Alzheimer’s is terrible, prevention so simple, 99% of people do not know?Introduction Alzheimer’s disease, commonly known as Alzheimer’s, which is a condition every child of parents who do not want to happen in the.In order to prevent Alzheimer’s disease, parents can actually do a lot of preparations to cope.Please share the following methods of these small, little habits together with their parents, refused to Alzheimer’s disease visit.  Immediately after getting up early habit 1 cup of warm water in the body lost a night of sleep in 500 ml of water, need to add immediately after getting up.And warm water help to enhance the body temperature, increased body temperature every 1 ℃, the body basal metabolism will increase as 10%.  2 one week to drink vegetable juice at least three times one week to drink at least three times a vegetable or fruit juices, risk can have cognitive disorders (Alzheimer’s disease) is reduced to 75%.  3 sun 15 minutes a day the amount of sun and more sun helps the body produce vitamin d, but studies have shown that vitamin d have anticancer effects.  Work habits ● official bag to bring a few pieces of dark chocolate to eat a few pieces of dark chocolate can replenish your energy, help improve work efficiency; and dark chocolate rich in polyphenols, help anti-aging.While its low glycemic index, helps control blood sugar.  People love to cook housework habits ● Studies have shown that, like cooking is not easy to have cognitive disorder, three meals a day to worry about is the kind of benign brain stimulation.  Daily habits ● Try to avoid carbonated drinks, processed foods, cola and other carbonated drinks and fast food and other processed foods contain large amounts of phosphorus, it will hinder the body absorb calcium, detrimental to bone health.  An appropriate exercise habit perspire sweat exercise should be appropriate to help expel accumulated toxins.  2 managed to healthy weight loss of 5% of those who live to a hundred a large common feature is not fat, 5% reduction in body weight as long as the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure will drop.  3 daily 30-minute walk Studies have shown that the highest death rate of people who are usually hardly walk, walking 30 minutes a day, can promote blood circulation, help health and longevity.  1 raw onion dinner habits sulfide contained in onion can prevent arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure, better eaten raw, sliced recommendations, made to eat salad vegetables.  After eight or nine 2 do not eat fat most likely to accumulate in the middle of the night 2:00, if this time is in the fasting state, it is not easy to accumulate fat, calculated according to the general digestion time, we should not eat eight or nine in the evening.This issue micro lessons growing up in insecure environments children, tend to exacerbate adverse psychological development, and even sometimes will take some extreme measures to solve the problem.So do your baby insecurity?How to deal with it?  Children build a sense of security is for others, a sense of trust in the world in the growth, survival is the basic needs of children.In reality, there is the presence of many children lack a sense of security, then the parents should treasure how to do it?  This issue Freaky excellent classroom invited family education instructor – Liu Zeying to share with a child who is insecure how to do?]  ?Starting time 5 Yue 16 Ri (Zhouer) 20:00 live on time.  2 hours prior to the start off free registration, can only pay off after 9.9 yuan back to listen.  Limited free Yo!  Do not seize the time to sign up action!Read the original stamp View Course Details?

After the rape I would also like him to do and this is my most loved people afraid to tell secrets.   Ten o’clock every night, you say good night to accompany a teenager in blue click on the top concerns of inspiration Goodnight Goodnight no secret that teenagers tree holes from a fairy tale.   Young barber and found the king long donkey ears, beside the king’s soldiers ordered him absolutely not allowed to say out, or let him lose his head.Hairdressers in order to survive, these pieces of secret promise refuses to talk about, but so can the psychological extremely depressed, he finally unable to bear, find a tree hole, tree hole shouting against the king long donkey ears.   Teenager reminded of this story, my friends are and talk to his mind.Friends usually a burden, that appears to be the most heartless.But that day we drank wine, tipsy feeling emotions could not dumping, a friend said a lot of pressure himself, although earning a good salary, but behind him there is a large family to feed.Her mother was at work early slander stealing plants, stimulated too had schizophrenia.Originally fairly wealthy family, in order to cure his mother, bankrupt.   The friends have a good time in college girlfriend, two people ready to talk of marriage, the woman can be a family situation of his family, firmly opposed, and later broke up two people.He also has a sister college graduation, high school reading, not long out of work, the second year to get married, and now is not a happy marriage, the children had to make do.   A friend said: You see I fared die like a dog all day, in fact, I know better than anyone else block fast enough.I think God is unfair to.   I sometimes do not know how to comfort, but a friend of Ah Q was waved like: all right, I had to see opened, pressure in the heart is these things for too long, never find someone to say, say it now, I will do you good.   So came back, I expect you to do a tree hole.Take a completely anonymous way, where you can freely tell you the secret heart repressed for many years, I only hope that you can say you good points.   No matter how dark the night, please believe that tomorrow there will be bright.      Readers @ tree holes 1 13 University unspeakable secret from the teenager’s night, and there is a dormitory best girlfriends together to do it part-time, it is to help a company to do the survey.The main growth and fight drugs is to investigate the case of some crops.And my girlfriends came to the countryside, then we have been on the road without a car, etc..Later came a car coming, and we drove up, and later learned that the driver is not a good man, has been with us let us get off.My classmates and I had intended to go along with a hotel stay car, the driver took me back, and I own a classmate who went to the hotel there is a man followed her do not know.   The driver took me buckle in the car, while tears while saying he and his wife divorce story, and finally brought me to his house wanted to rape me, I desperately to break free.As he drank his little strength I escaped one.But it was already late at night, I am even more afraid to run back, because we are there to night, there will be some bum out, I had to wait until the next day come back to find my friends.Later we catch the first train back to school.I thought about it so later, I and my classmates and others who do not dare say.Until the time of my birthday, we cried together.It became our shadow, we are afraid and alone strange men live together.   When @ tree holes No. 2 Primary School, stole 50 bucks at the same table.At the same table came back to find the money gone, to find the money in the class.   After school, we avoid arousing suspicion, mutual consciously turned the bag, could not find my hands, I thought escaped unharmed.I did not expect the teacher called to the office, bluntly asked me: Are you took the money XX.I suck cold air, after recognition of prevarication.   Later, his father knew, he asked me: Is not it money, etc.?I remember my father’s reddish eyes, eyes wrapped in tears the next second would seem to drip. I did not speak, but bit his lip.To see his father’s back when lifting his head, he wore a thin white jacket did not know how many years already, leaning against the window.   7 years later, I still remember the day my father and what I said, but I will never forget that day because of my fault, my father shed tears. Later I apologized road to the same table, she forgave me, but I still consciously ashamed to primary school students, the secret I am ashamed.   @ Tree holes No. 3 SM you heard it?I am a M (abuse square), only abused to get sexual pleasure, but please do not look at me with curious eyes.I have my good boyfriend, and he also confess my habit, but is not able to understand her boyfriend.   I carried him to find S (sadistic side) on the Internet, I was playing when I was very excited and wet mess.Then I got some others, although no substantive relationship with them happened.But I still feel sorry for her boyfriend, I feel I’m a bad girl.I could not restrain their own desires, the secret makes me sad.   @ 4 holes in the trees I almost killed my own brother, my junior high school in rebellion.   Brother, new born, my mother gave all his attention and care for his brother, led to my dissatisfaction, that mother love my brother, I am particularly hate him, that he stole my love.   So there is a younger brother of respiratory tract infection, taking advantage of the time her mother went out to buy medicine, I sat in bed brother, especially calmly looked at him, until I possessed to reach out, to cover his nose and mouth, he wanted to suffocate.But my brother thought that I was playing with him, giggled and grabbed my hand.   I put my hand loosened, after which the face of his brother always think of that scene another deep guilt.My brother always thought I hated him, in fact I hate myself, I am guilty secret.   @ Tree holes No. 5 My stepfather tried to rape me.   Five years old when my father died.My mother took turns, it seems to me, my mother was really great.Later, her mother remarried, the man said that good is not good, nor bad bad to say, but also have a very cute little brother, persecuted because of living, we have moved to a new place.At that time I probably Grade forty-five.But then, I do not know why, the man while I was cooking, and hugged me from behind, take off my pants, his hand got to get in that place, I did not understand, did not dare to how, he said coal somehow went back to the house, I knew this was a bad thing, very calm and said I’m going out to play, just escaped.Later, I do not know.   As I can slowly sensible slowly sensible, suddenly all of a sudden my attitude has undergone great changes, no longer called him uncle, did not look at him, do not talk to him, my mother had me more than once education that money he gave me to read, should not be so, I want to understand.Mom may never know the real reason for my change in attitude.Ten years have passed, we are still a family.The secret, let me avoid family.   @ Tree holes No. 6 from primary to junior been experienced school violence, school teachers saw no tube, but I laugh together, I did not dare tell his family home, no sense of security, but do not know how to seek protection.   At that time the school suppressed, but also at home, keep a smile does little fear of being seen, the first two days three days two years I weariness, afraid to go to school bullying, but also the way to school afraid of being deflated bicycle.By the way, I had to repair desk before class, because they were torn down, they go on my clothes spit, spit chewing gum on his hair.   do you know?At that time I really wanted to die, word within.   20 years old, bear school violence for four years, he did not live the way they want to.I think the secret is to live up to.   @ 7 hollow slander my classmates had hepatitis B, resulting in him being alienated exclusion.   In elementary school, he and I to do with hepatitis B blood tests, test results and his mother to take my mother along, I heard that he had hepatitis B, I told my friends, let friends away from him, careful infected, they would a pass 10 10 Fax 100 spread in the class, the class of all children do not play with him, and when his mother came to ask me, I lied and said I did not give to others said, and cried, my mother distressed me, mom told him I was not going to lie, when I will always remember his eyes, he eventually dropped out to go to treatment, and I am always felt guilty, it has been my the heart of a large pimple.   The secret I repent.   @ Tree holes No. 8 when I was little cousin was raped, then do not understand, many years to understand, sense of security and self-confidence begins to disappear that day.   I do not know what is wrong, this is 20 years, and I can not be alone with the opposite sex, not love.I do not know what fear, I can not convince myself, I know it’s no big deal, no one will seriously it can always forget.Chinese New Year also saw a smile to greet, and God knows how my heart sick and desperate, he looked each of my eyes makes me afraid, like a switch, repeat, repeat, can not stop.No one can say I have never, and do not know who said.Say what use is it, I would not feel too fuss?I really timid, I will die alone in this life, really, I will, no one will love me or who I’m in love.   The secret I no longer trust anyone.   @ 9 holes in the trees my father pro, extreme ideology is a selfish impulses of man.Forty mediocrity, he felt God unfair to him, began to believe in fate.I was five years old, he became a fortune-teller, but this line a few years of effort is not making money.So there is no source of income, he let my mother go to sell their bodies do miss in order to feed their families!   Predictably, seven years old, her mother left home and never returned!Leaving me and my father, my father is good for me is good, bad, dad all day drinking, drunk hit me.Until three days I first came to menstruation, my father began to not the same!He began sanctimonious and I tell the difference between boys and girls, as well as other unspeakable topic.   A day later, my father took me to a small hotel, gave me opium, still in front of me masturbating!At that time, I have been crying, so my father finally did me how.On my wrist, still we have a lot of self-mutilation traces of traces of a lifetime.So after graduation, I left home in the 3000 km from the North, one did not go back.I thought I could start a normal life, but I found that I was not interested in boys!I became a gay.I do not want this, I want to have a home of their own, while girls can not give my family.         @ No. 10 tree holes from primary school, I was not recruit a teacher to be seen in a child.Former junior high school, always thought he was not like the teachers because I behaved, my study is not good enough, wait until junior high school teacher too is aware of snobbery.My family is a particularly ordinary family, parents are honest, they do not know how to please a teacher at the school in exchange for his daughter from abuse.Basic primary school life almost forgotten, the only thing I remember that was the teacher more than once fly in my face, I remember more than once in any of several language teachers in public somehow humiliate me, insult me.   Later, the junior high school, I thought I was in school life will be better, but I have encountered the same as elementary school teacher, middle school teacher cursed me with vicious language, insults my parents, English teacher looked at me with contemptuous eyes , occasionally cynical.So they gave me a shadow before sophomore accompanied me, although in high school I met a particularly good teacher and a good friend, but I feel the pain I’ve been a kid to affect me, I do not like dealing with people poor exchanges, sometimes low self-esteem, low self-esteem sometimes, I hate them particularly special, if they can say to me a little bit of tolerance, I would not now be indifferent inferiority hateful person.   @ Tree holes No. 11 High School that year the winter solstice, the winter solstice customs over there we eat meat, remember that every day, gray, under the rain, I borrowed a classmate after school electric car to go to uncle’s home, on the road because play it cool no raincoat just keeping an umbrella, speeding time to stop at an intersection in a careless riding a bicycle hit a grandmother, I am safe and sound, but the grandmother fell and lost two front teeth, no other What right, I did not know what to do to stay in it, my grandmother getting up from the ground, it will not see I am a student falsely me, so I took her to a nearby hospital for a simple check, I blurted put all the responsibility on her head (in fact, I ride too fast and did not go according to rules of the road), and finally the grandmother sighed and gone, there is a primary school students came to the grandmother’s bicycle help them and then left during the.   This is my first time to face humanity, to face their inner ugliness never forget.Grandma was wearing clothes sanitation workers, should be home from work, my grandmother was shabby clothes, innocent front teeth when picked up from the ground and helpless, blood on the ground, the bike helped pupils pure heart, and my selfish ugly (I At that time has been sitting in the car did not even say sorry) in sharp contrast, I will never forget.   @ No. 12 tree holes exchanges with families uncle.   Uncle is the brother of a friend, not being happy is preparing for divorce.Knowing that can not be together, I still could not help but want to be near.Know their role has become the most despised people, I never thought the destruction of his family, did not want to hurt his family.Uncle’s sister is my sister, her husband’s good friend, and I know the relationship of uncle just told me not to think that they destroyed the uncle’s home, to live their own good.Now still have contact, or uncle to accompany every day, but also increasingly rely more and more guilty, will be separated, at a suitable moment I can TOUGH.   @ No. 13 tree holes I was very, very bad boy, at the end of August I college entrance examination that year my child was born.Maybe I am more slag, maybe my child and her mother just had each other warm, maybe she is too beautiful enough.So we talked a university.   Treat this feeling, I paid all the effort, I will give her a meal in snow days drug delivery, will also take her dormitory in case of illness, give her over every holiday, will help her to write papers, will help her all cuisine.Because I think I have the baby did not tell her, for she is owed, so I tried to be nice to her just to let her know the truth when can continue with me.   The end result is that she knows the truth, although there is hesitation, but resolutely leave, she hurt me most was the phrase: You and I together is a purpose, just want to get back at me, put me to develop a useless, have learned nothing.Since then, I was afraid of other people emotionally, emotionally I was afraid of other people, because I think it is not responsible for others.Even after graduating from college, I met a girl quite well, but I would deliberately alienate her sane at the time, but did not want her to like me, although I’ve been in love with her.   Perhaps these are all I deserve, I can only silently to bear.   Part of the contents, there are teenage deletion which deleted most is three words: I’m sorry.In particular, many girls, is clearly the bad behavior of others applied in their life, yet they are repeatedly said to me: I’m sorry.   I’m sorry, these secrets in my heart hold back a good many years, I know very negative, but I really difficult subject.   I’m sorry, I though the fate of the tease, but want to give others trouble later, still feel very sorry.   I’m sorry I have hurt others, and now trying to compensate for others, but I know that hurt others formed in the psychological, not to make up for a lifetime.   I am sorry.But for those who want to juvenile’ve been hurt, still injured, you may experience harm future friends say.   You do not need to apologize to anyone, it is that they let you down.   Especially those who clearly unforgivable, but still for the family to maintain the kind of surface, so that teenagers really very angry.Wrong, not you, so please you a little confidence, and then a strong number, I hope you can stand up to stand in front of everyone, and not embarrass yourself in the dark.   Because you are not wrong, you want a little more courage when you feel oppressed, although to teenagers here, I would at any time.   This time, I’m sorry, can only give you some comfort, you have failed to protect.   After that, you would like to clear over cloudy sky, willing rainy season, it was also an umbrella for you.   Goodnight teenager heard this number can be read off the list you may also want to see the girls before the age of 30, how much deposit?      Your flowers and chant chant being worn down by your friend you can go to bed? Girls can ah cup popularity Table cooperation please contact email [email protected] Like a point, you would like a little more courage to the future.

Accustomed to ask, but to know how grateful mother-anchor text lighthouse Shu sunny day to sign books: 1 from the heart to see life not long ago saw a post in a forum, the landlord said his mother now older, and always wanted to make she called multi-multi-chat, the results of this particular woman said angrily: she is now thinking about the warmth of the family, I was a child why she went.He spoke highly of cause and effect so do not look at people, my mother thought she was doing something heinous bad thing, after all, not everyone in this world has a margin of parents of children.As a result, she said she was a child my mother always at work, though she could well enough to live comfortably abroad, but she means it hard, very words of disdain and anger, for example, she said: you go to work is to have advanced their own, which are is a question of face, is to raise the money important than our family.Later, from the post, it seems that the mother is not the kind of child neglect their own business, in the final analysis is a working, most considered a professional, not to mention all workaholics.Eat melon masses have pointed out, you do not work hard work my mother did you grow up you can Hexibeifeng?You are not food and clothing expense to spend money?Raise assessment of advanced course, very important, we are the parents of that era, the importance of the work is self-evident, do not work hard and dedicated there may be other serious consequences demerit.The results landlord replied: I was her responsibility to keep!Tree, so melon sown, she then spent enough energy to me, and now I want to chat with her, ya.Yes, raising children is the responsibility of parents, but this is not an easy responsibility to be completed, it takes too much time, effort, and money.To achieve 100 points is a parallel universe only need to find the level of Superman.The word filial piety, once occupied in the long river of Chinese culture in the absolute moral high ground, along with the development and increasing the protection and respect for self-determination, and the word went from neutral compliment, even ready to be pejorative of the angle.So we do not want to further discussions in this regard, let us simply talk about Thanksgiving.If you have a grateful heart, you will see working mothers family business burned candle at both ends is not easy, we will strive mother as their spiritual role models; if there is a grateful heart, you will see a full-time mom to pay for the family hard every minute, it is because of the cumbersome small family life and more conspicuous mother is not easy.Mom may only do 80 minutes, but the love and gratitude can make it full circle.Without a grateful heart, you will not see the mother’s pay, put what you get for granted, magnify part he did not fully satisfied, even 99 minutes a mother may also be because of lack of blame that point been.Even more frightening is the mother of their love of old age is seen as unbearable ask, what is this it?Shakespeare’s “King Lear,” Lane said: ungrateful children bite people more pain than the teeth of snakes.We are down to earth, that is to White Wolf.2 What is Thanksgiving?There are almost know the saying goes: Thanksgiving is not complete a task, Thanksgiving is not a proof of principle, Thanksgiving is not a manifestation of style, heartfelt gratitude is aware of her own rich, heartfelt realized that: Life is life, I obtained is far greater than I can pay devotion.Thanksgiving is a source of joy!So why Thanksgiving?Simply put, no one is born of the pair who is good, so we have to be grateful.Ma once said: I understand that when we come from, what we have, what we want, what should we give up?We are all poor children were born, made out bit by bit.Over the years, there are two particularly important, one is gratitude, gratitude Today, Thanksgiving yesterday; the second is awe.The so-called faith, faith is Thanksgiving, Yang is awe.Traditional Chinese culture is very particular about gratitude, the grace to know other people for their own good, but also to others of their own righteousness good, drip grace the smallest favor say is Chinese traditional sense of gratitude.In fact, animals are reported also to spread the good intentions mean, we do not agree with any of kidnapping moral behavior, but can remember the benefits they once had been, the next time they can be applied some people a helping hand when more thoughtful, this is Thanksgiving.For example, the bus or not to seat?We have severely criticized the able-bodied, but not sitting on the love seat to those who need to facilitate behavior, and later appeared simple and crude, moral kidnapping, assault did not act seat.In fact, these two are not grateful, ignoring the former with people who in good faith to the community for granted.For example, Mount worship bicycle and bicycle OFO share in Shanghai operations suffered treatment was supposed to give the public a great convenience, unlock the result after a few steps away the end of the car, stop the car deliberately not lock, hide the car, vandalism and even dismember cycling and other behaviors.In public discussion of the topic quality and more comprehensive protection measures, I want to say this is actually the final analysis because of the lack of gratitude..In other words, Thanksgiving is convenient and accommodating themselves.You enter the elevator when someone holding down a key to open the door for you, next time you’ll do the same thing for the passenger behind you.You ride holding a child, someone got up and let you sit his seat, your next position will give you more than you need this seat to another person.In more ancient forests philosophy, cabins there is always a variety of materials for people to use climbing or lost, the only advice is if you have the ability, you can also supplement the lack of good material.3 is also a Thanksgiving release of their hearts.Miyazaki said the encounter like knowing each other no matter who spend will not be easy in a big crowd, only willing to pay a grateful heart to understand in order to have a lifetime of love and happiness.To see other people for their own good can make a broader perspective, hearts always keep hope.American Thanksgiving Christmas we have a tradition to send each other gifts, such as to the postman, school bus drivers, teachers prepare a gift.This time of year on the topic of how much money the right gift at top speed in Search.Back to a simple question: Why do we give gifts?Is it because we feel that the postman hard, the children being taken care of was educated at the school, a gift is an expression of our gratitude, or want to send the teacher a gift for their children with special respect?Although any kind of ideas are worthy to understand, but can not understand Thanksgiving exchange, gift have its greatest significance.In other words, it is difficult to define the exchange price, whether gifts or the gifts of people who, if not a grateful heart, could not reach the expected value of each other.Prior to private car owners slapped SF Express little brother incident sparked public anger, in fact, a similar event also includes a restaurant waiter, flight attendants, to the cleaners, to the security of driver.A person’s quality is often reflected in his attitude towards service personnel.Yes, you paid the money, they offer the service, which is an exchange relationship, said from the interests of all owe no.But their service convenient for you to bring your heart is not worth it to him truthfully say thank you?Remarks to three arrival of spring, not only to others, but also make yourself a better person.I have a good friend, very successful career, absolutely Regal.Once we had finished a meal in a restaurant, because it took the children to eat more slowly, went away, the friend personally thank all the staff, and because after lunch rush hour, the child also added bowls of wonton, so friends also asked the manager to convey the gratitude of the kitchen.Staff and manager are very happy, we say that a friend would be a man, a friend smiled and said, really troublesome to others, and life is not easy.This is Thanksgiving, not just charitable donations in order to reflect their love, as long as the eye can see other people’s good, and my heart can thank someone else to pay, like Mr. Lu said, can do things do things, can audible sound.There is a hot minute, splitting a hair, to make the fireflies in general, can also send a little light in the darkness, without waiting Juhuo.Grateful that we can become better people, this community will be better.Of course, I know why my friend is more to the success, because if this Thanksgiving for a name that emotional intelligence can be considerate of others is the highest level of emotional intelligence.42016, thanksgiving, give you my very favorite writer Bi Shumin in the “I love a woman” in the words: I like to keep deep gratitude and a woman to travel alone.Xie parents know, not blind obedience.Thank heaven knows, not fear.Xie know yourself, but not narcissistic.Xie know a friend, but do not rely.Xie know every grain seeds per breeze, also we know to get up early sowing and Sailing with wind.Reply background Keywords heart, and seen the vicissitudes of life of the lighthouse mother, micro-channel public number: Small lighthouse Thirty-Six (ID: xdt36ji).You decide the pattern of a child’s future, the industry elite from Tsinghua University, Peking University, Harvard, Yale and other elite of the world, to help you become better in all aspects of their own knowledge, vision, emotional intelligence, etc. Three Views. Anchor Shu Ching, koala FM emotional well-known anchor, who now lives in Hangzhou, Chengdu.Food goods one, love to sing love to travel, focus on emotional life and parenting.Sina microblogging: @ Shu Ching Xiaoyu reply Keywords: lead time package, to see a total of 30 MARC compilations.Click on the menu Register now, books were read into the community, to team up against the inertia, read a book a week..

A bowl of lobster meal actually sell 5 million by four attendants, really engage in shrimp?   Just two years, in 12 cities out of more than 60 stores, including 15 directly managed stores.Especially in the second quarter of 2017, the company has a turnover of over 5 million, net profit margin of more than 12% of stores.   Heard called a chicken, a duck call, do not know a man named had a shrimp does, in fact, they did not come out as early as we did not expect this name so likeable!This is a hermit in the city do?   For information on joining the project more?Do not worry, please click on the end of the text have read [the original], direct access to a detailed internal information to join.         (Source: 2017 China Industry Development Report crayfish.) In the upgrading of consumption, continues to drive demand for the C-terminus, the market is still small lobster expansion.   However, the unlimited market opportunity no national well-known brands coming to the fore; both online and offline, crayfish industry is booming, there are so buoyant?   A pain point: complex production process, including machining, etc., the output stream cost, is difficult to control.   Pain point two: the high requirements of shrimp aquaculture sources, more than 90 percent of the shrimp source of income from scattered, difficult to master security quality control.   Three pain points: C end demand continues to overweight, however, to distinguish between shrimp source of supply there is a short season.   Pain points Four: sterile shrimp farming difficult standard, net red events affecting consumer awareness of products, such as Zheng Wenqi lobster dinner event.   .Obviously opportunity, but also painful sore point.王新浩 say.    Premise is stable expansion of the supply chain (Source: 2017 China Industry Development Report crayfish.) Heaven pays off.   In running around, finally ordered a shrimp and lobster Hubei a long-term source of plant breeding to achieve cooperation, to lock in prices, centralized purchasing shrimp, shrimp do large-scale supply store to prepare for future expansion.   At the same time, to establish its own food production plant standardization sauces, unified distribution to all stores.   As a result, we have very strong grip on the supply side, less likely to break situation for the emergence of shrimp; secondly, food processing and sauce is done in the back end, improve the efficiency of food stores.   This is for brand expansion, more efficiently; Wang Xinhao said placidly, looking back, this road is not worse than peers.    50 variety of SKU drive, four people can easily get to do business fly even higher single 200 single-volume requirements, mainly due to the back-end support, including shrimp processing, sauces and product development.   Today, each of the 15 models online store lobster products, including lobster meal, lobster noodles, chicken rice, lobster and other four product lines to be tested in more than 50 models SKU shelves.   It is understood that the Church called a shrimp than the food business accounted for only 20%, while the proportion of online takeaway business for nearly 80%, covering a total population of more than 100,000 +.   The next single platform conversion rate exceeds 36%, the peak of a 50-square takeaways can single out 1000.   2 products / month update rate, is the creative takeaway party.   Wang Xinhao headlines told the king, the early expansion, it already formed a delicious crayfish development team, no worries about not pushing fresh delicious take-away lunch, in fact, we can more quickly.    A + B, a satellite town to get market event marketing business model, increase the interaction must further build the back-end supply chain, covering the whole period of development of the product line, which is the power system; constructing, improving chain management system, which is the guidance system; upgrade brand awareness, create IP, which is boosters; open more than one thousand stores, the head of the achievements lobster meal category brand.   In the future, I called a shrimp should be a ‘restaurant + retail’ listed companies.Wang Xinhao concluded.   Please click to read [the original] direct access to a detailed internal information.    ▼ Click here for free access to project data

10 golden words!(Brilliantly) [first sentence] manage their mouth, do not speak momentary gratification, lip service, remarks to three warm in winter, cold in June wounding words, the words mind, sensitive thing cautious, so much useless, not Young people evil, naturally your enemy will be able to.  [] The second sentence of life without love is like a desert, gifts of roses, hand a fragrance, in fact, to learn to love others is to love yourself, to love everyone as the afternoon sun warm heart.  [] More than the third sentence to understand respect for others, tolerance Huaikang gratitude, tolerance is a virtue is a kind of wisdom, be tolerant to diversity is how broad, grateful friends, they give you help; appreciate your enemies, they let you become strong.  [] The fourth sentence in this world, there are two things we can not do: First, on their way, and second, to stop and see if they have a good attitude, a good attitude is a good companion’s life, pleasing health.  [Fifth sentence] human, human, only human, to charity, longer than intercourse, usually do not burn incense, when anxious cramming does not work, so you want to save people’s emotions, like bank deposits, deposit the more time the longer, the greater the bonus.  [Sixth sentence] failing to do not be impatient.Do not jump to conclusions, especially when angry decision not to do, to learn empathy, major issues to minor ones, and the complicated things as simple as possible, do not complicate the simple things.  Seventh sentence] learn to be content, the biggest worry in life is the most pointless comparisons began, this world there is always as good as your people, there are always stronger than you, when I cry I do not wear shoes when I I discovered that someone did not feet.  [Eighth sentence] If the enemy makes you angry, it means you do not win his grasp, you do not have to go back to curse you people?If there is a mad dog bites you one, do you have to get down to bite him one do?Do not worry so much about other people’s curse.  [] Do not work when the ninth sentence burden, rather than angry blame, it is better to actively happy to face, when you work as life and art, you will enjoy the fun of work.  [X] sentence people alive, is lucky, they should cherish life just a few decades, do not leave more regret, Sunrise East China Sea off the sun, unhappy even a single day, happy day too; failing a dead end, people are comfortable, comfortable heart.

People are really strange, knowing that this is an issue that shouldn’t be considered, but always willing to probe into its origin so as to get deeper and deeper.. Redemption and fall are only a line apart.   The wind seems to have come early in Fuzhou this year. This is my favorite weather.     On the road, if there is no one else walking, you can look at the scenery by yourself and become the scenery in other people’s eyes if you don’t want to. As if the fisherman’s interest was fishing instead of fish, whether the idea was novel or not and whether the ending was perfect actually had nothing to do with others. After all, the road ahead is still long, and they are just a passer-by in life.. When I think so, I will feel faint uneasy in my heart. It’s like a sharp knife that hasn’t yet flashed across the cheek, but it hurts faintly..     Someone once told me that this was the feeling after reading my words. I didn’t mean to call back a little bit of pity in the words as delicate and touching. That wasn’t my original purpose, but by accident, I continued the result I didn’t want for a long time and became more and more used to it. After a long time, it was no longer habit and became inertia.. Gradually, like chewing gum, it becomes more and more tasteless and will still be chewed all the time. It is a habit that only those who like chewing gum will understand it..     I don’t believe in God, but what I talk about every day is: God, redeem me! Probably this is also a habit.     Some habits can be changed when one learns that they are harmful to one’s own health but not beneficial to one’s own health.. Slowly and slowly, you can forget all about it. Dragonflies have no trace of water. And some memories are indelible. A moment can be touched for a long time. A moment can be fixed into eternity. You don’t want to remember, and you can’t forget it..     Most of the time, I will think about how much I own in this world. Arko said that we are small or even worthless in society, which is the result I can foresee. Pascal said: Man is a deposed king, otherwise he will not be sad because he has lost his throne.. Many friends who have gone out warned me always: Don’t take yourself too seriously and don’t think too well of society. I think I went into the wilderness, a wilderness where I could see, hear and touch but the taste was not very good.     People are really strange, knowing that this is an issue that should not be considered, but always willing to probe into its origin so as to get deeper and deeper.. Redemption and fall are only a line apart.     When the wind blows up, it’s a troubled autumn – it’s a nuisance to many people… [ Responsibility Editor: Chloe[ Original ]

When tears of canthus are still flowing quietly, I am really sad to think about what you said to me! Is that what I am in your eyes? In exchange for my three years of high school classmates, you said I used her! I dare you girls to make a shield to defend me, a little person with no height, no appearance and only a thin body! I’m really sad to live. I’ll only show off a little of my knowledge to talk about how much you like to narrow your gap. I shouldn’t make a high-profile statement about how much I like to excel in the whole world with you.! I shouldn’t have approached your world without restraint, which can’t tolerate any jokes, to disturb the peace you should have had in your life. I don’t deserve to be a great friend of yours, because I have a purpose to be your friend. I will take you as a stepping stone to pick the stars in the sky and give them to others..     Yes, a boy can’t be good to a group of girls, or he will be said to be very happy, or someone will pour jealousy into your life, making your natural life sour.. A good boy can’t be good to a large group of girls, and a good boy can only keep his mimosa in the middle of the cold shoulder and can’t have the smile of other girls.! A good boy can’t be shy and sad in the face of the person he likes, deliberately talking and laughing loudly with other girls in front of each other.     The sky was deeply touched by your words. I was so moved that I forgot to dry my tears.. I am very grateful to you for picking out my false face and making me happy and unable to find a landing. I am very grateful to you for making me no longer so childish. Yes, I was really naive. Why should I make a fool of myself and share my story with you repeatedly, and cheat you to say that I am very humorous and say how boy I am, and know how bad I am and how responsible I am to be in front of you to win your sympathy.. I’m too pushy, really! I was born very sad. I don’t deserve to have my own right person. I only deserve to be a Xiao Mao puppy. Who told me to be so delicious that eating you wasn’t enough to count on her.     Yeah! Who called me unruly! I’m a bad boy! I entered the third-rate university with an incomparable score with you and boasted that I was tired and hard – working. I even made a mistake when I wrote down my mood in my talk.. I’m really easy! I am easily seen through by you, easily told I am good or bad by you, hated by you, scolded by you and ignored by you.! I should not fly my dream in spring, I should only be frozen in winter, I should not take out new leaves in summer, I should only fade slowly in autumn..     I’m not as good as you think. I can’t reach the height of the person you think about.. If I hurt your best friend one evening, I’m willing to say 10,000 sorry to your friend. If 10,000 is not enough, you can mock me in the most contemptuous way.!     I haven’t had a relationship in recent years. I always write down her appearance in the oldest way in my diary I don’t know how many times, and I will secretly smile.! Because I also started to have people I like. But many things in the world are so accidental that they happen inadvertently. I’ll be happy to talk and laugh with you and your friends every night, and then with my humble beginnings, you begin to think I’m interested in your friends. Then you began to make fun of me every day, and I also laughed foolishly.. When I took your friend’s snacks, when I wrote a small note with your friend, when I took pictures with your friend, when I happily went to play supper with your friend’s meal card, when I had lunch in the classroom and chatted with your friend, when you talked nonsense again, when your friend comforted me and when you took a book to make fun of me, my tragedy today was thus staged.. You scold me on the other side of the computer. I stood on the other side of the phone and asked why. Then I saw myself crying, and then I found myself really wrong. I was too naive!     You shouldn’t approach your fairy tale world, because I am not your prince charming. I have made your beautiful fairy tale world so desolate. I shouldn’t have participated in your life. I should have drifted far away when I was sailing. Then you can’t hear your voice in the distance and you can’t see my untidy back. We each follow our own path, without intersection. But the distance was empty, and the sailing ship couldn’t find the place it wanted to reach, and then moored at random, and the ships met occasionally.. But a ship such as Titanic hit an iceberg, once beautiful only once!     I really don’t know why you scold me like this today. Yes, I understand that you are a straight-hearted girl and you have your own elegance, but I really don’t understand that you are going to put the vitriolic words into my heart so much.. Have you ever been hurt! Oh, by the way, you were cheated by boys? You hate boys being too insincere, but you can’t be too extreme! You can’t deny that I sincerely get along with you and your friends in the name of my friends! You can’t punish me for my mistake because of my childish behavior. I totally deny me! Do I really have such hypocrisy?     I was originally a heartache lover. Although I was generous and tolerant, I was also sometimes very vulnerable. To be honest, I couldn’t even touch myself, let alone you.. If I’m really wrong, you can tell me well and not export so hard. That’s how you treat boys? If that boy is not bad, have you ever thought that you would make that boy feel inferior and sad!Do you always look at me as not pleasing to the eye?? I admit that I’m not full of flowers in front of you, and I can’t attract your attention.. I will only make you so angry.     Friend, hehe! I really don’t understand whether I curry favor with you or that friend of yours. Do you know that it will make me disappear from your world? It’s not easy to have same-sex friends alone, and it’s not easy to have opposite-sex friends.! In your friend’s view, just don’t you allow your friend to make a mistake? Besides, did you dare to conclude that your friend really cheated you? Can’t you hold half a grain of sand in your friend’s view? If so, I really feel sad because I am the half a grain of sand! If a person says it is very acceptable in front of his friends, are you going too far! Friend is wrong, also not so cruel! Oh, it turns out that you never regard me as a friend. But I have always been silly to treat you as a friend!     In our class, I have such a friend, a gay friend! I clearly remember a friend who beat me severely. He beat me at the entrance to the canteen in the blue sky with enough force to keep the news of the whole spring. To be honest, I really hated myself for being so naughty at that time. I grabbed his umbrella and ran in the wind and rain. He chased me angrily in the wind and rain. At first I thought he would not take it seriously to joke with him.. But when his slap hit me on the back of my head in such an instant and with such strength, I was silly. I was sad to throw the damn umbrella heavily on the ground, and then I ran like a drowned rat in the wind and rain..     Since then, I have ignored him. I hate him very much. I even want to kill him with a knife.. But I’m a man who never gives up his heart. When he spoke to me voluntarily in the clasp, I forgave him again. I forgot the bag that has been hurting my head for a week.. I never forget my friend’s momentary fault for his momentary kindness to me. Although I have many conflicts with those friends, people who are emotional animals are the ones who tie up their friend’s deep feelings in the conflicts. Today you hurt me to the extreme. I would rather you severely slap me in the face than listen to your bad voice, saying I am a mean person and saying I use my friend.!     I know not to take other people’s words to heart and go my own way to let others say them, but it is not ordinary people who hurt me, but friends I have always thought very much to talk to! I can’t hurt, you can’t hurt either! Your friend can’t afford to hurt either! If my friend’s I really have a bad place and I really hope your friend’s forgiveness, you don’t remember the bad of your friend now and then, you should always think about the good of your friend.! I also admit that I am a little straight to you, because I know you are also a straight man. I was wrong. Okay, I was wrong! That can only blame me for being childish!     This day woke up, not as usual, the whole portrait was paralyzed. Out of the window, the autumn wind, which tore its throat, dashed against the bedroom glass, howling and howling, and suddenly the feeling of pain hit me all over my body.. When I slowly put the cold little hand on my forehead, I didn’t realize that my head was really hot and I was ill? Yeah! I have been in poor health since I was a child. I was laid down on the front line like a soldier in a long illness field, but I was resurrected on the front line.. I often resent myself why I am not tall, why I am so thin, and why I am so weak.     I walked down the stairs with tired feet and went to class. The wind outside blew harder, pulling my thin clothes tightly. I shuddered in the wind, and the wind was more angry in my shudder.. But I did not accept my fate because I clearly understood that I came to school and I came to learn technology. I can’t lose my confidence because of the emotional trauma. I want to study hard. I want to learn medicine well. No matter how difficult the road ahead is and how tired I am, I can’t fall in such a small ditch, but I also want to fall in the next few decades.. No matter how the outside world strikes me, I will still fight back the pain and loneliness to do every lesson and do every extra-curricular thing well..     Speaking too, there are not many beautiful scenery in this school, but what impressed me most was the strong wind here. The school is located near the Ganjiang River. The water in the Ganjiang River is not very clear. The sound of running water rattles every wave.. Roll up the autumn waves, wet my eyes standing in the window again and again. I gently opened the window, and Jiang Feng squeezed in like a child who had been thirsty for a long time.. Blow up my hair, did not interpret the amorous feelings of a teenager.     Once upon a time, young people wrote many poems for the sake of love for their youth. After the beautiful and sad poems were stapled into volumes, they have been lying quietly in the closed bookcase.. I have not been read, sometimes what others see is only the one who stole out, and most of them are imprisoned by me, a sad person.. Because I don’t want others to see my sad face all the time, I want to show my humor and cheerful face to the world. Even if I can’t laugh at myself, I also want to laugh at my friends, my family and my classmates. This day is not as bad as I thought. At least I learned a lot. I didn’t lie on the table like a sick dog, staring straight at the clutter in my hands.. Although I felt very tired and tired on this day, I still didn’t show the pain in my heart and body in front of others. I just wrote these here and in the place where I dream. Since I am an easily injured child, I should learn my chosen major well. Although I can’t cure the mental pain, I can alleviate it by solving the physical pain..     Although I can’t give everyone a good look at the disease, I will do my utmost to give my life in my hands. This may be my sense of mission in my job, and this is the only point that I feel at ease after my injury..Besides, I can also express my feelings through my hobbies. Maybe my writing style is depressed, but my depression can better make me wake up and live better in the future.. Of course, a depressed person does not mean that he has lost confidence in life. The two cannot be equal. The same can only be said that those who lose confidence in life will be depressed.     I am so young and the road at my feet is so long, how can I lose my good yearning for life because of some sadness in my youth?? I’m just venting! Of course, my attitude to vent is too bad, because I am also very uncivilized. I used urgent words to hurt you and hurt myself with deadly feelings.. I am like a knife hand, killing you and myself at the same time. I hate myself very much for the reason that I love to bear grudges. I’m not very manly! I should have a good chat with you and your friends. Although it is not the best way to chat, at least we will not lose him or me, at least we are still very nostalgic..     The maple leaf was cut off by the autumn wind. Although the maple leaf is very sad, the maple leaf does not want to lose the autumn wind just like this, because the maple leaf will have to wait for the spring breeze to wake him up again next year.. Maple leaves still love autumn wind. Although they complain about each other, I believe they don’t want to lose each other in life. At least they came to this world together and got along with each other for that time..     When I write down these messy things, I am also out of nature. I don’t want to complain about your dissatisfaction with me in the form of words. I only hope you can feel your classmates when you browse word by word. I was hurt in front of you.! Injuries are not sins, but my frailty. Who called me childish! If we hadn’t approached at that time, maybe we wouldn’t have quarreled, but if we hadn’t approached, then we wouldn’t have so many good memories! In the depths of my memory, there are always a group of young boys and girls, whose wings gallop across the time I have never lost, but there will still be a group of sad people waiting for happiness in isolation.!     I can’t find it. Autumn is coming. I can’t stop the whole people when they encounter some unhappiness. It feels great to have to make some sad things to write about.. I really hate myself too. I hate that I can’t end it. I have to find someone else’s account again and let people all over the world know the same thing.! So sad!     I’m really disappointed with what I did. After all, you and I were classmates and friends.! Why do you make such a tragedy? Think it’s really not worth it. By the way, if you open my space at some impulsive moment and see these lost words I wrote, will you be very sad! I really don’t understand whether you bullied me or I bullied you! All I know is that I am hurting you with words now. After all, you and I are classmates and friends! Why do you make such a tragedy? Think it’s really not worth it.     By the way, if you open my space at some impulsive moment and see these lost words I wrote, will you be very sad! I really don’t understand whether you bullied me or I bullied you! All I know is that I am hurting you with words now. Of course, you are also likely to mock me again on an unclear day, and then I ask you why, you didn’t give me a reason, but just said that I was a mean person, and I gave your friend’s kindness to other girls and showed off how great I was.! I lay in bed with tears and read the story of tears wetting the pillow!     However, it is finally the day of the National Day Holiday. I don’t have to endure loneliness so much to live. I can sit on the train heading home and temporarily leave the sad place where all the injuries occurred on my head.. I spilled tears on the back, and when the sound of a long song rang, I believed that pain would go away from me and happiness would follow.. But when I wanted to get on the bus with my bag on my back, the driver said the bus was too full to fit! I was stupefied, and suddenly a burst of sadness ran into my heart. I reluctantly stepped out of the car, and the bag on my shoulder suddenly weighed a lot, crushing my whole body out of breath. I’m going to spend my sad night here again! I was furious to the extreme. So I shook my head vigorously on my way back and said I had failed!     I really didn’t know Nanchang was so cold in October, the autumn wind was blowing, the rain was misty, and the waves of slight cold pounded my heart. I didn’t fully recover from illness and suddenly coughed. Thinking about my recent disappointment, I really blame the world a bit.     Night, night without moonlight, pieces of golden light shuttling through the city night sky outside the window. I’ll watch you hurt and wait until the next morning!

When I walked down the steps with a stack of books out of the library, a familiar senior was coming right in front of me.. After three or two greetings, he pointed to the old man who had just passed me and said, That is Mr. Liu Naichang. I was quite surprised. I turned to the past and saw only a vague figure, a grey woolen cloth coat, a cap and an easy walk..     This is about outstretched years ago. At that time, Mr. Liu Naichang was already a well-known scholar specializing in the two Song literature, especially in the research of Li Qingzhao, Su Shi and Xin Qiji.. Unfortunately, I was unable to listen to Mr. Wang’s teachings. At that time, the teacher who taught us pre – Qin literature was Zhang Yuanxun, the modern literature was Bu Zhaolin and Zhou Haibo, the contemporary literature was Li Xinyu and Meng Meng Meng, and the history of literary thought was Wei Shaoxin … Ah, these masters are all well-known figures in the Quyuan, although their personalities are different, but their learning is praised by everyone.. As for Mr. Liu Naichang, to be honest, he really only heard his name and did not know his people..     The first contact with Mr. Liu Naichang was on a warm spring afternoon. I took the liberty of tapping the door three times, then stood nervously by the stairs with my hands crossed, nervously looking at some unfamiliar teachers who were hurrying down the stairs.. A distant relative from the provincial academy of social sciences has planned an extra-curricular book on poems and essays in middle schools. He is eager to find a well-known national poetry research expert to write the preface and naturally thinks of Mr. Liu Naichang.. Such a thing finally fell on me, and I was duty-bound but scared in my heart, fearing that Mr. Hu would reject it.. While I was sweating profusely, the door opened and gentle Liu came out. After Mr. Hu took me home and sat down, he carefully inquired about the reason for his visit.. When I spoke incoherently about what I had come for, my husband readily promised and agreed to limit it to one week. I turned to say goodbye. The gentle, smiling Mr. Liu kept sending me downstairs until he slowly turned up the stairs..     Later, it seems that he knew a lot. A week later, after sending the collected preface by express mail, I heaved a sigh of relief and felt glad that it had been done satisfactorily.. But the next morning, Mr. Liu Naichang found the Western Union classroom and anxiously told me that there were three changes, one of which was punctuation.! I was secretly surprised and could not help admiring Mr. Shi’s rigorous academic attitude.     Soon, because the literary club will invite some learned professors in the music garden to give lectures, naturally, they think of Mr. Liu again. After Mr. Zhang Yuanxun spoke in the Western Union classroom, Mr. Meng Meng gave a report at the university club, and then Mr. Wei Shaoxin gave a lecture in the north building of the library . Ah, Mr. Liu Naichang, who had already contacted him, suddenly heard that he had been transferred to the Faculty of Arts of Shandong University, which made me feel a little disappointed for a long time..     In recent years, he has written several character essays along the development of literature and tried to write a few times to describe Li Qingzhao, the talented woman who’ walked with shame but smelt her childhood friends’, but he hesitated repeatedly and was always unable to write.. There seem to be many reasons. Deep in my mind, I was still afraid to see Li Qingzhao’s ” looking for” Qirong, ” miserable” eyes. If I don’t sink my heart into the bottomless night and into the great pain of the country’s broken home, if I want to get close to her, it’s absolutely impossible.. Therefore, he searched out Mr. Liu Naichang’s research articles and tasted the life track of the talented woman who made the Song Dynasty shine brilliantly.. Perhaps, I think, Liu’s works show that this goddess with tragic fate is more alive than I have written.     After Mr. Liu Naichang left Quyuan and transferred to the University of Arts, he probably had two communications. One of them was to write a graduation thesis. First, Xin Qiji, a poet from the Southern Song Dynasty, was chosen. After reading a large number of books, he felt like he had no idea and decided to write to Liu.. However, I don’t know Mr. Liu’s mailing address. After consulting the postal code, I took the liberty of writing a letter that now seems to be unknown. After I put it into the mailbox, I waited hard.. The anxious mood is like dating a strange late woman. One week, two weeks, three weeks, can no longer wait, so we have to turn to modern and contemporary literature. When the structure of the paper was roughly formed, the letter from Mr. Wang flew like a wild goose.. Both surprise and bitterness make it difficult to tell Mr. Wen about the paper, and the letter does not seem to need to be returned.. Every time I think of the words of encouragement from my husband, I always feel sour in my heart.     Mr. Liu Naichang is already dead. His voice, countenance and smile always appear in front of him, and his thoughts make people sad and choking.. Sir, I am a low-key man. There are very few published materials about his life. This teacher is like a cloud to fame and benefit from Xia Chengtao’s literary research.. He only knew about research, teaching and writing. Even if he had Alzheimer’s disease in his later years, his only memory was Song Ci.     ‘ Who moved the west wind to the painting fan, lightened the rouge and cooled the wrist of condensed fragrance”, the beauty of Song Ci is so beautiful that people are intoxicated. Back in the ancient Song Dynasty, when the blue shirt was long sleeved and the feather fan was black silk scarf, Yan Jidao was fresh and graceful, Li Qingzhao sighed with weak willows and wind, sang poems of mourning and indignation, and listened to the quaint songs. What kind of emotion was that! It is no wonder that Mr. Liu Naichang is free from vulgarity and free and easy in the Qing Dynasty, which is the essence of his reading of Song Ci.     Due to the compilation of various books, it is natural to quote some of Liu’s research results on song dynasty literature, and his heart often feels guilty.. I always want to listen to his teachings face to face again, and I’m afraid to disturb Mr. Qing Xiu’s life in his later years.. Sir, it’s sad to drive a crane. Gratitude has haunted me since then.     Think of a word in Li Qingzhao’s participation in breaking the regulations of Wun Xi Sha, saying, ” It’s better to rest on the pillow than to rest on the books” to break its meaning. It is Mr. Li Qingzhao’s knowledge of poetry and books that is ” resting on the place” to achieve a great state of life, so he has become a great leader in ancient literature research admired by the world..

I choose to work because work can make me feel safe. I chose to be single because I yearned for freedom. I choose friendship. I can find someone to accompany me when I am lonely, talk to me when I am tired, share it when I am happy, and have a shoulder when I am sad..   A long time ago, my friend told me she was getting engaged and asked me to go shopping for a party. When we arrived at the meeting place, we had a good chat.. We also like before, unbridled laughter, follow one’s inclinations of stop – and – go.     When we reached the door of a photo studio, we stopped unconsciously.     The wedding photos of various customs displayed in the window are striking, and the picture of the bride and groom embracing each other is even more enviable.. The pure and bright smile is enough to illuminate a sky; The silent look of love is enough to make you admire the beauty of marriage.     Perhaps there is a fairy tale of prince and princess in everyone’s heart: every boy wants to take the princess’s hand and walk into the palace of marriage; Every girl wants to put on a white wedding dress and start a new life with the prince. Of course, I am no exception as an ordinary girl.     But after staring for a minute, my heart quivered slightly: suddenly I felt this beautiful happiness vulnerable. Like glass, a touch of the fingertip will break into pieces.     If love and marriage have always been very happy, why are there so many quarrels? Why are there so many tears? Why is there betrayal? Break up? Even divorce?     I often feel that people’s pursuit is too good and life is too realistic.     For example, the happiness people pursue, she is too beautiful to be true. Mr. Lin Qingxuan once said,’ Happiness is like a lotus in water, which can appreciate her beautiful appearance from a distance, but there is no place for her to live in reality. For example, love, the ideal love is always a cup of sweet ice cream. But the real love is like a spilled five-flavor bottle, which is sweet, sour, bitter, spicy and salty.. Assan sang: Love is like an expensive window. We can only watch out for those who are demanding happiness..     My sixth sense tells me that maybe those wonderful things don’t belong to me at all.     Actually think about it: when people come to this world alone to start their own life, who can do it all the time?? Even if two people are together, they will be tired after a long time.     A person’s life will inevitably be lonely, but life will always continue.     I choose to work because it makes me feel safe. I chose to be single because I yearned for freedom. I choose friendship. I can find someone to accompany me when I am lonely, talk to me when I am tired, share it when I am happy, and have a shoulder when I am sad..     Such a life is like plain boiled water, but it has a faint happiness, which is enough.     Today, November 11, is the Singles Day for all the people. It’s an ordinary day for me.     In my world, whether alone or in pairs, happiness is good.[ Responsibility Editor: Yi Er[ Original ]

It was a hot summer day, and on a whim, I threw seven or eight articles that I thought I had written well.. In less than two hours, the editorial teacher gave a reply and was very touched by their efficiency and style of work.. It’s not the first time to submit a manuscript like this. Every time you submit a manuscript, you always want to hear some teachers’ teachings. Publishing is of course a good thing, indicating that the article is readable.. Look closely at the mail. I was excited to learn that the teacher was still doing a lot of criticism.. The teacher gave great encouragement and determination. One of them will be published in the next issue of the journal, and the rest will be returned in full.   Looking at the returned manuscript, I couldn’t bear to delete it all, so I read it carefully from beginning to end. These are all testimony of Hanshui in this summer! Finally, I finished watching the unforgettable 2009. The newly heal scar once again deeply stings that heart. Full of articles, the returned articles were deleted one by one and returned to the garbage disposal box..   The steps of autumn are as silent as those of spring. This is not, the flying leaves in mid-air are very beautiful, and let me have infinite reverie. I thought a few months had passed and I haven’t seen any news of the publication of the manuscript so far.. As a result, he dials the editor’s teacher’s phone in a nervous mood.. After hearing this, the teacher learned the details and said that another article was published in this journal. My heart was wondering if the manuscript had been rejected.. The manuscript from then on. After thanking the teacher in a hurry, he hastily opened the garbage disposal box, thinking never to delete it. There’s also the’ treasure’ I want!   Open the garbage collection bin, but luckily didn’t delete it and quickly restored it to its original appearance. But my eyes still touched the unforgettable 2009. I didn’t have any passion, some of which were deep in my heart.. The voice of a rock song outside our heart: The world we live in is a garbage dump…. It reminds me that the word ” garbage dump” does not apply equally to the field of writing. It reminds me that once I saw a publication called Yihai Picking Shells, it can be changed into a treasure hunt in garbage. And we are rich in garbage… Thought of here, I did not hesitate to export my manuscript from the garbage and quickly put it into the online column of prose. Because I understand that garbage and pearl jade coexist, garbage and pearl jade can also be transformed into each other. There is no eternal elite, only endless choices. Maybe I will lose my head, but this is an instant event.   On the autumn night, the solitary light accompanied me through the sea. Reminds me of the garbage in the dustbin a few days ago, and slowly opens up the space for prose that I only applied for soon.. After a few articles, I occasionally went online only to see if my poor three-digit click has made progress.. So tonight. A look at the click turned into a four-digit number, and I began to think my eyes were wrong and wondered in my heart.. As a result, I opened the contents of the space and scanned my eyes. I found that I picked up all the garbage from the garbage and clicked on it to highlight four digits. I didn’t want to open it for fear of hitting my allergic nerves.. So I went to see the excellent online recommended works of prose.   Every time I go into the prose recommendation column, I always benefit a lot from reading it and forget to return to it. This doesn’t just open a group of recommended works to catch your eye. I never imagined that I would be recycled from the garbage. Seeing the online click volume, I was very excited. A little tear rolled down the palm of my hand and tears rolled in the palm of my hand. It seemed to me that all kinds of waste plastic garbage in my life were processed to make a necessary living product for my life. Let me see as if the second oil field ( 1 ) tons of waste plastic can recycle at least 600 kilograms of gasoline and diesel oil. I seem to see 17 big trees not being cut down ( 1 ton of waste paper can recycle 700 kg of high-quality paper and cut 17 trees less ) )…..   At this time, I know more clearly that our children and grandchildren will live in forests and rivers for thousands of generations.!   And good works are like Brother Sharp picking you up and putting you in his mouth. At that moment, you are the treasure in his heart.!     On October 21, 2011, fifteen was 17