in pain, tears about to flow down, then quickly look up, this piece of the sky once belongs to us; day is still so vast, clouds are still clear, you shall not cry, because my leave does not take away your world.  Remembrance into.Part II: but was already casting haze of confusion “Forgive me colder honest and upright official court dress cut to fit the look for day clothes and take your rest assured that a product silk embroidery cut things pocket, you skillfully even three lines rhyme and sonnet, to I do become mend patchwork map.Be quiet, March ghost rain, I want to turn back trunk box, and then crack a sweat-free then wiping away his tears handkerchiefs.”Nightlife Network – Jane Jeong” April Liebo “old sun shines on the fence this morning crowing, morning breeze from the past back in September, dumping out a thin line of poetry.  Wet rain dyed white book’s title page, the ancient Chinese character rain soak into the fibers.I turned page after page of poetry yellowed pages, black and white bring the distances of disconsolate.Many age-old story, because a special moment slowly flows through the eyes, wet mood.I used to read to frame made of Tyrants, the memories woven into the spring cherry, that the past will fall into a stable piece of verse, singing people have changed.However, those glazed dark green thing already become moldy taste of the final miles of the Red, horse rustling do not look back.  Nalanxingde still low water pens night to sing the words, Xiaoxiang concubine Xiaoxiang Guan buried in the souls of flowers, a condensed out of the eclipse tears, when the story hearted become untouchable bedside pull words.  A reading of a story, the story has become the owner of inadvertently.I never denied that it was a story of people, those shallots are numerous stories compiled a collection of poetry, shallow Yin today’s human non-story.I had a rebellious period of hysterical, had a manic hostility of puberty, in the past, personnel exposure last night in front of a person, Wan Wan flowing into the endless night sky.For it to, always a kind of painful embarrassment.I never wanted to deny there was how darn, that a long rebellion to torture everyone disaster that he will not be able to extricate themselves in such torment.I have the most straightforward monologue in other articles, but now the road when to go to, he did feel weird.Later, after everything was quiet, and I never once had to apologize, then later quietly through the day, but had traveled once or inadvertently, when time after my nightmare, woke up a disconsolate.  At that time had a chance to have said, did, still still wet memories corridor is sun dried, remind me Timely visit.  I have gone through a River and a large and small art shops and art shops in town only a few rough facade, simple furnishings, but still can not stop our pace Qing Ling.Every time the sun sickly sleepy time, on an afternoon scouring time.Paint, watercolor, gouache, acrylic, shaking the starlight shadow days, fell out of the endless pleasant.And painting shop owner increasingly familiar, and he would Qinghe jokes from time to time, each time with a minimum price buy favorite paintings.Still able to think of people mixing with warm sunshine and deep Sung Yu Cang Greenwood on the road, coming and going out of the car to open our eyes.Or, Qinghe and I escaped one afternoon class, while others desperately college entrance examination, we can always persuade the teacher gave us a fake afternoon.Qinghe and I will go to Amoy Street house only video store, video store is a small place, soft lighting, as the wall like a thick ink.Qinghe like listening to cello DavidPopper, always indulge in his low and melancholy cello in an afternoon.Nostalgic past, dyed green mind.Qinghe said to me one day when we no longer than these days, because no matter what the reason, it is only because we are willing to flow into inaction.Dream worry too hard, only sincere on this.I can remember his words, just write down all sorts of mind now, is it not too honest monologue?  Qinghe unwittingly as I got a warm nest, clear water meanders through, egrets mouthpiece to get wings, whether it is running account or just detached from reality worth mentioning, he gave me the green years of the most poetic memory.Qinghe one day give me a note in class: do not give me the order, I went to a rank order; I do not give a day, I went to hack one day, life for the emperor, not as slaves.So he always took me to find a different way to see different scenery.His state of mind and out of tune with the Qinghe the name, but he was bald and inner edges of character are constantly looking into the restless urge to.He skipping every few days, sometimes take me, but I did not have the guts to hack day.I was a serving prisoner of reality, and he is the ideal Letters kingdom collection of beliefs, but he still put my written his poetry to a pure language.Xia Bank spirit, Qinghe put it in his pockets, with the letterhead sent me his whereabouts.Search for his whereabouts, only God knows.  He was not content to do a tie cocoon, Danxizhijian, starting from the heart.Life trekking song, he made a brief stop to read the sentence, and then, three two horses, tomorrow End of the World.  This time, he said he was in Gulangyu, holding the sand, send me a copy of Xiamen blue sky.Perhaps one day be covered with rings orbit life, but in the juvenile sea of secular life, ideal if carries through life, drifting away in among the fragments to piece together a complete ideal, also regarded as a fine.Dispersion polymerization, but the rest of the post is his emotional point on a solid color of light rain and snow, do a long-term dream of clear.I know, he just did not want to drink regret, so throwing earthly trouble thinking, devoid in natural kurong.  For treason me to fend for themselves, and I always inseparable Qinghe, for me fend off earthly annoyance.I always to him for help in the tearful and told him my sensitive and vulnerable.Thus, in light of the human situation, he gave me more line farther still to be born.I was in a classroom would not go in night classes standing outside, leaning against the window, standing in front of me said to Qinghe, you sang me a song now.Qinghe rubbed my hair and said, I can sing, oh.I remember the night weaving a dense eyes, across our posture.He sings: this world if you have too many complaints, fall will not dare to move forward, why do people have to be so fragile fall, you turn on the TV to see how many people are bravely go on in life, we are not the contentment and cherish everything even if we do not own, remember you said home is the only castle, the river continues to run with the Tao Heung, a smile, a child’s dream I know, do not cry, let the fireflies bring you run away, countryside songs always rely on, go home, back to the beginning of a beautiful.I will always remember that day, the song Shame water flow into my dream field.  Qinghe story, like fireflies on a summer night, in the sea of shiny grass towering wind.Today, River at a place far away from me, I could not go to his participation in the Red destiny, audio books and personnel.However, the matter was, I would drink this cup of tea, skim one hand holding the sun.Qinghe in my memory, stick to it.Today, I have learned how to calm the mood, know how quiet life, this is not Mighty no noise, is Qinghe went away in the Letters to the station with my letterhead words, so that my mind had a home capsule capsule.  Jane Jeong said: no more words, I will be with you in the political arena to the vicissitudes of life as a drink, Love to feed their families, do the clothes Jinhua years service, in the hundred thousand turn back, quietly turned, and then leave.This is my answer to the Qinghe.  But I was already casting haze of confusion.

Part one: just after clouds downtown, but is a thing of.  - Inscription winter atmosphere more and more concentrated, still flashing neon lights outside the window, unknowingly to the seasons and the cycle of here.Time never stops circulation in the.Yellow leaves, covered with a long path.Some of the cold wind hit in the face, to find it, skin and heart, as there are no clear and deep-seated feeling, it becomes vague and indifferent.  Beware come to an end, perhaps you will meet beautiful scenery.  As you become strong and self-reliance, beware become irresistible, whether preview the mind will no longer have love, or will no longer be as hard-ming heart love, it will not for whom the pain and joy, and portrait.  A heavy snow miss, miss that white seems to get that perfumes the beautiful snow, melt in the palm.At that moment, temperament and become tender and innocent, like a child, infinitely happy to look forward to the future, and that you can spend a lifetime with people.  Often feel tired heart when a person just want to quietly Internet, listening to music, writing.So we can let that began impetuous mind becomes still and clofibrate, washing the soul, that deep in the mortal world, find themselves again.Hiding in a corner, for their own healing, I do not want to tell, and no longer need.  Want, to a field, lying on the green grass, head to the endless blue the sky, flanked by little full of colorful wildflowers unknown..  Once, heart throb, at the moment, into nothingness.  It turned out that the sea sometimes dry, sometimes rotten stone, also the end of the day.  Although love is humble, but allow yourself to have a shallow pride and self-dignity.Find the meaning of life in a section of the road.  Perhaps the more very beautiful things, the more short-lived.  No matter how experienced hurt and deception, I would choose to believe, I believe the future be better, I believe will better meet their own.  I only hope heart forever cherish a peaceful heart, to treat everything in life experience, to bring eternal peace for yourself.  Do not rely on, do not complain, do not confuse, not reluctantly.Nightlife net with dignity, there is joy, there is hope, a dream.  Achievement of themselves increasingly strong.  Winter, night silenced chapter II: Red Nie Yuan, but clouds of black hair with the wind Splendor, eyes read the offer all kinds of circulation.Dimei smile a few times oath?Afterlife dream in your heart.  — Inscription There is a lonely, solitary solitude even if they can not hide; there is a vision, nor even a romantic highlight; more a kind of away from the situation, you can let thoughts seem so pale and superficial, this is a miserable Butterflies , Past and Present of nostalgia.  That I, our special way of fairy magic world in April, spring, I flick sleeves, adult incarnation came to flowers.Wind, very light, very warm, I enjoy dancing in the flowers, enjoy the scenery of the world.But the ensuing noisy but broke my drunk, you seem to want to chase a group of human slaughter, but seeing in my presence, they stopped all.I have a trace of panic, but you gently came to me: “Let me show you the world’s most beautiful scenery.”.Soon, many parts of the world have left us deep and shallow footprint, but everything orderly, and I’m immortal, you is magic, the end is a fatal attraction.We all understand this world of indulgence will make us no longer lives with the world forever, is about to usher in the six cycle of suffering, we finally smiling, respectively, under the hopes I could meet.  That, we meet exceedingly difficult winter come quietly, I did not think of this world turned into a winter snows, cover the entire earth.I took my memories of past lives to find you in the whole world, but found nothing.I think maybe you’re not on I refuse to cure my drink, with the advent of spring, I have gradually melt, and I am about to fade away in the earth when they saw you, you had this life is spring grass.I put the body turned into tears watered with you, when you remember me, I have completely disappeared in the earth, this life, we are destined to pass year after year.  That it, our fate to light my reborn in the Song Dynasty, Su this life is you, my judge and Wang Chaoyun, we led with affection, so I did what you Shiqie.We couplets, laughing earth wind and rain, but unfortunately I can not be with you through life, the way he died.After my death you still can not let go, they often appear in your dreams, dreams do I dress shoe wet, you ask me: “how?”I said:” HSBC is lake water wet my ah.”So you will be ordered in the lake embankment, and since then the benefit of Jesus Christ.  Currently, the Emperor let us back the original look of flowers meet at once, the Emperor of Heaven that we Nie Yuan settled.So we turned into the spirit of jade two, one on the horizon, the other placed in the Cape, we will wait a nice ring to pick up, then we continue to suffer the bitter feeling of eternity.

Phalaenopsis, was a friend sent me in March this year, had, he said to send me a gift, ask what I like, I casually said something: a book, I like books.    Can not know why he did not take my advice, he gave me a pot of Phalaenopsis.Before florists to send flowers, he sent a picture and asked if I like it or not.Although I like flowers, the family also has more than four plants, large and small pots, you can also add another pot, but I did not like orchids, I also can not tell why do not like, that may be too delicate orchids, not get good dill.    Although I do not like bluegrass, on the balcony still five or six pots of bluegrass, most of them are local Chunlan, in addition to a pot Cymbidium, pot Four Seasons chypre.Annual bloom of the season, they open their flowers, I do not even bother to look at, they had raised, just think about Merlin, bamboo and chrysanthemum, are raising something that has never been obsessed with them.    But it was a friend orchid expert, at home or in addition to bluegrass bluegrass, do not understand why there is such a world only like a flower of the people, like me, I love Rose, but I do not exclude other plant support.    Friend gift, although I do not like, but still can not refuse someone a piece of the kind, but I still made a complaint sentence: how can you send me Phalaenopsis ah, that’s subtropical flowers, we live here it is not easy of.    He retorted: Can not live can not live it, at least now it is alive.    Phalaenopsis flower brought on schedule, red pots, thickening dark green leaves, tall stems are butterfly-like strings of purple flowers, like dancing butterflies.I took the pot from the hands of growers, good Shen.Q growers: “It took, it can open next year?”” Estimate rare opened, where the climate is not suitable.”Flower touches solid, man, lay it answered.    Phalaenopsis I was placed in the bay window of the living room, saw the butterfly orchid on the windowsill when husband home, very surprised to say the sentence: What a beautiful flower, like a butterfly.I laughed, I really have to thank friends, so careless husband this guy the first time to give such a high evaluation of home flowers.Husband does not love flowers, flowers for the home or even mostly no name, often flowers, I let him, he is perfunctory Side, said the sentence: look good, you like on the line.    Butterfly orchid in bloom on the windowsill for a month, then black specks appear on the petals, like seaweed leaf mold, more like a freckled woman.Previous beauty gone, I will mercilessly cut them with scissors together, along with the stem.In the greenhouse growers had them tied up in stud makes a fine wire, also uses a small clip, when they cut, I had to draw out the wire, remove the small clip.In short, we spent a lot of effort.    No flowers butterfly orchid, suddenly turned into a very ordinary pot plants, more than ten pieces still attached to the leaf hypertrophy basin edge, but not against the background of the butterfly, it will be a lot of lonely.    There is no beauty, but because a friend sent, really sorry to throw it away, thought, and put it into the hand of the balcony inconspicuous place, next to a large height Hawaiian coconut.Pots for soil to the occasion, I also do not control pots Phalaenopsis, I thought: maybe it survive a few days, let it fend for themselves.    Of course, water is indispensable to its.To the summer watering is indeed a hassle, the temperature gradually, not every day or two, they have watered daily watering the flowers I have to spend a lot of time.    Today is a rainy day.After waking up, looked to the balcony, small white flowers swaying in the branches of jasmine, azaleas in full bloom more than a month of two Western still delicate white flowers, rose even more colorful, the only chrysanthemums and Begonia listless horrendous, but balcony is not open, if there is an open-air terrace, on which every rain, to spend, to me, is a good thing.    No time to eat breakfast, then quickly water the flowers, busy for quite a while, when preparing to turn away, I found to be abandoned in some strange corner of Phalaenopsis, leaned over, pulled around it, discovered that I do not know what when the pots of Phalaenopsis bolting and quietly, and with a few buds, and now, is Hanbaoyufang attitude, purple buds like little lanterns, lit up my heart.    For a time, like some guilt, of Phalaenopsis.    And this is what a wronged soul ah, this is a rare flower seeds, but was forgotten in the corner.As if the past life amendment to the roots and landed here, so quiet, yet so lonely.In order to be loved, at in a foreign land, in the flowering season is not his own, trying to spit fragrant, blooming beautiful.    Listening to the gurgling rain, looking at the butterfly orchid, I am reluctant to leave.

Part One: is a full moon time for the Mid-Autumn Festival, every day looking forward to the Mid-Autumn Festival hurry, so there is a holiday.But really to the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, the mood was not the beginning of the excitement and expectations.  The festival has been two years without a home, although accustomed to a person in the past year, but in such a festival, or inevitably will be homesick.  Think of a person over last year’s Mid-Autumn Festival, my heart is still sour, Mid-Autumn Festival last year, is attached to the National Day put together, the school will put a ten-day vacation, that time did not go home, edges, and students looking for part-time together, work Mid-Autumn Festival is just the first day, after work in the evening, because the time is not familiar with, it would not be able to catch the last train back to school before, he had returned to part-time place, where the staff arranged for us shelter.The way, I called home, I heard my father’s voice that he said a few words, began choking voice, quickly hang up the phone.Now think about it, there is a sub sad, helpless have taken such a thing, always go through, now, the festival has grown used to what is a person.  This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival is not how the flies, although it is not a person, but it is also a human and not much difference in the school Backstreet do part-time job, but also because the owner of a festival back home, and they let me work overtime.Well, thinking he has nothing to do, my sister is still military training, not a holiday, I promise down.Up nine in the morning to go to work at noon, and students fled went out to dinner, to be when the students give me a call, I was ready to shut the shop is still no alternative but to call my boss, but it is no answer, suddenly really panicked.Fortunately, a kindly aunt to see what I get for a long time in the stomach, then to help me, but still did not play a key out.Aunt’s husband also came to help me, or not out.  Later, the uncle went to find me a master of unlocking the phone, a little while, a worker is coming, the neat and quick put my keys taken out, but he’s asking price made me some can not afford , and then let his boss on the phone, so he really did not lock properly checking that bad, really do not like what this situation occurs again, and finally gave him sixty yuan.$ 60, while not out of me, but I still felt good Guia.  Night, and chat with his brother, he asked me there is no moon, I laughed, how did not it?He added how not to the full moon, in fact, I’m afraid, I’m afraid I will, “a man at the sky tears” (Wind from the Chinese net “met” for), Rao is a man accustomed to, or will touch homesick heartstrings.Part II: Mid-Autumn Festival is a year when the moon is full of green leaves, bright red persimmons, up through this foliage is blue sky, lofty, clean, full of fantasy, can always lead to the Chin people.This is the home of the old one yard of a picture is taken during last year’s Mid-Autumn Festival to return home, and occasionally turned out to see the total people feel at home, as if like yesterday.  In the larger house, the planted with a variety of green plants, every year from spring to Xia Zhiqiu are presented with colorful scenery, do not have a flavor.But, so the scenery is only about elderly father, mother and my Uncle can enjoy, because my brother and the whole family out to live and work with the ideal, is rarely home, brother, too close to home back some ground and we’re in a small house on the little back, the family gathered almost the only annual Spring Festival.  When out of the day, filled with a lot of unknown every day, work hard and the result difficult then people would like, always feel very depressing thing.Smoking, drinking, listen to early favorite TV songs, melancholy can instantly solidified, can incantatory them in a bottle, but annoying worries Xu is also the last final between mind wandering, over time, I even liked this is a touch of sadness, as if like to put on headphones to listen to the Arab-Israeli handle “Traditional” in the middle of the night, and then unplug the headphones to listen to the window and re endured grief and resentment like the wind.Perhaps my nature is doomed to a lifetime of depression, because I love myself, love their depression, melancholy love their unsuccessful choice of life.  A friend said to me, in fact, had to go the way of a stable piece.I occasionally really feel powerless and helpless, I thought that kind of life, but soon I will abandon shook his head, because I itself is a longing for freedom bird life, early feeding, tired late to the forest when life Lengnuanzizhi, do look at ways of the world, blossom along, all of which, when you live in a village about valuable tender is to try not taste.(Chinese prose network WWW.SanWen.COM) I like, I choose.I am glad that on my own life many fork in the road, I chose my favorite, even though the so-called wrong, no regrets.Because I’ve been along his ideal trajectory in advance, no guide, no guide, so just because it is the practice of their own, those of joy and sadness along the way, ugly or beautiful scenery in the journey of life, are eleven flashed, have experienced, and what this life more meaningful than it?  Mid-Autumn Festival is a year when the moon is full, I once again standing in a fork in the road of life, and this time, I have to walk between standing and the midpoint of the fourth decade.Waiver and select lurking, there choose to give up, you have to give up selectively.Select a courage, a courage to give up more.This exposure to which is the weight of the heaviest of hearts that their homes because home support everything, everyone has a their own unique home.  Another year the Mid-Autumn full moon, I looked up into homes home in a foreign land, blue sky, green leaves, bright red persimmons, patch of sky not lonely, because every wanderer’s heart is always filled with her, read her.    Part three: when a full moon is too late [excess] never miss like looking at the night sky, the stars bright even blink, afraid to see the full moon, think of themselves as far away from home has so alone; or afraid to see a waning moon, fantasy reunion will be how precious, how luxury is also.Hurry, Jinjinzhangzhang, always knew one day is past.Hands of the work, the emotional heart, tear forced smile, has long been exhausted toss.Eyes closed, blink of an eye, too late to do a few things also endless number.Sometimes, really feel, he did not live oppressed initial innocence, busy, no time for greeting friends around, but do not miss the flash away from home in minutes and seconds.Rise Wangxingkong, he never found the dazzling night sky, his eyes staring straight silvery moon, not only frustrating.How long away from home, the home of scenery may have changed; the home folks may have and once aging; the neighbor’s little sister should grow so tall it; they, and temples should become more gray hair now.Oh, maybe, I’m away from home, just such a warm and sentimental fiction picture in my mind.[Ignorance, but not the parting] young and frivolous, childish I still do not understand parting, preoccupied with the outside world, just want to have a pair of wings to fly farther.The outside world is very exciting, the outside world a lot of attitude, feasting city will no street lights in the night a lot of nice little village, the landscape outside, outside all the strange familiar far beyond the original no longer familiar home, occupied a hazy heart, all positions.South of the city as if there is no change in the seasons, green and warm weather seasons are seemingly always in the spring, in bloom flowers, endless fall foliage, colorful neon, they never stop wonderful.Very intoxicated this city, this season, so dazzling, it is the difference between the Princess and Cinderella.Forget, if not remember a better home, only that the dark streets, boring farmland.Forget all the vitality spring of hope, just remember the early spring dead; forget the happy laughter summer and small partners to play, just remember that the heat can stun the ghost weather; forget fruitful autumn, just remember too much deciduous; forget the pure white winter world, just remember once when dry forest.[Suddenly grew up, left home, I want to cry] leaves of the season, parting the years, fading distant whistle, it was how much time, all the time are no longer chasing not come back.Under the leaves dancing body, picking up one, into the Acacia, how long have not been so quiet, so do not miss too long.At night, a person looking at the night sky, the moon filled the gentle good, I do not know if the home side, too, was once the home when the moon is so nasty dark now, but it is so miss!  Based on the community, their own self-reliant now, really want to say good sad, tired heart!Suddenly understand the outside world, even if no matter how charming, no matter how dazzling, but only those feasting cold colors, never the kind of home warm from the inside out.Run around too long, tired of flying like a bird, trying to find a warm home to appease their own, but also brought back the feeling of how you want, you want warmth.The icy walls, soft moonlight streaming into the windowsill, scattered on the body, suddenly sad and wanted to cry quietly holding the shoulders.[Home Mom and Dad, you okay] forgive my ignorance, I was naive, once so cruel hurting you.In fact, I want to tell you, in fact, he had never hated you, I know you did to me all are good to me, I was naive thinking distorts the parents special love for children, I am very sorry, at the moment, really I want to hold you in my arms, telling never miss.Grown, never let you stopped to worry about, and now I have grown up, and then you really do not want me to run around tired, though I know not how good I am, perhaps, in your heart, I never considered a good boy.And now, I can self-reliance, I can handle their own affairs, all in all, because your credit, say a foreign language, thank you!  Mom and Dad in the moonlight, do you miss the baby, and I miss when I come back, when meet.The soft moonlight, I saw your vicissitudes, see your face ravaged years, the temples of white hair that I can not tell sad.Mom and Dad, I have not a good talk with you, all the words stranded at heart, I’m so tired pressure.Until the next time to go home, take some say spoiled the enjoyment.Part IV: the full moon is a year away from their parents, to leave his home, it has been more than two years.So far parents can not pick up a pen to write, it also seems to be a pain in the depths of the soul, a pen will flood into mourning.  Shanghai had to work, I know in advance the message.Not previously received formal notification, and the parents did not dare say, after all, is too big for their age.If I leave their parents, their three sons on the whole to the field.At that time, my mother vaguely aware of the message to be transferred, every time he returns home, parents are always around me, whining talked on.Said the mother, your father and mother are nearly eight-year-old man, no matter how high salaries outside, we can not go, once we had a slip, not even a home to take care of people who do not.Each time, his father will come on a text Zou Zou, then ancient saying parents, not travel.From their expressions and eyes can be seen a deep sense of frustration and sadness, so that when the transfer order is received formal, and parents still do not speak.Because it really does not have the heart to tell them the approximate grim news, I do not know how to begin to tell them what reason.I remember it was the sixth month, the company meeting was over, we drove directly to his party went to Shanghai, and is not too late to say goodbye to their parents, but the courage to face the old couple.When maneuvering the car, getting away from the piece of their homeland, away with me, support me, father and mother never left, and India into the eye is a strange place, filled with melancholy, I can not tell what AIDS is, I go after that, who will take care of them too?  I remember one time, the city fathers to the town market, not home until dark, frantic mother called me, so I quickly went to my father to go home.I quickly called a few colleagues, an intensive investigation and only then go home to find his father.That, after all, at home, every week they can send home to their parents a little delicious, accompany them to chat.In the future it will also become a luxury, previously performed by his son to do, after only tired parents.He came to Shanghai a week, dare to give parents a call; in fact, they’ve learned from my brothers and sisters there to Shanghai news.When receiving the call, my mother walked not a complaint, just encouraged me to have come, we must carefully and do a good job, do not have much to worry about things at home, it makes me both guilt and touched my righteous of Yeah mother!  Although already the fourth decade of life, but it was my first long journey; just came to Shanghai for the environment here, and so there are a lot of diet suited, coupled with the heavy workload, parents do naturally to attend to the.Mother’s Day is coming when, early mother and wanted to pass the phone, greeting greetings.Be true to the Mother’s Day night, sitting by the phone, and I think a lot of words, but has been reluctant phone call.Mother’s Day is only once a year, but not beside her son, did not send a gift, when they heard the voice of the mother after the phone call, the pressure of work and thoughts of love in my heart to all of a sudden.Brain went blank, the original is good preparation had forgotten spotless, I do not know myself what to say, just say one thing, “Mom, I!”Silence a voice choked, afraid mother is worried, then quietly hung up the phone.Until mid-June, have a chance went back home.In order to give the mother a surprise, did not tell her ahead of time, when I came to the door, my mother was sweeping the yard, suddenly came to see me, she was surprised, child, how do you come?Mother spoke, happy like a child, helpless.Father saw me, happy smiles.I finally went back to her parents, even a moment in time, they also like to welcome a long-lost loved ones around me all sorts of questions, do a good job no, habits are not used in Shanghai.My father asked me some change in Shanghai, he was talking about the army stationed in Shanghai for some time, it is particularly refreshed, as if all of a sudden back to the period of burning passion.  And before his father agreed, and so have the opportunity to take him to Shanghai to see the place had been a soldier, to revisit some.Father’s life had been eager to three places, the first is the Sun Yat-sen in Nanjing, Xi’an is the second mausoleum of the emperor, and the third is that he had the Fujian coastal patrol guard outpost.I have eleven promised his father, but now it seems nothing more than a picture of a blank check, also failed to achieve a.Every home, my mother always put her little basket of food brought me out, which certainly missed buns, roasted sweet potatoes kind of thing is now rare.Think of it, so far there is one thing still feel sorry for father.Once home to the city parents took an eye-opener, to a large supermarket, take the elevator ride to accompany them to see a range of goods, thrifty parents too accustomed to something I did not buy.By noon, he arranged for them to eat, thinking to improve their improvement.Came to a “coarse grains King”, his father did not want to see the “whole grains King”, his face filled not happy, but said nothing.Eat vegetarian multi-point, his father always eat this meal is not happy.Finally, I asked my father, like what to eat?He was like a child, quietly muttering, Pork.I think parents older, eating a little light good for your health.But I forgot, parents at home, can not bear to eating meat a month, and even tofu can not bear to eat, I used the city people’s standards to them, do not consider too thoughtful.Father, after all, an eighty-year-old man, sometimes naive like a child will be thinking, he does not want to eat a meal Pork yet?Why it made him unhappy?As the son, the father is not able to discern the mind, let me follow my father bumps all the way, but could not get a meal hekou meals, really do my filial son!Such an opportunity, there will be times it?  Another year Mid-Autumn Festival, moon cake kid for me is a luxury, but no matter how difficult life, my father always Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, moon cake to the family bought a pound.A person a small, five-jen, which has green their names, rock sugar.Chewing up creak, full of sweet, reluctant to swallow.When eating a hand holding in one hand and then.The kind of scene has deeply engraved in my mind, indelible.Today, eaten a lot of new high-grade moon cake, but you can not eat less than the taste of childhood, is the moon cake has changed or changed mood?Except a man be reunited, and how the full moon?  Moon overhead, thousands of miles away I do not know whether the parents eat the home of his son carry a Trustee of moon cake, whether or tasted a foreign land wandering thoughts of love.  Nung, moon and new moon!    Part five: is the full moon of the year did not bother to wait and hope, there is no deliberate care and miss, Mid accompanied by clear autumn leaves so come.  Akiba away thinking, nearly full moon.The freshmen will not yet dissipated marching Mid-Autumn Festival reunion is intended to leave.After all, the final wild goose to leave Zhao, the eagle after all longing for the blue sky, that we must be willing to take the time.  Unaccompanied outstanding students, and as you and I, learned each other warm, accustomed to warm right hand left hand alone, away to study, Qishang inevitable, but it also has a bit of friendship siblings.  When the full moon really like cake, heart still has a trace of desolation.For us might have been accustomed to this season, such a scene.As for the newly enrolled students, the heart always slightly lost it.I believe we will warm each other with sincerity to each other, so that people outside can feel at home a little.  The concept for the home, such as the Mid-autumn night never be as strong highlights.Although not alone in a foreign land for the stranger kind of lonely, but there are always every festival pro melancholy.Now though we are away from the students, but at least not forced to leave their families for a living.Those who run around all day for a living, in such a night, at a time like this, do you have the urge to want to go home, and whether it will stop hurry, and distant relatives to spend the night.All this is unknown, because they want to live.Maybe this pain and longing to be violent than any of us one to the real.This world there are a lot of frustration and pain, people can learn to be strong, life seems so there is hope.  An “I believe” echoes in the ears, so passionate mood seems as unexpected in this season, so out of tune, but is so people feel real fun.Because we believe that a better tomorrow, will choose to suffer in silence today; it is because carries a passionate dream, will choose this fertile soil silently work.We do not have what a great feeling, but also has a heart pursuit of the ideal, why they choose a person wordless road.  At such moments, you can choose a total of talking about family and family can also invite a mentor for months to talk about, you can also choose a person sitting in the window quietly, turning a few pages of books, several cups of green tea products.This holiday, was in a state of mind, not just a form.  No matter where you are, and how is the situation at the moment and mood, so please do not cry in the night.If that can not resolve the hearts of stagnation, it might go out and know or do not know who to spend the autumn of.Even walk by himself to the playground, but also a feeling of debugging a sort of state of mind.Send a rural school to learn the ancient heart and the moon, perhaps the hearts of the worries will be taken away by moonlight.  Things changed several times in autumn, after many such nights in the autumn of our lives, but like every night can bring us a strange feeling and emotion.Once I have tears in such a night alone, feeling desolate and empty, when a special moment came, it really did not feel right beside a shoulder to lean on, there is no pair can really hold your hand to move forward , But even so, after the night, the sun will still rise still.  So now we know how to be grateful, do not forget at this moment to give you a warm classmates and friends, and do not forget to send them a blessing and care.This time we all need each other, but more care, but we must know how to be strong.There may be tears, but do not let it stay in the eyes for too long, there may be sad, but do not let it occupy the entire atrium.After all, we want to live under the sun, too much sun exposure can not stand my heart injuries, not fear of injury before going to disguise, but because of hurt, so just know how strong.  Such a full moon night, do not let your heart fall apart, we should smile to enjoy the full moon landscape.Excursion to know the people you’re not alone, sad people are not alone and everyone’s heart all have one way or another unspeakable pain, whether fortunately or unfortunately they are now.We should cherish the present happiness, some things really are fleeting, as this full moon, passed can only wait for next year at this moment.  This year we do not know and who have to spend the night together, next year we will not know where to go, really similar in age years, each year is different.But this is life, this is life.If the rest of our lives, how could meet in life.It is because of the growth and change, we know better how to cherish the present people and things, Feelings and around, because we do not know when it will separate, and some even will never see, and do this fate.So when the cycle of years, when we grow old, read once the memory, makes it so the vicissitudes of life with sorrow and grief.Some things in life really are not missing.  Perhaps at this moment, always someone around to accompany you, then you are in luck; old friends and some relatives and friends who are not in, only a person singing alone for months, then you are also welcome.At least you have your heart with their companions, who did not lose heart, worthy of envy anyone.So this night, no matter how never allow yourself Qi Huang, a smile to the face of everything, even watching others reunion is a rare pleasure.In fact, these words are also our own comfort and considerate of one.But good things are worth to bless people, to enjoy, as this night, as this month.  We will pass this life a lot of beautiful scenery, will encounter many whitewater rapids, but we will pass and repass, visited the place, we will become a collection of memories.So we should savoring every season, because that will be our future wealth, so the face of nearly Mid-Autumn Festival, let us cherish a good taste.Even alone outside, remember to warm to someone else, as I said the same friends that sentence: Friends, I would like to invite you to a wonderful evening with degrees.    Part VI: is a full moon time for the autumn of heaven and earth were happy days.Cloudy sake do not see the moon, but think of the teacher Shen Nai.  Shen old acquaintance, on the eve of the Mid-autumn Festival in mid-1980.A colt from a small rural village in the Southwest, for the first time taking a trip alone to the provincial capital to study, pick-up truck along with simple things will I pull into the yard deep Shandong Normal University, unaccompanied do not say, even the East and West Bianbu Qing, was unsettling.In the Department of Chinese newborn desk, behind the desk to sign a skinny, gray-haired, slightly stooped old man watching me will be determined in: “Yang Chang save it!Dongming come from?”I am stunned on the occasion, the old man told me graduate school, my homeroom teacher and my hometown, and to arrange for someone to take me to the bedroom.Also came behind him and slightly husky Sichuan accent: “slowly get used, not only to the security of.”My nose sour, fear vanished when to get off, trance think of before leaving the station to send my father, just like back home in parting day.  Much later I learned that gray-haired teacher is Shen Nai.He was demobilized in the Mountain Division troops to the school from the beginning of school, he worked in the disciplinary office.When our school, Chen Lao also just returned to the Chinese Department of the office, with his memories of archival photographs and enrollment registration form, the first face almost called out the names of all new students, everyone felt like he was a kindly father.It is said that Chen Lao Mountain Division called the “walking dictionary”, who, without hierarchy, unavoidably, no he did not know.Leaving decades of people, a trip back to the Springs, he will look to his alma mater.  In the first full moon after the report, after gathering my students back to the classroom reading, she stared at the book, my mind actually full of home.Chen Lao unexpectedly pushed open the door up to me, still a little hoarse Sichuan accent: “Do not forget the holidays to write a letter home, oh mother worried about children traveling thousands of miles.”That time has not reopening the country a few years, the Department of Chinese and brightest clouds of steam, human and cultural resources, as the ‘eighties a new generation’, our attention was soon attracted by the teacher, classroom and library.From time to time to see Shenlao busy classroom of children lamp burned, he will be put on for us, furniture broken, he owned a tool to help us take the time to take advantage of nap repaired, books, stationery forgotten public classroom, in all likelihood, can receive him.Such a trifle commonplace, gradually also do not pay attention, someday he occasionally not, we just felt like something was lacking children.  Shenlao is the greatest exposure when I was a student school personnel.I have a habit of coming home early, early, he opened the door of the Humanities Building greet every day I come in, leave a small door at night, wait until I leave before dark, “squeak” slamming shut.Winter when I left and Friends Yuan Yilin learning, dormitories no heat, the late Mr. Xu Hui Yuan director of the Department of Writing Department has generously provided me shelter, water Shenlao will have to play every day, to my desk.Learn tired and then chat with him, listen to him when Shenlao and stories read in Chongqing vocational schools struggle with the KMT dean, about his dream of youth in the Southwest Military and Political University and aviation schools, speaking of school anecdotes.Always felt that his experiences should write a book.  Weekdays, Shen CEOs there are endless things, a little yellowed long haired silver, thin weak figure, hunched. He worked like a dilapidated machinery, though flexible, but never stopped.Work for him seems to be instinctive, more than my part there is no difference from the inside.Any one others seem modest living, he did so carefully, so invested, so engrossed.Send and receive e-mail he was responsible for the Department of Chinese, always in time of the telegram, letters, magazine into the hands of teachers and students.And time to rest, the thousands of school closure “dead letter” back to life.  Shenlao love to drink, whiny, even BS-ing.Colleagues and students in some people may not like him, but no man hate him, because he was magnanimous others, the heart does not exist any grudges.Shen teacher colleagues know not rub the eyes of sand, it would be for a drink on the World Wind Kusakabe accused of corruption and bureaucratic ethos of a pass, and shook his head as helpless like, drink.When I read graduate, Department of office once stolen, the thief will we go next month meal ticket roll his shirt.We wanted to find a way Shenlao, and he obviously drunk, staring red eyes: “Ghost son, my salary also inside, to have wisdom way?Get out!”Earl and under the head, full of shame, the way it looked as if he still sorry for us than a thief.  Just stayed on to teach, because the school housing shortage, I had heroes staying in Shanxi side Erqi Railway Village.One year winter Shenlao suddenly opened the door of my house early in the morning, say hometown came the telegraph, for fear delay.I looked at his pale face and hung on sparse gray beard of snow beads, knew he was riding trek for two Shiji Li Road bikes come.Heart desolately Yan, a little busy the whole random dishes child, a little old and sitting around the coal fire oven, half bottle of wine, drink waited a long time.Shenlao after drinking often say do not usually say that concern for the fate of the words, but not pessimistic, think that everything will always get better.50s in the day he was approved as a probationary member of the Communist Party, I am excited to see him like a child, drank a lot of wine.  Perhaps it is because people are too familiar with his school, and familiar to almost ignore his presence.After retirement, Chen Lao cheese still live in a room in the school, always busy on campus, holding a bowl occasionally to see him go to the cafeteria Dafan, telling everyone nodded humbly.In the winter of 1996, on Christmas Eve, suddenly I heard Shenlao died of advanced liver cancer, the hospital has been unable to heal.  Shen old busy life to hit the road.So many people went to see him.From students in the school, to seventy-year old professor had been staying at home.There must be countless people with Shandong Normal University have it, and in the distance, in the heart, quietly bid farewell to him.  White paper flowers surging, it is Shenlao life the most glorious moments.But he said he does not like on TV with the “brilliant” word, in his words: “In the future, what is brilliant?”Funeral parlor, transparent coffin Shenlao wearing a hat, did not see already familiar with his heart freeze-frame of a little yellowed long white hair, makeup could not hide his face sallow, his illness It was thin heart tremble.Shenlao must be tired, very painful, but he never liked hanging around, hanging around and thought it must enjoy.  Silver-haired, thin body, all day hunched Shenlao left the labor of love he is not satisfied with the world, stop for a moment, he was going to a distant, unfamiliar place to go.It must still go to physical exertion, I do not know whether he was put on beloved wine?Shenlao not only know the day is still the lack of full moon, Fruitful.  But also a year when the moon is full.Perhaps today, after his death ten years, very few people remember a man named Shen Nai.Perhaps Shenlao indeed not really a “person”, there will be no newspaper is willing to make a corner in his honor.Perhaps Qionglouyuyu living, non-human can imagine, need not have worried about living people.But I always felt, should not forget Shenlao left many things to where he had lived.  Only full to pour a glass of wine, in the heart of silent prayer: heaven on earth, good people ages peace.