Su Yuan did not know what to say, lowered his head, “I’m sorry.”
  ”You do not say you’re sorry.”Fu raw cold again smoked paper towels, carefully wipe help Su Yuan mouth stained with ketchup, voice still soft:” I understand your thoughts, but I just think, to violence with violence, to let the enemy truly experience to pain.”
  Fu raw cold movements are gentle, the eyes are soft, can Su Yuan Fu needy felt very strange, as if she had never seriously understand the real Fu is poor and, until now, she vaguely glimpse at Fu is poor and gentle appearance the dark side.
  ”This is my true thoughts, scare you yet?”
  Su Yuan Zhang mouth, and finally shook his head.
  Anyway, Fu raw cold never hurt her.
  After returning to the hotel, go to Su Yuan took a shower, Fu raw cold sitting quietly on the couch, Gujiu An Su Yuan period to hit two telephone calls, Fu needy are ruthlessly hung up, and deleted call records.His heart was some apprehension, he has been exhibited in front of Su Yuan are gentle bright side, Su Yuan is suddenly knew what he Huozhi Hui do not know Su Yuan will not be disappointed for him.
  Su Yuan washing, etc.

Jiang Chu was grinning meet her, holding Yao Ji’s arm and said: “What words?If with the Xiang Gong, the child must be extremely intelligent, stand, appearance than the angel!”
They say two good things will be able to coax him?I thought he was three years old children do?
Ji Yao still black face, large hands pinch pinch her face, he lowered his voice and said: “You go back and clean up!”
Jiang Chuli horse to bugger: “I just go out children also had an important matter, to go first, Haner, Peter Mother in the evening to see you again!Chunxiao, go!”
Carter, who did the shadow.
Keep his face still very dark Yao Ji, I want to laugh and choked while filling the awkward couple of Ji Wei, the atmosphere is very embarrassing.
Only you know why that little doll also 瞪着大眼睛 giggling happy.
Yao Ji chilly eyes sweep past, this child, how see how eyesore!Like his brother dislike!

Chapter 163 almost back gas

These days, Yong dill

  Ye white sneer, “Oh?It is better we gamble it.”
  ”bet?What bet?”
  ”You bet 20 percent stake.”Mo Yu heart of the company, there are so disgusting shareholders, leaf white nature is not easily help her clear mind about.
  Mo Yu frowned heart, it is impossible to repair this gambling regulations Cao promised that when she and her father is to match Cao Xiu, only these initial shares of the Group of twenty percent given to him, so many years Cao repair as a shareholder, although that did not force out, but did not withdraw a penny.
  To put it plainly, the 20 per cent of the shares on here, is to create opportunities and a heart Yu Mo contact with it.
  According to Cao Xiu’s character, it would not take a gamble on the stock.
  However, Jean Monnet heart Yu surprise, Cao Xiu just hesitated a few seconds later, immediately sneered.
  ”Gambling shares?Well, I like it, but what means you bet with me?”
  Mo Yu heart suddenly shocked, this Cao Xiu actually really dared to bet, as long as he lost twenty percent of shares

At this time, in the Occult Blood saucer cinnabar has seamless, if a viscous red mud is generally a dish, Zhen The CD attachment elongated slender fingers Wolf-pen, the pen slowly wet, the breath gas gathering watching party Talisman yellow and slightly breathing mix thoroughly, little by little in the above formula is plotted a whole array of God.

North Star and Shen Wu Tao Wei Zhen Although not see Ann painting is something, but they looked Wei Zhen An awe look, they also know that she is now very focused on the state, this time can not help with her face, put slow breathing, fear is a little painting seriously affect the character of this young.

Maybe half an hour, one hour or another, such as staring Ah Wei Zhen Wu Tao Shen North Star and pressure of cross God, they looked a little wall clock, you know exactly gone nearly two hour.

An Wei Zhen breath while still draw characters, compact nose this time she has been spilled drops of sweat, the cold eyes watching dignified unfinished Talisman has more than half, holding pen Langhao not shake the hand of fingerprint wire , remains a point of view before two hours have been slowly moving forward.

  Yu Pei just stood in the rain for a while, the body temperature were all winter in the cold rain away, he is hard to imagine how thin clothing Zhangzi Xian always stood in the rain appeared to him.
  Do not let the world would do what she prohibitive?
  ”are you cold?”One hand on his hand.
  Yu Pei looked at her coldly, throw off her hand: “Your hands colder.”
  ”It is also.”She smiled and said:” I can not warm you up.”
  Yu Pei looked at her.
  She said: “We can go back to their feet together, feet to your doctor says.”
  Yu Pei face downcast, Chen Sheng said: “Mind your own business.”
  Zhangzi Xian smiled.
  No matter how he curses, she is like a soft sponge, absorbing his silence silent malicious.
  Her kindness you?
  No, she is a wicked woman, he more than anyone knows this.
  ”Why are you laughing?You do not have self-esteem?”Yu Pei quipped.
  ”Have.”Zhangzi Xian laughed:” But I know you are careless.”
  ”Unintentional?”Yu Pei quips:” You’re horrible.”
  Smile on her face according to

  After the turn, he just waved his hand in paper bags, pens, envelopes and slide back and forth on gambling regulations, sound files point to the edge of the bag collision, when is goodbye.
  XIA Xiao original remote did not say goodbye.Because Chinese is profound, goodbye, goodbye does not seem just, but also with a kind of future expectations to meet again.
  In fact, the original Xiao not afraid of the cold, he came to listen to the Church’s long history lesson from the meeting site, now standing outside and walk to the long farewell, in fact, has not put on his coat.
  The reason has been put up in her arms, probably like a little hide.
  Because the suit pocket, in fact, did not have much substantive role, let alone hold too much stuff.
  Coat pocket a small box filled with that ring.
  In fact, he is not made up his mind to send the ring to send people to the original, but I do not know why, when starting today, or to find out bring, even at the cost shouting coat, used to hold it.
  But finally did not send out that he had also sent out of things, they are received back, restitution.

  ☆, pro-back

  Chapter seventy-sixth pro back

  Like the models exposed flat belly and mermaid lines, revealing the slender graceful figure curve, it will be like a dinner lady has the smallest waist size.
  He took a deep breath, continue to split as building blocks to memorize these words in mind.
  He needed so that people feel more desire, and the desire to experience this time will also remember the corresponding symbol.
  ”correct.”The old man stood up, looked at him and said:” There is a very important point.”
  ”Work it like a vampire.”He laughed:” Valuable time.”
  Vietnam also late back to the car, it felt just a dream to do the same with.
  His trip to the United States, had wanted was to play a big, indulgent pleasure and love together around everywhere.
  This can be true to the moment, but he has been ignited as the wolf tail, like facing the wind suddenly want to run one afternoon we go.
  Flower Mu see him absent-minded look, but feel happy and relaxed.
  There are thoughts and mind worth thinking about things again and again, in fact, is a kind of lucky.
  They traveled together for Fifth Avenue to Central Park stroll, they picked a clear day to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
  Compared to a another huge exhibition hall, leaving him to stay

  Xu Xianglin said sorry, avoid him, ready to let him go.
  The man was standing there did not move, looking blankly at him, lips slightly hook the hook.
  Xu Xianglin feel his smile was very strange, like a provocation, but also like contempt, to see people very uncomfortable, pressing his heart discomfort, frowning leave.
  He watched him run away, slip out between sleeve short dagger sharp-edged thinning, fine white fingers playing with the tools and try dagger, cool white forest edge and swayed his nearest approach to look exceptionally branching off.
  Author has to say: This mud sprouting everyday like to do (?ˉ ▽ ˉ)?Looked at the number of comments, you have to add more of the.
  This chapter kinda fat, catch the foot himself Bang Bang da?(?≧ 3 ≦)?⌒

Chapter 117
  Xin micro long to think of it the next day, she forgot the birthday gift to Xu Xianglin.
  Address called to ask him, he trotted down.
  As he spoke not a gift, but the gift was elated apart, which is linked to a custom silver men’s watches.
  ”This brand is very expensive, you spend money to do this?”He looked at her embarrassing.
  Xin long micro to speak, one after another out of office

  By the time most extravagant thing, and perhaps a few minutes alone with family.
  Certainly compared to a few of them still suffer, they can at least go home every day, perhaps a star for a long time are unable to return home.
  Time flies, we sit together to chat a while days they have got back to the house ready for a break.
  Then look trance Bi Ying, Chen diving twice called her to let her help him tomorrow morning to Daniel with words, she did not take it personally.
  Chen diving think she’s something wrong, they can not tell where wrong.
  So I thought she was tired today, perhaps as soon as possible like the rest, there will be no more thought.
  PS: I write a book so many years, also met online a lot of friends, a summary of the experience, the more the network dirty mouth mouth cheap sneaky, the more reality waste garbage.
  Instead, successful or are leading people on the road to success, our hearts are light and spacious, nothing to complain about, when friends are willing to help one in need of help.
  We have to treat the people around polish eye, those who have always said that the garbage that does not work, often their own no skill, says these are the envy psychology at play, the more these narrow-minded people, the more blindly arrogant self-righteous

  ”Uh” Lin Yao Ji ceremony of the students forced to hold his head in his chest, toes and smooth the ground clutching blankets, some forest raw eyes reddening, “Ji brother, I die, I’m out of steam.”
  Yao Ji heard this ceremony holding his waist, about what to hit on him, biting his lower lip Lin-sheng, was almost paralyzed in Yao Ji ceremony chest, his mouth issued forbear whimper.
  Later, Lin was born in his shoulder catch all the red marks, “Give me, ah?Ji brother.”
  Yao Ji ceremony which have not promised to speed up the action, the sight of two intertwined, will own all delivered out.
  ”Sang Sang, are you happy?”Yao Ji before the ceremony scratched his forehead was wet with sweat bangs.
  Forest Health nodded his head, the next moment he regretted this action, because of Yao Ji ceremony picked him up, press the transparent front windows, from behind once again.
  People outside the office to hear the fear, forest health biting his lower lip, not making a sound, Yao Ji ceremony hugged him from behind, and his tone was possessive:
  ”That makes you happier time.”
  Pitt window