REVIEW perhaps certain date can be achieved in a month, but when I was gone a certain.In fact, to be honest I do not have much English feelings, my feelings or our mother tongue, but not the phrase “people in the arena involuntarily,” it?   A few days ago I heard that they want to come, I am very excited, very afraid and like last time things a mess.People will be afraid of a tense, plus there have been failures before the strike, so a bit disappointed.My heart can not help but also want to have both hands me a hand.Looking up and down but not out around to the left and right hand, not the people do not want to help, but they do not understand, no one know.I felt left with a man of the world.    Sometimes people with a sense of the most drastic Personally, I think pretty good, because I know that no one can help me, so just on my own, so I have said to himself, “Do not worry, I could do”.Although the heart is thump thump of dance all night, but frankly a lot.After a query on Baidu himself a lot of information, and to the back of the mind are also memorize memorize.Also studied a lot of recipes.    When that day to pick up machine, I have to pick the brand is very nice to know that they do not like black, so he used a more eye-catching red and blue.From the company to the airport for one hour, the way I turned out to be very calm and very relaxed, after all, a few days before all works late, what with the preparations will no longer be afraid, afraid to say it seems only brought me endless worry I’m afraid I can not help it!To the airport after the discovery of the flight number to forget, just remember the flight arrival time, so the time is up, I just took the stand at the exit sign.Lounge bar has a message inside the flight delays, I am anxiously waiting also pray do not be late, ah, I always towards strange people around, looking at a picture of strange faces looking at me cite brand, only to walk out.Suddenly two beautiful faces towards my opinion, after they held out his hand, I was very pleased, but fortunately not late.Polina Height 1.73, graceful, oval face, but yellow hair volume, which is the most I reversed that shiny eyes water Lingling can seem to drop water, while Paul and slightly fat, has gray hair, but his face was bright red like a baby’s face, the nose was a pair of glasses, in short, two people giving a very warm feeling very easygoing.I remember the first time when the pick-up, the sound of their own self-introduction is very weak, so this time I told myself long ago to be natural and calm, to be generous but decent.Remember to say a total of four people, but then I only see two people, after shaking hands to say hello, introduce them to the chairman, after asking and Polina know Dmetriy behind on the mail, but Solomon did not come.Before you know Pavel and Dmetriy could not speak English, they only speak Russian.So I can only serving as the host and Polina greeting, ask them how journey.Polina see after a few pleasantries and welcome to a person in the past, so I know Dmetriy out.Dmetriy medium height, dotted with a little beard on his mouth, his face is a little wide, belly like five or six months pregnant women so big, so walking does not seem very easy, but smiling, affable man.After greeting each other, and Polina asked to go to the hotel or our company, she said the journey a little tired, so I have trouble chairman drove directly to the hotel before to help them set up in a good hotel.On the way to the hotel, casually chatted a few, like the population, ah, ah cities set up time, etc..To help them to the hotel after the check run, then he said the second day of the conference at the time, after they helped their luggage into the room, and so on, time off faster, dinner unknowingly welcome to front of you.    So everything is ready, we had dinner.As I understand Kazakhstan people do not like to eat pork, do not like to eat animal blood, then chairman of the board and say hello after holing up with them.Kitchen table chopsticks, and Polina told me that they can not use chopsticks, at this point I’d neglect, so called waiter then put three knives and forks when the food came slowly, and always Polina I did not forget to ask the name of the dish, before Oh okay have made preparations, so I all given her introduction, but there is a dragon fruit I actually do not know how to speak English with.So I Luanjiang a name, I said, called “Kiwi”.The Houbolinnuo said, “I know this fruit, but it is not green yet?This may be white. “.Then I said, there are two ah, a green and a white.She just nodded.And I giggle.Most of the dishes that she did not know.While Pavel and Dmetriy no recourse but to head down to eat, sometimes called Polina translate it said, “food is very delicious.”.Meanwhile Paul has always given Polina fork dish, and then give her a break apart Dmetriy shrimp, and I occasionally take the initiative and Polina few pleasantries, and also taught her how to use chopsticks, but they looked at that awkward chopsticks look, I do not know of such an event is to teach, or how and Polina clip a chunk of tortilla point folder are not coming, but finally my two cooperation only then to her bowl cake clip.As for the chairman is no way he can only holding the glass indicating that they drink.Finally, he and I said, “hey, can not directly communicate too much trouble.”.This is true.    I found a meal down Pavel and Dmetriy Both men are more gentleman, which is especially Pavel, and he was very Polina care, but they eat with, I think not a good look, and if eating in our country it is a very positive eight children bear one thing in particular should pay attention to the words of guest behavior, but they are I do not feel like I saw in the meal most Dmetriy with the clutch, directly after Paul picked up the knife to fall to the ground on with, no police, I said to change the knife, but he kept shaking his head.Where the image has been his eating noodles, he used the name of a fork turn a few laps that noodles obediently went with him, but he was installed directly on the chestnut shell plate, then put the side dishes put aside Nutshell his noodles, I said to change the plate, he kept shaking his head, so they went with it, I personally think that eating too kind actually adds oppressive atmosphere, good or casual.    Send them to the hotel after dinner, he repeated at nine o’clock the next meeting, also a good night.    Pick them up promptly at nine o’clock the next day to the company, to take them to visit the company next, and finally to the conference room, they raise this issue touches a lot, answer me thirsty, he talked about almost 12:00, and finally asked them to Do lunch, they said no, I asked her what time to eat Chinese food in general, she said, 14:00.It seems a little late in China.So I did with them, so they just about dinner, and finally said yes to 5:30 to the hotel to pick them up.    And this is the manager accompanied me to go to the hotel, they have been waiting in the hall, a little cold at night, and Polina was wearing a long coat to make her body look more slender the.General manager, he kept looking at her smile, and I always secretly behind the smile, yes ah, this girl is really beautiful, not to mention the man and even I sometimes look at her eyes would secretly.Evening arrangements take the ferry to the city to eat first, and then take them shopping.When I listen to the translation to Paulina, she was very happy to answer me: “She came here just want to sit in the boat.”.Polina road and always passionate holding my hand, she and I jokingly said, “You wear high heels are 1 meter 78, after my boyfriend and if I have such a high pressure ah, then she told me that her boyfriend 1 95 meters.It really is very high.She also told me that they where the average height is 1 meter 65 girls.And here in our 1 meter 65 should be considered a very good height.This is probably related to the environment and, anyway, most of China Southern women are Xiaojiabiyu type.This ladylike and Polina each have their own beauty.As for how to explain that keep them coming back 100% at the time of shopping, I might blamed yellow skin we are all used to seeing, so eyes had a visual fatigue, and for such a white skin is so feminine and attractive, so instinctively, his eyes will see later.And Polina first trip to China, she is always with great curiosity, like a child looking at the jewelry shop will always be “WAO” sound when the clothes shop, in the end she picked up a wallet and a pair of 2 earring.While Pavel and Dmetriy the way just walked quietly, looking at the scenery sometimes take a few photos, which Dmetriy I feel very, very nice, sometimes he would take the initiative mixed with my hand, though he was only 54 years old, but to I was kind of loving grandfather of warmth.After more than nine wandered, I feel tired, because usually is not how shopping, Polina and I asked them tired, she said, a little.So we intend to go back in the evening taxis hard to beat, so sit tricycle to ferry the ferry station sit back on my tricycle and Polina discussed under the weather, she told me that her hometown temperatures vary greatly, summer It has the highest temperature 45 ℃, while in winter there may be -40 ℃.This is indeed a big difference when we do not continue to speak, tricycle master speech, he said: “Why do you speak of foreigners, why not let foreigners tell us in your own words.”.It sounds but can see that he’s sort of patriotic feeling, I only smiled.    In fact, I’ve also thought that if the world’s universal language that nice ah, but seems a bit of nonsense, not to mention how many of these languages in the world, but so that in the end choose a language to act as a world language it?Perhaps a certain period of a day can be achieved, but when I was gone a certain.In fact, to be honest I do not have much English feelings, my feelings or our mother tongue, but not the phrase “people in the arena involuntarily,” it?Many things are not beyond the control of their own, furthermore I think that the material and spiritual are complementary, the light has no spiritual substance like a zombie lacks flavor, but light has no spiritual substance like castles in the air inevitably unrealistic.So I can not always to their own preferences to guide my direction, although no feelings in English, but for other people to learn English I do not have anything against it, but as long as you learn English, do not forget you are Chinese, you mother tongue is “Chinese” just fine.    After the boat ride will go back, broke up when I told Polina and if there are things you can do come to me.So shopping will come to an end.    I remember the first time I pick customers are not opening, but let them take the initiative to guests, and now think it can not help but laugh sadly.    So I personally feel that no matter reception of foreign customers or higher status than their own people, as long as we are guided by an unbiased, honest, it can be, we are all two eyes, a mouth Actually, I’m excited about what’s good the.So for this I am feeling quite satisfied.It seems that the most drastic effect is good.[Editor: Yi children]

Please do not do that under the shade of ivy pleasure wasted their precious lives to do it in a leisurely bird candle burning to illuminate the darkness so that youth have a brighter life so that every cell are released from light and heat energy is released dedication the most value out of their own if you are an ordinary grass would do himself doggedly growth and tuna fragrance if you are so learned in a wild flower in the wind and rain is still strong with his life trying to prop it out bud flower with dew burning, my youth would only do it silkworms mulberry leaves just learned dedication is a beautiful white silk with their lives playing Nagqu Till death do us burn it, I do not just emptiness of youth cry Please come to life with a silent action quietly forward so that the youth enjoy burning the release of their greatest value

She does not know how much courage to walk into the police station.?  ?  After sixteen years old this reason can not be considered?  Just a few simple questions and answers.She simply said thank you he bowed his head and had to leave the police station.?  After sixteen reason this can not be considered a reason is not a reason?  She has repeatedly gone on the road and remembered in my heart.?  Rip along with the car’s emergency brake, we do have heavy projectile motion.?  Landing.Loud.?  Everyone, except everyone stared at her weight fell to the ground, blood next day seemed to have was reflected red.?  She does not know what is happening around, but has been broken and remembered those two words.?  The ambulance came, and went.It seems to be nothing to do with her.?  2.?  We get married.Su Qi said Xia Xiao Jiu.?  Long time no sound.Su Qi Xia Xiao Jiu looked down at the baby lay quiet like his arms and fell asleep, his brow wrinkled.?  She always looked quiet daze in their own little world, sad that he could not bear to let back.He wanted her happy, that’s all.?  He carried her into the room covered with blankets, wanted her to have a good sleep.Then he goes out, and has been carefully nurtured her, and she just gets happier.But not much change.?  Xia Xiao Jiu.So many years, do I understand you enough?Why so sad??  He was such a man walking aimlessly for a long time.In inadvertently recovered, he was on the doorstep.?  A very long time, maybe go in and see the.He thought it stepped into it.He saw a group of children, seem to see a child of their own.But, gone.?  He found the president, talked a lot Xia Xiao Jiu thing about childhood.Dean also know that their present situation.?  Time flies when you want to leave, he suddenly turned and said to the President: President, I would like to propose to her.?  Dean looked at him blankly, silent Q: When??  Recently it should be.?  Dean thought for a moment, looked at his watch, said: hurry to go back.And so she would wake up and find your.?  The president said goodbye and left, he did not know just what it means Dean’s performance, whether agree.?  He looked back further away, Dean reluctantly shook his head and said: These two distressed children.?  He casually walked back along the road to the.Unknowingly went to the door.Suddenly thought of something, hastily open the lock, opened the door and rushed into the room Xia Xiao Jiu.See her sleeping like it reassuring sigh.To just come back on the road to buy a windmill on the bedside table, gently closing the door out.?  He sat in the living room free to read the magazine on the table.Suddenly, he heard Xia Xiao Jiu screams coming out of the room, nervously ran inside.?  In front of Xia Xiao Jiu afford to sit on the bed, his face a significant tears.He said nothing, clinging to the small summer Nine, wanted all his warmth are passed to her.?  Xia Xiao Jiu hold him back, trembling and said: I dream that I made a good scary with blood?  All right, just a dream.You see, I’ve been around you.He held her tighter.?  But, I’m afraid so scared she lay sobbing on his shoulder up.?  ?  Half an hour later.?  Well, do not cry oh.Let’s go and eat.Su Qi let go of her hand to help her eyes tears Shidiao.Do you think you have not eaten all day.?  Ok.?  3.?  We went to dinner?After eating go to the square for a walk??  Xia Xiao Jiu nodded, Su Qi went around her a large hotel in the nearby.?  Waiter brought the menu, the menu to the Su Qi Xia Jiu small, Xia Xiao Jiu menu again handed over to Su Qi said: You helped me make it.?  Perhaps it is not too long, Xia Xiao Jiu very uncomfortable looked around.?  Well, I’ll give you some of you like to eat ramen.What you have to eat it?Or wait for the next point and then?Su Qi gently asked.?  Amount, and so are you.I went to the washroom.?  Ok.?  Xia Xiao Jiu left his seat, walked around in a circle found no trace of toilet.She looked down, I began to know what to do.She looked in the direction of Su Qi sitting, we decided to turn to him.?  Shanshan?Xia Jiu had just taken the pace of small arms is a strong hand pulled.She turned her head to see the hand of the master are excited to watch their.?  White shirt accompanied trousers, clean and refreshing face hairstyle.Just very strange.?  Shanshan?Your man’s hand and hold a small summer Nine shoulders.?  Xia Xiao Jiu lowered his head hurt pain.?  I’m sorry for the man let go of his hand tight.Xia Xiao Jiu stepped back, tears accidentally spilled on the ground.?  Su Qi sitting in a chair watching the time on the phone.He got up, turned around.?  Nine of the summer in front of a small bunch of strangers stood, and Xia Xiao Jiu bowed his head.Su Qi Xia a small stride walked around Nine, around her shoulders and asked: Little Nine, are you okay??  Xia Xiao Jiu shook his head.?  sorry sir.excuse me, you are?Su Qi asked the man standing in front of.?  Xia Xiao Jiu pull a small qi Russo clothes, knowing Su Qi pointed toward the front.?  4.?  Hello, my name is Luo Chen.?  My name is Su Qi.?  Luo Chen took out a photograph from his wallet and handed Su Qi.?  Subei took the photograph looked at: the woman?  Like right.The woman called Chen Shanshan, my girlfriend.?  that?  I do not know why she suddenly left, no audio.By the way, the lady called?  Her name is Xia Jiu small.They really like.Under bold as to ask, do you have left before Chen Shanshan what happened you??  We have been very good, very much in love.He said yes to the end of the year to get married, his father agreed Luo Chen tells a story about Chen Shanshan between him and the.The Su Qi from time to time staring at the woman on the photo to see.?  Why would so much like, it is no accident.Dean said Xia Xiao Jiu parents died in a car accident, leaving her a person.However, the woman on the photo and why she looks so much like, like a chip off.Learn to paint small northern Jiangsu have long summer Nine’s image deeply imprinted in my mind.Her eyes, nose, mouth?  Su Qi stared at the photo, what seems to think.Chen raised his head and said Luo: the truth is out soon.?  what?What does it mean??  I need your help.JUST coffee shop acquired five p.m..Chen Shanshan father on contact.?  Fives.?  Yes, she did not die nor Shanshan missing.She was just a bad heart.She has been, but now she is another person’s identity to survive, even she did not know who said when he was here, Father Chen picked up the table drank coffee.?  Chen and Luo seem a bit agitated, fists tightly, fighting like a field ready to combat juvenile.?  Su Qi is sitting calm, as if listening to a story they have heard.?  She told me that morning at breakfast say wait for the next trip to the police station, that is to change the name, and that name was too popular, the work is not convenient.And then I received a phone the hospital, the doctor said Shanshan heart attack was taken to hospital.She came in and sent together there is no identity of a woman in a car accident.She looks very much like and Shanshan.However, when I saw her, she had no breath.She is a good girl, take the initiative to donate organs before the temporary.Susan if she did not have to live in fear of the day when fear of heart disease and sudden death.Later, after a successful heart transplant, Susan disappeared, two weeks after I found her, but she was told the birth mother can not recognize her, said Shanshan now very good, do not stimulate her.For this reason, I have always pretended to know nothing about the father of Chen found in the tears I do not know when it has finished after drenched face.Luo Chen also could not stop the tears shed.?  Now summer is small Jiu Chen Shanshan, Dean is her biological mother, is your ex-wife.Chen Shanshan and Xia Xiao Jiu twins.right?Su Qi quietly uttered those words.?  Yes, they are my daughters.How do you know this gentleman??  I was learning the art of.Xia Jiu small blood vessels showing the back of his right hand a letter.And Chen Shanshan no.?  Father Chen Chen and Luo both looked surprised to see him.?  6.?  a week later.?  ?  Luo Chen:?  I went to art education in France.Her good points.I wish you happiness.?  Su Qi.?  ?  After reading the letter when Chen Luo Su Qi aircraft had taken off.And Xia Xiao Jiu first time not so quiet has been clamoring he asked where Su Qi.?  be good.He went to France to learn the art.A few days back.We will bring you a gift back.Luo Chen Xia Xiao Jiu stroking the head says.?  Why did not he tell me.It is not hate me?I do not want a?Xia Xiao Jiu said to himself.Because too tired to lie in Los Chen’s leg asleep.?  Luo Chen heartache at her, could not bear to disturb you turn on the TV to see from the news.?  Now a news report: France plane just to suddenly exploded, no one survived the plane staff.The specific reasons still under investigation?  Luo Chen looked after lying in his arms Xia Xiao Jiu, she woke up thinking about how to explain to her.I kept thinking, Xia Xiao Jiu suddenly woke up.?  You wake up a little Jiu?Luo Chen stand by and watch her.?  Ok?Chen, what you say?Nine small?I Shanshan ah.What you crying woman’s name?Say!Women’s aggressive.?  what?Shanshan?Is that you?Seeing the woman blankly Luo Chen.?  how??  The Los Chen Shanshan hugged tightly, afraid the next second she would disappear again, no.Shanshan.I am very happy, really.Really.?  Hey?  7.?  They say that a heart can be in control of one’s mind.If the donor heart in front of people as well as temporary unfinished miss, accept his / her heart who would become his / her.Once there is no worry, it will change back to.?  Like, Su Qi and Xia Xiao Jiu.

Immediately to Halloween According to the old Beijing folk customs, July 15 this day, each household must burn burden.In fact, the burden of burning paper, silver bullion what’s put into papered, write the names of three generations of ancestors, then incinerated by the younger generation.Burden mid-burning, you can burn this year, but the burden of sudden, large storm, because prostitutes Ying Lian Tian Xiang Court should burn burden.  Ying Lian Fantasy House is the first card, not only look pleasant, and well versed in literature, and notices over ceremony, so ever since a year ago came to the Fantasy House, all of a sudden sensation of Beijing, a large amount of money will seek every day people simply wear out the threshold, she is really a cash cow for pimps Rijindoujin.The lotus is also a British character has a taste of the girl, often come up with some surprising move, slowly people will accept her these extraordinary practices that are different from that of her identity match at.So when the British lotus proposed July 15 ready to burn the burden of this idea, immediately get everyone’s support.The pimps also realize that this is a good opportunity to Jin Choi, and she simply shoot a single price, who is out of high prices, and finally accompanied by the Lord who burned the British lotus burden on Halloween.  Brothel are wealthy Zhu Er, money is often a good face Zhuer.So the idea of a pimp, that should be gathered at once, we have bid, which wants to accompany a dish together burn burden.The child turned out price Fan children go up, fighting to the last, leaving only Gui Gongzai and owned by two people throwing money at the classic look inside.Rest between two people, a male turtle walked quietly in front of Gui Gongzai, quietly child said: Gui Gongzai British girl there, please Lin!  Please have heard Ying Lian, Gui Gongzai the United States was almost passed out, immediately followed the turtle came to the British public lotus upstairs.Ying Lian Gui Gongzai hand to offer a tea, took Ropa as he wiped his forehead on Rehan: filial son to accompany Ying Lian and laity at the expense of the battle, the British son of lotus never forget the feeling!He said almond eyes suddenly tearful, son of valiant guise, suave, British DUNN can be kept burning son accompanied baggage, could die.Unfortunately, that old man to go bad you my good thing, Ying Lian afraid the matter decided otherwise you and I would like to!  Gui Gongzai head red with rage: Ying Lin Mo cry, I go home and get sent drafts lease, the sale is not to have to accompany you burn burden!  I can see that old man, but go deep pockets, just in case you can not make the sale, but also can not burden it burned to accompany Ying Lian?Ying Lian really unlucky ah!  Britain saw Lin crying like tears, Gui Gongzai recite: Ying Lian worry, I’ll go tell Qiuqin Friends of the case must win this luck!  You, how to go the way a road went black!Ying Lian if angry, threw a hand earn, wide sleeves to suddenly whisk tea cup on the table, tea cup crashed landing, threw a seven split eight.  Turtle public hastily pushed open the door: Ying Lian girl, Gui Gongzai, how the?  Nothing, accidentally knocked over a cup of tea, tidy!Ying Lin looked at the male turtle broken tea cup packed quit, hands around his tea cup, to the front of Gui Gongzai: Please slow son of the British drink lotus tea!  Gui Gongzai eyes light up, took a tea cup drained Yang neck, a Mazui: Ying Lin, you wait for my good news!  Gui Gongzai from Britain to withdraw Lin’s room, told pimps, something temporary home, so today temporarily competing accompany Ying Lian burn burden, come back tomorrow, finished, looked at the return of classic, walk away.  Gui Gongzai go, go master is self-satisfied, after a good meal in the chic Fantasy House, he got up to go home.Classic is neither owned nor riding in litters, and walk all the way.Just walked into an alley, suddenly jumped in front of a few Han, is headed by Gui Gongzai, he Ziya smile: go old man, you have to News coffin incense, and even told our young people doing this fight?!  Owned by a master frown: What do you want?  What?Dry out and die you!You do not want to burn a burden?Such as next year’s July 15 you will receive a burden it over there!Gui Gongzai finished, waved, all the Han yelled out, wolf rushed to embrace each whirl Tiechi knife, desperate toward normalization master under the ruthless hand.  Suddenly, two figure rushed out from feeling glad, lightning joined the battle group, owned by the master aside, hands and feet, referring to the East beat the West, playing guide North, blink of an eye put that down to the ground a few Han.Gui Gongzai saw, suddenly blindsided, he never dreamed would be halfway blaze Cheng Yaojin, he turned and ran, can not move, the two men then grabbed him, put him as 老鹰抓小鸡thrown into the master’s feet go.  how about it?I want to receive baggage or do you need to pay the burden of it?Owned Classic condescending looked at Gui Gongzai asked.  Gui Gongzai Soul scared to fly: uncle owned, owned by fathers, I beg you to put me on a horse.As long as you spare my life, I’ll give you how much money you how much money!  Pooh!Owned Classic spit spit in the face of Gui Gongzai, your home is not always short of money princes!  King princes?!Gui Gongzai could not believe my ears, you dog you open your eyes, take a good look before his death, the king is today a blessing princes!  Gui Gongzai one, the head hum about, breath did not come up, fainted.Fu princes waved his hand, two secret protection entourage command that several Han got up, carrying Gui Gongzai, straight toward Wang Yefu away.  Gui Gongzai ever since leaving the Fantasy Club would never show up, so, accompanied by the British lotus girl burned burden for lack dispute a person can not continue, only at the highest price of the day out accompanied by a master who owned a British girl lotus willing.  He went so far as to burn a prostitute burden, and accompanied her to the high price of the auction crowd, which was passed in the demi-monde, but anecdotes, naturally attracted a lot of nothing and Nosy eyes, we are most concerned about is the prostitute who accompanied this extraordinary burden burn and this extraordinary burden prostitute exactly who to burn.We are all concerned, more concerned with the blessing princes, fortunately today is July 15th, the evening will officially burned burden, so Fu Ying Lian request princes whom you disclose in the end burn burden.  Everyone that saw intense longing looks, British Lin smiled: Okay, now I’ll bring the burden, to let you know that I am and to whom.Having turned back to the floor, pick up the burden.  British public want to see a show lotus burden, Yan Fantasy down, including many clients have gathered around, they want to personally experience what the secret.  Soon, Ying Lian came back, his arms holding several public turtle silk bags, to burn the burden on mounted on the inside, gently placed on a square table.  Fu Ying Lin smiled and looked at the prince: You accompany Ying Lian burn burden, this burden is Ying Lian burned to the most respected person, naturally your most respected person, your hands open to show people how?  Four prince smiled and nodded, stood up.Pick up a silk bags: Gentlemen, touched upon!He spoke slowly faded silk bags.  Everyone’s attention all the burden falls on the property, we saw a line on the burden of pretty words: Xiao Feng ministers Yanggong Hai Shan.No other look down on everyone’s face all scared white.Because Hai Shan is none other than the emperor decreed two years ago was copied off the clan of former ministers.To destroy aboriginal people publicly burned burden, this is sinned a great sin court, at least their heads chopped.So, three silk bags open only a crowd of people will be scared off by half.  Pimps too scared, she pointed Douzhao Shou Ying Lin: Daughter, you are scared silly or wrong?How princes Fu Shen watery surface, it will be looked at Ying Lian: You are deliberately doing right?  no no!Pimps rushed forward, Piaoshen worship, the child may be a mistake or a deliberate joke, seeking princes adults do not count villain too, to the British Court an opportunity lotus and Fantasy!  Fu princes surprised a moment, looked at the wrinkled brows pimp: Royal Highness?How do you know my princes?  Pimps conscious indiscretions, had pointed to Britain lotus, say what happened.Yesterday blessing princes leave, they quietly put the British lotus male turtle aside and handed him five ounces of silver, that he quietly tracking blessing Royal Highness, Prince blessing to see where to go.Turtle public good with people resorted to surgery, not near followed blessing princes.Fu Gui Gongzai intercepted just the prince saw a clear picture of the whole story, of course, he also knew who frequented Fantasy Court of guests is actually a blessing in today’s princes.Turtle public ran back somersault skill Fantasy Court, told the truth to the British Lotus, of course, also told the pimp.Zhaotingmingguan into the brothel madams clear testimonies are subject to punishment, of course, she did not want to cut off this way of getting money, so pass the command, who are not allowed to go classic is a blessing princes news got out, I did not expect something urgent, she He poured himself a slip of the tongue.  Fu prince nodded and looked Ying Lian: You know I’m a prince?Intentionally destroyed to give aboriginal show in front of Hai Shan burn burden?You want this child got out, by the emperor’s hand off my whole family?You in the end is what people?  Pimps petrified.  Fu Ying Lin looked princes: enemy!  You are the daughter of Yang Linger Hai Shan?Fu princes screaming.  Pimps almost scared to sit on the ground: No, no, princes appease even gave me a big courage, I did not dare to destroy aboriginal family shelter ah!Lin Ying Yang Linger certainly not!  Fu princes waved to a few followers came in and carried into a sack on the floor, torn sacks mouth, a dying man was tortured to expose his head, it was Gui Gongzai.  Fu Gui Gongzai a sweep of princes: to speak it!  She Hai Shan She is the daughter of Yang Linger!Many crimes Gui Gongzai hand tightly, pointing to Britain lotus, tell the truth then, Fu princes corrupt, patronage, were ministers Hai Shan opposition, Hai Shan and even petitioned the emperor, princes expose blessing.Mar princes meritorious ancestors, plus he tried to cover up, so did the emperor to him Offenses.Fu Hai Shan princes but then can Henrugusui, his first win over naturally rejected Hai Shan, followed by a blessing it would be for the prince Hai foot of the mountain behind the atrocities, and start with the first goal in the Hai Shan selected only child who Yang Linger.Two years ago, Yang Linger into the mountains pilgrimage, blessing his Royal Highness von adviser personally designed and manufactured an accident, resulting in Yang Linger bloody hard to determine the true nature of the illusion of falling off a cliff, but in fact he sent for Yang Linger stolen, the blessing Royal Highness Yang Linger lied dead.After a meter succeeded, Fu princes gave birth to deadly trap, trap framed Shi Hai Shan, then on this Zoucheng Hai Shan have no minister of the heart, the last emperor clan Hai Shan is Zhumie.Destroyed after Yang, Feng Yang Linger adviser to sell into the Fantasy Club.Yang Linger start a fight to the death against the results suffered inhuman torture, dozens of Enu has been publicly raped, and finally become a prostitute.Feng adviser has a bastard, is Gui Gongzai, von adviser caught in the dying Gui Gongzai hand, say only two words Ying Lian, leaving a letter will Darien.Fu Gui Gongzai to kill princes caught, the blessing of his Royal Highness torture, could not quite torture, Gui Gongzai mouthful of nonsense, they say von adviser before his death left to their own letter, can not own literacy.Fu princes got that letter did not know Lin Ying Yang Linger is, he is also aware of Yang Linger may be a conspiracy, so he find a way to Britain lotus previewed burden, finally figured out her family must count.  See princes Fu Gui Gongzai finished, smiled: I did not think von adviser is your father, he still has descendants, but he deceived me Yeah!Having waved, the two attendants brought sacks, struggling to heaven and threw it, just listen to tom is heard, sacks floor, Gui Gongzai Qijueshenwang.  Fu Ying Lin looked princes: see it?This is against me in the end!  Ying Lin sneer: Gouguan, and within half a day, the whole city will know that you want to give Hai Shan burn burden, in front of your home Daughter!  Fu princes his back laughing: You are too naive!Do you think this could kill me?I played in court tomorrow, Hai Shan possession daughter to escape the crime of genocide, this issue can only destroy you next to the pro clan!  Possession daughter will be hidden in the Fantasy House?Will prostitute?  As long as my word, can say you’ve done a prostitute?Fantasy whole House can attest you are a hermit in the brothel!Fu said the princes glanced pimp.  Pimps quickly nodded: Fantasy House to listen to princes!  Ying Lian eyes ejected anger: Gouguan, I have to pull you is death to go to the underworld!  You have it in you?To say the king was almost have this ability.You do not just want to burn the burden placed by the king to kill it?The king let you see for yourself how your plan failed, and now the king will burn your burden, the king again tomorrow personally take you to the Western Paradise.But you have to pick up in the Fantasy House is your house to burn your ancestors burden, let you take a look at the ancestors, their daughter was riding thousand people riding!Ha ha ha!Fu said the princes waved, ordered to burn the burden of all the equipment ready, then ordered to take over the burden.  Turtle male pimps and quickly stepped forward, put the burden handed Ying Lian.  slow!Fu princes Hezhu they ordered two men look at the burden of the past, and sure enough, in which a burden of a knife found.  Clear the security risks, Fu Ying Lin princes ordered the burden thrown ago.Ying Lin picked up the burden, slowly lit, tears like rain: Father, we the family Side Hao injustice!No face to see your daughter, just to help her father hand, the cable was Gouguan pathetic life, as we Yang revenge for the world of pesticides!  Burden ignited, flames raging, shiny red lotus British determination of the face.Flames, Hai Shan hand and his head, neck cavity inside out braving the blood straight toward the blessing princes, grabbed his skirts: Gouguan, but also my life to!Behind countless innocent people are scary to look toward the crowd.  Fu princes screams, the body of a belief, fell to the ground.  Until the next day, people have relied on guts opened the door Ying Lin, Fu saw princes, pimps, male turtle and blessing princes that several of his men had Qijueshenwang, but everyone is grim, very die terror.Ying Lin has died, only her smiling.Thus, the capital suddenly spread, July 15, Hai Shan daughter by burning baggage into the Fantasy Club DEATH, Fu princes, who all Guiyin.  Years later, a wandering ever to Southeast Asia and other places businessman said, when he got a name of the devil magic powder comes in Southeast Asia by an indigenous tribe, long on the fire burning, people will most terrifying hallucinations If no one to rescue, they will be scared to death.He has been Fantasy House, the British have seen the lotus, the devil comes back to some of her powder.But no one believes him, we are convinced that: people do not do good conscience, afraid of midnight Guijiao door.The burden of the private sector also burned more numerous.

When spring comes I smiled to myself buried buried deep in the patch of woods edge closer to the afterlife so I grassland no tombstone epitaph not just a handful of loess cover live my life in bitterness and sorrow perhaps – a few years later prescribe exquisite small flowers again a silence that no one kindly love summer comes might prescribe delicate roses that are blooming brilliant escape only to get lost trace of butterflies good fragrance believe it is actually a very alive the pain comes beautiful autumn leaves will accompany sounds to me to tell me to tell you that day came to leave a white flower, they say: it is a rose but you do not know – would never go back as we love those who have not completed

When spring comes I smiled to myself buried buried deep in the patch of woods edge closer to the afterlife so I grassland no tombstone epitaph not just a handful of loess cover live my life in bitterness and sorrow perhaps – a few years later prescribe exquisite small flowers again a silence that no one kindly love summer comes might prescribe delicate roses that are blooming brilliant escape only to get lost trace of butterflies good fragrance believe it is actually a very alive the pain comes beautiful autumn leaves will accompany sounds to me to tell me to tell you that day came to leave a white flower, they say: it is a rose but you do not know – would never go back as we love those who have not completed

When spring comes I smiled to myself buried buried deep in the patch of woods edge closer to the afterlife so I grassland no tombstone epitaph not just a handful of loess cover live my life in bitterness and sorrow perhaps – a few years later prescribe exquisite small flowers again a silence that no one kindly love summer comes might prescribe delicate roses that are blooming brilliant escape only to get lost trace of butterflies good fragrance believe it is actually a very alive the pain comes beautiful autumn leaves will accompany sounds to me to tell me to tell you that day came to leave a white flower, they say: it is a rose but you do not know – would never go back as we love those who have not completed

An boyfriend of a small electric Komori, a few days to continue to knock on my office door, said Ann died a little about electricity, I must go and see.  An even really small electrical died, only a doctor can save her and not me.But Komori said, you are a small electric benefactor, you regardless of her, who she tube?  Komori mind a little two, really, two may not work.  The relationship between the three of us are a bit complicated, when we first came to power small security company to work, I thought she was single, and then she started to pursue, I’m the manager, always put the best run business allocated to her, but experience so that other colleagues went to report me boss.  Fortunately, small electrical safety very clever, coupled with my help, she went straight through the internship.However, when her monthly income of more than five thousand, Komori took from his home called, and also into our company.  Then she fishes I confessed not single, and Komori has been good for three years.  No wonder every time I took her home, said she always play the fool to sit up, and I thought she just wanted to stand end to end.Then I found that he is a great tragedy, a small electric security firm footing, I no longer important, because the boss said to me directly, Ann was a small electrical business talent, but fortunately you gave her the opportunity to.  Since that day, everyone knows I’m a joke.I had to pretend not to mind, brought from home tofu, sector-wide for everyone, did not fall safety of small electrical and Komori.  An electrical and Komori little I eat tofu, probably talk a bit, I think this man is Tiao Hanzi, so he had to do a meal at home, the couple invited me alone, then of course, you can not pick out, that meet smile can melt away allies and enemies meaning.  Two I continue sincere cooperation and security in the small electrical work, the performance of our lines, the other group than down, the boss is very happy, once drunk, but still very bitch to say that if there is no small Du, you little electricity and security is more than suitable pair, the men shoved woman fine jointly conquer the world, and the world is your!  In fact, I thought it not think so.Good birds greener pastures, but Du Mingming is small twigs, met with customers all speak words not agile, once a customer stammered, Mr. Liu, I have your name?  Shayang Komori think of, my cold and lovely smile.An small electrical Just then the door into the office, I study a little baffling smile, then he said carefully, I could run Longxia Trade City that line it with Komori?  I was startled.Longxia Trade City is a large investment projects on the billions of dollars, if the run has become, at least for the next five years of my life emboldened.I had already planned to install small power and how to operate, and now she has to Komori blending in a piece, what?  For months built up a good character, and finally dike across the board at this moment, staring at the small electric Ann’s face broke out with old passions, my howling, no.  I put a small electric Ann out of the office.After re-sit down and still angry shortness of breath.It seems stupid now live a long time, a wise man will be stupid, small electric security has been ruined, really!  Then, a small electric Ann was sick a few days do not come to work, probably, she threatened me.  Saman small electric and Komori live in a house the rent is cheap, full of dog feces, hawkers selling vegetables on selling out loud under the window of her home.  I have advised small electrical safety move, she said, I am saving money.  Girls love to save money, save to do the dowry.In particular Komori’s home, it is said to have pointed to poor wife’s dowry live.I want to tell small electrical safety, my family do not dowry, nor even a son.Fortunately, these words did not say it, otherwise it will lose more face.  An small power really sick, I walked into an intense smell of symptoms of illness, and then found a small stove with balcony support.Inside the dark boil medicine.  I’m not biased against traditional Chinese medicine, but I think, in relation to the hospital sick.Komori said quickly, this Chinese herb very effective, eat a good pipe.  An electric small bed also echoed that good tube.  An electrical sick little cheeks are sunken, and say cough, I really want to curse.  An electricity to the small hospital at 7:00 pm registration and medication when Ann had to remind small electric Komori, to line up.  Komori’s action is always very slow, each time I lead, and he did not have any money.  In addition to the company to meet, in fact, I do not have too much contact with Komori, I always thought he was just stupid.  And very accurately recall the meal, the food security of small electrical home end of the table to eat, safe small electric Yiliaoyisheng, asked Du, Jiang Zhouzi I bought it?  Until eat rice, Jiang Zhouzi did not serve, small electric Ann asked twice, Komori should not, no problem.  But the door when I went to the kitchen tour before, obviously saw it resting on the stove Jiang Zhouzi.  An small electrical suffering from pneumonia, and again a drag, probably even his life is gone.After being severely blame the doctor, small electrical safety in hospital under observation for one night, Komori go back and get toiletries and I looked at each other to stay with her.  Is not no words, just say no matter Naju, a little embarrassed.  Then, with a small electric Ann Low barely audible voice again asked me to let him run with it Longxia!  She said, let him make some money, I want to break up, my heart will feel better.  The window of days, obviously has been rotten, but looked out at me, to see the scenery, but if sunny.

Old things is a love dog, she refused to follow.  Some things are not forgotten, but no longer remembered.  Old sweater to go, is the sarcophagus of stone bier, sleeping dead love.  He finds that she is his whole life to people Lunar Night Talk, so early, planned autumn and winter.And then, they are still young.  Is the cool autumn wind, the sun and warmth of the day, in the afternoon on the balcony, her shining map, clumsy, he learned to play a mohair sweater thick.Play a few needles, stop for a while, suddenly shook his head, is wrong, removed again.Smiled, big mouth small grain of rice dimples.  He remembered that wool is dark brown, warm as chestnut, hay or winter, she was holding a large ball of wool, like a peasant woman holding an entire autumn harvest.He often impulsive up a her in my arms, was steel needle several times.  Mid-autumn before the arrival, he has headed for excursion.Gradually, count on time poor call her phone rang and rang solitude, long time no one pick up.Family just did not elaborate, he finally make a determined effort to immediately buy air tickets to return home, his mother was gently sigh, in fact, do not blame her, the girls can not afford to be left with that piece of new lay sweater, stacked too opt for a full in the empty closet, silent, and he even had time to wear even once.After returnees, who have something to change jobs several times to throw, but hold a cuddle cuddle in the chest, still appropriateness and warm, always willing.Old things is a love dog, she refused to follow.  Then get her message is in the gap subway, strange number on the cell phone is Shimen, hear her voice after pick up, as if hit another fan darker Shimen, we can start it again?Signal off.  He slowly looked up, opposite a man, palpitation looked at him for a long time only to find it was released in the window of its own, and some things not to forget, but no longer remembered.That day, he was sitting on the station.  He, she hated it?Maybe some, a little, tiny glass chips, but he had eight miles overnight crossing, also in the morning and night, the wake was very painful.Isolated, lonely natural moat of weight, he understands, he forgave coward in front of all fate, because he had known he is not brave.  And he, once, in such a manner, she loved.  That night, the first time he shook out on the old sweater, stitch sparse, I do not know how many lose a needle, deep touch of color, texture is another demolished and another organization because of it?In my hands, but still thick, warm memories of the original.  Hesitantly, down from the head sets.Hey, not washed will shrink?At that time clearly than the amount of body.Neckline slimmer, make a big effort, earned only his head out of a deep hold your breath, reluctantly pulling the upper body, arms pick out, it cries loudly, from the right side of the armpit until completely frayed hem.  That moment, he very clearly in the mirror and saw the truth: a huge body reluctance to plug in a narrow sweater, packed taut, like a black bear wearing ordinary clothes, funny.He finally, did not return her phone.  He remembered, then hand in hand to buy wool mood, why should Brown?In the future you do not wear, you can also change it to the children Maoku.He also recalled her knitting sweater focus silhouette, mouth slightly open, a stitch silently remembered, baby on the needle, under the needle, the needle like a babbling.  But, even though he knew it, he had put on weight change, no longer wearing a sweater not enter the year.Like, he’s already married, heart and life have a place to return to, we can not and do not want to repeat past adrift.Old sweater to go, is the sarcophagus of stone bier, sleeping dead love.

“When advised Jun Mo Xi burial clothes, advise you to take pity teenager, flowers worthy to be straight off, no flowers be empty Mo broken branches” – a burial clothes in the world there are so many stories to miss some mistake again.In fact, every reason to miss the next are expecting, as I and Xiamen.  One of this country’s most beautiful campus, I imagine it’s the picture: Spring, sitting on a vast playground, bathed in the warm sun, white clouds overhead watching quietly drifting into the distance.Summer, can pass through the long corridor, next to a red brick and gray tiles classrooms, hallways waves of cool wind blowing, and occasionally make a return to the dream girl’s Republic of China.Fall, the campus was covered with red flowers, always careful, petals silence fell on him.Winter, watching the reflection of the lake, quiet but not desolate, windblown ripples of the lake, slightly rippling…  Phoenix flowers have not opened, I have come.  Xiamen University was founded by patriotic overseas Chinese Tan Kah Kee in 1921, after experiencing the first two periods, renamed “Xiamen University”.When we stand in front of the West, we will be able to see engraved on a large gate four eye-catching characters, which is derived from a letter in the handwriting.  After ninety years of trials and vicissitudes of Xiamen, still graceful, poetic and inspirational.  Mr. Tan Kah Kee statue standing in front of the building Qunxian.Mr. Tan Kah Kee independent schools maintain more than ten years, the world economic downturn overseas Chinese enterprises to give a heavy blow to the face of a difficult situation, Mr Tan Kah Kee firmly sell industry to maintain large school buildings.That if Mr. Xiamen today, it must frankly pleased, Hanxiaojiuquan.  Mr. Wise floor behind, is the first group of buildings at the beginning of the school Xiamen, Xiamen is also the earliest buildings.Western-style building body, and Roman-style pillars promenade, with Nanyang style of brackets and cornices, some people say they “wear a suit to wear hats,” implies dissatisfaction Overseas Chinese bullying powers, the East will overwhelm the West of the faith.That closed the window behind an ocher red paint, and also whether there is a girl wearing a blue gown, her chest waist dropped two tails, she was gently opened the window and looked.Perhaps she was holding books alone walk slowly in this quiet long corridor, and finally slowly disappeared at the end of the corner.She is with Xu Guangping the same wise mind and radical ideas, or the same as Juan, is still suffering from the shackles of feudal families and thought, hovering at the crossroads obey the fate?What a lightweight time everything had been taken away, and joy, sorrow, we are always learning and experiencing the loss of farewell.That is not a dying already in full bloom Love, perhaps you dream of regret in my heart forever?  Yonghe three years, Li spring day, man of letters, pipa.Wang, “Preface” said “Wise to less salty set length”, named after this floor Wise.Truly, Qunxian building tells the story of a section of history, a string of familiar names.A more “Lu Xun Memorial Hall”, which is the only one built in the campus of the University of Lu Xun Memorial Hall.Lu Lin Yutang who have been invited to go to this teaching.During the Xiamen University, he founded the journal to help students to encourage young creative.And he and Xu Guangping letters also more than half of this book, these letters like the warm southern wind, a love nourished.After finishing, letters are included in the “two books.The original letter “in Years later, we can still read in the galleries topic.Although Lu Xun in Xiamen just over a hundred days, eventually broke up.But after the Xiamen people still remember him and intercept the “Xiamen University” From these letters, engraved on top of Simon.  Everything seems to complete the.Lu Xun’s side more than just a Juan.This and Zhang Youyi has a somewhat similar experience, but a woman can not become Zhang Youyi.In the era of dramatically changing how many huddled in the corner of the soul, it also eager to have a pair of outstretched hand, with his own step by step into the light where?If not peers, it also can leave me a warm smile remember?  ”Among every quiet, always hidden grief of the call sign; behind every forgiveness, there is always spilled the blood of the earth; every once accepted, but also to go through a painful loss.”.  We are all little people like the dust of history, we still have to strive to out their own flowers in the dust, as had the life, is not dependent on others, even if eventually vanished.    Xiamen winding field is the most beautiful playground.  Here facing the sea, such as gas rainbow.  It is said that there was a practice of Zheng Chenggong navy Yanwu field.  1650, Zheng Chenggong to take into Xiamen, garrison guarding, in order to compete Qing court, Kuang Fu Ming.Xiamen has become its future to recover the island an important base.  Way back when, the public in this Zheng, Yang rallying so, thousands of camp a call.Long Beach shore, air swallowing like a tiger.”Italian newspaper monarch gold table, guide and support Dragon King and die”, only sigh, not yet old age hero, but deep inside foreign aggression shame, regret and finally prime end.Last days, Zheng also reminded the public whether over here, think of their valiant and heroic, that is how flying with pride!  Like the clouds scud across the sky, thunder wrath, everything is gone.The only constant is the head of this piece of the sky.  Winding field bleachers like a hook, like a crescent crescent.  ”String” Moon song, such as eyebrow, no reunion Italy.  Gao Xiaosong had this personal feelings wrote “same table for you,” a song popular in the north and south moment.Gao Xiaosong ushered in a new starting point for the cause, and therefore unless some affair.  Years later, there are still young people wrote this song because the hearts of emotion “when I was the most powerless, but most want to meet the person’s life to take care of.”.  Poly also loose leaves, determined like unintentionally.There are people who prefer to stay in the memory of the dead, not looking around the scenery, not to the past again.  Glimpse just hurry, just quiet good time, so he was silent.  One after another on the green and bright laughter Frisbee, track and field running silently figure, as well as visitors leave the stands Kumi.  I think the far north, think of the empty playground, think of the dormitory hallway clothes flapping in the wind, I think that sticks waiting withered peony, think of a dark blue bike, think of a careless joke.Where’s the time?Why do I only gently turned around, it’s gone past?How I want to just been sitting here, quietly, without saying sorrows and joys.  I understand that time the wind will never blow away fragments of the past, but a similar scene, a bunch of soft time, they will quietly walk.  Many of the stories, is not satisfactory, but also already better.    Siyuan Valley is a valley created by Wulaofeng terrain, which is building a large reservoir, but also the students call “Lovers’ Gorge”.It changed its name to “think” that is intended to take drink from the source.  Here is Xiamen’s highest point.  As you may be a little difficult, but not confused climbing the high slope to this point, in front of the sights, like a fresh wind, blow away your fatigue and burnout.  ”Xiamen living map” Maybe the old record is smiling at you.The old record was a funny old man, his days are waited at the edge of the valley Siyuan, he will tell you the past and present, Xiamen, Xiamen tell you that even in the least beautiful season, also good-looking than some of Tsinghua University Beijing.He and sell some of Xiamen bookmarks, postcards, maps, etc..No matter what you buy, he will knock you on a chapter from the source of the Valley as a souvenir.If you got lost, he would be happy to help you, he will pick up a twig, pointing behind Xiamen map relish telling you want to know everything.Some people say that the old man used to be a century of Xiamen University professor, in fact, no matter what the old man and has a large building links can feel his deep love for Xiamen A from the inside and outside of love.He is willing to accompany all leisure time in the valley next to the source, leaving the visitors to this every chance encounter, but he is also feeling the joy of their own under the sun.  When the weather is not very good, the opposite appears to faint, Xiufeng Lam gloomy, unground surface of the water without goggles, hidden in here like a hermit deep in Xiamen, gentle and subtle, elegant and quiet, and the world is not an indisputable detached.”Benevolent, wise water music,” Almost all the land of mountains and rivers, are Smart.  Not enough time to walk the boardwalk Siyuan Valley, just imagine a curved road stretches along the cliff at the end, and how to get enough of the scenery?Sentimental students who walk hand in hand in the landscape of flowers, the breeze murmured, Ling Po Yi Yi, perhaps silence is the best speech.Or with a good chase in between girlfriends, under the promise of a beautiful convention between pick a mountain wildflowers, raised above the sill return.Many years later, ends of the earth, people have changed, it will certainly someone suddenly remembered the warmth of the moment.  Siyuan Valley Water front are dyed through the green, graceful and moving, affectionate like Valentine isolated tears.  Lost time, around the clock.  This beautiful secluded valley, although not unique to the world, there is a beautiful companion for Love.I wish you a beautiful heart will always have such a quiet valley, stored at young.Whether out flowers, or wind and rain started falling.    Ha great lake, called Hibiscus.  Tan Kah Kee spirit of the affected schools, and their son Lee Kong Chian Nanan Fujian Xiamen Overseas Chinese donations to build a landmark — Jiannan Town Hall.  Lotus Lake Lotus hometown and its surrounding buildings are named, they are derived from the Lee Kong Chian – Hibiscus Southampton Township.  Classical multi-fingered man described by Lotus Water Lotus, namely Lotus.Zhou Wen said, “lotus lightness finds, Qing Lian without demon, straight in the pass, not spread without branches, Hong Yuan Yi Qing, Tingting net plant, a distance, but not fondle Yan”.  Li Shang-yin said, “autumn overcast lingers cream fly late, stay withered lotus Machines sound,” then tells the Zen mood and heart Netherlands.Rain triumphantly days, foggy misty water, Lotus lake in the hazy, listen to rain, hope the flowers, similar to what each new year, each year is different.  Wen Yu Furong not met, the moment between the lake and lush grass tree, lake swan pairs, Hibiscus House and green leafy shadowy mountains to bring the building into the lake.Spring is not old, hibiscus festival, Boundless Learning, diligent at that time.  Each morning a sparkling glow will eventually move towards a sparkling evening, what are you waiting?  Wu cherry great wit, great Ha Phoenix flowers and hibiscus tunnel.  Phoenix flowers and summer, New Year, sentimental but not hopelessness.  Phoenix missed the flowers, hibiscus tunnel should not miss.  Hibiscus tunnel took a year and a half to build a total length of 1.1 km.One afternoon after the completion of the tunnel hibiscus, suddenly a lot more than graffiti.Everything starts here, as Xinghuoliaoyuan.Some say it is a very beautiful mistake, and now the tunnel walls covered with beautiful Xiamen University sons graffiti.Colors, sway of the imagination, some humorous, some vision of hope, and some heavy sentimental.Perhaps the man has to go, but the taste of youth are left in here.  ”Youth do not know real depression, write poetry that worry,” In actual fact, these emotions are confused frustration from the heart, but too numerous books do.  Walk through the tunnel of youth, think of poetry and remote.How beautiful poem?Where is the distance?Poetry is around brilliant colors in the distance is the end of the tunnel.”Hugh thought of the enemy homeland, and the new fire test new tea, poetry and wine while Love”, is the heart of a beautiful poem, the distance is the rest of the way, regardless of whether struggling for life, to be with the good hearts of the rest of the way to go.  Think of the distant Erlang Mountain Tunnel, tunnel built more than a thousand soldiers on the blood and lives, opened the Sichuan-Tibet throat, it is bold, and it is tragic.Hibiscus in front of the tunnel, new and old students who write with emotion and inspiration of youth, spiritual heritage of Xiamen, is warm, and it is refreshing.They are all ordinary people write on the legend, does not seek immortal, I hope youth without any regrets.  Tunnels are intended to do endless, unforgettable love and youth have dried up.    Phoenix flowers have not opened, I have come.  Just missed a feast of youth.  I understand that I have written Xiamen Road and failed to do its millionth, just because it reminds youth corner.I understand that all the time will eventually become the past, many stories can also choose to forget.And as young as poetic Xiamen, May you always have a dream as ever.  Movie “July and quiet”, a quiet time out and bid farewell to home, said: “Do not say goodbye, say goodbye really would,” So, did not say goodbye, do not really goodbye.Too late to say goodbye to the youth, after all, also did not return a.  I do not know when the window that sticks flowers have faded, just as I do not know when youth is gone.  Today, only the empty broken branches.  .    Goodbye – Xiamen!